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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

4.5 of 859 reviews


$3.23 x 4

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$3.23 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

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4.5 of 859 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love for ALL skin types!
I absolutely love this product and wouldn’t be without it ever again! Really restores hydration in dehydrated skin and is amazing under other serums and moisturisers. My first step after cleansing every time! Amazing for both oily and dry (I have severely oily skin and my sister has dry)

Most Helpful Criticism

Great but a bit sticky
Its a great product and I'll buy it again but it is a bit sticky. Luckily the stickiness doesn't last long
  1. Love for ALL skin types!

    I absolutely love this product and wouldn’t be without it ever again! Really restores hydration in dehydrated skin and is amazing under other serums and moisturisers. My first step after cleansing every time! Amazing for both oily and dry (I have severely oily skin and my sister has dry)
  2. Lovely hydrated skin

    I apply morning and before bed every day and has helped my skin become hydrated and reduce redness and causes no irritation to my sensitive skin.
  3. Amazing

    Winter weather has left me with tight and flaking dehydrated skin for the first time ever. Frustrated because I normally have oily skin and my regimen is tailored for that, my colleague recommended this product. At a bargain price that has made The Ordinary so popular and accessible, I decided to take a gamble on this product as nothing else was helping.

    It has been really great for relieving the tightness I was experiencing. I think the effects are temporary, working only while the product is on and not working towards a long term reduction in symptoms, but definitely appreciate the hydration this product has provided.

    It absorbs straight away with no residue so can be used morning or night and under make up.

    Definitely recommend you give it a try.
  4. Hello lover

    I love this product so much, I wish I had started using it years ago. My skin is hydrated and plump, bouncy and looks full. I am quite generous with the amount I use because I apply it over my neck and décolletage also. My only wish would be for it to come in a bottle so big I could bathe in it!!
  5. Great but a bit sticky

    Its a great product and I'll buy it again but it is a bit sticky. Luckily the stickiness doesn't last long
  6. Good starter HA

    I always come back to The Ordinary HA. It is cheap, effective and doesn't react with my skin. I think there are more advanced formulas now on the market but I always use this. Use morning and night. Helps keep my oily/combo skin at bay. Great for layering and using in conjection with other TO products.
  7. Broke out in a bumpy rash

    I used this serum after my shower last night and woke up this morning with the worst bumpy red breakout rash I’ve ever experienced all over both cheeks and sides of my face, to under my jaw. Would not recommend if you have sensitive skin!!
  8. Good moisturiser

    I have used this for almost 4 months and found it to be an effective moisturiser for my combination skin.
  9. Does the trick

    Besides the texture, which is a little tacky - this product does exactly what it needs to do. Very affordable too!
  10. Hydration Essential

    I’ve been using The Ordinary for a few months now and the Hyaluronic Serum has become a daily staple in my AM and PM routine. My skin feels plumper and smoother and when layered with other The Ordinary products it’s a great addition to my anti-aging program.
  11. Love it

    I’ve been using this every night, for a while now and I love how my skin feels and looks in the morning. Particularly my under eyes! Works wonders on dry skin!
  12. good

    I love The Ordinary and trying out their products because they are so affordable. This serum doesn't really absorb well but it does keep my face hydrated. I will try the Marine Hyaluronics next from The Ordinary and see which product I like better.

    I could drown in this serum. It's thicker than I first thought it would be. But it layers well and can be mixed in with most other products for a little boost. 100% recommend
  14. Great Serum!

    A little sticky at first but dries nicely!
  15. Amazing

    Love ordinary and their affordable products. This one works miracles!
  16. Great for dehydrated skin!

    My skin is quite dry, I have tried so many products and this is the only serum that helps. Doesn’t leave any kind of residue and feels good on the skin.
  17. Great

    I use this daily and my skin has improved so much
  18. LOVE IT

    Really happy with this product. I have fair, sensitive skin and this does not cause any irritation whatsoever, but I do keep it away from my eyes, just incase. It definitely hydrates the skin.
  19. Great product

    I use this daily and am very pleased with the feel and hydration it provides. I have oily skin and am weary of oily moisturisers that leave my skin shiny and uncomfortable. This feels tacky for a moment and then soaks in so quick leaving a lovely soft smooth and fresh skin. Just need a drop for a whole face. Great price as well!
  20. Amazing product

    I had tried so many products that would really hydrate my skin, I was recommend this product off a Facebook page and I’m so glad I went out and brought this product.
    It’s really brought a lot of hydration to my skin and it’s never felt as good.
  21. Good/basic

    This is a good cheap serum. The only downfall with this is I’m not a huge fan of the sticky texture. If you don’t mind texture you will love the price
  22. Pretty damn good for its price

    I've used so many hyaluronic acid serum e.g. drunk elephant bhydra, medik8 hydr8, Korean skincare etc.and this does exactly the same job if not better. For it's price, why not just use this....
  23. Hydrating!

