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Skinstitut Retinol 30ml

4.6 of 335 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Help prevent the signs of ageing with Skinstitut Retinol, a high-intensity serum used to smooth skin and promote cell renewal. Retinol, also known as vitamin A, is a powerful nutrient which helps to increase collagen and elastin production, leaving skin looking firmer, clearer and with a more even skin tone.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Apply a pea sized amount every other evening, building up to every evening on clean dry skin

  • Gently stroke outwardly in a circular motion, gradually spreading onto entire face, neck and chest

  • Avoid the eye area

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Skinstitut Retinol

Skinstitut Retinol

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4.6 of 335 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Everyone needs a retinol


I've been using retinols for years now and after a while I wanted a more affordable retinol that still performed as well as my more expensive retinol purchases. I am so happy that this is so affordable and it is just as good as the $100+ retinols I was using. So it definitely performs and delivers the same goodness to my skin. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a great product with a great price point.

Most Helpful Criticism



It has a good consistency that dries really quickly but I hate the smell and the packaging. Probably I will not buy again
  1. Everyone needs a retinol


    I've been using retinols for years now and after a while I wanted a more affordable retinol that still performed as well as my more expensive retinol purchases. I am so happy that this is so affordable and it is just as good as the $100+ retinols I was using. So it definitely performs and delivers the same goodness to my skin. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a great product with a great price point.
  2. Works wonders for skin renewal!


    Have been using this product for a couple of months now and have certainly noticed a renewed quality to my skin. Smell isn't overpowering. Small packaging, wish more came in it!
  3. The best treatment for uneven texture/scarring


    yeesss, I love skinstitut's retinol. I had hormonal acne for a while and whilst I have cleared that up I have some residual scarring and uneven texture, just a week in to this I can already see a difference. it is a great addition to the skincare routine for anti-ageing aswell. do yourself a favour and try this!
  4. Ok


    It has a good consistency that dries really quickly but I hate the smell and the packaging. Probably I will not buy again
  5. Actually works!!!!


    I felt a difference the first time i used this and saw a difference the secnd time. Love their range
  6. Great very effective product!


    I've been using this for 6 weeks and it works so well in reducing fine lines and making my skin appear clearer. Mix with vitamin c powder for more enhanced effect on the skin. I use the Retinol serum 1-2 times per week.
  7. Not a game changer


    I have emptied 3 bottles of this and i even added the vitamin C from this range but i never see any changes. The bottle is small and it only lasted me for a month. I did try to like this product but never see any changes so i always give it a go but this time i am not buying it again..
  8. Magic!


    Best addition to my skin care routine. I use every night before bed and wake up with the softest skin. My pores have reduced heaps. Stings for about 5 second but other then that it’s perfect
  9. Works well


    This retinol serum works well in my daily skincare routine. It feels nice on the face and keeps my skin nice and soft.
  10. great addition to my skin care routine


    I’ve just started using this in my skin care routine and so far i’m liking the change in my skins appearance, i’m 46 and wish i started using this years ago. i use it every second night with no problems so far, . I use the alpha h liquid gold on alternative night and use vit c serum the mornings and this seems to work for my skin. , just ordered the anti aging kit in this brand and looking forward to seeing the results from the use of all products. i also apply Simple moisturiser on top of retinol after about an hour this seems to stop my skin drying out from the retinol. would highly recommend if you have aging, pigmented skin as i’m already seeing my freckles slightly fading after a short time using this product, so looking forward to long term use results.
  11. Great Product!


    Great very effective product! Mix with vitamin c powder for more enhanced effect on the skin. I use the Retinol serum 1-2 times per week. I apply it at night before bed and the next morning my skin is always healthy and glowing. It also plumps any fine lines/wrinkles out of the skin.
  12. Is it good ?


    I have been using this product for a few weeks. I can't say that it's bad because it doesn't sting or anything. Does it do anything in the long run? So far I haven't noticed a difference but maybe I need to keep using and see. I like the packaging but sometimes it leaks when you open it
  13. Visible improvement in 2 weeks


    This retinol serum works so well in reducing fine lines and making my skin appear clearer. Expect to purge for a couple of weeks, that just means the retinol is working! This product will always be a staple in my skincare regimen.
  14. Excellent produce for ageing skin


    Have been using for around 6 weeks and can see a huge improvement in my skin tone and less breakouts.
  15. Pretty good


    I find this pretty good for my skin, it helps clear and plumps my skin
  16. Amazing retinol


    Hands down, the best retinol available. I rediscovered this product recently and don't know why I stopped using it. Will continue to use and repurchase.
  17. Good retinol


    I use this every second night. My skin looks nice in the morning afterwards. I think my skin texture has improved as well. Great price too
  18. Great!


