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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.7 of 1011 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a high intensity exfoliant that works to deeply cleanse while also performing a controlled skin exfoliation. Suitable for most skin types, except red, sensitised or irritated.

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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4.7 of 1011 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this.


This is such a great scrub! It's so thick and grainy and makes my skin feel so soft after using. I use it twice a week and it lasts me about a year, so it's great value for money.

Most Helpful Criticism

Too scratchy for the face.


I find this scrub too scratchy to use on my face. The amount of glycolic acid is fine, I just find the scrub itself is too much for me. It is still a really good scrub for the body but I wouldn’t recommend it for the face.
  1. Love this.


    This is such a great scrub! It's so thick and grainy and makes my skin feel so soft after using. I use it twice a week and it lasts me about a year, so it's great value for money.
  2. My GO TO Scrub


    I was nervous about trying this for quite a while, as I have eczema (granted, on my arms and legs, not face) and quite sensitive skin. I was getting lots of little pimples on my chin and forehead, and was trying lots of other products so I eventually bit the bullet and bought this.

    That was a couple of years ago now, and I ALWAYS have this scrub now. It's super sensitive (doesn't sting/burn/leave skin red) but does an extremely thorough scrub and clean. I use it maybe 3 times a week.

    It gently dries out and clears up little patches of pimples (which I get way less often now, since using this).

    Highly recommend :)
  3. Too scratchy for the face.


    I find this scrub too scratchy to use on my face. The amount of glycolic acid is fine, I just find the scrub itself is too much for me. It is still a really good scrub for the body but I wouldn’t recommend it for the face.
  4. Good


    Got a sample. Very famous brand in Australia. Id lime to purchase full size.
  5. Best scrub


    I've been using this product for years and it works wonders on my face. Just recently I was at my wits end trying to improve the skin on my upper arms - I have had keratosis pilaris for years and have tried everything. My skin has never been better - it has worked a miracle on them!!! Highly recommend to try it if you suffer from this as well.
  6. Definitely works


    This is my holy grail scrub. I used it on my face, back, under arms and upper arms. Helps with flaky skin, gets rid of dead hairs after laser and skin texture!
  7. Definitely works


    This is my holy grail scrub. I used it on my face, back, under arms and upper arms. Helps with flaky skin, gets rid of dead hairs after laser and skin texture!
  8. Gentle but effective


    This scrub is gentle on your skin, but very effective. This product is now part of my regular skincare regime.
  9. Holy grail


    I love this product this is my 4th time purchasing & I will purchase it over and over and over again.
  10. So thick!


    This stuff is wonderful. The consistency is so thick and grainy, it works so well to get rid of dry patches and leaves the skin feeling so soft.
  11. Great


    Isnt too harsh on skin and doesnt irritate - its mild yet effective
  12. A good scrub


    I really like this scrub. It’s gritty and you can really see the difference after you use it. It’s great for removing any dry flaky patches. My skin glows after this scrub. Great price too!
  13. Big bottle!


    I received a free tube of this and gave it a go after hearing some good things. I used it all and bought another and was surprised at how big the normal size actually is. Brilliant value for money and seems to work well. I replaced my glycolic cleanser with this and only use a gentle cleanser and this combo works better for me. I suffer from hormonal acne on my chin.
    Worth a try!
  14. Really works


    Got this as a gift with last order and it really leaves my skin smooth and soft without irritating


    This scrub is so amazing, it smells funny but you can really feel it working when you use it. I've noticed a fairly significant difference since starting to use it last year and this is the second time I've purchased it. It's a huge bottle and goes a long way, it has reduced some congestion on my face and makes it smooth, getting rid of the dead skin cells and brightening my skin. I also use it on my arms with my keratosis pilaris and it reduces the roughness and redness significantly!!
  16. Lucky


    I was lucky to receive this as a gift with a previous order. Didn't really use it as much until I started to break out and was told to try this and the range. After doing so, my breakout reduced. I look forward to adding more of their products to my skin care routine.
  17. Skin routine essential

    Holy grail

    This product is good value for money! A beauty therapist suggested to apply this to dry skin like a mask before hoping in the shower and rinse off after a few min to help with my black heads and it has! I have been using this product for nearly 2 years and I won’t buy another scrub! I have sensitive skin and I don’t feel tight or dry afterwards.
  18. Worth the hype!


