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Five generations of family crafted, world-class organic oils. Thousands of years of Ayurvedic practise and skin expertise to draw upon.


UMA Oils prove you don’t need to choose between results, and organic, sustainable products that promote social good. With formulations that have been the secrets of royalty, UMA has never lost its sense of luxury or efficacy.

Centuries later, and UMA Oils are still handcrafted in small batches. Unlike the majority of natural products available on the market, UMA Oils prides itself on using either no carrier oil, or as little as possible. This philosophy ensures that the active ingredients in UMA Oils are not footnotes in the ingredient list - rather, the precious, efficacious oils are the star ingredient just as they should be.


Is UMA Oils certified organic?

Unfortunately in India, there is no formal process for an organic certification. Instead, UMA have continued their practise of never using pesticides or GMOs - just the way they used to centuries ago. UMA Oils is organic, without the certification.


How is UMA Oils sustainable?

UMA is dedicated to minimising the ecological footprint of their family owned, family run farm in Central India. Wherever possible, any waste produced by the farming process is turned into energy to power the farm, or recycled to become product. UMA Oils Incense is the perfect example of this, featuring recycled products.


Does UMA Oils use any synthetic ingredients?

UMA Oils is completely free from synthetic ingredients. In fact, UMA Oils barely use natural carrier oils for their organic, botanical elixirs. You’ll never see a synthetic ingredient or preservative in an UMA formulation.


  • No parabens
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • No GMOs
  • No use of pesticides
  • No artificial fragrances

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Recent reviews on UMA Oils products

UMA Oils Wellness Oil Trial KitUMA Oils Wellness Oil Trial Kit
UMA Oils
UMA Oils Wellness Oil Trial Kit

Great so far!

These were something I’ve been wanting to try and I’m very happy with this trial kit, smells are a little strong but they are nice very happy with it Great set to try all the oils!
UMA Oils Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil 15mlUMA Oils Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil 15ml
UMA Oils
UMA Oils Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil 15ml


I havent been using it for so long so Did not do much for my skin but smells amazing!
UMA Oils Absolute Anti Aging Body OilUMA Oils Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil
UMA Oils
UMA Oils Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil

Lovely product!

very few drops actually improve the way my skin looks and feels. The scent is so so so incredible. It produces the same radical change as the face oils, masks, and treatments - what a joy!