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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% 30ml

4.5 of 1106 reviews


4 instalments of $2.48


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4 instalments of $2.48


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

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4.5 of 1106 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great value for the price


I never thought that it can have such a good result with such a cheap price.
everyone can try and see if it works for you.
I have a quite sensitive skin but this doesn't uncomforts me.

Most Helpful Criticism

Worth a try


The Ordinary is known for its affordability which appeals to most of us. I have tried this after hearing so many good reviews. Unfortunately I did not see any significant difference with this serum. It is quite sticky but absorbed well. I also felt a tingly sensation during my first few application (note that I have sensitive skin). However, having said that, I have a friend who absolutely loves this serum and works wonder on her skin. For $9.90 serum, it is definitely worth trying as you don't lose much. In the mean time, I am interested to explore the other serums that this brand offers in the future. I'm not giving up yet!
  1. Worth a try


    The Ordinary is known for its affordability which appeals to most of us. I have tried this after hearing so many good reviews. Unfortunately I did not see any significant difference with this serum. It is quite sticky but absorbed well. I also felt a tingly sensation during my first few application (note that I have sensitive skin). However, having said that, I have a friend who absolutely loves this serum and works wonder on her skin. For $9.90 serum, it is definitely worth trying as you don't lose much. In the mean time, I am interested to explore the other serums that this brand offers in the future. I'm not giving up yet!
  2. Sticky


    I'm not sure if this actually does anything for my skin. It just feels sticky on my skin
  3. okay on sensitive skin


    I've been suffering from red and inflamed skin on my face and bought this to help calm the redness. My initial impressions are good, the solution is gel-like and slightly sticky. I used about 4 drops for my face. There's no smell which is great and I didn't get an immediate reaction which i sometimes get from products with nasties in them. Good price.
  4. I've noticed the appearance of my blackheads diminish!


    I never thought I'd be able to find a product that would diminish the appearance of my blackheads, but this does!
  5. acne solution


    A bit of a temperamental solution as this pills with my makeup, but it makes a world of difference to my acne! I wear it at night to avoid pilling
  6. Great value for the price


    I never thought that it can have such a good result with such a cheap price.
    everyone can try and see if it works for you.
    I have a quite sensitive skin but this doesn't uncomforts me.
  7. great product


    Reduces oily skin and pores, just as it claims to. Has a slightly strange smell and a slightly sticky residue but not unpleasant. Works well beneath make up.
  8. Helps with breakouts


    Definitely helps with breakouts, but prepare for a a sticky residue. For it to actually work for me, I need to keep using it. If I take a break, my skin breaks out again. Worth it for the price
  9. Holy Grail


    I never let my supply of this run out. I have hormonal skin and this stuff always helps to calm my skin and keep it clear. It's my holy grail serum. I hope Adore starts to stock the new bigger bottles.


    Miracle!! Has calmed my melasma and stopped breakouts almost immediately. I use it morning and night, goes so well with retinol! I use three drops and it doesn’t pill. Have bought it twice now!
  11. The Best Thing Ever


    If I had to choose one product to use on my face only, this would be the one. I use it every morning and every night after cleansing and using a spot remover, and before heavier serums. It has helped a lot with redness/hyperpigmentation from old pimples, and to prevent breakouts. I recommend this to all my friends and is just as good as Niacinamide products from other brands, but a fraction of the price.
  12. Pretty good


    I've been using this product for about 6 months now and I do notice a small difference when I use it. It really helps balance out my oily t-zone and reduces the severity of my hormonal breakouts. I've found with this serum (and others I use from The Ordinary) have quite a sticky/tacky texture and don't really feel nice on the skin initially. If you can get over the weird feeling on the skin, it's a great product - especially for the price!
  13. I like it


    This seems to help even my skin tone, I do see a difference when I use this. Pores seem more refined.
  14. Michelle

    For its price this product seems to be working for me, i have only used it a few times but have noticed the area in my neck that usually have problems with ingrown hairs does not seem as dark with blemishes and my nose that is usually quite red is becoming less red
  15. Magical