    I love the ordinary products, and after using their matrixly + HA, I had to try the b5 + HA, I layer this one first then apply the matrixyl on top after the first layer has dried. It has somewhat of a sticky consistency at first but then it is absorbed right in to the skin. It makes me skin very hydrated when applying 6 drops all around the face. It offers a somewhat tightening effect on the skin surface which is lovely and leaves the skin feeling supple and nourished. Definitely going to get more when it's empty!
  24. Packs a punch at a great price.

    I am 48 years old, have very sensitive skin and ageing skin. This product is amazing. I have tried other hyaluronic Acids and this is the best I have used. You don't have to spend huge amounts of money to get a great product. I use this in conjunction with other products from this range and love the results. Highly highly recommend this product. It's not too early or too late to start using this product.
  25. Great

    I’m using this in combination with the ordinary vitamin b serum. My skin is looking much improved. Clearer and better hydrated. Great products, incredible price point
  26. Love this product

    This is one of the best Hyaluronic acid serum I have used for the price. I would recommend this to everyone. It does leave a slight sticky residue but that goes away when you put moisturiser on.
  27. Hydrating serum

    I use this twice a day and it works well. Once I started using a face mist before application to dampen my skin I noticed a big difference.
  28. Hydrating but not super rich

    This stuff is good, It’s made my skin more hydrated (make sure you rub it in with damp hands) and hasn’t clogged my pores at all. It’s not super rich though so might have to add something extra in winter! I’m onto my second bottle.
  29. Satisfactory

    This serum is ok for the price you pay but I still find my skin a bit dry after using it day and night. I have had other hyaluronics which gave better results.
  30. Cost effective hydrator

    For the price, i was really impressed. It's a little sticky when you apply it but it instantly absorbs into the skin. It hasn't made me break out and provides a nice added layer of hydration in the winter weather!
  31. Serum that boosts hydration

    I use this serum daily night and day and it definitely keeps my skin feeling hydrated and plump.

    I have extremely dry sensitive skin and since using, I have not woken up with tight and dry feeling skin.

    It has no scent which is great for people who don't want scented products.
  32. It was ok

    I used this product and found it left my skin feeling a bit tacky/sticky to the touch. Did give a burst of hydration though and is very lightweight to apply. Would probably use a while longer to see if it's worth purchasing again.
  33. Amazing product!

    I'm someone with very oily skin and this hyaluronic acid works a treat, especially at that price point! The oils in my skin seem more balanced and the overall look of my skin is more bright and plump!
  34. The hydration I was looking for

    I use this serum after microneedling and it is great. It keeps my skin hydrated and happy. The only downside is that it feels a little sticky while its drying.
  35. Love

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  36. Best for dry skin

    I have dry sensitive skin and since using this you wouldn't know it. I use it morning and night, it sits under makeup and other moisturisers really well. I always repurchase this one.
  37. Soft and hydrated

    This has saved my skin!
    My skin was very dry and dehydrated, and I would layer thick moisturizers to try to reduce my dry flakey skin to no avail.
    When a friend recommended the serum I was worried it would be another expensive product that would not help, but I was very wrong!
    I have been using the serum morning and night everyday before moisturizing. I noticed the differecne in just a few days, the improvement in my skin hydration was amazing. The ordinary hyluronic acid is so affordable and has helped my skin keep hydrated and soft!
    I've recommended it to my friend who suffers from ezchema on her face and she has also seen a massive improvement in her own skin.
    I would definitely recommend giving this product a go!
  38. Great moisturiser

    Moisturizers well
  39. My daily moisture boost

    I've been using this for a few years now and if I forget to put in on in the morning, I really feel the difference! The price is ridiculous for such a great product. There may be better hyaluronic products out there, but you can't go past this one for the price.
  40. It’s ok

    Not too bad used 1 bottle probably wouldn’t purchase a second time it’s a bit sticky I didn’t find it very hydrating but it does look nice under make up
  41. Love

    Amazing for my dry skin !
    Love this serum !
  42. Obsessed

    Since discovering Hyaluronic Acid I NEED it in my skincare routine. I’m into the ordinary’s HA, it’s cheap, looks cute and is effective. I have oily skin with dryness around my nose and chin, this HA absorbs fast and smooths and hydrates my skin, doesn’t leave me looking shiny either. I still apply a facial moisturiser afterwards but the Hyaluronic Acid certainly makes a difference to moisture retention throughout the day. Also I wear powdered foundation and have noticed a difference, my dry problem areas no longer become flaky when I wear makeup. Highly recommended!
  43. Good?

