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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution 240ml

4.6 of 364 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.63


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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

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4.6 of 364 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Cheap yet effective


I’ve been hooked on Alpha H liquid gold, but I love The Ordinary products so gave their glycolic acid a shot. Thus far loving the exfoliation and price point. I’m using it in the same way as Liquid Gold - applying 2-3 times per week at night after cleansing. My skin is looking bright and clear without any redness. Total recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism



I bought this after reading rave reviews on this product. After using this consistently for several months, I haven't noticed any change, it is not an effective glycolic acid. I have used others that have been far more effective than this. I love most products from The Ordinary but unfortunately not this one, as it didn't do anything for me.
  1. Cheap yet effective


    I’ve been hooked on Alpha H liquid gold, but I love The Ordinary products so gave their glycolic acid a shot. Thus far loving the exfoliation and price point. I’m using it in the same way as Liquid Gold - applying 2-3 times per week at night after cleansing. My skin is looking bright and clear without any redness. Total recommend.
  2. Amazing for oily skin!!!


    Amazing!!! I have oily acne prone skin and this improved the visibility of my pores and faded acne scars and prevented hormonal breakouts. Love it!
  3. Amazing exfoliant for the money


    My husband, who has huge pores and is constantly battling blackheads, has been using this 2-3 times per week and it has made a positive difference, especially on his T zone. As with all Ordinary products it delivers fantastic results for the price, but if you are happy to spend a lot more money there are other exfoliants which give more of a glassy glow to your skin.
  4. Amazing


    This product is phenomenal and the results are noticeable almost immediately...a high end result for a fraction of the price. Cannot recommend more highly.
  5. Affordable great product


    Was dealing with some not so clear skin and started using this over a week ago, has cleared up my skin and my face looks brighter in the mornings!
  6. Great value


    This product is excellent value, and works well to brighten my complexion
  7. Best product


    My older sister introduced this to me last year and ever since then I've been getting compliments on how smooth my skin is now. I use it every night before bed :) Will keep ordering more! 10/10
  8. Go-to product


    Especially given the price, this is great. I use it when my - ageing and winter-dry - skin feels congested, or when I want really clean skin before serum. It’s next to my toothbrush!
  9. Go the Glow!


    Love this!! I use serveral times a week and it really does make skin glow. I get hormonal pimples around my chin and this helps clear them up quicker. Best to wait 30mins or so after washing face to apply as water can dilute the effect. Same goes for moisturizing after, wait 20-30mins.
    Yes it stings a tiny bit but i love the feeling that you know its working.
  10. Does not dry out my skin


    I use this product every night to tone and it does not dry out my already normal to slightly dry skin. My skin feels completely clean and ready for serums and moisturizers.
  11. helps with pigmentation


    My pigmentation has drastically improved since using this
  12. Strong but effective


    Not everyone may like this product as it tends to get stingy on application. Yet it is an effective exfoliant. This is my second bottle. I use it at night after cleansing, it takes away the dead skin and prepares my skin for hydration. Suitable if you do not have sensitive skin.
  13. Best toner ever


    I used this toner for 2 months and now m addicted to it, its jxt amazing, it does wonder to my skin
    My skin feels more confident than before
  14. Didn't love


    I used this product for a few weeks at night and found that the stinging was almost unbearable, even after putting my other products over the top. It seemed to really dehydrate my skin as well. Wouldn't recommend (at least not for everyday/night use).
  15. Another perfect toning solution!


    Works best to lighten my dark pimple marks and doesn't make me feel dry. So cheap with a big bottle like this! Worth it!
  16. Overhyped


    I bought this after reading rave reviews on this product. After using this consistently for several months, I haven't noticed any change, it is not an effective glycolic acid. I have used others that have been far more effective than this. I love most products from The Ordinary but unfortunately not this one, as it didn't do anything for me.
  17. Stinging


    Ok so yes this products stings (well stings is wrongly used i think). I think its more like after your been skiing in bad conditions and you come back in and its when your face is warming back up. Its a little annoying but after applying all the other things it calms down.
  18. Silky but can Sting


    I use this toner after cleansing with the Squalane cleanser when I've had a gross work day, or occasionally in the morning after my cat has been snuggling in contact with my face. I have dry sensitive skin, so it can lightly sting on some areas but I don't notice any redness.