    I've been using this serum for three months now. I use it in the morning, along with the caffeine serum for my eye area. I have seen a very noticeable improvement in my skin; I have fewer breakouts and markedly reduced redness.
  16. Great


    This is my 2nd bottle and I feel it does work, I believe it is slowly but surely removing my blackheads and helping with pimples. I recommend this to others. The price is fantastic. Layers well with other products.
  17. I have use it for 3 months


    I have combination to oily skin. My T-zone gets very oily during the day and I got big pores in that area, specially on two sides of my nose.
    I have been using this product for 3 months so far. I don’t think it works to reduce my oil but I really see my pore size slowly getting smaller.
    This product texture is the same as other The Ordinary serums, the thing I don’t like about this product is it will peel if I apply too much and/or If I pair it with my Murad water gel.
  18. Brighter skin


    My skin has cleared up dramatically. It has helped a little with some pigmentation on my forehead as well. Overall just brighter skin. Can’t go wrong, especially because of the price. Just wish there was more of it in the bottle. I use day and night.
  19. Simply The Best


    Unbeatable price. I’ve shared the hell out of this product. I have dry sensitive skin and recently had an awful acne breakout. Age 29. I have been using charcoal soap to unclog pores, although it’s drying so I use The ordinary natural moisturiser HA after followed by this at night and it is amazing. My skin is finally clearing. This is my second bottle purchased and I’m adding buffet to my regime.
  20. Excellent product


    This product not only has improved how my skin looks, it has helped decrease the blackheads I had. I had struggled with blackheads for a few years and could not find a product which was gentle yet effective. This product is now my go to.
  21. Good Anti-inflammatory


    I have sensitive skin and occasional spots and this product helps it with inflammation and redness. Also I’ve done my research and it also helps my skin barrier get stronger. It can be a little strong so I suggest you don’t use much of it at first
  22. Early days but some slight change noticed


    I have only recently taken up a new skin care regime, so was looking for value for money products to get me started. I was keen to try The Ordinary, and after contacting Adore Beauty who were extremely helpful, this product was recommended to me.

    I have one blotchy area of skin beside my nose thats been hanging around for weeks! I started using this product 3 days ago and I feel that some of the redness has subsided. I am excited to see what else will happen in the coming weeks!

    I find the consistency of the serum watery and slightly sticky, but overall comfortable. I would definitely recommend this product as its budget friendly, and if you are like me and new to skin care, its not a lot to outlay.
  23. Brilliance in a bottle


    For value, price and efficacy, this product can’t be beaten!

    I use in conjunction with Buffet and within a week of first use, I was receiving compliments on my skin.

    I’ve never believed hype or miracles, but I am a convert. This now has a place in my permanent skincare regime.
  24. Great product for congestion


    I have congested cheeks and this product has really prevented breakouts, it takes a couple of weeks to work but it really does work!
  25. Great


    Great for oily skin acne skin to help clear it. But it does have a weird texture and residue
  26. not bad


    does help clear my more active breakouts but leaves a sticky residue on my skin but that does go away after i apply moisturizer, makes my oily skin oilier
  27. Good quality, great price - young skin (26 y/o)


    I really like this product! I use it under my eyes morning and night and the skin is super soft! I was previously using a highly rated $55 eye cream from Caudalie - this is MUCH better and $40 cheaper.
    Not sure about its claims around dark circles, etc - in my opinion,only sleep and diet are really going to fix that! Nonetheless, good quality for a great price.
  28. Not bad for the price


    I've been using this on my t-zone and chin to help control shine and oil. So far, so good! I haven't noticed a huge difference, but on the same token, I haven't particularly noticed shininess at the end of the day! The real test will be summer...
  29. cleared my skin!

    Lani F

    I love this product on my skin. I was using at night before my moisturiser and felt my skin improving rapidly! i will definitely continue using it
  30. Hydrating


    This is great for summer when it is hot and humid. It doesn't cause breakouts and serves as a nice hydrating layer on the skin.
  31. bought too many the ordinary products


    l haven’t seen any change of my face, now l am using about two weeks,
  32. Works fantastically!


