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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG 30ml

4.1 of 547 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.18


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With a light texture, The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG contains an extremely high 5% concentration of caffeine, supplemented with highly-purified Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 73% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

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4.1 of 547 reviews

73% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Affordable, Effective & De-Puffs!


It's only been a week but I have already noticed that my eyes are less puffy and the skin around the eye contour is more refined. I like that it is a light formulation (liquid gel like) and absorbs straight into the skin without affecting makeup application.

Most Helpful Criticism

Slowly seeing progress

Jada Raine

I have been using this product twice a day for 8 weeks and I have only just noticed a change in my under eyes. The purple discoloration is slowly lightening and I'm hoping in another 2 months I can give this product a full 5 stars
  1. Affordable, Effective & De-Puffs!


    It's only been a week but I have already noticed that my eyes are less puffy and the skin around the eye contour is more refined. I like that it is a light formulation (liquid gel like) and absorbs straight into the skin without affecting makeup application.
  2. Depuffing magic


    My eyes are less puffy and my dark circles have mildly reduced. I will continue to use.
  3. Slowly seeing progress

    Jada Raine

    I have been using this product twice a day for 8 weeks and I have only just noticed a change in my under eyes. The purple discoloration is slowly lightening and I'm hoping in another 2 months I can give this product a full 5 stars
  4. Glad I finally tried this!


    I'm glad I finally bought this product- it's lovely and cooling and works well to soothe and de-puff the under eyes. I desperately needed something fast-acting after a few weeks of bad quality sleep! I'm hoping with continued use it will help reduce my under eye circles. I will also keep it in the fridge to intensify the cooling! I think this product is great value and will definitely keep using i...
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  5. under eye caffeine solution


    I actually noticed a brightening effect under my eyes after a month. Great value!
  6. Good for dark circles


    This is an update on my earlier review now I’ve been using this product for 6 weeks or so. Still has only a small effect on my under eye puffiness ( but that’s deep issues like allergies & age that nothing put in the skin could fix) but it does tighten a little. But I’ve noticed my dark shadows under my eyes have lightened.. Keep in the fridge & it feels nice & cooling. I use only in the morning....
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  7. Not effective for dark under eyes

    Kat Luu

    I have had dark under eye circles for as long as I can remember and no product I have ever used has helped - including this. It does have a nice cooling effect when applied, absorbs easily and has zero scent but I would not buy again. I'm still continuing to use it as it feels nice but its not performing as I had hoped it would.

    Ethnicity: Vietnamese / Chinese
    Skin Type: Oily/Co...
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  8. Great for de-puffing eyes!!!


    Amazing!!!!!! My eyes would shrivel beneath puffiness when tired previously, but now my face looks smooth and fresh no matter what. It's amazing. I never thought I wouldn't have puffy eyes. Can't fault the effect.
  9. Good at depuffying


    I did find that my under eyes were slightly depuffed after using this although I have not seen a difference in the darkness under my eyes.
  10. Still got dark circles


    This product claims to banish dark circles but I'm not convinced. I've been using this product as directed (morning and night) for about about 6 weeks now and my dark circles still haven't budged. The solution definitely has a cooling effect which i believe would be beneficial for people who experience puffiness but that's not my issue and not why i got it. Overall, I'd have to say that i wouldn't...
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  11. Good for specific eye concerns


    So I bought this knowing how great the ordinary is and wanting to get rid of some darkness under my eyes. I think it has done that but did take some time. I don’t find it moisturising at all - you will need a cream for that to apply on top. I don’t have a problem with puffiness but I have heard it helps with that a lot. Heaps of uses in this one little bottle!
  12. No noticeable difference


    I have terrible dark circles under my eyes and bought this after reading a lot of reviews. It may have de-puffed the contour of my eyes a little, but they’re still as dark as ever. Probably wouldn’t buy again.
  13. Effective


    I actually noticed a brightening affect under my eyes after a couple weeks. Great value!
  14. Great at de-puffing


    I don't think this does much for dark circles, but MAN does it take puffiness away. This is my secret weapon when I have been sucked in to watching PS I Love You for the 99th time and spent all of the previous night sobbing my romantic heart out, waking up to eyelids I can barely see through. I know. Huge.
  15. Good value for money


    I have found it helps with puffiness in the mornings, but have not noticed any difference yet with my dark circles.
    For the price I do like using it in my morning routine.
  16. Amazing product


    This really is an amazing product you literally only need one drop per eye so the bottle last forever. Easily absorbed and leaves your eyes looking refreshed and “bright eyed” I struggled for a while to find a eye product I liked as I feel there often too heavy but this really is lovely and refreshing. Highly recommend
  17. Good for puffiness, need to add extra moisture if your eye area is very dry


    I have very puffy under eyes which to be honest no topical product is going to fix as it’s issues that aren’t just the surface skin. But, this does seem to tighten the undereye area a little & feels nice. I do need to use a richer eye cream on top of this serum to moisturise otherwise the area can get a bit creepy, my under eye area is quite dry & I’m 48. I use it in the morning & keep in the frid...
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  18. Excellent product !


