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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica


A product that truly needs no introduction, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a bestseller, providing light daily exfoliation to keep skin healthy, bright, and smooth in a snap.

A true powerhouse of ingredients, this Rice-based powder formula is infused with acne-fighting, exfoliating Plant Extracts and Enzymes. These botanicals work with the light exfoliation of the Rice Powder base to smooth skin, minimise breakouts, and even out the skin’s texture. This groundbreaking formula is a must-have in your skincare routine.


Key benefits:


  • Gently exfoliates so even the most sensitive skins won’t experience irritation.
  • Fights blackheads, acne, and irritation.
  • Brightens and evens skin tone.
  • Clears away dead skin so treatments, serums, and moisturisers can penetrate deeply.
  • PETA-accredited, cruelty-free.


Key ingredients:


  • Rice Powder provides gentle exfoliation.
  • Papaya and Rice Enzymes help remove dead skin cells naturally.
  • Salicylic Acid exfoliates within the pores to clear out acne-causing bacteria and minimise future breakouts.


How to use:


  • Mix with a small amount of water in the palm of your hand.
  • Apply in light circular motions to damp skin.
  • Rinse well.
  • Apply a product containing sunscreen when using this as a part of your routine, as exfoliants can cause sensitivity to sun damage.


Who is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant for?

This is a product that can be used by all ages, genders, and skin types to exfoliate lightly without irritation. Anyone with blackheads, uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture, or dullness will seriously benefit from the use of Daily Microfoliant.


What kind of exfoliator is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant?

There are three types of exfoliators: physical (your classic scrub), chemical (Alpha- and Beta-Hydroxy Acids), and enzyme (eats away at excess dead skin cells). This product is not a physical exfoliator. The Rice Powder base exfoliates very gently, whilst the chemical (Salicylic Acid) and enzyme (Papaya and Rice) exfoliants in the product do the true exfoliating. Hence, this product is gentle enough for daily use.


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Love this product - 19-10-2018 by

Feels so nice on the skin, have noticed my skin appears cleaner and clearer, I get hormonal breakouts around the chin and I use this as its not too harsh on my skin

AMAAAZING - 18-10-2018 by

My God i can not praise this exfoliate enough. it is hands down the best exfoliating product and has worked wonders on my skin in the past year! my skin is very pale and this products helps to brighten and make any impurities vanish

It has faded my acne scars i had on my chin are gone, evened out my skin tone and texture of my skin is flawless.
You only need about a 10 cent size amount of the product which you placee in the palm of your hand you then add water to create a pasta like consistency ( might take you a few goes to get the consistency correct), once you've nailed the consistency its a breeze the product exfoliates but isn't harsh big beads of product, it glides onto the skin and the beads eventually disintegrate into the skin .

awesome exfoliant - 18-10-2018 by

leaves skin so soft and smooth, ultra clear and much brighter!

Nice - 16-10-2018 by

This is a nice product, it does a good job at exfoliating and makes my skin feel smooth. I just wish it was in a cream formula and not a powder as I’m not a fan of having to mix my own product

Overly hyped! - 12-10-2018 by

Everyone is obsessed with this brand and this particular product but I honestly feel that it was gritty, messy, and didn't make much difference apart from scratching my face off! I get that exfoliants do this but it is like rubbing sand into your face without any cream or serum!

Effective Gentle Exfoliant - 11-10-2018 by

My dry dull skin loves this exfoliant. It is gentle yet manages to get all the dry flaky skin off my face. I can't use it every day as it would be to much for my skin but it is a really nice product.