    My skin feels tight and silky smooth afterwards. I follow with Niacinamide, then HA, then moisturising factors. Only four stars because it can be difficult to apply evenly.
  19. Smoothing

    Tea Sommelier

    I'm trying to introduce acids to my routine, and having never believed in the power of toners, this Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution is the first of its kind that I have used in recent years. I wasn't sure what to expect and I didn't have high expectations but the texture of my skin has smoothed out drastically. It still burns my skin after months of use, I'm not sure if should ease up my usage, but given the impact, my sensitive skin better get used to it.
  20. Great addition to my beauty regime


    I have been using this in my beauty regime for about two weeks twice a week. It is a little bit tingly, but feels so nice! I am loving my regime of TO products!!
  21. Love!


    My skin feels so soft and clean after using this. And my skin has improved significantly overall since using it too. So happy!
  22. Very affordable toner


    I’ve been using this product for 6 months. It made my a skin a bit itchy and irritated in the beginning but it doesn’t do that anymore. It’s a great price and will last a really long time. I find using it twice a week is enough for me. My skin feels nice the next morning after using this
  23. Easy to use!


    Well, I m becaming a big fan of TO. I have used several products on my dry skin. I tried this at night time and next morning, the skin looks different. Glowing! However, I found that if I use this with a TO’s vitamin C, it’s too aggressive on my skin. So I use this with Niacinamid 10% and I use vitamin C without using this. But I like the size and price, so I will definitely buy this again.
  24. Refreshing and effective


    I use this toner only a couple of days a week as I have dry skin. I wasn't too sure this was doing much for me until my skin had an episode of irritation and was flaking due to it being really dried out during the winter days. Just a day later it had removed all of the flaking skin and it was no longer feeling irritated, tight or dry. I use a cotton pad and just dab it onto my face as I find it stings when I sweep it around on my skin.
  25. very happy with this toner and price


    I use this toner for anti ageing. It sweeps dead skin away, evens complexion and brightens. I use it before vitamin a and have great results.
  26. Nightly routine must-have


    Love using this as part of my nightly routine. I use this every second night & find it creates a perfect base for my skin to soak up my serums. Absolute bargain too!
  27. New step in my routine


    Where I would use witch hazel or cold water I now use this stuff! It acts as an astringent as well as a gentle exfoliator and I use it before applying night creams or serums. I use it every night and it has become part of my routine. Love it!
  28. Great!


    Such a great quality and affordable toner!! Very effective and leaves skin feeling bright and fresh!
  29. Does a great job


    I use this every alternating evening just to keep things under control. I just apply a bit to a cotton-pad and run it over my face, applying a tiny bit more pressure on my chin and nose. It definitely creates a nice fresh canvas for the next steps to soak in nicely (PM One: T.O Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, then T.O Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, T.O Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG and moisturiser)

    I have definitely noticed less blackheads and clearer brighter skin. Don't forget your SPF ;)
  30. Excellent exfoliator


    I have dry skin. I only use once a week and half way with my first bottle. Best thing no rinsing required. Feel fresh and clean every single time. Will boost twice a week as my skin is getting used to it. doesn’t cause any break out
  31. Good toning/slight peel


    This product goes really well on the skin, doesn't burn or feel uncomfortable and leaves my skin ready for the serum that I put on afterwards. I use it with a cotton pad and swipe it over my skin avoiding my eyes.
  32. Excellent


    I have normal to dry skin & this product works beautifully without drying it out even more. No tightness or dry patches - very happy.
  33. Great!


    Great exchange from my usual rose water toner - this really brightens your complexions and slowly rebuilds the textural areas of your face. I have been using every night for the last 3 weeks and I have noticed a difference in the feel of my skin but not so much the pigmentation or acne just yet, however, it's a really easy product to use and sinks into your skin instantly. DO NOT USE OTHER ACIDS WITH THIS, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! I have very tough skin but instantly regretted using this with the salicylic acid as I turned red and my face stung all night.
  34. Subtle brightness achieved


    I have normal skin maybe slightly dry, and apply this probably 5-6 times a week once a day. I have nearly made it through the giant bottle and have already purchased a backup. I find it makes my skin look ‘better’ although I can’t pin point how, i have not noticed a dramatic improvement in pores or blackheads but I have quite clear skin with no texture issues (touch-wood!) to start with. It is probably one of the best toners I have used since it actually has active ingredients and I can see it working over time but I don’t feel like it’s a miracle worker, maybe the lactic acid serums would give a quicker result which I am yet to try
  35. great value