    I use this product AM and PM. I absolutely love this product as it has significantly helped with puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. I highly recommend this product and will definitely repurchase.
  19. This caffeine solution was recommend as I suffer significant bags under my eyes


    Absolutely I won’t go without it now.
    The effect is subtle in that it is the absence you notice!
    This product is amazing for the visibly overworked bags under my eyes.
    Use as stated - don’t get in your eyes! If you do just wash out with water, all good! The bags are gone!
  20. very moisturizing for the eyes


    I am usually quite skeptical about eye creams that claim to remove eye bags, however i noticed that this product really helped me look less tired.
  21. love this


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! I love to use this before bed, especially when I’ve been outdoors all day!
  22. Lovely drink for eyes


    I love this serum for eyes. I don’t have dark circles so don’t know if effective for them or not, but helps with eye puffiness and feels good on the under eye skin. Not heavy like certain eye creams.
  23. Darkcircles saver


    Its amazing. using since 2 weeks now and i can see the difference .. darkcircles have reduced a bit and also there is no puffiness
  24. It works!


    This does work. It minimises puffiness under the eyes and helps tone the lips. It is a good price, but it really is cosmetic not skincare. I won't repurchase as I hate the packaging and have found a product as cheap that does the same thing in an easier to use package.
  25. For everyday use!


    I use this with my eye cream and the 2 just work so well together. My eye cream moisturises while this one brightens. I use this twice everyday and it lasts for months! Definitely worth it! It's also good for other types of pigmentation not just dark circles.
  26. Not amazing


    For the price it is okay but definitely didn’t have incredible effects on my under eyes area but good first product when trying out the ordinary
  27. Have not see any changes yet


    I have been using it for almost 6 months now. Have not seen any much changes yet. Very cheap tho, this bottle probably gonna last for more than a year lol. May not repurchase after finish this one.
  28. Unsure if it is very effective


    I bought this to add to my morning routine as dark circles is something that I have always had although I now realise that my dark circles are just because of extra thin skin beneath my eyes which a serum cannot fix. However, if I happen to have a later night than usual, i put this around my tired eyes and I think it makes them less puffy.
  29. Great for puffed eye


    I love this one so much ! especially for puffed eye, amazing price and amazing result !
  30. Helps but not 100%


    This is a good product to help with tired eyes, but it's not 100% I don't know if it's just not for me, but it didn't help a lot personally! On to the next!
  31. I liked it at first...


    But then I realised I was actually allergic to it! This occurred maybe 2-3 weeks after using it twice a day. Prior to this I would’ve thought it was a decent eye serum to put on underneath a heavier eye cream. It stings when it get in your eyes (which it seems to more than any other product I’ve used) and after a few weeks of using my whole undereye area became red and sensitive. I had to stop wea...
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  32. Tightens skin


    I'm 63 and have some wrinkles around my eyes and a bit of dark circles. It's too early to see any effects on dark circles but I can see that it's tightening the skin under my eye. Easy to apply, I also apply a tiny bit just under my eyebrows. It's probably the first eye treatment I've tried that is beneficial.
  33. Beautiful formula


    Formula melts into skin, hoping to see results in my skin and maintain over time.
  34. Good eye serum


    For the price point I thought this was a great eye product. I felt like my eye area was more fresh and revitalised
  35. Amazing


    I have dark under-eye circles and have tried desperately with concealers to hide it. I heard The Ordinary brand was good so tried it as part of my skincare routine and absolutely loved the results. They immediately started to hide them and make them lighter which has made me feel so much more confident. I would definitely recommend this.
  36. OK but not fabulous


    Having previously read all of the mostly positive reviews, I was keen to try at such a low price point. I've been using twice daily for over a month now in an effort to reduce a fairly high degree of daily puffiness. While I can say that it has definitely reduced puffiness, it has not at this stage eliminated the problem altogether. I have very sensitive eyes which have not suffered at all from th...
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  37. Not bad...