    I use this every second night with vitamin C powder and I have found that it has reduced my breakouts
  19. Affordable and works!


    I love the skinstitut range and this retinol cream is brilliant. Great price, my skin can be really sensitive to certain products but I have never had a reaction with this cream. My skin feels clearer and more radiant using this.
  20. Less fine lines


    I’ve been using Retinol for about 6 months and feel that I have less fine lines. I can’t turn back the age clock but by using Retinol I feel that I am definitely slowing it down.
  21. No. 1 fan of Skinstitut Retinol


    I am 54 and have been using Skinstitut Retinol for over two years and found this vitamin A product an invaluable tool to target fine lines. Always ensure you use sunscreen while using retinol in order to reap the benefits... a definite must have and winner!
  22. Good step up from The Ordinary Retinol


    I purchased this as I needed a good step-up in terms of strength of retinol from The Ordinary range I was using.
    Retinol in general is quite drying on my skin, so I was using this every 3rd night with moisturiser and Vitamin C and has been working quite the treat, even with my dry skin.
    Just don't over-do it!
  23. Excellent product


    Since beginning to use this product I have noticed an improvement in my skins texture and it has reduced my breakouts, I find it to be a excellent product. It is a great price point and lasts ages. Welcome addition to any skin care routine.
  24. Plump skin


    This is great after cleansing, makes my skin feel so plump and dewy afterward
  25. Good serum


    This has helped keep spots away and gives my skin a nice glow
  26. Bought this for my mum and she loves it


    This is my mums first retinol product and she is really liking it! Bonus that it was on sale when I purchased it for her also.
  27. Satisfied


    This product has made my skin a lot more radiant, smoother and has reduced some fine lines!
  28. Results!!!


    Finally a product that really works! I’ve only been using this for the last 5 days every 2nd night but I feel like every time I use it I wake to clearer, brighter, smoother skin - just love this stuff! Only down side is it is quite drying
  29. Great product


    I use retinol for my cystic acne this one is super affordable and works well for the price
  30. Happy I found this product


    I noticed a difference in my hormonal acne after just 2 uses. It is very drying though.
  31. Best I’ve used


    I used this retinol as recommended by my beauty therapist. It improved the pigmentation of my skin and evened out the skin surface. The bottle lasted months. When I ran out, I thought I’d try a different brand. I wish I hadn’t, because it has very minimal effect compared to the Skinstitut retinol. Will definitely be purchasing this one again in future.
  32. Skinstitut Retinol


    Have seen an improvement with my skin especially reducing my pore size. This is one of the stronger retinols you can buy. I use it every other night.
  33. Great Product


    This serum has really improved the texture and pigmentation in my skin. It can be a little sensitive to use at first, so ease into it. Well worth the price point!
  34. Helped with acne


    Yeah this has worked alright for me. I don’t know if I should be using it as frequently as I do, because I have had a few reactions. Other than that it’s helped my acne a lot. Which I’m very happy about!!
  35. Amazing serum


    This was the first product with retinol and haven't stopped using for 2 years.
    It keeps my skin so fresh and great for acne prone skin like myself.
    Only thing I can fault is that it can be a little drying on existing dry patches.
    Apart from that its great as an evening serum along with other moisturisers
  36. Great product for acne


    I really love this product. I started using on march 2019. I can really say that it has made a huge difference on my skin on my acne and acne marks . I am on my second tube at this moment.
  37. Has really helped my acne!


    I've been struggling on and off with acne for a long time and I think I've finally found a solid cure in retinol. This one is amazing. I recommend patch testing first, as retinol can be quite intense when you first start using it.
  38. Bomb!


    I had bought this product along with the micropeel a year ago and I didn't have any acne issues, and didn't take this seriously. Cut to now: I have had hormonal acne and scarring and did some research and brought it out of my drawers. My skin is living again, the pimples have slowed down within 2 weeks of using it. Scarring is fading( although still there). I mix this with the vitamin c powder that I just bought and skin feels so fresh. There is something these products do for sure, I can't pin point what! I am happy, although I do have to wait to see all scarring to go.
  39. Improved skin pigmentation.


    I have combination skin and acne when i was younger so I have lots of acne scars. This helped my skin heal after micro-needling treatment and it also reduced my pigmentation as well. The only reason I give this product 4 stars is because there is a burning, hot sensation after I apply it.
  40. Fantastic for truly works!


