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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% 30ml

4.4 of 141 reviews


$3.10 x 4

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$3.10 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%

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4.4 of 141 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

i have seen a big difference in my face since using this! my acne is clearing and my skin is feeling a lot smoother

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favourite ordinary product
Skin type: combination
Skin concern: Dull, dry skin, blemishes on jaw line.
I don’t know what to make of this product. It’s nice to put on as it drys really fast however I’m not sure if it does much for my skin.
The day after I use it I do find my skin is a little more shiny but that’s about it.
I will give it another go for a few weeks to see how it goes
  1. excellent

    i have seen a big difference in my face since using this! my acne is clearing and my skin is feeling a lot smoother
  2. Seems effective

    Stings just a tiny bit after application but not an issue, at this stage I’m using it three times a week, it seems like a good product at a great price point.
  3. Love

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  4. My favourite product!

    I love this stuff, its the only thing i've used that I notice makes a real difference to the size of my pores. Love this !
  5. LOVE IT!!

    It’s the most perfect chemical exfoliant for me, it’s gentle enough that it doesn’t cause irritation or significant redness (my skin gets red/irritated even when I use a hydrating toner). But it’s also strong enough that you just wake up such smooth and radiant skin. Absolutely love it!!
  6. Warning: breakouts

    I’ve used it for a few weeks and my whole face got covered in small but visible internal bumps. It was almost impossible to extract the pimples, leaving my face bumpy and uneven. I’ve read that this could be a normal reaction to an acid and should stop, so I continued using it. But it didn’t stop. After a few weeks of not using this product, the face has cleared up.
  7. Not my favourite ordinary product

    Skin type: combination
    Skin concern: Dull, dry skin, blemishes on jaw line.
    I don’t know what to make of this product. It’s nice to put on as it drys really fast however I’m not sure if it does much for my skin.
    The day after I use it I do find my skin is a little more shiny but that’s about it.
    I will give it another go for a few weeks to see how it goes
  8. Great

    Would Recomend
    I love this product it is very gentle yet effective I decided to start at a low concentrate and I can say I have had no negitive reaction. I used this product every second night one night on one night off this product has given me smoother and healthier looking skin
  9. The most gentle exfoliant!

    I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and my combination acne prone skin has never been smoother or glow more! I use this in combination with other ordinary products and my skin has never been better!
  10. love it

    I can't use most things with much aloe or niacinamide and this is the only acid I can find that doesn't irritate me, so nice.
  11. Gentle exfoliant

    Really nice, gentle exfoliant, could use every day. Product is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. I apply at night after cleansing. I probably prefer the Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% however if you had sensitive skin or just wanted to work your way up to the 10%, this would be a good starting point.
  12. Not a huge difference, but I am persisting

    I've been using this about 2 weeks, once a day before moisturiser. No change yet, fortunately no reactions (and I have pale fairly sensitive skin), I will keep up with it but I wonder if I should have bought the higher strength.
  13. Gentle exfoliant, does not pill when layered

    My skin can be a bit sensitive to exfoliants but this one is great for every day use. I like a couple of drops layered with my Vit C and sunscreen during the day and have no problems with pilling even after applying foundation on top.
  14. Love it!

    My skin is glowing from using this once a week. I've had no sensitivity issues which is a common problem for me. My skin feels beautiful after applying and I just love it.
  15. awesome as a toner

    I use this as a toner and it has been great for my skin!
  16. Love it

    Good product.
    Skin type: combination oily in t zone
    Age 25-30
    I find my skin softer and smoother after using this product. I will definitely buy again.
  17. Great combined with Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

    I have combination skin but I have used quite a lot of AHA products and retinol too. I think this works well with my PM routine containing Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%. However next time I will buy the stronger concentration as my skin has been well primed with AHA products etc. Overall though it does leave my skin feeling smoother in the mornings.
  18. Great Price and brings effective results

    This product is great for mild exfoliation, best to be used 2-3 times a week or less for those with sensitive skin. After long term use I found this has really helped with the overall tone of my skin and has helped it feel clean and smooth.
  19. Essential in my routine!