    I bought this toning solution the other day as I am crazy about the ordinary skincare range at the moment. The size is very generous. I use only at night to wipe the skin with the cotton pad to remove the dead skin and residues. (My skin has been flaky and dry at the moment.) It gives you some slight sting sensation so if you have very sensitive skin, beware. It does clean and refresh my skin. I keep using this to see if I see more benefits.
  36. Effective for congested skin


    I have oily, textured skin, prone to congestion. I added this to my nightly skincare routine and love it. Used in conjunction with various products on rotation (including alpha lipioic acid), my skin is much brighter and clearer. Highly recommended.
  37. Good Brightening & Non-Irritating Exfoliant


    This product effectively helps brighten and even the tone of my skin. I experience no irritation when I use it (I use it about 3 times a week), except for in places where the skin is broken (which you're not supposed to apply it to anyway).

    Though glycolic acid is an AHA not typically used for acne (as I have), I find it does help treat and prevent recurring acne because AHAs help loosen and remove the clogs in pores. Additionally, I find this product really helps reduce the pigmentation left over from acne.

    I bought this to replace my Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Although I liked that product, I bought this instead because it is much cheaper and the Alpha-H product's second ingredient is denatured alcohol (a drying irritant).

    Definitely will continue to use in my routine and will repurchase in the future - would recommend.
  38. Ok but not much effective


    My friend recommended this to me. Been using for 1 month now but didn’t notice anything changes. Not hydrating enough for me as well.
  39. Ok but no effect


    After seeing so many glowing reviews I was expecting to see some texture/tone results from using this, but alas, it doesn't appear to be doing much. I use it twice weekly as I don't want to over-do the acids and after a couple of weeks, I just don't see any change. Maybe I need to wait longer, and I'll continue with it for another couple of weeks, but I also dislike the feel of it on my skin - it's somewhat sticky for me, and sits on my skin at night rather than settle, making it harder to layer. It tingles slightly. I suspect I might be more suited to Salicylic acid instead. At least with The Ordinary I can try things and not be hit too hard in my wallet if they don't work out!
  40. Cleansing but not much else.


    Good for removing residual make up after a face wash. Stings a little on application (and do not use Niacinamide straight after this toner, it stings).
  41. A must have for problem skin!


    Ok wow! I’ve been using this toner for a while now and have decided to share my opinion so everyone can benefit too! I use this toner every night by putting a small amount on a cotton pad and wiping my face in circular motions with a small amount of pressure. It truly gets rid of all the dead skin cells that are remaining after cleansing. The toner really allows all your following products to be soaked up nicely! Since using it, my skin has cleared perfectly so highly recommend!
  42. Does the job


    With so many effective chemical exfoliants on the market; I can’t say this is a fave. Considering price point and size of the bottle this toner is extremely cost effective. I can feel that it’s working but it does feel a little harsh on my skin (mid thirties, normal).
  43. Leaves your skin SO SMOOTH


    I absolutely love this toner. It leaves your skin so bright and smooth the following day and really helps with deepening the effect of your treatment serums afterwards! I use it around 2-3 times a week and me and my oily skin are obsessed. (Make sure to hydrate your skin afterwards and wear sunscreen)
  44. Better skin


    This product takes off the dead skin on my skin and gives it a glow. It has also helped decrease my acne size and I don't get pimples as often anymore. Really recommend it
  45. Great substitute for Liquid Gold


    Love this cheaper effective alternative to the more pricey Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

    I use it to smooth skin by applying in the PM before serum and moisturiser/oils.

    Just remember to wear sunscreen lovelies!
  46. Good for skin condition and pores


    I have open pores and fine lines and used glycolic products for 7years. I apply this every 2nd evening and vise versa retinol as suggested. I love the way it makes my skin soft and glowy right away, and clearer by the morning, making my morning mattifier and makeup sit better. I would recommend for any novice or experienced glycolic users with similar concerns.
  47. Exfoliation


    I use this toner as a light exfoliator a few days a week and I am left with glowing skin and I do not get bumps on my skin ever since doing this
  48. Overall ok.