    Skinstitut retinol lives up to its claims. My pigmentation has disappeared within 4 weeks. Definitely will continue to buy this product because it works, it's great value and Australian made!
  41. Amazing!!!!


    This has change my skin dramatically. I apply every second night with the Skinstitut vitamin c. My skin looks more even, brighter and clearer. A must have for me!
  42. Perseverance


    I have been using this product for about a month and have noticed a huge difference in the texture and pigmentation on my cheeks. At night I mix in the skinstitut vitamin c powder.
  43. ride or die


    this healed my acne spots so quickly and made my skin so smooth
  44. Kept my skin clear


    I used this retinol every second night until the bottle was empty and definitely found an improvement in my skin tone and texture. I was breaking out a lot less when I was using this product regularly and will repurchase
  45. It works


    I have been using this retinol every night for a month and I already noticed my acne scars and pigmentation has faded. Love the results and will definitely repurchase.
  46. noticeably improved skin


    I've been using this for about 6 weeks and my skin is noticeably better, a lot less dull and has a glow to it. Will buy again :)
  47. My go to!


    I love this product so much!

    I have bad hormonal acne, I turned to the skinsitute scrub in conjunction with this retinol serum and have never looked back.

    I use this product twice a day.

    I noticed a difference in my skin within 14 days.
  48. Amazing


    Love the brand, love this product. Easy to apply, doesn’t feel sticky or too heavy. Has a lovely, subtle scent and truly works wonders for my skin.
  49. Love this! Skin feels amazing


    This product is really really good for a weekly treatment before bed to keep your skin soft and clear. Been using it for over a year to minimise my scars and they’ve faded a lot! Only thing is, the liquid over time has gone a strange consistency that has sort of melted so when you squeeze it out it is messy.
  50. Love this


    I’m 45 with sun damaged skin fair skin and I feel this makes a noticeable difference to my skin. Makes it smoother and fine lines are less noticeable. I use it every nite with skinstinuit vit c powder and I add a drop or 2 of face oil to it and it’s perfect. I think you have to build up to using it each nite...
  51. Good


    This product has helped clear some of my light acne scars and it leaves my skin looking smooth. I only use this a few days a week though as it can be a bit harsh on the skin
  52. Love it


    Have been using this for almost 6 months now. Noticed that my pigmentation and acne scars are less noticeable and my face and fine lines are generally filled out. Also the texture is nice and hydrating. Use this with the vitamin c powder and it’s a winner!
  53. Immediate effects!!


    I have been using the Skinstitut retinol only for a couple of weeks alternate nights with TO Vit C and my skin is already brighter and fuller with each use. It does sometimes feel a little itchy so I would recommend only using a couple of times a week until your skin adapts but overall am very impressed.
  54. Great product


    Have been using this for over a year and it’s great for acne prone skin! Not too sure if it really fades or helps with acne scarring but definitely helps clear the skin up
  55. Smooth Silky Skin


    Love the texture and smell of this!
    It has really helped the texture of my skin however I do think it my not be as strong as some other options out there. I kind of like that however it is comforting to my skin and pares well with a less frequent intensive treatment.
  56. Good retinol product!!


    I’ve used a few different retinol products and this is one of my favourites. I have oily skin and some minor breakouts which this helps with a lot! Keeps my skin nice and smooth!
  57. Amazing


    Integral part of my night routine - I use it under the ASAP night cream on alternating nights to Alpha-H Liquid Gold.
    Keeps my skin clear and fresh, and seems to be helping with pigmentation.
  58. So far so good!


    I've only been using this serum for a few weeks, slowly building myself up to get my skin used to it but so far I'm really happy with it! I've noticed on the nights I use this serum the next morning my skin looks much clearer and feels much smoother, so i'm looking forward to seeing what continued use produces! Love Skinstitut I haven't found a product of theirs I dont love
  59. It's no ride or die, but nice enough!


