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The Wet Brush

Adore Beauty is an official stockist of Wet Brush. Have you been dreading your detangling, or just looking to make brushing your hair less of a pain? Wet Brush is for you.


While other brushes might snag or break your hair, Wet Brush glides through your hair to leave it shiny and smooth. IntelliFlex bristles - unique to Wet Brush - ensure that these hair brushes run with ease through your hair, leaving your hair well-groomed.


Make hair brushing easier and more fun with Wet Brush!

The Wet Brush


The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb - Black

Absolutely love this comb! I use this comb when I jump out of the shower... read more >>

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The Wet Brush Watercolour - Pink

I have bought so many hair brushes for my long hair over the years an this... read more >>

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The Wet Brush Detangling Paddle Brush - Black

I have thin, straight hair that gets easily knotty. I bought this product... read more >>

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The Wet Brush Epic Deluxe Detangler Brush & Hair Towel Pack

Loved this pack. The brush especially - it is amazing at brushing wet hair... read more >>

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