    This is honestly the staple in my skincare routine, i notice a massive difference the next morning after applying at night. Makes my skin brighter and smoother and helps get rid of acne scarring.
  20. Great for the price!

    I started using this product as an evening serum to help with my skin texture as I have long suffered from acne and enlarged pores. Considering the price I found that this product was so good. I noticed a big difference when waking up in the morning and feeling my skin compared to times when I hadn’t used this. In the morning my skin feels much clearer and softer. I do recommend to wear sunscreen every day as the product suggests as it does make your skin more vulnerable to the sun.
  21. Great mild peeling/chemical exfoliant product- will re-buy

    I have been using this product for a few months now and have been pleased with the results.

    I find the morning after use I have mild peeling of top skin layers and am really impressed with the texture and appearance of my skin immediately after use (day/few days after). I don't think I can see much long term benefit as yet, but am really happy with my skin and will continue to use and re-buy - especially for the price!!!

  22. Go easy

    I have found I can only use this once or twice a week. It caused my skin to peel excessively and my skin is quite tough. I mix it with the buffet.
  23. Fine lines and dry patches gone

    The first TO product I used, and still in my nightly repertoire. When my forehead gets dry it shows definite wrinkles, and this lactic acid clears it all away. Start out gradually with it and work your way up, and also be warned that it will give you acne at first but that's what all actives do when you start out with them.
  24. Good for gentle exfoliation of the skin

    I find this is great for exfoliating sensitive skin. It not to harsh and makes my skin feel smooth and clean.
  25. Good Mild Exfoliation

    I have used the stonger version of this the 10% lactic acid. And works good as this one. If you want a mild exfoliating this is a good one.
  26. A new found love

    I’ve been using this product for only 2 weeks every second night and like how my skin looks improved after such a short time. No irritation on my mature skin. Would definitely recommend
  27. Hope the product good

    I have purchased other ordinary products and this time I bought this one.I have not opened it yet and I hope it could be as helpful as what people have reviewed.Will try soon and maybe come back for another review.
  28. Gentle but works

    Made my skin glow with health!
  29. Quick results

    Very fast results as soon as I started using it (I hadn't used an AHA of this strength before). My skin definitely looked more glowy and smooth. Word of warning - avoid using this too frequently - it can definitely dehydrate and strip your skin.
  30. Clearer skin where my breakouts were!

    I was a bit nervous trying out this on my sensitive skin but once I gave it a go it was really really good.

    I use it twice a week, placing a little more emphasis on breakout areas and found it took away the redness faster than if I just use my usual products. I experienced a little bit of peeling in the area but it actually helped reduce the appearance of the acne for me.
  31. Great for beginners

    This was the first lactic acid I purchased and it is amazing! It's mild enough that it won't sting, but strong enough to see amazing results! It helps with brightening the skin and I always woke up with smoother skin. I think my skin has grown use to it recently though, so I am considering the 10% strength. This is really nice for those wanting to try the acid out without the side effects! 100% recommmend
  32. Good exfoliant

    I use this in conjunction with the glycolic acid toner to really exfoliate my skin. This combo routine works really well in exfoliating and brightening my skin. However, I find that when I use it alone, the result isn't as good. I have ordered the stronger version (lactic acid 10%). Overall it is still an amazing product but I have been using hydroxy acids to exfoliate my skin for years now so my skin isn't as sensitive. This 5% serum would be great for someone with sensitive skin or trying hydroxy acids for the first time.
  33. Gentle

    I started with this but have bumped up to the 10%, I have sensitive skin and have been amazed at how well my skin has tolerated the oridnary’s Lactic acid option - it feels quite hydrating on and my skin congestion has improved but I find the the 10% gives better results.
  34. A great starter acid

    I brought this to share with my 14 year old daughter and she loved it. I found it brought out a few lumps and bumps and then my skin looked great. My daughters skin (which really wasnt too bad to begin with,just a few dots on her forehead and here or there) really has improved when shes using this.
  35. Need to try a stronger version

    I have oily dehydrated skin, with some hormonal acne around my jawline and bumpy texture on my forehead, that is starting to show some fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I’ve been using this product for a week and have noticed improvement in the “glow” and texture of my skin. This product does not tingle or sting. I would probably purchase a stronger strength next time, or purchase another “acid” to try instead. Nothing negative to say, just not sure it’s working as well as a stronger version would.
  36. Skin feels great

    I’ve been using this product for only 2 weeks every second night and like how my skin looks improved after such a short time. No irritation on my mature skin. Would definitely recommend
  37. Buy this!!