    Very similar to Pixi Glow Tonic but a bit more potent. Can be a little harsh on sensitive skin. Overall a good product for an affordable price.
  49. Perfect addition to my routine


    I don't usually use a toner but bough this for the extra exfoliating factor with the GA. After cleansing it removes and makeup/dirt I had left behind. Love this product
  50. Amazing toner with extra cleansing


    This product is amazing! I’ve recommended it to all my friends. Even after exfoliating my face in the shower I can still see excess dirt or makeup on the cotton pad when I wipe my face with this!! This product helps give me an even, clear complexion after the first use! Easy to use, & lasts for ages. 10/10!
  51. Sticky but good price


    I was expecting this to not leave a sticky residue but it does I used it then waited and washed it off with water... I didn’t like the residue it leaves and didn’t want to put a moisturizer on top let alone make up
  52. A simple, effective toner.


    I’ve been using this toner for a couple of weeks now and have noticed quite a difference. It is keeping dry winter skin at bay. I use it every evening before The Ordinary’s Marula Oil and wake up with glowing skin. This glycolic acid doesn’t really have a smell and the size of this bottle is so generous for the price! I love the little dispenser too. I will definitely buy this again.
  53. Got rid of my milia seeds in a few days, don't be scared of the word 'acid'.


    I was so blown away by this product. It is gentle enough to use every night on my face, hands and feet. In a few days my milia seeds were gone and the dry skin between my fingers had disappeared! It's not overly drying too, I have dry combination skin and it works really well.
  54. fantastic


    i use this twice a week to tone my skin. it will sting the first time you use it, but it works really well to clear up my skin. i moisturise straight after.
  55. Cleaning, Toning Power


    I use this product after cleansing my skin and it gets rid of any extra make up or diet that my cleanser couldn’t eliminate.
    Skin is ready for a serum after this step!
  56. Didn’t suit my skin


    I really wanted to love this but unfortunately it broke me out after a few days so I had to discontinue use
  57. Really good and CHEAP!


    This is a very good toner that helps me keep my acne at bay. Not exactly a dupe for the Alpha-H Liquid Gold, but really good for the price.
  58. Good for sensitive skin.


    I am 48 years old with sensitive ageing skin. I have been using Alpha H liquid gold for years. I needed a product that wasn't as expensive but gave good results. This product ticked all the boxes. I do suggest if you haven't used a glycolic acid before start slowly and build up. This product is ideal for my sensitive, finicky skin.
    Highly recommended. Give it a go and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  59. Still early days but looks promising!


    I've only had this product for a week however I've already begun to notice the progress of it reducing my cystic acne scars
  60. Can't beat the price


    After reading rave reviews about the ordinary skincare brand I decided to order some products. This toner can absolutely not be beat for price or its effectiveness. The morning after my first use my skin was smooth soft and I could totally notice a little glow.
    It's also a great product to use to prep your skin for chemical peels to achieve an even finish.
    Will definitely be restocking this product.
  61. Helped with acne


    I had acne, combination/ oily skin and so I got this product to help with the acne. Because I was also using salicylic acid, peels, exfoliators etc. I only used this product when I felt I needed it as it is a little drying on top of the rest of my routine but I would definitely recommend using it in the PM only for this reason as well as it causing some redness. I definitely think it assisted the rest of my routine in fixing my acne and but not too sure as to how much I can attribute my success to this product. I think my skin would still be the same now with or without this product but it did help when I needed it for an extra exfoliation and acne busting ingredients. A good addition to my product list.
  62. Love


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  63. Does what it says


    I purchased a bottle of this from here for the first time and I now can't live without it! Definitely makes a difference especially if you do not want to overexfoliate. Fantastic stuff. Buying again!
  64. Cleared up forehead acne


    I've for 2 years had small bumps across my forehead and this toner with constant use has gotten rid of them completely so a holy grail for me!
  65. Great affordable toner


    I have normal skin, but a lot of toners feel too harsh, or have fragrances that I react to, this is not one of them. I have used this daily for almost six months and I'm only about halfway through my bottle. This product provides gentle, effective toning at a great price point, I highly recommend it.
  66. Too strong for me


    I found that this formulation of glycolic acid was just slightly too strong for me, and it caused irritation after I initially used it and had significant redness that lasted for about an hour.
  67. Good product


    I have oily skin with a few dry patches. I’ve just started using this product and so far really like it, always seems to find left over dirt on my face when I think it’s totally clean. My skin is left feeling tight and fresh, with a little tingle which I personally love. I probably wouldn’t recommend someone with very sensitive skin this product but for everyone else I recommend it.
  68. Can’t be without it


