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The beauty of nature, decoded by science. Biolage is a professional haircare range that unlocks the power of nature to transform your hair. Using natural extracts and inspired by the strength and natural restorative properties of plants, Biolage is tailored for your hair concern.


Choose Biolage VolumeBloom to restore life and body to limp, dull hair. Just like a Cotton Flower, your hair is soft and full. A professional revolution in bodifying the hair - your hair is more voluminous and bouncy for longer.


Inspired by the eternally moisture-rich Aloe plant, Biolage HydraSource is a thirst-quencher for dry, damaged hair. With properties that mimic the way that Aloe retains its moisture even in harsh conditions, Biolage HydraSource is what dry hair craves.


Biolage Sugar Shine gives a crystal luminosity to dull hair, leaving your hair smooth and nourished. For thinning hair, Biolage Full Density boosts density and thickness of your hair.


Adore Beauty is an official stockist of Biolage. 

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Biolage All In One Coconut Infusion Spray 150mlBiolage All In One Coconut Infusion Spray 150ml
Biolage All In One Coconut Infusion Spray 150ml

Love it!

I received a sample of this and tried it out at the beach. Was really good at keeping the frizz and dryness away. I also used it before brushing and it worked like a conditioner, detangling but no heaviness. You wouldn't know it is on the hair except for the slight pleasant fragrance. Will be buying the full size for sure.
Biolage Sugar Shine ShampooBiolage Sugar Shine Shampoo
Biolage Sugar Shine Shampoo


Nourish and cleans hair without oily residues and smells divine.
Biolage Full Density Thickening SprayBiolage Full Density Thickening Spray
Biolage Full Density Thickening Spray


Its ok doesn't feel too different

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