    This has become one of my favourite products. Ive been using it at night and my skin feels so soft. I love that I no longer need to use harsh exfoliants that dry my skin. My makeup goes on a lot smoother. Great price point too! A great buy.
  38. Makes my skin feel so smooth

    This is first chemical exfoliant I’ve ever tried. I use it at night 1-2 times a week. My skin feels so smooth in the morning. I’ve had no reaction to it. So impressed with the range of products by The Ordinary
  39. Makes my skin feel so smooth

    This is first chemical exfoliant I’ve ever tried. I use it at night 1-2 times a week. My skin feels so smooth in the morning. I’ve had no reaction to it. I’m so impressed with the range of products by The Ordinary
  40. Perfect product for your nighttime routine

    I have been using this product for a week now and have already noticed a difference. My skin feels smoother and looks dewey each and every morning. It has helped transform my dry, dehydrated skin in combination with other The Ordinary products.
  41. Affordable and visible difference

    I use this at night and I can feel an instant difference the next morning. My skin is smoother, softer and bouncier. Highly recommend, especially also because it's at a great price point.
  42. Reduces texture

    I love this product! I have dry but acne prone skin (and hyperpigmentation) so this product has been a lifesaver. I noticed 'texture' on my skin had disappeared, no more flakiness! This was one of my major skin concerns so I really love how effective this product has been and recommend it to anyone suffering the same issues.
  43. Good

    I have used the stonger version of this the 10% lactic acid. And works good as this one. If you want a mild exfoliating this is a good one.
  44. Nice

    Tried this out and used in conjunction with the buffet at night and noticed a difference in my skin's appearance and texture.
  45. So good! Noticed huge improvements in my overall complexion.

    Love this product! I have combination skin prone to allergy breakouts of dermatitis. This product is gentle but effective! My skin is so smooth and there are noticeable marks and bumps that have close to disappeared after using this.
    Thinking of moving up to the 10% after using this one for about a year.
  46. Reducing my pore size!

    I was a bit confused when I was recommended this when looking for an exfoliator but it actually works! I have quite large pores over my cheeks and I noticed a drastic improvement within the first few days of using it. I might try the 10% when this one runs out.
  47. love it so far

    It has cleared out all my blackheads and is gentle enough that it doesn't irritate my skin
  48. Sensitive problematic skin rejoice!

    I have extremely problematic skin and have had trouble finding acids that haven't aggravated my skin. The lactic acid by the Ordinary has been amazing, it's super gentle and the 5% is the perfect introduction to a lactic acid.
  49. Strength too low...

    Ok so I have previously used mandelic acid which was absolutely great for my skin. One week into changing over to this lactic acid and I cant feel a tingle or anything that I felt with lactic acid so I'm guessing this strength is too low for me. I would definitely recommend mandelic acid or the higher strength lactic acid over this low strength acid.
  50. Great!

    I bought this about a year ago and the product was amazing! It evened out my skintone and helped brighten my complexion and exfoliate it from the inside. It's not too strong and doesn't irritate. After a couple of months I accidentally left the cap semi-open for a few days when I was away and came back to it smelling weird so unfortunately I had to throw it out. I purchased the 10% instead to try out though so I really missed it but just make sure to close the cap after use!!! Hahahaha
  51. Pretty ordinary

    Used this for a few months and didn't see any difference. Skin felt exactly the same and didn't feel like it was being exfoliated at all. I've gone back to my facial scrub.
    May have to try the stronger version. Skin type: combination oily
  52. 6 months in...

    A Salicylic acid (which i use) exacerbated my 16yo sons dry + acne proned skin.