    It’s hydrating when used with other hyrdating products, nothing miraculous or anything, but it definitely does it’s job. I just wish that I could use it under makeup, as it slightly smoothed fine lines particularly under the eyes, but it piles like crazy! It’s so irritating that I don’t know if I would buy it again or recommend it to others.
  44. Love this but put on wet skin or mix with moisturizer

    Love love love this!
    But to stop the balling and peeling when doing make up I do a facemist and apply when it's still wet or I mix with moisturizer at end of my skincare routine. Works beautifully never had a problem since.
  45. Burst of hydration

    I have sensitive, combination, acne prone skin with some pigmentation and not many things work on my skin. But this acid does wonders to my combination skin. I normally break out when trying a new product but with this, I didn’t break out. I use this morning and night, in the morning followed by Niacinamide and sun screen and at night with Vitamin C. I have been using this for just over a week and I can already see, feel and tell the difference. I recommend it to everyone as it is suitable for all skin types.
  46. Supple hydrated skin !

    A first time user of The Ordinary. Decided to order this serum and was pleased. Has a thick texture and is advised to mix with moisturiser. Have my skin a plump look hard to describe. Try it out yourself it’s on $12
  47. Great price point but difficult to work with

    I am a big fan of hyaluronic acid. I have sensitive combination skin so a hyaluronic serum is a must in my routine. When The Ordinary released this product I was blown away by the price and positive reviews, I had to buy a bottle. I started using this after my toner in my PM routine. I gave up after 3 weeks because the texture is just so sticky and hard to spread easily over my skin. A case of you get what you pay for with this one for me.
  48. Couldn’t live without!

    I use this morning & night after cleansing and before moisturiser or other serums. My skin feels plump and smooth and my skin has gone from being oily and patchy to a lot more balanced. I’ve recommended this to friends and now they’re hooked too!
  49. Love it

    I use this daily! My skin has definitely improved from using the ordinary products. The hyaluronic acid helps with skin hydration and has a non greasy formula
  50. The only best hyaluronic acid serum on the market.

    I have used many serums containing hylaruonic acid and for the price, I cannot believe how it works so very well. It is comparable to Hylamide but at a cheaper price and feels and works very much in a similar manner. It does wonders for my combination/acne prone skin where I have dry areas around the mouth area. It soothes my acne and also plumps up my skin. My skin feels very refreshed, moisturised and firm after application. It is so well absorbed into the skin. This is one product that I cannot do without.
  51. Love it

    This is great for dry skin and changes to the face were noticeable within a few days. Works for both am/pm routines.
  52. My new best friend in the morning!

    Finally, a product that works and is very reasonably priced. I use this at night after cleansing and toning. Dries quickly, hydrates my skin and leaves my skin looking "dewy" and plump! LOVE!!!
  53. Great

    I like this product but wish it came in a larger bottle bc you tend to use alot in one application. I mix with a vitamin c paste (Indeed labs) and its a great combo. I use am and pm. Soaks in so i can then use eye cream and finish with a good moisturizer. Skin feels very smooth and hydrated all day.
  54. Nothing to Rave About

    I was obsessed with the hyaluronic acid serum from DECIEM's other brand Hylamide - it was so hydrating, made my skin plump and layered nicely with other products.
    Devastatingly, Adore no longer stocks that serum.
    So I was hoping this would be very similar. And the serum looks similar, smells similar but does not feel similar :(
    After applying this serum, my skin feels really tight and this doesn't feel particularly hydrating. I had no noticeable results...
    I think hyaluronic acid is such an important ingredient in a skincare routine. And what is great about The Ordinary is at least they are transparent so you know that you are getting that ingredient - and at a good price. So using this would be better than using no HA at all.
    But for me, I think I'm going to shop around for another HA a bit and spend a bit more in the hope I will get better results.
  55. excellent value for the price

    hylaronic is a must have for my aging skin - I have used it for years and this is the best serum for keelping my skin hydrated
  56. excellent value for the price

    this is an excellent serum great value and definite helps my skin
  57. Great for oily skin

    I use this morning and night and it definitely helps keep my breakouts to a minimum. Feels good on the skin and isnt too sticky.
  58. Added hydration + so affordable

    i love this HA so much. I have dry sensitive skin and find it adds that extra level of hydration. I use it before my moisturizer directly after washing my face. It dries quickly and is so affordable. 100 % recommend.
  59. Great for acne prone skin

