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The Ordinary "B" Oil 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 34 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.63


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The Ordinary “B” Oil is a nourishing blend of purified micro-algae, squalane and natural oils including marula, argan, rosehip and borage. It helps to support the skin's defences and protect against free radicals, all while boosting radiance and hydration. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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The Ordinary "B" Oil 30ml

The Ordinary "B" Oil 30ml

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4.5 of 34 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good for dry skin


I use this instead of a mask every week or apply over my moisturiser if my skin feels extra dry. Has a slight smell to it, but once it is on the face it isn't too bad. It looks quite thick but soaks in very well. Seems to have all the good stuff in it.

Most Helpful Criticism

A good cheap alternative


I like this oil but I don't love it. It has a bit of a smell, didnt absorb all that well into my skin each time I used it, and hasn't been as calming and hydrating for my skin as I wanted. Still a good oil if paired with a serum and moisturiser but probably won't buy again.
  1. Good for dry skin


    I use this instead of a mask every week or apply over my moisturiser if my skin feels extra dry. Has a slight smell to it, but once it is on the face it isn't too bad. It looks quite thick but soaks in very well. Seems to have all the good stuff in it.
  2. Great


    This keeps my skin moisturised and my skin isnt dry anymore
  3. Pretty good


    Great price for what you get.
    Definitely natural as it isn’t the greatest smelling product.
    Feels skin feeling hydrated but not to oily.
  4. Best oil for my super dry skin


    I’ve got very dry skin with eczema on my face but I only use this during the night as it looks a bit greasy on me even though I only use two drops on my face and one drop on my neck. I’ve only been using it for five days especially over the eczema on my face which has been reduced to almost normal skin already! I’ve started putting it on the eczematous patches all over my legs and I am just astoun...
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  5. Hydrating not too heavy


    Love this oil - I have combination skin and am prone to stress and hormonal breakouts. I use about 4-5 drops in my morning routing, never leaves my skin feeling oily or greasy. Smell isn't anything amazing but doesn't bother me.


  7. Good oil


    I love this oil, I have combo skin, and this oil absorbs quickly into my skin, I'm heavy handed, but it never leaves my skin greasy. I love that it has the added benefit of antioxidants, it doesn't really smell of fish, more like linseed oil, anyway that isn't noticeable after a minute or two.
  8. Great


    My skin can get very dry but this moisturises it. It is very lightweight and affordable. Will buy again
  9. Good!


    I thought this was incredibly nice. My skin feels great, very pleased.
  10. My skin eats this up


    I have oily skin but I like to keep it moisturised. I mix this in with my TO Natural Moisturising Factor moisturiser and my skin eats it up. I also look glowing in the morning. I also put the oil on my tattoos in the morning to brighten them up. I don't notice a smell from it either.
  11. Not my favourite but still decent


    Don’t find this overly moisturising but is great paired with moisturiser or thicker oils. Probably wouldn’t buy it again but will finish the bottle!
  12. Good but smells weird


    Nice reliable light oil, easily absorbed. In addition to using it on my face I also put a lil on my split ends, I have to say though... it smells kinda fishy.
  13. Light hydration, would recommend pairing with Marula oil


    Not a fan of the smell but this is a great to pair/alternate with Marula oil. Really good for the price but wouldn’t recommend if you’re pretty dry. Sits well under makeup and provides light hydration.
  14. A good light facial oil.


    Previously I have been using Rose Hip oil as part of my skin care regimen morning and night, but I have replaced the Rose hip oil in the morning for this “B” oil as it is lighter and easier to absorb. I like it, the smell is subtle and I feel it gives a good base for make up too as I wear mainly powders.
  15. too heavy to layer


    this B is too heavy for my skin routine

    i fully understand its an oil but it really is so dense i feel nothing would ever penetrate it i like a lighter B to use more at the start of my routine

    there are so many more oils that have more benefits than a straight B oil

    i don’t recommend it
    i have mature skin

    love alot of other products fr...
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  16. great, but that smell


    This definitely smells a little funky, so if you’re not okay with very natural smelling skincare - beware. However, I’m willing to look past the smell (reminds me of flaxseed oil) because it is a very hydrating oil. I have super dry skin that sucks up anything you put on top of it and I only need 3 drops of this oil to get me through the day. If you have combo to oily skin you may not like this as...
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  17. Great


    Its not my favorite, but I like it. The smell is not good, but it isn't bad either. But on my skin it feels like it doesn't fully absorb, and it makes it look kinda oily, but at least it doesn't leave the same feel.
  18. Great


    A few drops in my moisturizer really helps to fight dry skin.
  19. Not too greasy - moisturising and does what it says


    I have extremely dry skin which sucks up oils and still feels dry the next day.