    Overall, I like the texture and refreshing feeling of this product. Goes without saying really... but keep it out of your eyes and it does sting if it gets into your eyes ;/

    Even if I don't notice a difference re: dark circles etc, I will continue with this product as it is very hydrating and soothing. I am happy!
  38. Dissapointing


    I love and swear by the ordinary brand, but unfortunately this is their only product where I can say I saw absolutely zero difference to my under eye area. Also it left a strange residue if I used it in the morning and apply makeup. So now I’m just finishing off the bottle and use it at night only. Luckily because it’s so well priced, it was still worth a try. But I won’t repurchase this product.
  39. Great for tired eyes


    So light and hydrating. I used this on a flight from Sydney to Europe and looked fresh on arrival. I wouldn’t say it’s hydrating enough for day to day but it’s at a price worth trying.
  40. Puffy no more!


    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. Almost immediately I noticed my black eyes are no longer, and the puffiness has gone. It did sting at first, but now that has gone. I use it morning and night and find my eyes still look bright as they went to bed the night before. You only need a small amount so a little definitely goes a long way.
  41. Pretty good but still trouble with darkness under the eye


    I must say this is a pretty good product. It definitely helps with puffiness and have seen an improvement with my under eye area. The only thing is that it doesn't really help my dark circles that much. I mean I have really bad dark circles which is due to genetics mostly and lack of sleep. But I still get dark circles even with good sleep. It does make the darkness look more diminished and not as...
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  42. A little goes a long way


    Great product, works really quickly & a little goes a long way. Such a good price!
  43. no more puffy!


    Im the type of person who cries in nearly every movie; which results in very very puffy eyelids!! Since using this product I haven't have any puffy eye!!
  44. Best eye serum by far


    My under eyes have always had very dark blue/ purple shadows under them that don't like to go away no matter what I tried. The ordinary caffiene solution has been the first product that made my under eyes look like something other than the under eyes of a corpse! I use it with my hyaluronic acid and my natural moisturising factors, and I'm so happy with how my skin has been looking lately!
  45. Good anti-oxident serum


    I bought this on recommendation from friends who swear by it in reducing dark eye circles and tightening the eye area. I do not have dark eye circles but use as a general serum for anti-oxident. I like the texture and its formulation and will continue to use it and monitor results.
  46. First actual working eye cream!


    Never really seen a difference with eye creams and have always hated my bags and dark circles. This seems to have made a reduction in that! Certainly not a miracle but the only eye cream I have used that isn’t a waste of money or too expensive. Worth a try for the price!
  47. First actual working eye cream!


    Never really seen a difference with eye creams and have always hated my bags and dark circles. This seems to have made a reduction in that! Certainly not a miracle but the only eye cream I have used that isn’t a waste of money or too expensive. Worth a try for the price!
  48. Works better than anything else so far


    I’ve also been using this for about a week and a half along with the zinc formula. Okay SO it should be mentioned, I have the palest of the pale vampire complexion and I get very dark circles and puffy eye sockets... I mean there isn’t much hope for me, I got the genetics I got lol. I do like putting this on though, I think it definitely ‘de-puffs’ the under eye bag. I’m also noticing a subtle di...
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  49. Affordable


    Super affordable and great packaging. Not sure if it works for my dark circles but I'll keep using it until it runs out. Would recommend trying
  50. Nice and natural


    The caffeine in this product will definitely reduce undereye puffiness but won't eliminate dark circles. Make sure to follow up with a good eye cream as it is somewhat drying. Good product for the price.

    TIP: Mix 2 drops with eye cream to eliminate that extra step.
  51. Not bad

    Taylor D

    I like this product as it definitely freshens me up, but it stings when it gets too close to my eyes and the formula is quite thin. Good price point through - worth a shot!
  52. Underwhelming


    I don't love this. I found after a couple of months of twice daily use there as little to no difference in my dark circles.
  53. Banisher of Puffy Eyes


    I've been using this product for almost a year and is an absolute necessity for my overly puffy eyes in the morning.

    I have really sensitives skin and eyes, and have never had a problem with this product.

    Highly recommend considering the price!
  54. Puffy Eyes Gone


    Within a few minutes of applying this under my eyes in the morning, my eyes will de-puff.
  55. Does what it claims.


    Good product which does what it claims, great for early mornings when you need to rush out the door but your eyes are still puffy. Great for anyone who has dark circles it reduces it slightly for my experience.
  56. New mums must have product!