    Absolutely fantastic! I can see the difference - love it. I have large pores and have genuinely noticed an improvement upon using this product - it does pill a little, but I apply it at night and it doesn’t bother me. Absolutely worth it for the price!
  33. I will never not use this product


    I have suffered from such oily skin since I was a young teen. I used to put it on at night and I used to wake up with fresh skin however now I have started putting it on in the morning before make up and I am even more impressed! I feel I battle with less oil over the course of the day and the oil sets in later than ever before. It’s great!
  34. Worth Incorporating Into Your Routine


    I have a pretty low-key skin routine (just cleanser, toner and moisturiser) so bought this to incorporate. It took a few weeks to see the results, but I'm pretty sure it's made my sebaceous filaments on my nose less dark and my nose is a lot less oilier than it was before. I use 3 drops and it doesn't pill under my gel moisturiser.
  35. Great serum


    This hydrated and made my skin glow after a week and it is so inexpensive! Love it and great value
  36. Skin feels less oily


    I bought this product to help remove the discolouration from acne spots. It tingles a little when applying it after washing the face, but not in an uncomfortable way. Although only using it for less than 2 weeks I do feel it’s made my very oily skin a little less oily. Haven’t noticed a improved just yet but will continue to use to use the whole bottle. I was concerned it could break out my skin a but was very relieved it didn’t. The price is amazing too!
  37. Awesome


    great product for oily acne prone skin really helps clear the complexion, has a sticky residue but that subsides once moisturiser is applied
  38. Brilliant


    This my fourth purchase of niacinamide and although I can’t say it has really helped with my oiliness that much, it has definitely stopped me getting huge pimples/cysts that sit under the skin and take forever to go away. I use this with their salicylic acid every night after removing makeup and cleansing and I haven’t had those huge nasties since. I’ve also made sure that all my makeup is noncomodogenic as well.
  39. SO GOOD!


    This product is SO GOOD and that’s coming from someone who has tried everything, and at much much higher price points.
    I have combination skin and hormonal breakouts and this product is such a dream and really works for me. Controls the areas that are oily, doesn’t dry out the other areas, and clears pimples either over night, or after two or so days, depending on how stubborn they are.
    Definitely worth trying!
  40. Holy grail!


    I love this product! I have a lot acne scarring which really improved with the use of this product. I've also noticed when i don't use it for a while I start get pimples again so this definatly helps with stopping that. Overall, a great product for acne and acne scarring!
  41. Good to dry out pimples


    I have dry skin, so this product was very drying the first time I used it... however it dried out my hormonal plimsoles overnight which was great!
    Take it easy starting off, and gradually work up to putting it on your problem areas. I will continue to use this product when I have my outbreaks, but because I have dry skin, I don’t need to use it all the time.
  42. Noticeable change


    I have large pores and have genuinely noticed an improvement upon using this product - it does pill a little, but I apply it at night and it doesn’t bother me. Absolutely worth it for the price!
  43. Keeps my skin consistently clear!


    This definitely works. I have quite normal skin, but can get a few hormonal breakouts throughout the month. Nothing has worked for my skin like this - I use daily and any spots that appear are basically gone within 24 hours! Keeps my skin consistently clear and doesn't dry out or strip my skin. Always have a back up bottle in the cupboard!
  44. Amazed

    Angela Kay

    I use this for spot treatment and oh my god, I’m so amazed with how well it works!
  45. Good serum


    I Been using this serum together with Buffer for few months now, definitely notice changes in the skin, more even texture, more calming. The price is so affordable.
  46. Noticeable Improvement


    I have started to get rosacea and pigementation on my skin, and was recommended this product by the Adore live chat girls. It is gentle enough on my skin and I only need a tiny bit of it. Considering the price, this is a new staple of mine!
  47. My favorite!


    this is my 2nd bottle! Love this product! Really helped me with my acne. Every time i will have a breakout,, it's from a lot.. to a few now! plus, when it dries up, it doesn't leave a dark mark on my face.
  48. Love, love, LOVE!!