Love Love Love - 11-10-2018 by

I bought this after receiving a sample with a previous purchase. I was immediately impressed and had to buy more!
Leaves my skin soft and smooth and gets rid of all the dry skin that appears on my nose. Also helps with the stress break outs I have been getting lately,

Highly recommend - 10-10-2018 by

When I was working in retail as a beauty advisor this is a product that people would always come back and repurchase after recommendations to try it out!! The formula is incredibly gentle on the skin whilst still exfoliating dead skin cells, and can be used for everyday - but i find every 2-3 days works better for me personally! Mixing it with water also isn't clumsy at all - and you're able to find the perfect amount to use. Highly recommend this

Good daily product - 09-10-2018 by

Currently enjoying this product. Although its a daily scrub i tend to use second daily to give my skin a break. It polishes off nicely with out tearing away at the skin and doesn't leave it dry. I would recommend this as a regular part of a skin care routine

World's Best Exfolitator! - 07-10-2018 by

I cannot praise this stuff highly enough - bottle lasted me over a year, and the gentle daily exfoliation left my skin feeling baby soft and smooth every day!

Love it ! - 05-10-2018 by

Have been using this on and off over the years. Feels great on skin and gently polishes the surface. Definitely makes skin smoother. Only downside is the smell - it’s not awful, but not amazing - a little like wet rice grains!

Really good exfoliator - 04-10-2018 by

Gentle enough to the skin, but i have sensitive skin and dry skin, so i wouldnt use it on a daily basis. But it does its job!

Great exfoliator - 04-10-2018 by

I have oily combination skin, this is pretty good as a face exfoliator. It is gentle and cleans out my pores well. However it can be a bit fiddly to use in the shower as you need to mix this with water to create a paste. Instead I mix the paste and exfoliate my face before I hop into the shower to wash it off.

Not too harsh - 04-10-2018 by

This is just so fun to use. I love mixing it in with my cleanser or using it alone with a bit of water. Ive really noticed the difference in my skin from using it, however, I don't use everyday.

My Favorite Scrub, Ever! - 02-10-2018 by

I have been using this scrub on and off for years and can never go past it! If you want results - this scrub is for you and is well worth the investment! The microfoliant makes your skin feel both soft and refreshed. I have dry skin so some scrubs I have found to be too coarse whereas the fine texture of the microfoliant is perfect and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

A must have - 01-10-2018 by

This is so gentle but soooooo effective, I only use it every two to three days and my skin is instantly soft and all dead skin cells removed. The best thing is a little goes a very long way

Best exfoliator ever! - 26-09-2018 by

I’m 21 years old and I have combination skin but leaning more on dry side. I had very unstable skin; dry and flaky skin, uneven and textured skin and oily on T-zone and occasionally get pimples and my cheeks would feel sensitised even I don’t have sensitive skin due to previous products I’ve used that wasn’t suitable for my skin.

Daily microfoliant is my favourite exfoliant, it is white and gentle abrasive powder, and it help brightens and smoothen my rough texture skin. The best about this daily microfoliant is that I can manipulate this consistency of powder when I exfoliate my skin. On some days if my skin feel like very gentle exfoliant, I would pour half a teaspoon of powder onto my hand and add less than a tablespoon of water, rubbing between my hands to create a foam and rub on my face after using special cleansing gel. Sometimes, if my skin feel like deep exfoliate, I would add a bit of daily microfoliant and rub it to create a thick paste with wet hands then scrub on my face. This helps my face feel soft, brighter and smoothen out my textured skin also I don’t have any bad reaction with this compare to other exfoliant products usually dry my skin and breakout badly.

Works really well! - 22-09-2018 by

This was used on me during a facial recently and from then onwards, I have been hooked.
I'm not the biggest fan of the smell but its honestly something you get used to. It leaves the skin feeling so fresh and deeply cleansed. For me, my skin is sensitive and this exfoliant is perfect!
Would high recommend!!!

One of my all time faves - 20-09-2018 by

This stuff is amazing!! I have sensitive, dry and breakout prone skin. I had tried the cleanser in this range and it was the first cleanser to actually work for me, so i thought id give this a go. It is worth every cent! My skin has never looked better. I am able to use this microfoliant everyday, and it leaves my skin feeling super smooth. Breakouts are now very few and far between, and never as bad as they were. Love this so much!

Smooth and gentle exfoliation - 20-09-2018 by

I have been using this product every day for about 10 months, my skin has never looked better. Excellent value you for money as I’m still using my first ever bottle. My skin always feels smooth and and fresh afterwards

Surprising - 19-09-2018 by

I'd always thought I should keep exfoliating only to 2-3 days a week but this product has changed my skin routine! I have large pores and oily skin. With gentle exfoliating, it actually makes my skin less angry and less breakouts too! Be gentle and do not hesitate to try!