    I’m a new mum with lots of broken sleep. Whilst I always use a moisturizing eye serum, I felt I needed a pick me up to reduce my puffy eyes in the morning. I honestly feel like this is magic! I use it say and night, but still follow with a moisturizing eye serum as I don’t think it helps with anti aging otherwise.
  57. I don’t look tired!!!!


    I use a few of the ordinary products and recently started using the caffeine solution. It took around 2 weeks to start seeing any difference, but now I’m quite the fan!!!! The ratio to the size of the bottle to the amount that is needed means that this product will last a very long time. I use this morning and night.
  58. Smooth, hydrating treatment


    I love this eye serum, it’s been great for sensitive skin. It’s cooling when you apply it, and surprisingly hydrating. It’s perfect for morning and night, it’s not greasy and you can feel the tightening as it dries. A really good budget friendly eye serum.
  59. The Ordinary


    I am 49 and have always had puffy under eyes. It’s partly hereditary so its a tough one to tackle. I have seen subtle positive changes in the puffiness while using the caffeine solution. I have only been using it for about 6 weeks so I think it warrants at least until the bottle has finished to know whether it is worth purchasing again. There is no smell which I like and it’s spreads well. The pri...
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  60. Good results


    I use this in the morning and I've found it to be a really good at tightening the eye area and I've noticed a mild reduction in dark circles. At night I need something more moisturising.
  61. good for a quick de-puff


    I get really puffy under eye bags and sometimes dark circles, I found this product to be good in de-puffing the eyes a bit.
  62. Improves under eye area


    This serum is great for improving the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. I have a little one and can look quite tired but this product from the ordinary improves the appearance of my under eye area. Another bonus of this product is that it is excellent value and well worth giving it a go and seeing if it works for you.
  63. Dark circles elinimator


    I've found this to work better over time, it wakes up the face, makes dark circles look brighter and less dense. Of course it won't get rid of them, but it makes them more manageable.
  64. Havent see any changes yet


    I have been using it for 3 months now. Havent see any changes yet. Dont think will repurchase after I finish this bottle.
  65. Nice


    Lovely serum reduces puffiness not sure about darkness though
  66. Puffiness Gone


    The skin under my eyes is a nightmare, thin yet puffy.
    Though this solution does not appear to correct my dark circles, it does significantly help with the puffiness around my eyes induced by shift work. Dropper lid gets coated with solution at times and is difficult to open, minor issue.
    Would definitely buy more.
  67. Good for new mums


    I feel this has really helped hide my tired mum eyes -_- Isn't super strong so if you don't like coffee don't worry!
  68. Ehhh


    Great price but I'm not sure If I have seen a difference in dark circles. Works great for puffy eyes in the morning.
  69. Amazing


    My self and my wife started using the caffeine solution 5% EGCG and after about two uses my wife noticed a reduction in darkness around her eyes she loves this product. Myself I did not notice any viable results for about a week now all my puffiness is completely gone. Does have a slight drying affect when you apply to much product
  70. Bright eyes


    While I didn't notice any difference in my dark circles with this, it works really, really well for tightening up puffy eyes.
  71. Will be buying again

    Chanelle j

    Reduces dark circles an puffiness.
    Has a tight drying effect which I love.
  72. Reasonable product


    I love this brand and their product. The serum is reasonable but not sure if it actually makes any difference.
  73. May work for some


    I used this for a few months and after a while it started to burn a bit under the eye and cause a lot of redness, I'm not sure if it was maybe too strong/harsh for my skin. I'm sure it would work well for some but sadly didn't suit my skin type, I am normal/combo and sometimes sensitive
  74. Good


    I have been consistently using this product over a month under my eyes before bed as an eye cream and I am pleased to see results in the reduction of dark circles. It is a thick formula which feels somewhat heavy however a little goes a long way so a small pea sized amount is sufficient for application under both eyes. Highly recommend.
  75. Not a miracle worker


    Every time I try an eye product, I always hope it will be the one to erase all my sins (aka not sleeping enough), but I'm yet to find one that blows me away. I think this helps with puffiness, but not sure it's made any difference to my dark circles. I also wonder if it's a little irritating sometimes. I've had dermatitis around my eyes on and off this year and I think sometimes this might make th...
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  76. At first I thought it did nothing then I realised how great it is


    I thought this product didn't change my skin very much then one day before work I looked really tired had dark puffy under eyes and this product fixed it, not noticeable for me regularly but a life saver when I'm looking tired
  77. Mother's best friend!


