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We Swear By This Product For Banishing Dull Skin

It’s not just our in-house makeup artist @vanessawalshartistry that keeps multiple tubes of this stuff in her kit at all times. It’s pretty much a staple for every makeup artist if they want to meet the glowy skin brief. MAC’s Strobe Cream gives dull, tired-looking complexions an instant boost of radiance, and it’s pretty versatile as […]

Eyeliner Every Way: Classic, Glossy, Glitter

A trend I’ve been noticing lately is the classic liquid winged eyeliner is being replaced by the less refined (and a lot easier to use) pencil. This is a trend I’ve noticed myself evolving into – winged liner used to be my signature, and now I find myself turning to a brown smudged out pencil […]

How To Calm Post-Procedure Redness & Inflammation, Stat!

As procedures like chemical peels, needling and laser become much more affordable and accessible, a lot of us are turning to clinics to quickly zap away concerns like scarring and pigmentation. And while these treatments are often effective, there is usually a bit of downtime involved – so what do you use on your skin […]

Is This The Best Trio For Combination Skin?

I think of combination skin as the often forgotten middle child, sandwiched between dry and oily skin types. I don’t encounter a lot of products that are specifically marketed to this skin type – which, when I think about it, is quite strange. But Aesop’s In Two Minds collection is changing that. This trio of […]

The Semi-Permanent Secret To Disguising Rogue Greys

Timing your salon visits is almost as challenging as aligning your hair washing days with events (I believe this is a fine art). Whether you’re at that age where you’re plucking out one grey hair per week, or getting fortnightly root touch-ups, a new product has launched that might keep you from worrying about greys […]

What Happened When Our Customers Used This Foundation For A Month?

Pigmentation is right up there with the most common skin concerns we hear about from our customers. A lot of us here in Australia are sun worshippers, and unfortunately that can come back to bite us in the form of discoloured patches, age spots and uneven skin tone. So we asked three customers to trial […]

The Multi-Use Must-Haves Our Editor Takes On Holiday

I’m not one to wear a full face of makeup on holidays. But that doesn’t mean I won’t insist on taking a whole makeup bag full of products I won’t use on my trip. However, this time around I limited myself to only three makeup products – with the end goal of looking radiant and […]