    I received a travel size of this as a gift and it's not something that I would have bought for myself normally as I can have quite sensitive skin on my cheeks. Nonetheless I gave it a go (because I love trying new things!) and I am so glad that I did. It has helped to improve the texture of my skin. I saw results overnight! Absolutely love.
  19. Smooth skin


    Generous amount in the tube for the price. My skin is always super smooth after using this.
  20. Great Exfoliator


    Great to clear the skin and gentle for sensitive skin.
  21. Works for sensitive skin


    Works well, smells great. It’s mild enough for sensitive skin but still does the job - I use it once or twice a week.
  22. Glycolic scrub


    I think this is a great glycolic scrub that really helps resurfacing skin, but I personally use it on rough parts on my body as I find the physical + chemical exfoliant combo is a bit strong.
  23. Great


    I love this. I only use it 3 times a week, it’s not too harsh but it really removes everything. I use this on my face and on my legs or armpits as an exfoliation too
  24. Don't believe the hype.


    I have oily skin which needs exfoliating quite a bit.
    I bought this due to the overwhelming good reviews. But I'm disappointed.

    1. This smells very chemical.
    2. Exfoliating beads are very big. Which I feel just rolls around my face without actually doing anything.

    I find I get a similar, if not better, result from using a AHA+BHA facewash.
  25. the most gentle exfoliate


    this exfoliated works so well and i can tell it is cleansing my skin very well and getting rid of all the dead skin. My skin feels fresh and brand new after every use without being irritated.
  26. Great


    This product comes in a large tube that last forever. It’s a very gentle and helps to gently exfoliation my skin, a deep cleanse. My skin always feels so fresh and smooth after using it.
  27. Good scrub


    I use this for my body as I get laser hair removal and I was recommended this product. I haven't tried it on my face as I prefer a chemical exfoliant with nothing physical in it. I think it makes somewhat of a difference but I do feel it is quite mild. It has lasted me ages though which is great.
  28. Nice product..


    I've recently been converted to skinstitut after hearing rave reviews, mainly for this product.

    I use this scrub once a week, and like to let it sit on my skin for 5 minutes before scrubbing. I have sensitive skin, so limit the scrubbing as such, but the glycolic acid and slight physical granules provide a nice exfoliation without upsetting my skin.

    I've got my entire family on to this now and will definitely repurchase.
  29. Harsh for sensitive skin


    I found the physical and chemical exfoliation here to be a bit harsh on sensitive skin. Definitely dried my skin out. But very good as a once a week treatment for acne that's active.
  30. Must Have!


    I have been using this product for over 1 year now. Such a great product to use every day and great for after laser use to get rid of the dead skin and blackheads. Makes the skin feel super smooth afterwards
  31. Best scrub out there!


    I've used this scrub for about a year now and couldn't recommend it more! I've got scarring, redness and occasional acne so my skin is quite sensitive and this doesn't irritate my skin. My skin feels clean, refreshed and shiny!
  32. Love this!


    I have tried many many skin care products, but Skinstitut is the one I will be sticking too! I have completely switched over to the Skinstitut products since the birth of my son after having brackouts on my chin. This scrub leaves my skin feeling so smooth and fresh, and only a small amount is needed, so it lasts! Also it does not feel like your skin has that 'tight' feeling after use, which other brands have left me feeling before.
  33. Amazing


    Leaves my skin feeling soft and not dry at all. Its not fragranced so there smell isn't that great but it exfoliates so well and doesn't feel too rough. My skin is quite tough so i need a rough exfoliater to feel like its doing anything but this scrub is soft and makes me feel like its scrubbing away dead skin cells.
  34. Does the job!


    I do like this scrub, it definitely exfoliates and gets rid of dead/dry skin. However i feel like you need to be careful with this product as it does feel a bit grainy and can hurt if you apply it on the face with pressure. Overall I still like this product
  35. Need this in your repertoire


    Such a gentle and affordable exfoliator. Leaves your skin feeling new, removing make up and dead skin, ready to soak up your serums!
  36. Love the feeling of glowing, clean skin


    Love this product. A huge volume of product in a large tube for many many uses. It’s a very gritty paste that can achieve a gentle light exfoliation or with more pressure applied, a deep cleanse. My skin always fresh and smooth after use.
  37. Add cleanser


    Second time purchasing. Loved the first time but did find it a bit harsh on my skin. Whilst having a facial, a clinician recommended that I add my gentle cleanser in with the scrub to soften it. Love it! Easier to use and gentler. Great for unclogging pores
  38. Baby skin again!!