    He then started using this acid (in conjunction with a Retinol on alternate nights) and in 6mths his facial skin texture has completely smoothed out, the acne has cleared (though when it does appear it doesn't get a chance to become raw, angry or inflamed), and what's left to knock on the head are the slight blemishes left behind.

    A gentle product that aides a teenagers confidence gets my vote !!!

    I have extremely sensitive and dry skin. This acid is AMAZING. It has cleared out all my blackheads and is gentle enough that it doesn't irritate my skin! It helps keep any eczema flakiness under control, and sits well with other serums and moisturisers - no pilling. Love love love this!!!
  54. Helped me get the glowing skin I always wanted !

    This stuff is a game changer ! Helped clear and brighten my skin and is a must have if you struggle with texture ! 10/10
  55. Good product

    Im 32 and combination skin. Not prone to acne but have large pores! I have this product 5% and 10%. I use this once or twice a week and im loving it. It makes my skin smoother, doesn’t clog pores and helps with my white heads! So will definitely buy again.
  56. Quick results!

    Over the first few nights of using this product, I noticed a reduction of redness and a smoother texture to my skin. There was no irritation so it is suitable for sensitive skin.
  57. Wonder product

    I have fair sensitive combination skin and loveeee this product! If I've done extractions on my face it does burn so I wouldn't recommend using after a facial, however it really clears my skin and makes me look fresh faced. My facialist recommended I use a liquid exfoliator and this stuff is amazing as well as the price !
  58. Literally glowing!

    I've been using this product for a week now, after the first night I noticed a different in my skin - it had smoothed all my blemishes overnight and made covering them so much easier the next day! A week later, and I have no new pimples! Along with so many compliments saying that I'm "glowing"!!!
    I've never had such a quick response from a product, which has saved me from dreaded acne!
    I've been using the Lactic Acid in conjunction with The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution.
  59. Great

    I've used it every night for a week with no irritation. Definitely worth a try.
  60. Love!!

    I first bought the 10% of this and found it took a while for my skin to adjust, plus if I ever skipped out on using it for a while then it was hard to start using it again! I'm finding the 5% to be much more gentle on my skin while still providing all the same effects. My skin has cleared up so much since using this brand, and the lactic acid is a definite must have! my complexion is so much nicer now :)
  61. Amazing

    I love this product! I use it once a day at night time before bed and wake up with amazing skin. Definitely going to be sticking with this brand
  62. Multi purpose

    Exfoliating, brightening and hydrating all at once.
  63. Lactic acid

    Only use it once so far but it disappears into your skin!! No irrational dryness, too early to tell but so far so good with my combination skin!
  64. Must try

    I have very oily & blemished skin. It gets clogged easily from dirt & make up. Eventhough i always clean my face regularly i still have problem with big pores, black /whute heads & shinny face. So i tried this lactid acid from the orfinary & i 'm very satisfied. I would use it once a week & that would be enough to give me the results i want. My skin would be less oily & the pores shrunk. But make sure you don't use ut uf you still have open sores because it will burning sting. Overall it's very good product
  65. Easy to Use

    Easier to use than the alpha H liquid gold – found that one a little too strong for me. This has a pleasant smell and texture, but I haven't used it for long enough to see the difference. But no irritation which is a plus!
  66. Great for small bumps and texture

    Love this to even out my skins texture. Use lightly though as it can be irritating.
  67. Easy to use

    I really like The Ordinary. Their products are easy to use and don't offer to do everything, but offer results. I found this product absorbed easily and left my skin smooth.
  68. A cheaper AHA option

    I find that it works similarly to other AHA products I have used (Alpha-H/ Dr Gross) but it is obviously much cheaper in price. I would have bought the higher 10% strength if it were in stock but I was too inpatient at the time.

    Maybe this is too early to review since I've only used it one night but holy crap, the results are amazing!

    So I suffer from compulsive skin picking and having little bumps, whiteheads and blackheads on my skin just gives me the urge to pick on my skin more. So I purchased TO lactic acid 5% + HA and applied it last night with my other water based serum (TO Buffet, TO HA) and then TO Retinoid 2% Emulsion after.