Holy Grail - 19-09-2018 by

I received this as a sample and fell in love with it. It left my skin feeling soooo soft and smooth. So I purchased my own bottle and still going strong with it 6 months later

Beeest daily exfoliant - 18-09-2018 by

This is such a good exfoliant to use on your skin everyday. I was recommended this product during a spa facial, and my skin was so dehyrdated and had broken out at the time so it tingled/stung a little bit, but after using this for a week or so, it didn't hurt at all and my skin was so much healthier and brighter.

Great!!! - 17-09-2018 by

This product really changes the texture of your skin in a single use. it removes dead skin and helps to keep skin clear of breakouts.

AHHMAZING!!! - 14-09-2018 by

I was given a sample of this product in a previous adore online order and couldn’t believe how clean my face felt after using. I then purchased my own bottle and have been using once a day. I don’t wear makeup and find this is great to give my skin a good clean without needing to be too harsh. My skin is feeling super soft and have stopped breaking out as much as I used too. Have been telling friends and family they have to purchase! Absolutely would recommend!

Love it - 12-09-2018 by

I received a sample of this and geez I love it, absolute game changer and a must have in your skin routine

You can choose how to use it. - 12-09-2018 by

You can use this product everyday or a couple times a week as an exfoliant, I love how you can adjust the feel of the product just by adding more water or more powder. My skin feels super smooth after using this product and I love it. My pores even start to look minimised.

Really impressed! - 11-09-2018 by

This product really changes the texture of your skin in a single use. it removes dead skin and helps to keep skin clear of breakouts.

Love this! - 08-09-2018 by

I've been using this exfoliant for awhile and I love it! It's gentle enough to use everyday and I'm in love with the smell. It's so relaxing and I've also noticed a smoother complexion.

Lovely - 06-09-2018 by

Love using this on my face in the bath. It’s great texture and leaves skin soft

great product so far - 05-09-2018 by

I find the product great for removing my white heads and smoothing my skin.

Amazing - 05-09-2018 by

I have combination skin with lots of breakouts in the t-zone. This microfoliant has completely changed my skin. I have noticed that it is so much righter and my complexion is overall clearer. This microfoliant is so unique to dermalogica and I haven't come across anything like it. I have repurchased this twice already and i seriously cannot recommend it enough!

Not for me - 30-08-2018 by

I know alot of people love this product, i prefer a really creamy exfoliator with more grit. I also like an exfoliator that comes ready to use, not one that you need to add water to. It does an ok job, its not terrible, but i wont be repurchasing.

Amazing - 29-08-2018 by

Amazing gentle and no irritating Microfoliant. I love being able to exfoliate my skin everyday and this product allows me to do just that without having to worry that i'm stripping away natural oils and health skin. My sensitive skin is easily irritated by exfoliants but this gentle formula leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.

Love it - 28-08-2018 by

I have only been using this for a week but love it already. It obviously doesn’t give that hard scrub feeling but that’s expected from a daily product. It does enough to make my skin feel cleaner and fresher. I am not sure if it’s this product or others I’m trying but my skin is looking clearer and makeup looking nicer.

Game changer - 27-08-2018 by

I will probably use this product for the rest of my skincare obsessed life. I wear a physical and chemical sunscreen every day and i love this exfoliant to help ensure I am removing any residue. I have recently started leaving it on my face for 3 minutes or so while in the shower and OMG it clean my pores and make my skin glow like nothing else. I have combo skin with an oilier tzone and drier forehead, jawline, cheeks. No reaction to this product and I use it 4 times a week.

Good product - 27-08-2018 by

Good skincare product that leaves my skin feeling soft and doesn't make me break out!

A messy product that isnt worth the hype - 27-08-2018 by

I was interested in trying this after all the hype it has received. I tried a deluxe sample over a fortnight period, and found it to be cumbersome and messy to use. you need to mix the powder with water prior to application - as i normally wash my face in the shower i found that i wasted alot of the product. The results were not amazing either - there are many other defoliators i prefer over this. Lastly, it is expensive - wouldnt buy it!