    I had heard lots of good reviews on this product so I decided to try it for myself! It did not disappointment!! My skin felt so smooth and soft afterwards literally like baby skin!! It unclogged my pores and my skin looks clearer overall.
  39. Fantastic Scrub


    I love all Skinstitut products, am a faithful user for over 4 years, I use this scrub once or twice a week to buff, refine and give my skin a fresh healthy glow. Don't over do it though, it is powerful stuff, once or twice a week is more than enough to see results.
  40. The best


    Great for the price and alternative to dermalogica. I actually think I like this scrub a little more then my dermalogica one. Makes my ski. Feel fresh and clean without being too dry. Really great balance
  41. My always go to scrub


    Got recommended to use this by my skin laser lady. Definitely help with my hair ingrown issue and skin feel so soft and smooth after use. Good sale price on adore beauty.
  42. Good scrub


    This scrub is good for after cleansing it’s mild and good for sensitive skin
  43. Improved Formula


    I have been using this along with the Skinstitut Lactic Cleanser for nearly 3 years now. I have always had acne prone/ oily t-zone with dry cheeks. I find it cleanses everything from my skin without leaving it too dry. I use it prior to shaving and I find it helps me get a much smoother shave. Excellent consistency aswell.
  44. Have never experienced an exfoliant like it.

    Try it!

    This scrub isn't harsh but really buffs the skin. It smells gorgeous, and I feel BABY smooth after using it. I honestly get excited to use it.
  45. Great after laser


    I was recommended this after getting laser treatment to help stop ingrown hairs, and while the smell isn't exactly pleasant, this is definitely very effective! I love this as a body scrub for targeted areas that are prone to ingrown hairs or KP, as it's not overly rough but still super effective.
  46. Love This


    I love this scrub! I have been using this for years and since I tried it I will never use anything else. It removes all dead skin cells without being too harsh. My skin feels so soft and smooth after using. I use it a few times a week and the tube lasts forever as you don't need much!
  47. Amazing. Really helps with my congestion


    I really love this product, I have a combination skin and I have found that it has really helped stabilise my oil flow and help my congestion. Would buy again!
  48. Love


    Highly recommend this product for people with combination skin and prone to small breakouts. This product along with a few other Skinstitut products has done wonders for my skin!
  49. Great price for it’s worth


    Loved this! Gives a great exfoliation and makes your skin feel so clean and healthy afterwards!
  50. Can't live without

    Chanelle j

    used 2-3 times a week. This helps keeps the face renewed, soft and helps keep away built up skin
  51. Can not live without

    Chanelle j

    Absolute best exfoliant I've used. Gentle on the skin and leaves it soft and supple. Doesn't feel too scratchy.
    Lives in my shower caddy and I use it every second or 3rd day depending on how my skin feels
  52. HG Facial Scrub


    This is my HG facial scrub. I use it three times a week and nothing leaves my face as clean and renewed. Using this means I no longer feel the need to get microdermabrasion done. Be careful if you have sentive skin though. I know a few people who have tried this and ended up red and agitated by this.
  53. Great exfoliator!!


    I have been using this product for over 1 year now. Such a great product to use every day and great for after laser use to get rid of the dead skin and blackheads. Makes the skin feel super smooth afterwards.
  54. I love this product!


    This is the best exfoliant I’ve used for my skin no matter how many other products I try I come back to this one, I only use it a few times a week and it always leave my skin so smooth and fresh.
  55. Best body exfoliant - but not for the face!


    This is a fantastic whole-body exfoliant, but I found it a bit harsh for use on a face!

    I have oily skin that's not at all sensitive. I love Skinstitut's glycolic 12% cleanser - I'd stick with using that on the face but for use on the body, this product is fantastic. Leaves skin silky-smooth, I'm slightly addicted to it.
  56. I’m in love.


    I received this as a freebie and after running out of my old scrub I decided to give it a go. I’ve since been using it twice a week and gosh it’s good, gives a really deep scrub, creates such a great smooth base on my face without drying it out. I won’t be repurchasing my previous scrub and have decided to permanently switch to this one, great price too!
  57. Amazing for combination skin all year round


    This product is a crazy affordable investment! Implementing this in to my weekly pamper routine was the best thing I’ve done for my skin! I use this along side other skinstitut products.
  58. Good


    It really works in the beginning. you can notice it working as blackheads come off. Might be drying
  59. Works well for combination skin :)


    I have been using this product 2-3 times a week for a couple of years now and it still works so perfectly. I have combination skin with acne scarring from teen years and using this scrub helps keep my skin looking and feeling clean!
  60. My FAVE Exfoliator!!!


