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Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser 200ml

4.6 of 333 reviews

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Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser

Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser

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4.6 of 333 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love my L-Lactic
I have ageing skin, and this is by far the best cleanser I've ever used. Lathers and cleanses so beautifully, leaves my skin feeling fresh and smells divine.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me
Would not reccomend this one if you have sensitive skin - unfortunatley caused more congestion and breakouts for me so with stick with my Skinstitute Gentle Cleanser!
  1. Love my L-Lactic

    I have ageing skin, and this is by far the best cleanser I've ever used. Lathers and cleanses so beautifully, leaves my skin feeling fresh and smells divine.
  2. A bathroom staple for me!

    I love this cleanser! When I started a new beauty routine this was one of the first products I bought and it's perfect. I use it every morning and the Skinstitute Gentle Cleanser at night and I definitely think it helped clear blemishes.
    You only need a small amount and I like the smell of it. Plus such a big bottle lasts quite a while - perfect for a daily product!
  3. Gentle and refreshing

    Removes make up, and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or ripped from all its goodness! I will definitely be buying again.
  4. Great cleanser

    Loving this as one of my chemical exfoliants (I don’t touch physical ones) it’s gentle on skin (mine can be quite sensitive) my skin feels great after
  5. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Product.

    I can't believe how clean my face feels. Highly recommended this product in addition to the addition products form the brand.
    You won't be disappointed.
  6. Gentle

    I dont have sensitive skin but I do get breakouts on my chin and usually any cleanser I use on that area stings, not this one. Its so gentle that even on fresh breakouts it doesn't sting or irritate. Also cleanses the rest of my face without making it feel dry.
  7. Fantastic gentle (but effective) cleanser

    I am prone to getting dry skin -, especially in Melbourne's winter each year. This cleanser is gentle on my skin but very effective. You only need a tiny bit as a little goes a long way. My skin feels fresh and clean and soft after use. I received this as a GWP and I'm hooked. I like to follow this up with a serum, night cream, and rose hip oil. My skin appears plumper and I have a nice glow the next morning when I wake up. I highly recommend this one! Great value for money too!
  8. My skin loves this stuff

    My skin responded really well to this cleanser. I feel like it gives a great clean and a little goes a long way - only criticism is that the bottle is a bit hard to use. It's a struggle to get the lid open and then HEAPS comes out if you're not careful so best not to open it while holding it upside down.

    I have quite delicate and sensitive skin, but I don't get any sensitivity from this product and it didn't sting when I accidentally got some in my eyes (although I still would not use this for removing eye makeup). It has earned its place in my regular routine for sure!
  9. Ok for the price

    This worked well for me for quite a few months, my skin was definitely clearer and smoother. However my skin started to get used to it and it isn’t working as well for me now.
  10. Not for me

    Would not reccomend this one if you have sensitive skin - unfortunatley caused more congestion and breakouts for me so with stick with my Skinstitute Gentle Cleanser!
  11. Cant recommend enough

    I use this cleanser daily at night with the 'face halo' makeup remover and I couldn't recommend it enough. It doesn't make my skin feel dry but also leaves that nice cleansed tight feeling on the skin. I also find that if I have sensitive breakout areas on the skin it doesn't irritate them or sting my skin. A small amount goes a long way with this cleanser.
  12. Not suited for sensitive skin!

    Really disappointed in this product, its not suited to sensitive skin. It caused my skin to break out and become itchy and red.
  13. Hydrating cleanser!

    Such a hydrating cleanser, i was very surprised at the quality as the price is super affordable! I have a normal to oily skin type and was happy this didnt cause my skin to break out at all. You only need a tiny bit as well so the cleanser lasts a long time! A great investment if youre looking at changing your skin cleanser!!!
  14. Great product. Poor packing distribution.

    Great cleanser for dry skin. I use it daily in the shower. The ONLY issue with it is way more than a pea size blob comes out. Packaging that has a more controlled exit of the product would be great to make it last so much longer.
  15. Great, affordable cleanser!