A favorite product! - 27-08-2018 by

I am obsessed with this and The Superfoliant so use both alternatively. Highly recommend. Even if you do not scrub i like to let it sit on my face like a mask for a few minutes the ingredients are amazing also you can control how intense or gentle the scrub is by the amount of water added. Minimal product needed, also fabulous all over your body! Soft enough for lips and bikini line... will Love Love always!

A favorite product! - 27-08-2018 by

I love this product and the Superfoliant equaly so I have both and alternate, the ingredients are Amazing! I will always use. Be sure to replace the cap immediately, if using in the shower (the best place to use due to a little mess) so the powder doesn't get steam inside, it is a design fault as a turning lid ie like some talcum powders-would work more efficently and this product is too pricey and precious to waste. A small amount can easily do your face and down to your body. Just simply an incredible product, worth the investment for young and older skins alike! Try the travel size if skeptical!

Great product - 25-08-2018 by

I have been using this product for years. I have very sensitive and dry skin prone to redness and eczema. This product does not irritate my skin unlike other. This leaves my skin soft and glowing. Despite the price tag it does last for ages.

Nice product - 20-08-2018 by

I have used dermalogica products for sometime now and this is a lovely product. It is easy to use and makes my skin feel soft and smooth after use.

Absolutely obsessed - 17-08-2018 by

This is a fantastic exfoliator.. I personally wouldn't use every day but definitely safe to use every second. It works wonders on pores and uneven skin... must have in your skin care routine.

Soft Skin - 15-08-2018 by

I have been using this 3-4 times a week for the last 3 years and my skin has never felt better. The dermalogica range really works well together and this is part of my face care routine. I find it leave your skin soft, supple and keeps the skin hydrated. Even though it is a daily microfoliant, I have found that every 2nd day or so works fine for my skin. Highly recommend to add this to your regime!

I'm hooked for life - 15-08-2018 by

My pores clog easily without regular exfoliation. This product is heaven for my skin. When I use it, my pores are reduced instantly and skin feels so smooth and looks so much better. I use it about 3 times a week and you don't need much, about the size of a 5c piece with a few drops of water will do the trick.

Product ok - 15-08-2018 by

Didn't realise it come in the form of powder and I feel like I use more than I should have to but it does leave your skin feeling nice and clean

Great! - 14-08-2018 by

Best exfoliant I've ever used. Not harsh on my sensitive skin.

Exfoliation heaven - 14-08-2018 by

It’s not aggressive, it exfoliates effectively without feeling like sandpaper. My skin feels so soft and clean after using this. I keep it in the shower

Leaves skin soft & smooth - 13-08-2018 by

The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is an easy to use exfoliant that leaves the skin feeling soft & smooth. Great for skin prone to blemishes as it contains papain and salicylic acid to clear out pores and reveal a brighter complexion. I like to add a little less water than suggested for a grittier exfoliation. I have both this and the Superfoliant and find that the latter has a very unusual, unpleasant smell compared to the Microfoliant which has a very mild, inoffensive scent. I will definitely repurchase.

best exfoliant for sensitive skin - 13-08-2018 by

i have quite sensitive and dry skin so i don’t really like to exfoliate as it always irritates my face but a girl i watch on youtube was talking about how amazing this was and how it was good for sensitive skin so despite the price tag i decided to give it a go and it was so worth it! my skin always looks incredible after using it, it’s so gentle for my face i can use t frequently throughout the week and my face never gets irritated by it! i’m almost out of it so i will definitely be repurchasing this soon!!

The best exfoliator - 13-08-2018 by

I've been using this for about 10 years. Other skincare products have come and gone but I've stuck with this - it works when my skin is dry or when it's having a hormonal-pimple fit. It's gentle, but still feels like you're giving your skin a proper "scrub", you know? Easy to use, a little goes a long way, can be used a couple of times a week.