    I have oily, acne prone skin and this did help to settle blemishes a little bit. The formula is a light gel and has a natural, botanical smell. It's comfortable on the skin and dries down quite well without being too sticky. I found that if I used it night after night, my skin got a little bit irritated so I would stick to the recommended 2-3 uses per week. I did notice that when I woke up the next day after applying, I was considerably more oily than normal. Overall, not bad for a retinol and I definitely noticed that it calmed down redness and seemed to help blemishes heal more quickly. It didn't stop the acne, but helped to even my complexion and stopped my skin from looking so angry. After a month of regular use to test it out, I don't find myself reaching for the Skinstitut Retinol regularly but I like to apply it every now and then to help tone down the appearance of an acne flare up! If you're looking to try out a retinol, this is a great one to start out with as it's relatively well-priced, quite gentle when used according to instructions, and you will notice a difference!
  60. Helped with break outs


    This helped me so much with my break out prone skin!kept it at bay
  61. Acne scars


    I suffer from pigmentation and have acne prone skin. Ive been using this product for 4 weeks now and can say my skin is brighter, the pigmentation from acne scarring has gone lighter and slowly fading away. Although, i will say in the first 2 weeks of using it, it did cause a bit of flaking around my mouth and nose (even though I started off using it twice a week) but now it’s smoother and feels like I’ve got new skin. Would definitely recommend!!
  62. Keep coming back


    I have used this product on and off for years and just keep coming back to it. I have normal but very blemish prone skin. It has definitely helped with keeping break outs at bay, even my hormonal ones! The consistency is very lightweight and fast absorbing. Giving it 4 stars because the packaging can be difficult to work with and sometimes too much product comes out and even after all these years, I still have trouble getting out just the right amount.
  63. Love this product


    After having a break to try another product I have come back to this product I forgot how good it was am loving this product more than ever
  64. Harsh on sensitive skin


    Abit harsh on the skin. Good if your skin isn’t that sensitive’


    I used to buy this product regularly but I wanted to try one of The Ordinary's retinols because I had heard good things.
    So I tried there 0.5% Retinol in Squalane - and was seriously dissatisfied (the texture was so oily and would sit on top of the skin).
    That experience made me realise how truly amazing this Skinstitut Retinol I am coming straight back to it!
    The texture of this serum is fantastic - is absorbs brilliantly. It has got lots of other fabulous ingredients which meant that whenever I used it I would wake up the next morning with smooth, plump skin. Also, it kept any blemishes at bay.
    Would recommend to anyone!
  66. Great Everyday Retinol


    I have used different serums and retinols before, having loved some and had reactions to some also. This one has been a pleasure to use! Its light and medium type thickness, soaks in beautifully and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. When I wake in the morning my 39 yr old skin feels like a baby's bum! Love It :)
  67. great


    i use this twice a week at night. you can see the differences in the morning. Strongly recommend if you have ageing skin. Great price point too.
  68. Love this


    This product makes my skin feel wonderful. I’m 49 and have only started using this products in the last few years and has become a must. I love the skinstitut brand and buy their products for my teenage daughter. Very effective and affordable
  69. Makes my skin feel amazing!


    This product makes my skin feel so soft and amazing. I use every other night and have noticed less spots since using. Price for a retinol product is A+
  70. Love this Retinol!


    I usually mix this product with the Skinstitut Vitamin C powder & it works amazingly together! I can see an improvement on my skin after a short time of using it already!
    Make sure you don't apply too much though as this product is very potent - it work great with my sensitive skin too and my skin seems to love it. I would recommend this product to all
  71. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Product.


    I can't believe how clean my face feels. Highly recommended this product in addition to the addition products form the brand.
    You won't be disappointed.
    I really like the instructions this product has on the packaging. The info on the website really assisted with my picking the products that I needed.

    Very happy.
  72. good product for sensitive skin


    really great quality retinol, has helped reduce the fine lines around my eyes within a month or two
  73. First time user and couldn't be happier


    Currently 28 years old and looking step my skin care regime to include more corrective treatments. Decided the skinstitut retinol would be a great starting point and I couldn't be happier I noticed a change in my skin within a few uses not to heavy on my skin. No over powering scent.
  74. Amazing


    I’ve had some hormonal pimples coming up along my jawline so I decided to give this a go.
    The next day the pimples seemed like they had reduced in size quite a lot, and by day 2 they were completely gone.
    When you put this on you can feel it actively working! But definitely need sun care the next day - When I don’t reapply my sunscreen early enough, I can feel my skin getting hot after using this the night before.
  75. It is a good product.