    I never expected it to work as effectively but when I woke up, my little annoying bumbs, the Whiteheads and blackheads were gone!!! Wtf???

    Thank you!!!
  70. Didn't do much

    I didn't really notice any improvements and I've been using this acid since February this year I think. I use this every Wednesday since that way my skin wouldn't be compromised. It doesn't sting or anything if I use it like that but I didn't see much in terms of brightening, softening or smoothing or even clearing. I think this is a little too mild but it's alright.

    I'm either getting the 10% or the Mandelic acid.
  71. Can’t really notice any difference

    I’m about half way through my first bottle of this & I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference. It does make my skin red after application but that’s all I notice. Won’t be repurchasing
  72. Improves the texture

    I used to use this acid 3 times a week for couple of months in a row. It greatly improved my skin texture and reduced the pore size. I loved the result. Unfortunately I developed a sensitivity to this product now and can't use it too often if not at all. I made a mistake of introducing it into my skin regime too quickly instead of gradually. Otherwise, I still think it's a great product.
  73. Didn't see results

    I wanted to love this product, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. It was recommended as a starter AHA exfoliating product to help with my uneven texture. It stung my skin and at first I thought it was the acid, but since swapping to glycolic acid I've been fine. I had a semi-severe breakout after using this for a week, so it definitely isn't for me. I also found it annoying that a product with a water-like consistency is in an eye-dropper bottle, makes it very challenging to apply to your face!
  74. Nice

    I couldn't be happier with the results from this product along with several others from the ordinary. I had been using Sunday Riley products for years and loved them but they are so expensive. After doing research and learning about the ingredients I found the ordinary. I love that they don't have a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. Which is why it's so affordable. Also when you purchase an item they send detailed info with it. Explaining how to use it, what it does, and what order to use the products in. Highly recommend!
  75. Works great

    I was a bit hesitant to use this product, it was my first time using Acids. It’s amazing, gentle formula no irritation and can see a change in my skin. Would recommend to all my friends!
  76. effective. be careful!

    I have dry skin with hormonal breakouts and congestion.
    I use this to help with congestion and dullness. It works, smells great, I love it and have re-purchased. I recommend only using it every 2nd night and don't over do it as I had quite terrible scabbing and peeling around my mouth when I used it too much and mixed with other acids. silly me! otherwise, its awesome used appropriately.
  77. Great way to start using acids

    I purchased this as a way to start using acids. It has been great for my skin which can be sensitive at times. I have had no redness or irritation and I am starting to see results with fine lines and texture after a few months of using it every couple of days. I will start on something a bit stronger now that my skin has had time to adjust. Definately recommend.
  78. Works wonders

    I gave this to mum, aged 56 who had some sun spots after reading the reviews. Not only did the apps start to fade but so did some of the finer lines around her mouth and eyes (although be careful around that area) and evened put her skin tone. Would recommend
  79. would repurchase

    i love a little acid exfoliation and this aha is very gentle and effective. I use it mixed with the glycolic acid solution from the ordinary, would definitely repurchase
  80. A little harsh for me

    Again as with their toner, I think this was just a little too harsh for me at first or I was using too much or maybe the combination of the toner with this product was too much. I now just use it around 4 times a week at nighttime and I feel it helps even out my skin tone in combination with other products.
  81. Totally recommend

    This serum really works in peeling off and regenerating a new skin. Love it.
  82. So nice

    I am a massive fan of aha/bha's, this serum is quite gentle but effective. Absolutely love the texture, hardly any scent and you only need a few drops. Because its a smaller percentage I've found it comfortable enough to use daily. Love it, will repurchase.
  83. smooting

    really smooths out rough skin
  84. Love!

    I alternate this with salycylic acid every second night to combat the hormonal acne on my jawline (pregnancy yay!). Skin is soooo smooth the next morning and skin is definitely clearer
  85. Couldn’t continue

    At first I was enjoying using this but after few weeks it started breaking me out badly and had stop using. I don’t think anyone who has sensitive skin could be beneficial by applying onto the skin
  86. Works!