    I have been using this for a few months now. You don’t need to use much. I just put a drop on each cheek and spread it all over my face. My face has been much clearer and a lot less blackheads and blemishes . Easy to apply, works and cheap. It’s a yes from me!
  49. Great for congestion


    This is a great product for congestion. It clears up the congestion in my T zone, and hormonal break outs really well without drying out my skin. And for the price tag, you can't argue with that!
  50. Unsure


    I'm just not sure about this product. I love the brand for the cheap price point but I didn't notice much of a difference using it on my skin.
  51. Saved my skin


    Skin type: combo oily/very sensitive

    I have been dealing with hormonal breakouts for about 5 years now still trying to adjust coming off the pill which I am sure many of you can relate. I have used this product for about 2 months now and I am so happy to say that this has been the only thing to save my skin. I didn't get fast results like some other people but at least it is positive results! I was told to give this product a good 6 months for best results so I will definitely keep on going. It does what it says, it regulates sebum production and brightens the skin tone. I no longer have to blot my face by noon. If you have dry skin with breakouts I wouldn't use this as I found it has a drying effect which could lead to an adverse reaction; exactly what the guide says. Love TO range, they are effective and so affordable.
  52. Affordable product of excellent quality for adult acne!


    I suddenly started having acne this year at the age of 29 despite never having it as a teenager. I was previously on a routine with a combination of AHA / BHA and decided to swap over to something more targeted for acne.

    I bought this and the Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2% and after a month it has definitely helped to clear up my acne. I'm down to about 1-2 spots at any given time which is much better than it had been.

    The price is excellent for the amount and order dispatch is fast - I just reordered this and am putting my partner onto it! Very happy with my purchase.
  53. Great for oil control


    I have been using this serum for a while and love it! I use it day and night and find it controls my oil which then controls my congestion in my T zone. The packaging is easy to use with you only needing 1 drop to apply to your whole face.
  54. Help my skin much clearer


    After using this serum for 2months, my skin become much clearer and more even skin tone. Cant complain about the price too. One more happy customer.
  55. Best Serum for Ance Prone Skin

    Ming Min

    This serum works very well with salicylic acid to treat ance!!!
  56. WOW


    I have been using this 1-2 times daily and cannot believe how much it has turned my skin around in such a short time. I was suffering constant breakouts of late and since using this my skin has done a complete 180! Highly recommend!
  57. My go to product


    This is my must have product. It really helps prevent break outs and also helps them heal faster. I notice when I haven't used it, a pimple pops out!
  58. Like it


    I have used it nearly for half year. For me, its obvious effect is whitening. Your pores are becoming clear. My t-zone is oily and i don't think it controls my serum. It is a high concentration product. Not very gently for sensitive skin.
  59. Effective and great value


    I pair this with the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and together my skin has never looked better. I was using it in the mornings until I noticed it kept pilling underneath my sunscreen/makeup so I try to use it in the evenings. If I'm not planning on layering on many products then I'll use it in the morning.
  60. Perfect for ance-prone skin, cleared up my skin and gave a great glow


    Applied it with my fingers and then used my Jade roller over the top, did it every night and got amazing results.
  61. Calms breakouts


    Used this for a while, definitely noticed my breakouts calming down + less of them. Skin looked healthier. Would repurchase.
  62. Heading with black heads I think


    Love using this product twice a day. Finding you need little and it goes a long way. Great to combine with like minded products
  63. Impressive!


    I purchased this solely because it had such great reviews and it's only $9.90 and let me say I was not disappointed! I tend to use it more as a spot treatment rather than a serum and have noticed that it dries my pimples up (without drying out my skin) and they clear up within a few days. I also really love the bottle and the little dropper in the lid :)
  64. Not for me :(


    Unfortunately no matter what I tried, this formula pilled on my skin. My skin tolerated it well, however after a few persistent weeks I stopped using this as I didn’t enjoy the texture.


    it made me always say WOW every time i look at the mirror. My pimples always leave a dark mark on my face when it dries. But using this daily, made my breakout lesser and when it dries, marks are super light on my face. Now it's easier to use toning products and rosehip oil to lighten them.
  66. This is great for skin a little prone to a breakout baby


    So i am prone to the odd breakout. I already feel after 3 short weeks of use that their is less and generally my skin is a lot healthier. Loving this product
  67. Bye oily nose!