    I love this product and literally go into panic mode when I’m about to run out. I really recommend it. When you use it in your skincare routine it leaves your skin feeling really clean.
  69. ye yeeee


    chemical exfoliants are amazing as they dont damage the skin or cause microdermabrasions. This removes all the dead skin so well. just make sure you use it at night as if you wear it in the sun it will cause damage
  70. Good for acne prone skin


    I have combination and acne prone skin. This product really helps to clear my skin. My skin feels more smooth and clear than before. Love it.
  71. Great


    Enhanced my skin
    Since using this every other night before applying moisturiser my skind has become more glowy and plump. Now it also has way less dry flaky patches which my foundation would cling on to. Before this i could never exfoliate enough and now my skin seems to renew itself
  72. 50/50


    I didn't love this product but I also didn't hate it.
    I have been an AVID fan of Alpha-H's Liquid Gold (another glycolic solution) but I thought I would try this product from The Ordinary as I read it was a pretty good dupe and it is about $40 cheaper...
    I use many of The Ordinary's products so I had high hopes for this.

    But unfortunately, over time I realised I didn't love this one because I hardly seem to reach for it. Some mornings when I wake up after using it, I have funny red bumps under the skin.
    If you are just looking for a chemical exfoliant to use occasionally when needed (i.e. don't need it for regular, good results) then this is probably not a bad option because it is cheap and would do that job.
    But if you are looking for a skin transformation or a reliable product to use consistently...spend the money and go for Alpha-H Liquid Gold. It's much more versatile and effective.
  73. Love it


    So good each morning and really helps keep my skin clear
  74. So much product, such great value


    I love this toner. Love it, Love it, Love it.

    So much product, this will probably last me a good 9 months with nightly use. It doesn't dry me out, doesn't strip me right back to my bones, it just leaves the best base for my retinol and oil.

    I have oily, 35yo skin and its effective enough to do its job, but gentle enough not to give my skin the pull back feel.

    I started every second night, but am now up to every night. Will repurchase when the keg eventually runs out!
  75. Great exfoliating toner


    Love live love this from the ordinary. I used this on alternative nights right after cleansing. Face feels extra smooth and shiny after months of use.
    Definitely worth it .
  76. First toner I've ever used...


    First toner I've ever used but new I needed one to create a skin 'regime'. I new I wanted to completely transition to chemical exfoliants rather than physical. It is strong on my skin which has a tendency to be sensitive, mostly to fragrance however, but I built up a tolerance and feel this leaves a really clean canvas to follow on with serums etc. I also use lactic acid now and feel my skin always has a 'new' feel.
  77. Good for the right skin type


    I recently moved across to the Ordinary Glycolic acid! Initially I was applying too much and it was too harsh on my skin but now I apply it more sparingly and I’m very happy with the results. I also love that it contains Tasmanian Pepperberrys, great to see international companies using local Tasmanian Products.
  78. Brightens Skin


    I use this toner about 3 times a week at night and my skin always looks bright and clear in the morning. It tingles a bit when I put it on, which I like, and my skin feels less congested the next morning.

    I have normal to dry skin.
  79. Brilliant toner!!


    Wow, in a matter of weeks my skin is brighter, clearer and my acne marks are fading. I use every evening. Generous size bottle will last ages. I would definitely recommend 5⭐
  80. A helping hand for glowy, clear skin!


    Dewy skin is my dream and this helps achieve that. Whilst the toning formula may not be for everyone, my skin is quite used to active ingredients and I make sure I only use it 1-2 times a week to avoid dryness. I would really recommend for those wanting a helping hand to smooth skin, in between facials and treatments.
  81. Good but not my favourite


    With oily skin, I find toners in general just bring out more oil on my skin. But this toner by The Ordinary isn't too heavy and definitely helps cleanse the skin. Good for when I do a full round of treatments on my face, but I don't use it every day..
  82. Heavy in the right places


    Before using this product I didn't really do much with my skin, I started using this a couple of months ago after cleaning (and in combination with a few other The ordinary products) and it works great! It's not too harsh and I feel like it's actually doing something, whereas I've previously used toners that don't seem to work. I use once every few days and it works a charm!
  83. Too harsh


    I would recommend to a friend, but this product is not for me. It dried out my sensitive skin and caused some breakouts. I’m going to try the Lactic Acid 5% to exfoliate.

    In saying that, for the right skin type the Glycolic acidity would be effective.
  84. Has really helped !


