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Priori is a brand at the forefront of biotechnology. Helmed by a team of skincare industry veterans, Priori takes an advanced approach, ensuring that each and every formula understands the intricacies of skin. Designed for all ages and all skin types, Priori products reveal your very best skin.


The new generation of Priori products are carefully formulated using the latest technology to recognise your skin’s individuality and provide you with exactly what you need when you need it. Priori’s adaptive skincare is a solution that understands the complex communication system of your skin, and all products are formulated to read your skin and decode its own individual needs for replenishment, hydration, protection and recovery.


The Priori range features three different types of Adaptive Solutions:


Core (fx1) - Go-to products with the perfect combination of recovery, nourishment and protection so you can go about your day, and night, knowing you are doing the best for your skin. Adaptive Core formulas give real-time benefits that you can see and feel.


Superceutical (fx2) - These formulas contain highly advanced biotech compounds for visible corrective benefits. Carefully developed so that skin pulls only what it needs when it needs, for more radiant and hydrated skin.


Natural (fx3) - Filled with the best nutrients nature has to offer, Priori’s range of mineral-rich formulas shield and restore skin from the stresses of daily environmental damage. Foundations formulated to provide broad spectrum sunscreen protection, brushes for perfect application, and a finishing powder that maintains your look all day long.


Priori products are Peta-certified Cruelty-Free.

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The Story Behind CoffeeBerry


Antioxidants are among the most popular anti-ageing skincare ingredients available today.
Because plants are unable to move away from hot sun and other environmental stressors, plants develop unique cellular defences.


The coffee cherry plant, which grows in intensely warm climates, produces superior free-radical defence compounds in its fruit. These compounds are rich in potent antioxidants, containing higher concentrations than even green tea, vegetables, and other fruits.


Taking this knowledge into account, the scientists at PRIORI researched and developed the first antioxidant-rich coffee cherry extract: CoffeeBerry. While coffee bean extracts are not new to the cosmetics industry, the CoffeeBerry formula includes extracts from the whole coffee fruit.

The Story Behind Idebenone


A breakthrough compound and close relative of coenzyme Q10, idebenone serves two major functions in PRIORI skin care products. Firstly, it helps to visibly minimise existing wrinkles, lines, and hyperpigmentation caused by free radicals, pollutants, smoking, UV rays, and stress. Secondly, idebenone works to protect the skin from further damage and premature ageing.

About AHAs


AHAs are exfoliators. Skin is constantly renewing itself by a natural process of cell turnover. With ageing, the process slows down, and dead cells accumulate. Thus, the skin becomes dull, blotchy, sallow, coarse, and prone to fine lines and wrinkles. AHAs help return cell exfoliation to its natural youthful rate, diminishing the signs of ageing and restoring a glow to the skin.


AHAs are also moisturisers. Typical moisturisers form a barrier on the skin to prevent evaporation of moisture. AHAs moisturise by signalling the skin cells to increase production of the natural moisture-binding substance found in the extracellular matrix: hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can bind thousands of times its molecular weight in water. AHAs moisturise the skin at the cellular level, from the inside out.


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