    I have acne and find any kind of moisture usually causes a breakout, except this. As the weather cools down and my skin drys out a little this is all my skin needs. It’s a great option for those with oily acne prone skin. I’m on my second bottle, my husband likes using it now too!
  60. Hydrates

    Very hydrating and just as effective as $30 hyaluronic acids. Gives a boost of hydration that doesn't feel greasy, even on oily skin
  61. Wonderful product

    Love the ordinary skin products.
    I use this acid every morning and every night with dermalogica hydramist toner. Love it and recommend to any skin type
  62. Perfect for Hylauranic Acid

    This is the perfect Hylauranic Acid. It does exactly what it is supposed to with regards to the formulation. It get a tacky on the skin and sits really well as a first step for the skin care routine.
  63. Hydration Hydration Hydration

    My favourite of all The Ordinary products. I have very oily but also dehydrated skin. This soaks nicely into skin esp if used straight out of the shower. Skin feels plumper after use and i have noticed a decrease in pimples with regular use.
  64. An essential.

    This product provides instant hydration to plump and nourish the skin. For me it is an essential part of my skincare.
  65. Good for value.

    This works well however I have another product that works a bit better but it's double the cost. So this is definitely good on a budget or just looking to save money. I really enjoy the ordinary line. The no fuss ingredients, no fragrance and great value for money.
  66. A must own

    This Hyaluronic Acid is less sticky than TO Ascorbyl Glucoside solution but just as easy to use. The marine hyaluronics is faster when it comes to sinking into the surface of the skin, only this hyaluronic acid seems to yield faster physical results. It's the product that one applies first in preparation for a night out. My skin feels visibly transformed after application and I can't name many other facial products like that. For this and this alone, TO's Hyaluronic Acid is worth trying.
  67. Great product for a great price

    I really enjoy this product I use it daily and it makes me face very hydrated. Can’t live without it.
    Bonus is that it is completely affordable.
  68. Hydration

    Great product to start getting more acids and serums into your routine. Helps keep your skin hydrated. Really easy to apply and no scent!
  69. Hydrating

    Makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. i cant go without it
  70. Amazing product!!!

    I have super dry, flakey skin. The cold weather and heater are not helping it in any way! I was recommended the ordinary hyaluronic acid 2% + b5 and it is now a staple! I noticed the instant hydration as soon as I started to use it! I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks and my skin looks and feels so much nicer!
  71. Great value product

    Does what it says and for a small price! Second time purchasing
  72. Helps with dehydration

    After going through chemotherapy, my skin was dry and dehydrated. It is now oily again but still dehydrated. This stuff has definitely helped with hydration and I love that it is not oily so soaks into the skin immediately. Can't beat the price either.
  73. Great priced HA

    Hyaluronic Acid is generally found in a lot of products these days and this is a great staple to have
    I don’t always use as a lot of my other serums contain HA but do find myself adding a drop here and there to them every now and again for that added lock in moisture protection
  74. Great under serums and moisturiser

    I've been using this for about a year love it. I have combination skin (particularly oily in summer/particularly dry in winter) but find this hydrates without being too heavy. I feel like it helps with absorption of the serums/moisturisers I use on top too.
  75. Good way to start using hyaluronic acid

    If you haven't used hyaluronic acid before, this is a great stepping stone. I find it works best mixed into my moisturiser at night, as the consistency is quite gluey compared to other hyaluronic acids I've used.

    In saying that, you can't really go wrong with The Ordinary - especially for such a good price!
  76. Feels so lovely

    Love the way my skin feels and looks after using it, so plump and hydrated. The only thing is that I feel you have to work it in quickly. For the price it’s definitely a winner
  77. Helping with Rosacea

    I bought this product last week, it came up when i searched for Rosacea products, I was sceptical, but, I've been using this for 5 days and can notice an improvement in my skin, not only does it fell less "bumpy" its much less red and angry than it was.
  78. nice, good but not amazing

    Nice serum, absorbs well and helps my skin feel super soft. Only given it 4* as it is not as plumping as some other hyaluronic acid formulations that I've tried, however for the price it still offers good moisture.
    I've found that it works best when applied to a lightly damp face and then I use a gel moisturiser straight after.
  79. Instant hydration

    I noticed an almost instant hydration and glow to the skin
  80. Great value HA

    I use this product twice daily. I have sensitive combination skin and this works a treat. I’ve been using for one week now and I can’t wait to see the results after a month.
  81. Plump skin!!