    With this oil, my skin feels soft and supple even the next day I use it day and night with variations of The Ordinary's Vitamin C creams. My skin has started looking brighter and more glowy since I have started using the oil.
  20. Perfect light oil


    This oil is so light, I absolutely love it! My skin has been dry and patchy since I can remember, after a few weeks with this oil there’s no more patchy dry spots.
    I saw others say the smell was bad, I can’t smell anything offensive!
  21. Smells funky but feels good on my skin


    Like other reviews, I agree that this product has a "fishy" smell however it doesn't deter me from using it. I find that it doesn't really absorb into my skin and leaves it feeling quite greasy, so I only use it in the evening before going to bed. I have combination skin and I mainly put this product on the less oily areas on my face. I haven't had any breakouts since using this and it does make m...
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  22. A good cheap alternative


    I like this oil but I don't love it. It has a bit of a smell, didnt absorb all that well into my skin each time I used it, and hasn't been as calming and hydrating for my skin as I wanted. Still a good oil if paired with a serum and moisturiser but probably won't buy again.
  23. Good texture, but...


    I’ve tried all the oils on offer from the ordinary. The texture/consistency of this is sublime, it sinks in like a dream. For me though it doesn’t work as an every night option- I have experienced breakouts very time i’ve Used it more than a few nights in a row. The borage oil is a safer option for me, but I still use this occasionally.i should add that my skin is very fussy and sensitive.
  24. Incredible


    I never used to wear oils as I found them too heavy on my skin, but this is absolutely incredible. It's lightweight and I can't believe I get excited to put an OIL on at night!! This is great for those wanting an introduction into oils. I actually love the scent and the COLOUR. So so gorgeous and absolutely moisturizing at an incredible price point. GET IT!!!
  25. effective...but smelly


    I think my sensitivity to the 'herbal' odor of this oil is tainted by a period when I was (unexpectedly) pregnant! I couldn't stand the smell of this, even though it was absolutely helping my eczema. Now I don't often use it, as it's quite heavy, and my memory of the smell keeps me away (but it is definitely not as offensive to me these days) it's a great oil blend if you like to incorporate oils,...
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  26. B-eautiful!


    The Ordinary's B Oil is B-eautiful.
    Honestly. You should just buy it.

    It is non greasy and absorbs into your skin beautifully.
    Despite my original thoughts that it would leave my skin too oily to apply foundation over the top - I find it leaves my skin nourished and hydrated, creating a better base for my foundation.

    I do find that in my oily areas such as my ...
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  27. Quite moisturising


    I had recently finished my bottle of rosehip oil and decided to try out something different. For those who are afraid of facial oils and cant imagine how putting on more oil than their skin is producing will be of benefit or simply don't like the feeling on oil on the skin .. well you wont have that problem with this product. Although its an oil, it absorbs into the skin pretty rapidly, your skin ...
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  28. Sooooo good!


    Life saving product of you have dry peeling skin like me! This is so so hydrating and such a great price too
  29. Great Oil - strong smell


    I do love this oil, it sinks into my skin quickly and really absorbs rather than sitting on the surface. It leaves no residue behind and is this funky green colour. However it does smell like fish. The scent goes away after maybe ten seconds but it is quite strong initially. Not enough to deter me though!
  30. changed my mind on oils!


    I was very hesitant to try this, as I do get oil around my t zone. But, after reading reviews and knowing intellectually about all the benefits of oils, I decided to take the plunge, and I'm glad I did! this does have a slight smell as mentioned by other reviewers, however with the amount that you're using it is hardly noticeable. This bottle will last me ages only using 2-3 drops 3-4 times a week...
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  31. The perfect oil


    This oil feels very light and non-greasy, but at the same time feels very nourishing and moisturising on the skin. Pairs well with other skincare products and sits wonderfully under make-up. There's nothing I don't love about it!
  32. My Skin Hasn't Looked Better


    I'm only in my very early 20's but I've begun to develop deep smile lines because of how dry my skin is. I hadn't been using oils much up until getting this because I believed an oil I used before was clogging my pores, however since trying this my skin has been amazing!
    I wake up with soft, plump and hydrated skin. It soaks in so well, even over the top of other TO products. It smells odd b...
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  33. Best Ordinary Oil


    I've tried a few ordinary products and I love this oil. It is hydrating enough for my very dry skin, but also light enough to mix or go under my moisturiser at night or makeup in the morning. Beautifully nourishing and not as heavy as other oils. I think it would be fantastic for oilier skin as well!
  34. A deeply hydrating yet light and quickly absorbed oil


    Firstly, let me say I love face oils. Melbourne is dry and working in an air conditioned office really takes the moisture out of my skin. I use an oil every morning and after cleansing before bed. B oil is amazing for daytime use. It is light, non greasy and absorbs very quickly. It is a light green coloured oil with a mild natural scent. It is very nourishing and sits wonderfully under makeup. It...
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