Life Changing - 13-08-2018 by

This product saved my skin when i was experiencing cystic acne as a teenager and i continue to use it years later

Not sure - 12-08-2018 by

I got this product as a free sample in the Mykonos Holiday Heroes gift pack, not a huge fan of it tbh, it has a really REALLY weird smell and is also a bit of a pain to use, I like rough exfoliants and this isn't really rough or even worth being called an exfoliant in my opinion its more of a cleanser with little rough particles in it, its no from me sorry dermalogica

Skin so smooth and soft - 10-08-2018 by

This stuff lasts ages and you only need a small amount each time you use it. It just makes my skin so smooth and soft. One of my favourite products.

Expensive, but it works well - and ok for sensitive skin - 09-08-2018 by

I use this every day. I have dry, sensitive skin.

I rub it all over my face for at least 1 minute, and my face feels soft and smooth afterwards - it's very effective.

It has a bit of a weird smell, and the application method takes a little getting used to (you have to mix a bit of the dry powder with a bit of water)

It's really expensive. I am sure there are other solutions out there which work just as well and don't irritate the skin, I haven't come across one yet.

Gentle yet effective - 08-08-2018 by

This is a fantastic exfoliant for sensitive, dry skin. I was provided with a free sample and you need so little product that I’ve been able to use it several times. My face normally tingles and becomes irritated by exfoliants, but it doesn’t with this product. It feels gentle and my face absorbs my Dermalogica moisturiser so much better after I use it. I haven’t used it daily, only once a week.

LOVE - 08-08-2018 by

Love almost all dermalogica products. Received this as sample and it works beautifully with my skin. I'm in mid 40s and have combination oily skin.My skin looks smooth and overall complexion has improved.

Great for combination skin - 08-08-2018 by

My skin is currently oily combination and I just purchased this after using several large samples. My usual St Ives scrub seemed to be a bit harsh and I was sick of the bottle getting waterlogged in the shower.

I use this every second day straight after cleansing (with the dermal clay cleanser) and just massage it over the top of the cleanser (after making a paste in my hands). It seems to be fairly gentle which is probably good for my aging skin.

I love that it’s so easy to use out of the shower, and I’m hoping it continues to be effective once my baby is born and my skin returns to its usual oily self.

Definitely a must!!!!! - 08-08-2018 by

I am obsessed with this product! I have sensitive/combination skin and it is perfect for me. I cannot believe I have not found this product earlier! It is non irritating, non drying and my skin has never looked so good. I strongly recommend this product! Best thing I’ve ever bought.

Great exfoliant for sensitive and combination skin - 08-08-2018 by

Gentle enough for daily use and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, no 'dry tight' feeling either. And no harsh granules to exfoliate with! Highly recommended as part of a daily routine or even every second day..
As my skin type has changed over time, from normal to combination to oily, the product has continued to work for me for many years..

Perfect for sensitive skin - 07-08-2018 by

I have very sensitive skin Which is acneprone and oily. Scrubs for exfoliation are always a bad idea for me. This product was a game changer - does the job being super gentle of my skin. Feels like a face wash really.

Great Exfoliant for Sensitive Skin - 31-07-2018 by

I have been using this exfoliant daily and I just love it! I have very sensitive skin and at no point has it irritated my skin, rather leaves it feelings utterly fresh and so incredibly smooth. I love that it comes in the form of a powder, as you can control whether you want it really creamy and smooth or a little more thick and abrasive (I love using it thick after a day of a full face of makeup - it clears it all out of my pores!). I have never found an exfoliant that provides such a deep cleanse without irritating, inflaming or drying out my skin. Amazing!

Best thing ever - 30-07-2018 by

Love this daily microfolliant. It is gentle enough to use daily, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. Doesnt cause my skin to be irritated, even in the cooler weather. Definitely a staple in my beauty regime

Good product - 30-07-2018 by

I used a sample of this product, and even using that I was impressed. My skin felt very smooth after it. Didn't love the smell but the results are worth it

Excellent - 27-07-2018 by

I love this microfoliant cleanser, it’s gentle and effective. I’ve only started using it and already can notice an improvement in my pores. I use it after cleansing like they suggest and I think the “double cleanse” is helping my skin significantly. I have combination skin and this helps keep it in really good condition.