    I recently had a baby (6 weeks ago today) and was concerned about the hormonal difference my skin would go through. I decided to try this to combat dryness and my skin has never felt more plump.
  82. Love it !

    I have particularly dry and sensitive skin and wanted something to boost my hydration during the day, especially during the winter months when my skin is at its most irritated. I've used this every morning for the last couple months before my regular moisturiser and I love it ! It's so lightweight and sinks straight into the skin, I can see it being something people of all skin types would love - it doesn't leave any dewy or oily residue yet somehow has provided the moisture boost I needed ! No more dry, patchy and flaking skin. LOVE !
  83. This is a must

    This product has changed my skin! For the good.
    I have never had such calm skin with minimal breakouts now. It has reduced my scarring and pigmentation too.
  84. Great value

    I add a few drops to my moisturiser at night when my skin is feeling dry (and mix in my hand before applying). Definitely makes my skin feel softer and more moisturised.
  85. Good enough for the price

    Found this product hydrating enough. The only thing I didn't like was probably the texture, It was too sticky for my liking and it didn't absorb quickly.
  86. Super hydrating

    Worth the price to try it out! Really hydrating and gentle
  87. Works great

    Helps with slowing down the anti ageing process. I use it twice a day!!
  88. Good for combo skin

    I have been using this product for well over a month and use it day and night. I have a very oily t-zone and find that this product isn’t too heavy to use on my forehead. Helps hydrate my dry cheeks too. It leaves my skin hydrated, but not greasy! Great to use under make up. Just make sure to let it set well before applying moisturiser and primer.
  89. Perfect price hydrating serum

    Amazingly priced serum, when you want to splurge on some other skincare but can't afford the expensive serum too! I purchased one for me and one for my boyfriend as he has dehydrated but very oily skin. After two days we can already both see the difference in skin plumpness and general hydration!
  90. Best serum for me especially this winter

    if you dont like thick moisturiser, then this is perfect for you to use in winter as it is not too think and perfectly moisturise your skin
  91. Amazing

    Before using The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 my skin was extremely dry and flaky in some areas, but also congested and pimply in others. After 5-6 weeks of using it, my skin is no longer so dry and is clear of pimples. After trying so many other more expensive products, I’m amazed to find a product that not only works but doesn’t break the bank.
    I use it morning and night along with The Ordinary’s 10% + Zinc 5% , Natural Moisturing Factors + AH and 100% plant-derived Squalane .
  92. Amazing product with great price

    I have used this for over a year now and dont think I will ever go to another brand. Its just a great non fuss, really well priced product which does an amazing job. I slap this on my face morning and night during winter otherwise every evening in summer. I have dry/dehydrated skin and this has really improved my skin since using it. It sets in quickly and is super easy to build with other products. Highly recommend
  93. Leaves your skin feeling hydrated & soft

    Love this serum! I bought it originally for my dry winter skin to protect it from the harsh weather & so far I have not seen any dry patches appear on my face (as they usually come up in winter). I apply this serum prior to applying any of my other moisturizers so it mixes in together well & hydrates my skin well - definitely worth a try!
  94. Daily Staple

    I adore this product, it is now a part of my daily routine and I think that it has made a difference to the pigmentation issues I'd been having with my face. Can leave it feeling a little dry after its dead, and definitely notice pilling around the baby hairs, but can't complain about the price point and a bit of moisturiser is recommended after this product if you've got excessively dry skin like me.
  95. Feels great

    I’ve been using this for around a week and so far am loving it. Just be carful to not use too much as it can gather on your skin in places and clump together and come off on your fingers.
  96. its OK

    it hydrates but is not so good at long term hydration. and sometimes it does compete/fight against other skincare products when used together, but its definitely worth the price
  97. Very good first impressions

    Love the concept of The Ordinary and was so happy to receive it within two days in the mail! The product is quickly absorbed by the skin without any residual stickiness. Only thing is that application via the pipette is a little messy as some of the product tends to dribble out but not a big deal. Just started using this though, so will need some time to see long-term effects on my skin. But so far so good!
  98. Hydrated my skin

    I have dry skin and this definitely hydrated my skin. Its great value for money too.
  99. Moisturiser which flakes

    I used it every morning... it started falling a bit ... and my skin feels very tight later changed to night still the same doesn’t hydrated your skin ... used it for a month with patience still no luck ... so a big no no

    I love this hyaluronic acid. Its amazing for its very cheap price point. I use it morning and night and it last quite awhile still. I notice that my skin is more hydrated and plump.
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