    Have been using this in the AM and PM daily for 2 weeks and I I’ve noticed my T zone less oily during the day and when I wake up. Even smoothing out those little bumps that never surface around my face.
  68. Starting to see results


    This is the second time iv purchased this product, after seeing great reviews and having bad hormonal breakout I thought I’d give it a go, so far haven’t seen a dramatic difference but towards the end of the bottle started to see changes. So figured I’d keep the regime up to see if this time I get the amazing results.
  69. Different for everyone


    For me and my dry, acne prone skin I believe this product broke me out. It's also quite drying for skin types other than oily. I've read a lot of people with similar experiences, but then many find this to be their wonder product. Worth a shot, but I'd phase into your routine gradually, as this concentration seems to be quite high compared to other products.
  70. Holy grail


    This product has been incredible for my senstive skin. With what it has done for redness and my overall complexion, my skin is as healthy and clear as ever
  71. Definite improvement in acne


    I’ve been using this for 2 weeks for hormonal adult acne and have already noticed an improvement in my skin and reduction in acne- hopefully my skin continues to improve with more time.
  72. It really does work!


    This serum really does work. Within days I noticed pores had noticably reduced when no other products have worked.
  73. Noticed a difference


    I did notice a slight difference in pores for the better and a reduction of my acne overall with this product but didn't use it as regularly as i would have because it did dry my skin, i'm still using it though so hopefully in the long run it will make a difference.
  74. Keeps my skin clear


    I purchased this mainly for my pores and random blemishes here and there. I am on to my second bottle and it has managed to keep my skin clear and blemish free. Great low cost product!
  75. Great for redness and breakouts


    I have oily/combo skin that is quiet reactivate and red.
    Prior to having my kids I never had a lot of breakouts but recently I’ve had problems with hormonal acne along my jawline and lower face.
    I thought I’d give this a go as the reviews were good and the price was excellent.
    I was really pleasantly surprised.
    The serum itself is a lovely texture and absorbs really well. After using this for about a week in conjunction with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 I have noticed a real improvement in my skin. My skin is much clearer and feels more calm.
    I will be repurchasing.
  76. Love love love


    I absolutely love this product. I can see a noticeable change on my skin specially my nose area. It use to be really rough but it feels really really even and smooth now. I’m impressed with the product.
  77. Game Changer


    I have had bad akin on and off and if got progressively worse, started using this product and my skin is so much clearer. I can't live without it.
  78. Great all rounder


    I use this morning and night. I’ve noticed an improvement in the smoothness of my skin. I’m on my second bottle and would purchase again.
  79. Love!


    Niacinamide was the first TO product I tried and I have been using it twice daily for two months on my combination/acne prone skin and it has helped significantly! Would definitely recommend.
  80. Improves skin texture


    I have combination skin and am prone to breakouts and have been using this product every morning for the last couple of months in conjunction with The Ordinary's 2% salicylic acid and natural moisturising factors + HA. The main thing I have noticed about this product is the improvement in the texture of my skin. I have also found that when layering this under a foundation that used to break me out all the time, I don't get as many breakouts. It takes a little while to sink into the skin, so it's a little annoying if I'm running late. It sits really well under foundation and I haven't needed to use a primer. Really pleased with the quality of this product for the price.
  81. LIFE saving!


    This product saved my skin, I usually have quite clear skin until recently I had gotten stubborn hormonal acne. I was trying everything under the sun until this. The acne had cleared up in days! this texture is lovely, the price point it unbeatable and it really works. I have combination skin and use a thick moisturiser afterwards to save any drying out!
  82. LOVE. IT.


    Packaging is so cute! It came right on time, (with a little Tim Tam, and a Country Road voucher!) works so good, and feels so good on my skin. It’s cleared up heaps once i started using the Niacinamide with the Caffeine Solution!
  83. It's ok


    No noticeable difference and a bit thick. I prefer other ordinary products
  84. 100% worth a try


    I started using a few The Ordinary products at the one time. And I have noticed a big change... but it is hard to tell where that change is coming from. I just feel like its the combination.
    Goes on nicely. I feel like its working and I dont plan on removing it from my routine.
  85. my skin feels great


    This product glides right on the skin and a few minutes later its well absorbed without leaving any sticky or oily residue. My skin has been clearer and smoother because of it and I will be purchasing more
  86. Amazing


    This is my 4th bottle now. I cannot do without it in my skincare routine. I have definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin since using it.
  87. meh


    This is the first product from The Ordinary that I've tried, I really wanted to love it but it broke me out and leaves a layer on the skin that feels almost slightly sticky

    not a fan, unfortunately
  88. Love it!


