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The Concentrated Treatment You Can Add To Any Routine

Is your hair suffering because of your busy schedule, downright laziness or refusal to go to your hairdresser out of fear of an overzealous trim? We’ve all been there. I’m damn good at maintenance, but even I can’t be bothered leaving a hair mask in for 20 minutes (just washing your hair is enough torture, […]

I Bought This Brush Set For Under $25. This Is My Verdict

Usually I’m a big spender when it comes to skincare and makeup (I don’t even want to look at my staff account because I’m scared to know how much I’ve spent in 3 years). So for me to buy a 10-piece brush set for 25 bucks is a little out of the ordinary. I intended […]

I Think This Could Be The Ultimate Dewy Skin Foundation…

I think I’ve made this claim before. In fairness, I’ve tried a lot of foundations as part of my job, and dewy formulas are my jam. So if a foundation hits my favourites list, you can be sure it’s pretty good. Speaking of my favourites list, there’s a new kid on the block who’s quickly […]

This Is How I Finally Combatted Frizzy Hair

Remember that Friends episode “The One in Barbados”? Yep, the one where Monica gets her hair braided to combat her frizz in the Caribbean humidity. Funny, right? Well, not so funny if this actually happened to you in real life. To give you some context, I was 18 on my first overseas trip to Thailand […]

This Is The Fastest Shortcut To Natural-Looking Fluffy Brows

I was never one for the “Instagram brow” trend that hit our feeds back in 2014/15. You know, those heavily drawn on brows defined even further by a thick layer of concealer? I’m pretty glad that trend has made its way out. What replaced the Instagram brow was a trend I do approve of: the […]

What’s So Remarkable About These Award-Winning Tweezers?

Answer me this: how does a pair of tweezers get over 50 reviews? Who is writing reviews about tweezers?! How much can you even say about tweezers? A lot, apparently. See Exhibit A below: ★★★★★ Worth the price – Chantelle “Why would you use any other tweezer but these? I absolutely love plucking my own eyebrows and […]

Pigmentation Problems? I’ve Got A Serum For That

You might’ve noticed our Live chats on Instagram in recent weeks (you can follow us here if you’re not already) – and one particular skin concern keeps popping up: pigmentation. I mentioned a few of our best-selling pigmentation serums in a Live last week, but there’s one I wanted to highlight for those of you […]