    I switched to this cleanser because of the affordable price and wasn’t expecting much, but was surprisingly shocked at how good the quality of this cleanser is! Made my skin very soft and supple, and removed makeup well - I did find that I needed two washes to feel super clean though. A little goes a long way so I find these cleansers last for ages too! Didn’t break out my normal/oily skin
  16. A great “clean” feel cleanser for dry skin

    I have normal to dry skin and am always reccomended a cream cleanser but I don’t like the sensation of residue on my skin. This provides a clean skin sensation and eliminates makeup (when I double cleanse) without stripping away all the natural oils. I generally am a bit of a cleanser floozy and don’t settle on one type or brand but I can see myself repurchasing this.
  17. Very surprised with the cleanser

    It doesn't leave my skin dry at all and the result is very fresh
  18. LOVE!

    Really gentle and hydrating cleanser.
  19. Best daily cleanser

    I use this every morning and night! It’s fantastic for washing away a full face of make up and definitely helps keep my hormonal skin under control (with use of other skinstitut products).
  20. Too drying and breakout

    I really wanted to love this after all the amazing reviews but it was far too drying for my skin,even though I have combination skin with a very oily t-zone. It also made me breakout badly (not just new product/skin clearing-out but large, under the skin pimples). Also,the product is very running and so it's hard to control the amount the comes out of the tube (a pump bottle might be better).
  21. Calming

    By far my favourite cleanser. It smells incredible and really makes my skin feel cleansed. I use the face halo with this.
  22. Good cleanser, but there are better options for oily skin

    This is a good cleanser and it does what it claims to. My skin feels smooth, fresh and very clean after using it. However, I do have some criticism:

    - It's a little runny and thin so I find myself using more of this per wash than some of the other skinstitut products.
    - If you have oily skin, this product may not be strong enough. I prefer the Skinstitut glycolic acid cleanser and scrub.
  23. Best cleanser on the market!

    I have been using this product for about a year, morning and night..
    It is amazing! Keeps my skin clear of break outs and keeps it looking clean and bright.
    I use the glycolic scrub twice a week to compliment this and my skin has never been better
  24. Soooo good!

    This is the best cleanser I have ever used! It leaves my skin properly cleansed, lightly exfoliated, super soft and hydrated!
  25. Wow

    I got this in my 'goodie bag' last week and wow! I've got really sensitive sensitive skin so I thought that this would be way to astringent for my skin type. Not at all. My skin is glowing! I'll definitely be buying a full sized one when this runs out. Love it.
  26. Best Cleanser I have ever used!

    Since using this cleanser, I have absolutely loved it! I have sensitive skin and was recommended this product by a dermatologist. My skin is combination oily and dry and my skin has been pretty perfect ever since using it. Hardly any breakouts and I work out quite frequently so it keeps my skin clear. Would definitely recommend!
  27. Awesome cleanser

    This is by far my favourite cleanser ever. I absolutely love this! My skin gets a super deep clean without stripping it completely. I love it!
  28. Holy grail cleanser

    I have been using this cleanser for years! I use this cleanser once-twice per day followed by other skinstitut products. It leaves my skin bright and clean
  29. A Beautiful Cleanser

    This is such a beautiful cleanser. Its gentle and removes makeup beautifully and completely if used twice otherwise just one wash is enough for beautiful, clean, smooth skin. My skin is normal to dry and never feels dry after using this product. Its the level of clean and smooth I love. This big 200ml tube will last because only a pea size is required for each wash. I lather it up in my hands first and it expands and then massage over my face, neck, chest and shoulders. Using anymore than a pea size is a complete waste of product.
    I highly recommend the L-Lactic cleanser.
  30. A Beautiful Cleanser

    This is such a beautiful cleanser. Its gentle and removes makeup beautifully and completely if used twice otherwise just one wash is enough for beautiful, clean, smooth skin. My skin is normal to dry and never feels dry after using this product. Its the level of clean and smooth I love. This big 200ml tube will last because only a pea size is required for each wash. I lather it up in my hands first and it expands and then massage over my face, neck, chest and shoulders. Using anymore than a pea size is a complete waste of product.
    I highly recommend the L-Lactic cleanser.
  31. Amazing!