    I use this morning and night on my oily/combination skin, and it has made such an improvement! My skin feels a lot smoother and I can slowly but surely see an improvement to the texture of my skin and size of my pores. I'm onto my second bottle so I think it needs some time to work, but definitely worth it.
  89. Helps with congestion


    Since using this product my skin congestion has cleared up! Its not completely clear but it's made a huge difference
  90. good for irritated skin


    This does help my redness and irritation around some of my break outs after continuous use. I don't notice anything straight away but after a few days the redness calms down a lot. great price too
  91. Great product


    Have been using this for two weeks and love it so far. My skin has been noticeably clearer already in the short time. It's an easy product to use and drys quickly on the skin, so I don't need to wait long before applying other products. Will add this as a permanent fixture in my skin routine


    I have acne prone skin. I bought this hoping it would offer me some relief and it is UNREAL. Been using it for about a month now and my skin looks and feels amazing; less/no breakouts and smooth skin. Highly recommend this product to anyone
  93. No noticeable difference


    I purchased this product after hearing about the great effects of niacinimade on the skin. I’ve tried this product out for a few weeks, however I have not noticed a big change in my skin. It feels nice to put on.
  94. Great for breakouts


    I get hormonal breakouts & this clears my skin SO fast. Just love it!!
  95. Calmed the redness


    Every where I read it mentions this product for calming down acne breakouts. At 41 years old, I still get breakouts however have seriously seen a decline in breakouts and my skin looks less red. It’s a winner from me. It feels like a watery serum, not oily or moisturising. You feel quite shiny and tight afterwards. Spreads well. No smell.
  96. Not for me


    I have dry skin, so it sounds like this isn’t necessarily the right product for me. I bought it to reduce pore size, but havnt seen much difference. I’ve had so many friends with oily skin who love this product: so if that is you, go for it !
  97. Gentle and effective


    I'm on my second bottle of this product - love it. I bought it for it's pore-tightening promises, and it really does seem to reduce sebum production and size of pores. The overall texture and brightness of my skin has also improved. I am also currently using salicylic acid (at a different time of the day) and believe these two products combined have done wonders for my skin. I am 31 and have sensitive skin and have had no irritation from niacinamide, or salicylic acid.
  98. Love it!


    I find this product super effective in reducing my congestion! I have tried this and the salicylic acid at different times and was somewhat surprised to find this was the most effective at reducing my blocked pores. I do find I have small breakouts when introducing this product, but once my skin has adjusted it’s perfect!
  99. Oils


    So impressed by this. I can tell my oils have reduced a lot, I don't get as shiny. Can't say I've noticed changes to pore size
  100. Brilliant


    I'm just catching up on posting reviews now for the many TO products I bought last year, most of them have actually lasted this long! It's handy as it means I've now used them all long term so I've had time to see results.

    I must admit that I wasn't too sure about this serum originally as despite seeing rave reviews it didn't seem to make much of a difference. It was one of the products my teens also used and it seemed a lot more effective on their acne prone skin rather than my dry skin...I just wasn't quite sold on it.
    A few months ago I accidentally broke the bottle so instead of applying just a tiny amount in the AM, I went to town with it over a couple of nights to use it up before it dried out, so I was generous with it on my face and my chest. THAT is when I saw a huge difference!

    I'm 43 and have sun damage (especially on my chest) and for the first time I could really see the redness going right down and becoming more even and my skin was just glowing. I'm now planning on buying 2 bottles as it's so hard to get hold of and clearly the issue was that I'd simply been applying it too sparingly in small areas infrequently rather than being more consistent and generous with it. For more mature skin types then I'd definitely recommend doing the latter, it's worth it!
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