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While growing up in New York City, Essie Weingarten always loved getting her nails done. It was the ultimate special treat or reward for being a good little girl. She turned her love and passion into what essie is today… home of the best dressed nails.



Want in on some professional nailcare tips? Check out essie's advice for a perfect mani/pedi


- Soapy dishwater can wreak havoc on manicures. protect hands by wearing rubber gloves.
- Red says sexy, confident, secure. if you got it, flaunt it. if you don't got it, just brush some on red for an instant mood-lifter.
- Never cut cuticles or hangnails – if you do, try to break the habit. As an alternative to cutting, use essie apricot cuticle oil daily to nourish and soften cuticles.
- Always file nails in one direction to a smooth and clean shape. Filing back and forth can cause splitting. Match the cuticle shape.
- Choose a nail length that works for you. Help nails grow healthy and strong, whatever the length, with essie grow faster for stronger, healthier nails.
- Don't buff! Nails will get thinner and thinner, increasing sensitivity. Instead, use essie ridge filling base coat to minimise the appearance of ridges.
- When time is of the essence, use essie good to go quick-dry topcoat to accelerate the drying time of polished nails. Quick-drying formulas leave a protective finish and super shine, helping nails dry almost instantly.
- Base and top coats aren't just for fingertips. Remember to use these care products for a salon-quality DIY pedicure.
- We all love soft, moisturised hands, but be sure to only apply lotion after hands are manicured. Applying lotion before can make it difficult for the polish to adhere to your nails.
- It's only colour, so play and have fun! Finding the perfect shade for you is all about whatever makes you feel good. Don't worry about matching your skin tone or being different. All that matters is how colour makes you feel.
- Have a hang nail? Don’t cut it! You never want to cut the skin. Dab on a little top coat to seal it down. Be sure to use essie apricot cuticle oil every day to keep cuticles and skin soft and smooth.
- Brides - the big day is not about wearing what’s on trend. It’s about what’s right for you. Wear what you like – find the colour that makes you feel radiant and beautiful. Go with your heart.
- Base coat suited to your nail type helps polish adhere. Alternatively, try waiting longer in between applications so polish can set. Reduce the frequency of chipping by wearing gloves when doing chores and avoid using nails as tools.
- Nothing is more disappointing than a chipped manicure. Try essie no chips ahead for a chip-resistant finish. Apply every other day to extend the life of your mani.
- Use a top coat every 2‐3 days to protect the polish colour and try to avoid using harsh chemicals, like certain household cleaning products that strip the nail polish and cause chipping. Massage oil into cuticles daily to help keep them soft and moisturised.
- Avoid filing nails when fresh out of the shower. Nails will be weaker and more susceptible to breaking.
- To fix smudges, quickly dab the tiniest drop of nail polish remover over the smudge using the tip of another finger. The remover thins out the surrounding polish to cover the smudge. Wait a minute, and then re-apply with a thin layer of colour, let it dry, and continue with your favourite top coat.


essie nail colour - ballet slippers

Silky to apply and lasts well. A beautiful pale pink colour.

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essie nail colour - fiji

Lovely pastel pink that lasts

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essie nail colour - bordeaux

I like this colour for winter it’s a rich deep shade

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essie nail colour - licorice

It's a dark shade, not jet black. I like buying Essie nail colours because... read more >>

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