    I was recommended this product by a friend after suffering the first really bad break out i've had in years. I've used it for over a year since - This leaves my combination skin feeling clean without being stripped and has reduced hormonal acne and reddening.
  32. Best cleanser

    I have struggled with adult ace/breakouts for 2 years and when I found skinstitut it changed everything.
    This cleanser is the best! I found my breakouts to reduce hugely. I was using it every night. It also makes my skin feel so smooth after.
  33. Love this cleanser for problem skin

    I have always had really good skin, but all of a sudden (now at 33) I am breaking out more than ever and as a result my skin is scarring. I wanted to get a suite of products that was going to help my problem skin, and this product was recommended to be by the Adore Beauty team (through their product advisors). Since I started using it, my breakouts are getting less and less, and I love the texture of this cleanser. Every time I use it I feel like I am doing good for my skin. A little bit more expensive than chemist cleansers but it's so worth it!
  34. Amazing

    This is my go to cleanser - helps keep my skin under control - lasts forever and such a good price!!
  35. Great Cleanser

    I bought a travel sized version of this cleanser to try and I loved it!!! It's not drying at all - despite being a gel cleanser with added acids. I would buy the full sized version in a heart beat!
  36. Wow this is amazing

    I usually use the ASAP gentle daily cleanser, I have been hooked on that for years. I received a sample of this cleanser and I was happy as I had been eyeing it off but had no reason to change from asap.

    I have been using the skinstitut l lactic cleanser in the mornings and it has made my face smooth and glowy without irritation or peeling. I like the milky texture as it feels hydrating, I usually have to rush to get my moisturiser on but not after this.

    I have combination skin that can be quite reactive but this did not irritate at all. Another quality product from skinstitut.
  37. One of my staples

    Love love this cleanser. I’ve been using it for years. Not only is it effective, it’s such a great price and it lasts me months!
  38. one of my go to facial cleansers

    I have used this product as apart of my nightly skin care routine for over 4 years. I find this product to leave my skin feeling refreshed and unclogged when I do use. I like to use this product when I notice breakout. This reduces the redness & I find it helps stop the breakout. I love that the smell is minimal.
  39. ..

    Deep cleansing, without drying the skin leaving it smooth. Used this for a few months I purchased the starter pack which came with a 50ml size. I was shocked with how long it lasted. I don’t get as many black heads any more and will continue using this cleanser.
  40. Better than gentle cleanser

    I have an emotional, combination sensitive skin and easily get offended by any scrubs or grained cleansers.

    Surprisingly, L-Lactic cleanser has the exfoliation effect but you can't really feel it on your skin.

    LOVE IT and Im finger crossed it will be THE cleanser for me
  41. Works better with night routine for me

    I like it more when I use it in my night routine and in the morning when I wash my face the feeling is amazing on my skin.

    I haven't feel the WOW on my skin during day after the morning routine.
  42. Super luxe

    I’m a big fan of skinstitute and this product is another winner. I have super sensitive skin and this doesn’t cause my usual post-shower tender, red blotches or dry my skin out during the day like the glycolic cleanser does.

    It’s gentle enough for me to use every day - winner.
  43. Foaming cleanse

    This cleanser is fantastic doesn’t dry out my skin and I feel so refreshed afterwards
  44. LOvE

    Such a good cleanse it does what it says, doesn't dry my skin out it leaves my skin soft and glowing !!
  45. Holy grail product!

    I have used this cleanser/range for a year and a half, repurchased this particular cleanser 3 times. Prior to using the skinstitut range I had congested, blotchy, inflamed skin with painful hormonal breakouts.

    After using this range I have near year round clear skin. The confidence to go out barefaced and actually enjoy taking off my makeup and looking after my skin now.

    The brand website has a really handy quiz to assess your specific skin needs and then recommend a regime/products to you. Adore Beauty is the cheapest stockist I’ve found of the range so also highly recommend getting your goodies here! :)
  46. Love it

    Love this cleanser, . The bottle lasts for months only need to use a little bit each time.
  47. Bad to worse

    Made me break out aloooot and for a very long time. I tried to hang In there with it for a month and a half with no progress :(
  48. Beautiful for the skin

    Leaves my skin so clear and fresh! It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used.
  49. Gentle on skin

    I found this cleanser to be so gentle on my skin. Even on areas where I break out and usually get irritated by cleansers this one didn't. Really happy with how big the cleanser bottle is too I only had to use a small few drops that soaped up well and cleansed my entire face. I also have been using this with the face halo washer.
  50. Good for irregular use on dry, sensitive skin