Excellent Product - 26-07-2018 by

I have been using the Daily Micro for a couple of years now. After using it my skin feels amazing! I use it a couple of times a week. I have sensitive skin but this has never been a problem. Just add a small amount of water and a few seconds later your skin feels so clean and soft. I highly recommend this product.

Absolutly amazing - 25-07-2018 by

This product has changed my life. I struggle with hormonal breakouts and have been struggling to find something that cleans and clears blocked pores effectively. This leaves my skin clean and free of blackheads and doesnt make it feel dry. Amazing.

Gentle yet effective - 25-07-2018 by

I LOVE this product!! I use it in the morning to cleanse my face when I shower. It's super easy to use and feels so nice on the skin. It doesn't scratch or leave my sensitive skin feeling red raw. It's a really nice start to the day and my makeup always applys so much nicer after using this. Highly recommend!

Incredible. - 24-07-2018 by

I have sensitive skin and need to be so careful with exfoliants, and tend to break out. I have never had a problem with this product, yet it is effective in doing what it says! The fine powder just needs a touch of water to form a paste and the scrub like texture leaves your face feeling amazingly soft, without being harsh. It lasts forever as you don’t need much!

a great gentle exfoliator - 24-07-2018 by

dermologica daily microfoliant has been a staple in my bathroom for years now, i love that you can add more water to make it less abrasive for daily use or keep it a bit drier for a deeper exfoliation. granted it is pricey but a bottle lasts forever so you only need to buy it once every 12-18 months or so, depending how often you use it. only problem is you definitely cant keep it in the shower as if it gets moisture inside its game over for the whole bottle :)

All time fave - 23-07-2018 by

Been using this for years and is still my all time fave! Makes your skin noticeably smoother after each use, which feels great after a day of wearing makeup! Great exfoliant that's gentle enough for daily use.

Best for sensitive skin - 23-07-2018 by

This is the first exfoliate that does not make my skin red and itchy afterwards, it does an absolutely amazing job of cleaning my skin without irritating it

Love this! - 20-07-2018 by

one of the most gentle exfoliators I've ever used, but gives you the most smooth skin with an amazing glow! I love the rice smell, it smells very calming, will definitely buy this one again!

An Old Fave! - 20-07-2018 by

I keep coming back to Dermalogica Microfoliant after trying others...this one is amazing, gentle yet a good amount of ‘scrub factor’...I love it!

Amazing product!!! - 17-07-2018 by

I would highly recommend this product to everyone i know! I was getting tiny pimples on my jaw line and forehead I couldn’t get rid of. This cleared them up and made my skin incredibly soft and clear. I’ve had so many comments about my skin since using this.

Best exfoliator i have ever used! - 17-07-2018 by

I have been using this exfoliator for 15 years! It is so gentle that it can be used daily (if needed). I love how smooth and polished it leaves my skin.

For me - 17-07-2018 by

I love this for my skin. My face always looks better after using this.

Its like it was just made for me.

not for me - 17-07-2018 by

I was interested to try this, as it is so well reviewed. It does exfoliate skin, but no better than other products I've tried. I didn't like using the moistened gritty powder, it seemed a little harsh on my sensitive skin.

The best - 13-07-2018 by

This is the best exfoliator. It's my favourite and I use it the most.

My skin always looks and feels great once I use this.

Smooth clear skin - 13-07-2018 by

My skin is quite dry, sensitive and acne prone. This has definitely improved the texture overall. I only use it on the days that I wear makeup as a final step. As in winter my skin is way too dry to use it daily.

Nothing else quite like it! Worth the investment. - 13-07-2018 by

When I first tried Daily Microfoliant, I was a little hesitant. It feels like a rough bi-carb in your hands before you wet it. But now I use it every 2 days and absolutely love it!

It leaves your skin feeling very smooth and glowing. My skin is combination, but can get sensitive in winter. It is not harsh like some exfoliants, really gentle.

It is an investment at $70, but a full size one last me about 6 months. I highly recommend adding this into you Dermalogica routine.