    I've been using this for almost 2 months now and I love it ! I was having issues with numerous small bumps across my forehead and using this product every night has drastically reduced the number of bumps and amount of irritation ! The morning after using this my skin always looks beautifully clear and calm. It can sometimes sting when first applying to my face after cleansing, but only lasts a few seconds. I have particularly dry and sensitive skin, but this hasn't exaggerated any dryness or sensitivity which is a huge plus for me. I follow this with a hydrating serum and moisturiser as part of my normal nighttime routine and this product has never interacted poorly with either. Overall very very happy with results and will continue to use !
  85. Amazing


    This toner is fantastic and at less than half the price of other GA products out there I will be repurchasing.
  86. Perfect toner


    helps improve my skins texture and has also helped clear acne scars with only 1 weeks use
  87. Cheap and as good as the more expensive brands.


    I bought this purely based on price, and it was promising that the reviews were also generally quite positive. I was using a more expensive alternative and couldn't justify the price, so I picked this up in my last AdoreBeauty purchase, and I am really glad I did. It smells neutral and isn't harsh on my face at all. I will definitely repurchase over and over as long as the formulation stays the same (or improves!).
  88. Great


    I have noticed clearer skin and a much more even tone when I wake up as I use this before bed. However, the lid could be made easier to use, perhaps a lid that flips off and on. This product is very strong so would recommend using at night and keep away from any open pimples you may have had. Overall loved the product and would definitely purchase again! :)
  89. Causes breakouts


    Not sure about this toner. I use it on my combination skin and I think the Glycolic Acid made my skin breakout badly. I have used other glycolic acid products before without any issue so Im not sure about this one. Have discontinued using.
  90. Onto My Third


    This toner really packs a punch! I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin almost immediately. If you're not used to using strong ingredients, I'd recommend diluting with water and working your way up to nightly use.
  91. Working well


    Though I wouldn't say it's a miracle, it definitely does what it say's it will do, and for a nice price too. Would definitely recommend trying it if you're unsure.
  92. amazing especially for the price


    my skin is so much smoother and clearer since introducing this into my night time routine.
  93. Holy grail toner!


    This toner is seriously a game changer. It's so affordable and amazing! I have seen a big reduction of blemishes and the size of my pores over the last week. I'm gagged; this it bomb!
  94. Tingly but great sensation


    I have really been lacking in the toner department and I loved finding this. I can definitely feel it on my skin but it feels like it is really working. I only use it at night and wish that it was one I could apply more often, but it has been a great addition to my skin care routine.
  95. Smooth and spot-free skin!


    At first I thought it was too good to be true, seeing reviews compared to the price. I used it to improve texture and help with PIP (post inflammation pigmentation) from acne, and to a lesser extent freckles.I saw improvement with my PIP almost immediately, and am still waiting on freckle fading, although I know it will be slight if there is any due to the nature of freckle pigmentation vs PIP.

    The product itself is easy to apply, slightly tacky and moisturizing, and you are able to layer on top of it. You may notice a slight stinging or warmth the first time you use it but it didn't bother me at all.

    I've been using for a week and my skin is so much smoother and my PIP is fading by the minute! Highly recommend.
  96. Good even on sensitive skin.


    I really like this toner. Was worried it may be too harsh as I have dry, sensitive skin and mild rosacea, but I was wrong. I never felt any tingling or burning and in fact it feels quite calming. I did break out slightly more for a week or two but now I use it every night after cleansing and my skin is smooth and glowing. Would definitely recommend.
  97. Heaven on Earth


    I have noticed a reduction in blemishes and spots in just 1 week... This has never happened. I thought it would be like every other product I buy and you have to wait 3 months of religious applying to see any difference
  98. My New Favourite Product


    This is the first time I’ve tried an exfoliating acid and I didn’t know what I was missing. I tend to get dry scaly patches and this cleared that up after only a few days using it. My skin looks brighter and it’s definitely smoother. It finishes of cleansing your face at the end of the day, perfectly, and the price is amazing too. Will be a staple for me from now on.
  99. Another a must product.


    This is another a must product to achieve flawless skin! Another the ordinary win!
  100. good for oily/acne prone skin type


    I have acne prone/oily skin and I have bought this toner for a while now. It is awesome as an additional cleansing step to your skincare routine. If you do not like the fragrant product, this is totally for you! but I personally like a hint of a good scent to my skincare products.
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