    I add this product in when I need a deeper clean than the gentle cleanser. It’s too harsh for everyday isn’t but great for a weekly more thorough clean
  51. Sqweeky clean

    This cleanser is great ! It always leaves your skin feeling very refreshed and clean whilst hydrating at the same time. It’s a staple for me
  52. 10/10

    I am a true believer of this product. I was suffering from adult / hormonal acne and didn’t know where to go after trying so many products, I gave this a go. Yes, my skin “purged” and after that initial period, my skin is so clear and never better. I confidently go out make up free and it’s because of this product. Thank you
  53. Really love it - great for more sensitive skin

    Love this face wash, it is hydrating and more gentle for sensitive skin than the glycolic cleaner. A definite favourite
  54. Skinstitut

    I started using this product and about 5 others from the Skinstitut range about a year ago, and have never looked back since. Out of no where i had a severe case of cystic-looking acne (previously having reasonably clear skin), that was so painful and inflamed that i would wake up crying because of the pressure of placing my face on my pillow. I was recommended Skinstitut from a friend, and as soon as i got into a routine i noticed an immense difference. It took a few months, so dont expect to see immediate results, and sometimes your skin might get worse before it gets better, but i strongly believe that this range set my skin straight again. Since then i use all 6 products religiously. I do find that purchasing replacements leaves a fair dent in my bank account, but it is well worth it to me :)
  55. Old Faithful

    I always try different cleansers and products but I always keep coming back to this one. It gets rid of all make up and leaves me with beautiful glowing skin. I have dry skin and I feel using this with the glycolic scrub (14%) every 2-3 days definitely helps
  56. Favourite!!!

    Hands down my fav cleanser ever. It lathers up really well, a little goes a long way. Leave my skin feeling clean and not tight. My beautician told me you can use it as a mini mask also!
  57. Great!!

    I have dehydrated combination skin with oily t-zone. It's been really hard to find a balance in my skincare routine for hydrating products that won't overhydrate and clog my pores. This has been an awesome addition as I feel it gently exfoliates your skin without stripping the skin. I've noticed a lot less small bumps that I usually find around my chin and cheek area. I've also noticed that I don't get milia anymore! However, if you have dehydrated/dry skin like me, make sure to compensate with a hydrating moisturiser.
  58. Very Effective!

    A great cleanser which is really effective at removing my make up, as well as keeping my acne prone skin clear! It is really gentle to use and doesn't ever strip or dry my skin out, instead it adds moisture and plumps it up. One of my favourite cleansers!
  59. Effective cleanser & well priced

    Really happy with this cleanser, leaves skin feeling clean and soft but not too dry. Have noticed my skin seems brighter.
    Good size bottle and good value for money.
    Will purchase again.
  60. Perfect for sensitive skin

    This cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin its really gentle and doesn't irritate from my experience. I've been using this daily for 6 months now and have only just had to re purchase another bottle (a little goes a long way). Its so gentle that even applying directly to my open breakouts I do not feel anything no sting nothing. Great product.
  61. Great product

    Love this cleanser, great company great products
  62. Great cleanser for all skin types

    I am a massive Skinstitut fan. Their products are so reasonably priced for active ingredients. My skin is dry but I can breakout and I was warned that lactic acids could dry my skin out too much if I’m using them all the time. This cleanser is really gentle and hasn’t dried me out at all. I like the smell too!
  63. Best Cleanser

    I love using this Cleanser, it really helps keep my acne in check and my skin feels great.
  64. Brightens my skin and cleanses not to harsh.

    Love how this product is a duel cleanser. The lactic acid contained helps brighten my skin. Perfect if your a busy mum and don’t always have time to exfoliate.
  65. good little cleanser

    this cleanser is gentle on the skin and helps to clean it without the dry feeling after. my partner is uses the cleanser too and he doesn't seem to be complaining about it (he usually has something to say about my skincare products)
  66. Best cleanser!!!

    I use this as my second cleanse and absolutely love it! It leaves your skin feeling clean, plump and smooth!
  67. Daily cleanser

    Such a gentle and calming cleanser. Not harsh on the skin. Smells so lovely. Really gets all the makeup off and doesn't make the skin feel dry.
  68. Great cleanser, but not for dry skin.