    I really love this product I feel my eyes look less puffy and my dark circles are a lot better. I combine this with an eye massage and I find that has really helped especially during winter when my dark circles are at their worst.
  78. Yet to notice


    I have applied under eyes regularly for a few weeks but dont see much change yet
  79. Quick Solution


    This is one of those products you might not need to use every day. For me, it helped a lot on those days where you just wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles. It brings down the puffiness and darkness really quickly, I call it a shot of coffee for the eyes.
  80. Amazing!


    I have usded this product a week . Definitely less puffiness around my eyes . some times when apply it Stinging eyes. Overall it is a good product
  81. Effective and AFFORDABLE


    Let's be real, quality at an affordable price is a dream! That's exactly what I get with this. Cleared my dark circles, made my eye area soft and supple. You will begin to see results in 1-2 weeks. Love this product!
  82. So cheap, yet AMAZING


    I always really search before choosing skin care and usually products along these lines a really expensive and don't always work.
    But this, is not only cheap but works as well as higher end products.
    This is amazing
  83. cheapest eye serum in the world!


    yet, quality of the product is mind blowing. i will buy it again and again!
  84. Removes puffiness around eye area!


    After using it for 1 week, I already see a difference around my eye area. I used it before I sleep and after I wake up. It's really easy to use!
  85. works instantly but no cumulative effect


    This product works instantly to minimise darkness under the eyes. I don't think it actually serves to do any long-acting work on the skin, it seems to just work upon application. I even tested it out on my boyfriend who looked in the mirror and thought I had used concealer under his eyes! I found this product hard to wear under makeup and not particularly hydrating, but use it daily in the morning...
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  86. Brightens a bit...


    I’ve tried most offerings from the ordinary - this is pretty good. I noticed a bit of brightening around the eyes with good hydration. Didn’t work on my actual bags though, but then nothing really has and they are quite blueish.
  87. Good for swelling


    Used a month, morning and evening use. I did not feel any change in the color of the eye region, but in the swelling it helped a lot to notice the difference in the first days of use.
  88. Wasn’t sure until...


    I’ve been using this every morning as part of my routine and wasn’t sure it was doing anything until I had a reaaaally bad sleep before MY WEDDING DAY! After applying it within 10 minutes my puffy under eye bags were GONE. A godsend!
  89. Not sure


    I've had this product for over 3 weeks and have been using it every night. No irritation which is a plus because my undereyes are quite sensitive however have not noticed much visible difference.
  90. No Lasting Effects


    I have the worst undereye circles and this did not do much, if anything. Does provide temporary relief if your eyes are puffy but use a moisterizer as it's weirdly tacky. I probably won't repurchase.
  91. Amazing price!


    I have been using this for the past 2 weeks, it has honestly taken the puffiness under my eyes away.
    I feel I can see a slight change in the dark bags too.
    Can apply makeup straight over this, you would never know.
    Loving this product. And the price!!
  92. does it actually do anything?


    does this product do anything? I have been using it for a few weeks and I am not seeing any difference. Maybe my dark circles arent bad enough for me to see a difference? Maybe I need to use it longer to see a difference? Not even sure that a product can help with dark circles anyway. Sceptical on this one.
  93. Amazing!


    I actually only bought this on a whim, because I’ve seen and heard so many positive reviews. I’m 28, and always had very dark under eye circles. I’m super pale and even had dark under eye circles in my teens. I never cared about it, and thought any product meant to help diminish dark circles was nothing but bs so I never tried anything for it. But hours after using it for the first time, I actuall...
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  94. Not a fan


    This ones not for me. Didn’t notice any reduction in under eye puffiness on the days I have used it.
  95. Quite effective.


    I am 60+ years old and had quite bad bags developing under my eyes so though I would try this though I had no great hopes of it working. However I do think it has reduced the bags under my eyes significantly. I don't have dark circles so can't comment on that. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes as it stings like mad - which makes me think there is definitely something active in it. The...
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  96. Pretty good, consistency is key


    This isn't a product where you use it once and it solves all your problems. I'm not sure why I thought that it would, but it does take a few weeks to see results. It is worth the wait I promise but don't have high expectations if you're not also prepared to drink more water, fruit and veg., less coffee and alcohol.

    I think if I drank less coffee and slept a bit better, I would see bet...
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  97. Amazing results


    I love how extraordinary this product is and would highly recommend it for dark circles under the eyes
  98. Dark circles be gone!


    I use it every morning and night before my skin care regime. And it works so well for me. Love the price point of the ordinary. I've had it for roughly 5 months so far, and I'm only half way through the bottle!
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