    I use a stronger retinol when I was dramatic results, but I use this one to maintain results until my skin plays up again. It feels nice on the skin and I use it every night with no problems. Their Gycolic facial wash I use a few times a week. Their vitamin C is a great price to add to this product too. I will always continue to use their products!
  76. Plump and even skin when I wake up


    I use this product every night as it really helps keep my skin clear, even and plump. I love the feel of this product when applying, it's so smooth and sinks in very nicely. I can't believe how low the price is for this product considering how well it works. This is probably my favourite step in my night time routine.
  77. Definitely worth the money


    Such a great product... I use this once or twice a week before bed, wash It off in the morning and my skin feels amazing.
    Definitely a go to profile xx
  78. Best retinol


    I've been using this for years and would never try another! It's not too strong on the skin and perfect for combination skin
  79. High potency retinol for a great price


    Shrinks pores, tones skin and keeps those fine lines at bay.
    I absolutely love this product and will buy it over and over
  80. Feels like a face lift


    Lifts and tightens skins, pores appear smaller
  81. Love This


    Great for clearing acne and scars! Creates a bright and even skin tone
  82. Favourite Products


    I use this a few times a week before bed and my skins feels so fresh and clear once i wash it in the morning
  83. Nice product


    I have been using this product for about 2 months now, every other night mixed with the Vitamin C powder and my skin looks really fresh and plump in the morning. It is also good at keeping blemishes at bay. I will definitely keep using.
  84. Helped stubborn issues


    I've been using this retinol for about 5 weeks, every other day. While I haven't seen many dramatic results my textured skin has smoothed quite a bit even in this relatively short time.

    The major yes moment I had with this is with stubborn whiteheads. I had 1 quite randomly appear in each cheek about a year ago, and nothing had gotten rid of them. After 4 weeks of using this I woke up one day and one had entirely disappeared, the skin was flat and quite red, but this disappeared about 4 days later, while the other is far less obvious, flattening quite a bit.

    If you're struggling with texture or whiteheads I would definitely recommend giving this a go, particularly for the low price point!
  85. Smells Incredible


    The Retinol serum is a beautiful product- it feels great on my skin and smell amazing! just be careful around the eyes as it can dry out the thin part of your skin, but otherwise this product is highly recommended.
  86. Great!


    Love this product , shrinks pores, wrinkles, lines etc
    Tones skin nicely. No complaints! Will buy again
  87. Great to use at night before bed


    I like this retinol. I have used other brands which I prefer over this one. I use it nightly before bed. Not sure if I have noticed a major difference in my skin. But I am always up for new products to try
  88. Actually works


    This product has really settled my inflamed skin and works well with the other skinstitut products. Will continue to use as I have gotten the best results from this!
  89. Cleared stubborn whiteheads


    I've been using this retinol, mixed with the ordinart vitamin c for about 4 weeks as I have had 2 completely stubborn whiteheads, one on each cheek for about 2 years (I know, but nothing worked). I decided to given retinol a try post pregnacy before visiting a dermatologist.

    I wouldn't usually review skincare after a month but I woke up this morning and one of these bumps had just ... disappeared, leaving a very small pimple which is almost gone now.

    If youre struggling with bumps or acne i would defintely recommend trying these two together (start slow). Be persistent though as things may get worse before they improve,

  90. Great starting product for introduction to retinol


    This is the first retinol product that I used for a while before moving on to stronger products. It’s great for people just starting out on retinol so I’d definitely recommend it for first timers!
  91. Basic product


    This product is good if you are just maintaining your already clear skin, but if you have problem areas then this is not strong enough. Also the lid leaks.
  92. Perfect place to start with retinol


    Recently switched to skinstitute product. This is the perfect retinol cream to start with. I love mixing in the vitamin c powder at night and have found it has improved the texture of my skin. Have repurchase a second tube but will properly try something stronger when the second runs out
  93. Very Effective!


    This Retinol serum does a fantastic job at clearing up my hard to treat acne. It has also been great at healing my acne scars as well. I got recommended this by my skin therapist and I haven't looked back! It has done wonders for my skin and isn't too strong for my sensitive skin.
  94. GREAT


    I have acenic skin, I brought the product because I heard retinol reduces breakouts and evens out skin and this product definately does! Would recommend to anyone with acneic skin.
  95. Cult favourite


    Skinstitut products especially this retinol formula, are my absolute favourite. This product really fades and prevents pigmentation incredibly fast and quite noticeably. One of my favourite products
  96. Great product


    Love this product. I noticed an improvement in my skin very quickly
  97. Transformed my skin


    I had tiny little bumps on my forehead for ages, and no matter what product I used they would never go away. Until I found skinstitut retinol - honestly fixed up these tiny blemishes literally overnight. Now my skin has so much luminosity and smoothness, I will never stop using this product.
  98. Very gentle retinol


    This is much more gentle than the retinol given to me by my dermatologist. This meant isn’t caused much lesson side effects like flaking skin but I wasn’t sure how much it was helping with my sun damaged skin?
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