    I have dry skin prone to sensitivity, and I find that this cleaner is too astringent for daily use. I am going to keep using this cleanser perhaps once or twice a week, to help remove dead skin cells. I would recommend this cleanser if you have normal to oily skin types. Stay away if you have dry skin.
  69. Feel so clean afterwards

    Love this cleanser and it's hard for me to find one to suit my sensitive acne prone ageing skin. Foams up nicely and you feel clean but not tight after cleansing. Will be looking at this brand for more products too.
  70. Gentle cleanser

    Just purchased this a few weeks ago and am loving it already. My skin is quite sensitive and this cleanser works very gently on it, not drying it out too much - which I have had an issue with when using other cleansers. You only need to use a tiny amount so great value for money too.
  71. Great for sensitive skin

    I use the product every second day, alternating with Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser. It's fantastic for my sensitive, congested skin and never leaves me feeling like I've dried my face out.
  72. Gentle AHA based cleanser

    Doesn't feel tight on the skin after! May experience some peeling around nose if you ate using too much. But overall great cleanser to help remove and prevent congestion/blackheads/whiteheads
  73. An amazing product, perfect for sensitive skin

    Bought the starter kit and found that I Absolutely love this cleanser! So I bought this full-size, After the first use you can really see a difference, really smooths out the look and texture of your skin, smells good too!
  74. Extra cleansing

    A couple of times a week I use this cleanser after my gentle and I really like that super clean feeling I am left with.
  75. Extra clean

    I use this for an extra clean after my gentle 2-3 times per week and it really is helping with my breakouts
  76. Holy Grail!!!

    I was recommended this products a couple of years ago from my skin clinic and will never change it. My skin is in the best condition it has ever been and everytime I use this cleanser I just love how nice my skin feels and looks afterward. Masssive Skinstitut fan!!!
  77. Great product

    An overall fantastic, gentle product for everyday cleansing. I have tried many foaming cleansers and all have dried out my skin, but not this one. The gel like formula is extremely cleansing yet hydrating, currently on my third bottle. Would recommend for most skin types.
  78. Hands down the best cleanser

    This cleanser will always be my favourite. Its so soothing and gentle on the skin. Easily gets off all makeup. Smells really nice. Also the bottle lasts so long. I use this cleanser with the 'Face Halo' face washer and my skin has never been better.
  79. My favourite

    This is my current go to cleanser as it is so gentle, removes makeup, is exfoliating without causing my skin to go red. I have not had a breakout since using this and is good for my slightly oilier skin in summer and drier skin in winter
  80. Good Stuff

    This cleanser leaves my skin feeling so smooth and clean, I love it!
  81. not good for sensitive skin

    This was very drying on my skin and flared up my skin
    It says its recommended for sensitive skin but I disagree! Will have to give it to someone else as I can not use it at all
  82. Effective but very drying

    I have sensitive combination skin with a couple of acne patches on my face. I didn't set out to order this cleanser but I got a small bottle for free from a promotion.
    The cleanser lathers up well and you only need a really small amount to clean your whole face. I noticed an improvement in my acne while I was using it every other day but also found it very drying. Even applying moisturiser after it didn't completely negate the feeling of dryness. I eventually started doing an oil cleanse and using this cleanser to wash the oil off afterwards, which helped with the feeling of dryness. However I read somewhere that doing this makes the lactic acid less effective.
    As with any lactic acid product, this cleanser causes increased sun sensitivity so you should wear a facial sunscreen while using it.
  83. My new staple

    I use it once daily and have noticed a dramatic improvement to my skin. I have sensitive skin and this product doesn't dry out my skin or irritate it in any way. I love the smell of it too. This is my first Skinstitut product and I'm eager to try more.
  84. Suitable for all skin types- Love it

    I bought this cleanser for myself having dry skin and it works wonders. My partner has also been using it and he has stopped using his cleansers that are specific for men. Suitable for all skin types, easy to distribute over face smoothly and doesn't dry out skin.
  85. Look no further

    I have tried countless cleansers in the past and have finally found the one! This was recommended to me by a skin clinic and I have been using it morning/night for nearly a year. With very sensitive, breakout prone skin - I was always wary of trying new products but I can confidently say my skin has never looked better. Perfect mix of gentle but thorough cleansing.
  86. Found my new favorite skin product

    After years of neglecting my skin, I've decided to look after it.
    This product makes me feel like I'm rewinding those years and then some. The cleanser isn't too thick and it suds up really nicely.
  87. Works for some, but not for all..