Worth the money. - 13-07-2018 by

I had never used a 'powder' exfoliant, but his is incredible. My skin is instantly smoother and softer when I use this. I use a chemical exfoliant but alternate with this product every 2 or 3 days and the results are great! I will definitely be repurchasing this again.

Must have! - 12-07-2018 by

It instantly makes my skin feel softer and look brighter. Its a really gentle exfoliant but gets all the gunk out - great for my sensitive skin. This product is a must have, I cant live without it!

A beautiful gentle facial scrub - 12-07-2018 by

I received a sample of this Daily Microfoliant from Adore and didn't think much of it so I didn't use it until last week.. I had never heard of the brand Dermalogica until a few months ago so I didn't know what to think of their products until I tried this. I feel like I've had a spa treatment after I use this on my face, It's soft, smooth, glowing, radiant and very clear. I am very excited to try more of their products.

Gentle exfoliant - 11-07-2018 by

This product is gentle enough to use everyday - however I use it maybe 1-2 times a week and sometimes change it up with a chemical exfoilator instead. Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and leaves it feeling smooth, bright and clean.

The only physical scrub I'll ever buy. - 11-07-2018 by

By far the best physical scrub I've ever tried, I prefer chemical exfoliation but this is great for those day you just feel like a little more, I love the smell and it makes my skin look bright and lively, everyone should try this scrub.

Always pleased - 11-07-2018 by

I love this product, it’s gentle enough to use daily and leaves your skin feeling super soft.
Little goes and long way so makes the price worth it!
I would highly recommend I have used this product since I was 13 and will continue to do so.

Look forward to this - 10-07-2018 by

This is a product that I actually look forward to using. It works really well with my skin and I've used it for years.

Great exfoliant - 10-07-2018 by

This is a very gentle exfoliant, I had no problems using it daily. My skin felt very clean afterwards, i do like exfoliants that have a bit more scrub to it but overall it does the job it claims to.

Amazing - 10-07-2018 by

I love using this. It is great for sensitive skin and removes all the gunk from my face.

Seriously amazing! - 09-07-2018 by

I can’t recommend this product enough! It is honestly my favourite product. I use to have an oily T zone and dry cheeks (gross, I know) but since using this product, my face is so soft and smooth. Will never stop using it and it is worth the money.

Love this product - 09-07-2018 by

I use the Daily Microfoliant every day, and love it. Have really noticed a difference in my skin, especially during the colder months

Every day gentle - 09-07-2018 by

This is for me the best daily exfoliant. It is natural rice based which absorbs the nasties and gently exfoliates without harsh abrasives. It is a great way to maintain your skin in between salon facials because it gently exfoliates and is not drying at all. I have mature combo skin and have been using this for the last 5 years plus.

THE BEST! - 09-07-2018 by

The BEST exfoliator I have ever used, Would recommend everyone try this!!

The Best Exfoliant - 07-07-2018 by

I have purchased this product for about a hundred times (maybe a bit exaggerating). It is simply the best exfoliant that is so gentle on your skin yet you are able to see the result immediately. Absolute HG.

Love this - 05-07-2018 by

I use this almost daily. Love how gentle it is. My skin always feels so smooth.

Really good - 04-07-2018 by

Love that it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft yet its so gentle on the skin.

Love this! - 04-07-2018 by

I love this product. I don’t use it every day but when I do, I can feel it removing the dead skin cells from my skin. Make sure you keep the lid on because if any moisture gets into the bottle, it bulks up and won’t come out, which is a bit annoying as I use mine in the shower.

Need this - 04-07-2018 by

I don't think I can ever replace this. It's so good and gentle. I always come back to this no matter what I try.

amazing for oily skin - 02-07-2018 by

This exfoliant is such an amazing product that has really improved the texture and overall state of my skin. I have oily acne-prone skin and although this isnt specifically targeted to my skin type... it does a great job. My skin instantly feels smoother without getting that dry and tight feeling. I use it every afternoon in the shower so that the steam helps get all of my makeup from out of my pores with the exfoliator.

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