    This is one of the only skincare products I have tried that I can say has 100% worked for me! The only other ones would be Rosehip Oil and Carmex lip balm.

    This took about a week for me to notice results, I have fairly normal skin but I get tiny random bumps and rough patches that this product completely clears up!

    It took away those tiny bumps on my forehead and chin, and when I ran out, I noticed in the 3 weeks I didn't use this product that a couple bumps came back. I was glad that this product actually worked long term and didn't cause ALL the bumps to come back. I didn't have any tingling sensations or sensitive skin after using this.

    My skin feels super smooth when I use this, and I'm happy to see some women used this during their pregnancy so it's nice to know this can be used continuously! You have to try it, you can't go wrong with the price!
  87. Absolutely love it!

    I use the lactic acid twice a week as part of my routine and as a spot treatment for breakouts. I used it during my entire pregnancy and had minimal break outs which was amazing!
  88. I love this stuff

    This is my second purchase of the ordinary and I use it wavers day. It makes my skin feel tighter and brighter. I will be buying again
  89. Night Time Use

    I definitely think that this is helping my skin. My skin has been a little sensitive recently but this still works amazing. I use it every night and it's been improving my blemishes and removing my acne scars. My skin peels off but not too much though so I love it!
  90. Even skin

    I found that this definitely helped even out my skin tone and helped exfoliate the dry skin near my cheek and nose
  91. Ok product

    Didn't love the smell or feel of this on my skin. I didn't really notice any benefits from this either. There are better The Ordinary products out there I think
  92. Couldn't tell the difference

    The ordinary products are nice and such good prices but I just couldn't really notice a difference with this one
  93. Great product

    I love this product, its not too harsh on my skin and It reduced the little pimples I commonly get across my forehead! Definitely saw a noticeable difference in my overall skin appearance after using! I would apply it on my towel dried face after showering, before using my daily moisturiser.
  94. great introduction to chemical exfoliation

    My skin tends to get quite dry during winter so I've been careful in testing out this product in patches on my skin. The result has been quite positive so far. I've had no irritation, apart from dry skin on my upper lip (probably just a sensitive area to avoid next time). I've seen some positive improvements on overall smoothness of skin and even on old Acne scars.
  95. Great for beginners

    I started using it a week ago. I love the exfoliation it does on my skin and it is hard not to notice the smoother skin on the next day. I have sensitive skin so not every part of my skin can take it. I'll need to avoid applying it on my upper lip area but the rest are fine.
  96. My skin just hates everything

    I have quite oily skin and when I saw everyone saying how amazing it is for that I just HAD to buy it! I can definitely see a difference when using this, however I have this issue with my skin that I have to be careful using products for oily skin because it can go from oily to dry so easily even with moisturising.
    So unfortunately I cant use this as often as everyone else seems to because if I use it more than 2-3 times a week my skin will go really dry (but only in the oily parts?) But even with using it so little I sure still do see the difference it make with breakouts.
  97. wanted to love it..

    I didn't really notice a difference in my skin with this serum, apart from the fact it did seem to keep my skin, somewhat smooth.
  98. Fantastic

    The Ordinary has shown me that not all AHAs are alike, in terms of potential irritation, how they work, or how they affect the skin. Glycolic can produce rapid results, but can also be a bit irritating if over-used. The Ordinary's Lactic Acid, on the other hand, kind of nibbles away at glue holding dead skin cells together and blocking your pores. (Salicylic actually gets into the pores and helps deal with the gunk in there).

    This is an excellent formulation, and I love the use of pepperberry to reduce any potential irritation (although I've never experienced any). Brilliant product.
  99. Great if new to chemical exfoliation

    I started using this as I am new to chemical exfoliation but trust the ordinary products and quality.
    I love how it is gentle on your skin but does what it says!
    I feel I have high tolerance to acids and retinol so keen to try the 10% solution next.
  100. Easy to use but made no difference for me

    A pleasant product to use with a nice scent, however I noticed no improvement in my skin after using this product consistently for months. Obviously for the price of The Ordinary products it's not a huge loss, but might not be for everyone.
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