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I had full-blown acne, but my skin was breaking out and a friend recommended that I try this cleanser as we both use products from this brand. I tried this cleanser for a while, but it didn’t seem to make much difference with my skin. My skin wasn’t particularly irritated by the product, it just didn’t seem to reduce my breakouts. I found that Skinstitut’s Glycolic Cleanser 12% was more suitable for my breakout-prone skin.
  88. Best cleanser

    My go to favourite cleanser, its gentle on the skin while also giving you a really good clean. I double cleanse with this every night and my skin has never looked better.
  89. A great cleanser for those with clear skin

    This cleanser works well with people who already have clear skin or have hardly any pimples. Doesn't do much for clearing acne or pimples, but cleans the skin thoroughly, leaving it squeaky clean! Overall, I will only use again when my skin clears up for good, but for now, I will stick to a stronger acne fighting cleanser.
  90. The only cleanser I use now

    The best cleanser. Takes off all makeup easily, really soothing and calming scent/texture and its really gentle even on broken skin/acne didn't sting.
  91. Fresh Clean Feel

    I really this cleanser, it makes my skin feel hydrated and clean after every cleanse. Some cleansers make me breakout and feel dry but I found this didn't, which is a relief.
    Really Great value and price for the cleanse.
    The cleanser has a nice smell and foams up easy.
    I use this M/N in the shower.
    The only thing I dislike is the bottle, I do prefer screw top lid as I found you can travel easier and not waste as much product.
    I will try the Glycolic cleanser in this range to see if it helps with my pigment.
  92. Fantastic Cleanser!

    I only have a few cleansers that I genuinely love, this is definitely one of them.

    I don’t know if others are the same, but I find it so difficult to come across a cleanser that actually feels as though it’s cleansing! And noticeably shows! This cleanser does just that. You need such a small amount, and definitely do massage it into the skin well to get it’s full effect.

    I’d say it’s quite a strong cleanser so it’s very important to moisturise well! On that note though, I don’t feel like it strips my skin, but I know that over using products that exfoliate the skin can make my skin rebel *eye roll*! If you use other exfoliating type products with this cleanser, be sure to moisturise! Moisturise well! Serums have never absorbed so well into my skin! And I know this cleanser is the reason!
  93. Great face wash

    Love this product leaves ur face shiny and healthy
  94. A good product if your skin type can handle it

    I used once or twice and it made my skin shed. I was dry for a couple of weeks. Inquired with Skinstitut direct and they advised that this is a side effect of the product and that after using for a month you're skin should return to normal. I never gave it another go but it smelt nice, was a good price and I know that it's a good product as my skincare clinic uses it with microdermabrasions.

    i love this cleanser so much.. especially when i get those hormonal break outs this cleanser clears up my skin. it does dry up the skin.. its works well with a hydrating serum :)
  96. Helped reduce breakouts!

    My skin had really flared up over recent months with breakouts that left scars which was unusual since my skin usually had few breakouts every now and then. I have used this cleanser only nightly for about a month now and I have found that it has helped a lot in reducing overall breakouts! I still may get a couple here and there but it has improved so much since I began to use this product.
  97. Great product

    This face wash Is amazing, I am onto my second bottle.
    Always makes my face feel fresh and clean. Definitely get your moneys worth, you only need to use a pea size amount each wash.
  98. Best

    This cleanser is amazing, I recommended it to my mum and sister who both have different skin types and they also love it. I would also recommend a good moisturiser, sometimes I feel a litter dry after I use it, but it is defiantly worth trying. I never get breakouts anymore !!!
  99. Feeling Fresh

    The L-Lactic Cleanser leaves your skin feeling fresh, doesn't leave a film like some cleansers do. I have been using it now for about four years and can't go past it.
  100. great for sensitive skin

    I have acne prone yet sensitive skin which makes it really hard to find a decent cleanser that can assist with breakouts and not irritate my skin even further. I have been using this product on and off for years and i always seem to go back. I cleanse with the gentle cleanser first to remove makeup and then with the lactic cleanser at night- it has made a huge difference in assisting with breakouts/blackheads and gently exfoliating my skin. Great product, affordable and will definitely stick to this one!
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