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The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner

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The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner by The Beauty Chef


The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner is an exfoliant, skin hydrator and collagen booster all in one. A bio-active whole food extract created during the bio-fermentation of The Beauty Chef’s renowned Inner Beauty Powders, this revolutionary scrub is formulated using a nourishing combination of bio-fermented Certified Organic grains, seeds, grasses, fruits, algae, vegetables and herbs.

Rich in probiotics and lactic acid - an efficacious Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), this self-preserving refiner breaks down dead skin cells, helping to improve cellular turnover as it refines the skin and reveals an improved texture. The lactic acid also helps improve the natural moisturising factors within the skin, while helping to stimulate collagen production and promote a more hydrated, moisturised and plump complexion.

The Lactobacillis probiotics found in the refiner help balance the skin’s natural flora, strengthen the skin’s barrier system and boost the skin’s immune health. Additionally, bio-fermented lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin, increases the skin’s natural moisturising abilities and stimulates collagen synthesis. The Beauty Chef’s Probiotic Skin Refiner can be used as part of your daily beauty routine.

Suitable for dull skin, ageing, fine lines, dehydrated skins, congested skin.

Key Benefits: 

  • Breaks down dead skin cells

  • Improves cellular turnover

  • Refines the skin and improves texture

  • Improves signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots

  • Firms skin and promotes collagen

  • Strengthens the skin's barrier

  • Increases natural moisturising factors in the skin

The Beauty Chef products are not available for shipping outside Australia.

Caution: All of The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Products are totally natural, highly nutritious, food-based supplements. 
However, because there hasn’t been any studies that specifically show them to be safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding, we are not at this stage able to recommend their use during these times. We advise that you seek the advice of your health care practitioner before taking.

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Great - 07-01-2019 by

This is an amazing toner!! Made such an improvement in my overall skin texture and helped with the pigmentation.. love it

A miracle for my skin - 26-11-2018 by

I used a bottle of this a while ago and din't re-buy until after a few months of running out which is when I really noticed this is a miracle worker.
I use it at night after cleansing - it makes my skin so soft and gives that extra light exfoliation.
I generally have good skin but this gives it an extra boost.
I use this in conjunction with the beauty chef glow powder.

Great - 22-10-2018 by

Love that its all natural ingredients and helps to keep my skin clear and smooth

Am I the only one who doesn't like this? - 11-10-2018 by

I am a HUGE fan or Carla's glow, cleanse and protein powders, however I was really disappointed with the skin care products. Looking at the reviews I seem to be in the minority though. I have really sensitive skin, and this tingled uncomfortably on my skin. I persisted, but didn't experience any improvement in my skin, and after two weeks of use I actually found my skin had started to dry out. I'll stick to the inner beauty products!

Soft on Skin - 07-09-2018 by

This is a gentle and beautiful refiner. Feels soft on the skin, and really does what it says...refines! The appearance, and the readiness for applying moisturiser after using it makes it my go to for refreshment and gentleness. Love it as part of my beauty routine for my skin.

wow - 27-07-2018 by

This works wonders. My skin feelers firmer and looks brighter after just a few weeks using the product. Pigmentation is noticeably reduced. I love the slightly sour smell, not overpowering and just means it's full of fermented prebiotic goodness!

Worth every penny! - 24-07-2018 by

I don't usually bother with toner on my skin regime but I decided to try The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner from reading a beauty blog's review. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I'm happy to say that my skin has improved dramatically. My skin looks dewy and plump and the fine lines on my eyes and lips is less noticeable. I apply it using my hands so the product is not wasted (it's not cheap!) after cleansing and before moisturiser every day and night.

AMAZING - 25-02-2018 by

I have only used this product for 4 days and am totally amazed how soft and smooth my skin already feels any pores have almost disappeared! One word to describe this product AMAZING!!

A superb product - 14-08-2017 by

I have been using this product over the past year and it is the best skin product I have found! After using it for a couple of days I see an improvement in the texture of my skin - it just looks softer and seems to glow from within. I know it's expensive but it does last for a couple of months. I love it!

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