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Treat your hair to the best hair-grooming tools in the business with Mason Pearson’s coveted, top-quality hairbrushes. Mason Pearson hairbrushes are worldwide bestsellers, with a reputation for excellence that dates back to the Industrial Revolution. Mason Pearson himself helped create an automatic brush-boring machine that sped up the process of making brushes. Unexpectedly, these classic brushes originated out of advances in mass production!

After receiving universal acclaim for his invention, Pearson went on to craft the first rubber-cushion brush, and the rest, as they say, is history. To this day, the design perfected in 1920 hasn’t changed, making each Mason Pearson brush not only a stunning, effective brush that improves hair and scalp health, but a true piece of the history of American innovation.

Go for a true classic with the Large Extra Bristle Boar Brush, which uses the original materials that Mason Pearson used over 100 years ago. Boar bristles smoothly detangle hair, helping to evenly distribute oils from the scalp throughout the shafts for shiny, strong strands no matter how often you need to brush your hair. Perfect for daily use, this sturdy brush is guaranteed to last, making it an investment in the future of your hair.

Take Mason Pearson’s innovative design on the go with the Pocket Pure Boar Brush, a compact version of the original design that brought high-quality brushes to the masses. This small but mighty brush lets you take all the hair-health-boosting power of a full-sized brush with you wherever you go. Never be without the stunning quality of Mason Pearson with the Pocket Pure Boar Brush, convenient enough to fit in your purse or carry-on without compromising quality.

Why are boar bristles so effective at detangling and improving hair?
Boar bristles are soft, silky, and sturdy, and they minimise pulling, splitting, and breakage. Superior to plastic bristles, boar bristles gently detangle whilst helping to pull the hair’s natural oils throughout the hair to soften, minimise frizz, and boost overall hair health. Boar bristles move smoothly through hair, never snagging, for smooth, quick detangling that improves the quality of the hair.

Pick up your own piece of hair history with a Mason Pearson brush. Check out all the options to find the perfect brush for you!

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Mason Pearson Dress Comb 7.5 inches C1Mason Pearson Dress Comb 7.5 inches C1
Mason Pearson Hair Brushes
Mason Pearson Dress Comb 7.5 inches C1


This comb is easy to use and quite sturdy as well. However it is a pricey though.
Mason Pearson Comb Tail Comb C3Mason Pearson Comb Tail Comb C3
Mason Pearson Hair Brushes
Mason Pearson Comb Tail Comb C3


I find some tail comb brushes a bit flimsy but this one feels quite sturdy and I love the colour. I use it to brush my fringe but works for the rest of my hair too. I have straight and thick hair
Mason Pearson Bristle/Nylon Popular Brush BN1Mason Pearson Bristle/Nylon Popular Brush BN1
Mason Pearson Hair Brushes
Mason Pearson Bristle/Nylon Popular Brush BN1

Great brush

I have straight, thick hair. And I find this brushes it out quite well. Over time, the bristle's may fall off, but I've had mine for a year and it's still going strong. A nice well made brush!

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