    This is my all time favourite matter how many I try I always go back to this one. I’ve been using it for 7 years. I use it once or twice a week. It’s amazing! I like to use it like a mask. I put it on dry skin. Leave on for 10-15 min and then scrub with water. Leaves my skin feeling so smooth. And added bonus is it’s affordability!!
  61. the BEST physical scrub you will ever use


    I've tried practically every exfoliant on the market and I can say without a doubt if physical exfoliation is your go, this is the product to use as it doesnt scrub your skin off, but also tingles through the active glycolic acid to work on a deeper level
  62. Perfect exfoliating product


    This product is gentle yet effective for my skin. It gets rid of all blackheads and gives a great exfoliation for super soft skin. I use once- twice a week as it is enough for soft skin
  63. A staple in my shower


    It works and you will see results straight away.
  64. Great product


    I received a sample of this scrub. I only used it a couple of times within a week as I read it can cause flakiness/damage if used too often. I am purchasing this along with the L-Lactic Acid because my skin loves this brand. My face is smooth and my skin looks really clear
  65. Love it


    I use this daily and follow with SP50 moisturizer and then bb cream and love it! Clears my congested, oily skin.
  66. Great Exfoliate


    I like this scrub, you feel like you're really getting rid of the dead skin! I especially like applying it to dry skin, leaving it on for a few minutes and then add water.
  67. not sure to be honest


    i really wanted to try a product with glycolic - the beads on this one feel really harsh to me. I have been putting it on and then just pressing it a few times and leaving it to give the glycolic time to work. I had been using a much finer exfoliant (Khiels) so perhaps that is why. I just feel like i am scratching my face? It is a massive big tube - so its excellent value for money. I think its probably a good product but perhaps not for me - older skin. Because its such good value for money though i have been using on my chest and i think that there is some improvement in the sun damage there
  68. A fantastic body scrub


    I bought this for a body acne scrub and to deal with ingrown hairs. The scrub leaves your skin looking fresh and feels super soft.
    I don’t use it one my face though as I find it a bit too harsh for my face. It really lasts too!
  69. Staple


    This is now a staple in my skin care routine , I had neglected my skin for months and got back into it all and I love this scrub it’s exactly what I needed to complete my now perfect skin care routine it cleans my skin so well and helps me unclog my pores for my other skin care to sink into my skin better thanks
  70. Very good scrub product


    I have been using this product for more than a year now. Would definitely recommend it. My skin feel very smooth and soft after using. Also help a lot with the in-grow hair issue.
  71. great for black heads and minimising pores


    This scrub is certainly not the finest or softest scrubs but it does a great job of minimizing pores and clearing blackheads. I find it best to use it a few times a week and only on days where I haven't used any other manual exfoliants.
  72. Thumbs up


    This has made my skin smooth and blemish free for weeks now. Can certainly feel your skin is firmer after using this. Highly recommend.
  73. Good weekly exfoliant


    Leaves skin radiant and smooth but can be too harsh if used more than once a week.
  74. Great product


    This product feels great in your skin and clears it almost Instantly
  75. Always come back to this


    I always try a different a different scrub every time I run out of this product, but I always always come back to it!!
    I love how my skin feels after and especially how my make up glides on. Definitely recommend it!
  76. Wish I had purchased sooner!


    I have been using skinstitut products for over 5 years but have never used this product. I recently purchased it based on the reviews and I love it. It does a great job at exfoliating and leaves my skin feeling so lovely and soft. My skin can be slightly sensitive and I have found this gentle enough to use twice a week.
  77. Great twice a week scrub


    This is a staple in my bathroom cabinet. I have used this scrub for the last 2 years and will never live without it. Whenever i feel like my skin needs extra TLC or if I feel like my skin will break out I will use this. Normally I use this scrub twice a week and it keeps my skin at bay. I love the texture of the scrub and feel it go to work as soon as i put it on my skin, the added benefit is really the high percentage of glycolic - only reason i continuously purchase this product.
  78. It works!


    For the price point, this product is fantastic. My skin glows and is baby smooth after use. Stings a little on application, but not for long. As its 14% glycolic, after a vigorous scrub, I leave it on for 15 minutes as a face mask then wash off. Great for back of hands, and I also massage it, very gently, onto my decolletage occasionally too.
  79. The best scrub I’ve found


    Super small particles polish skin perfectly without making your skin feel tight and dry. I use this frequently on my chin and it helps heaps with my hormonal breakouts. Lasts forever. Prepare to be addicted!
  80. Amazing!


    This product is perfect! I use it on my face every night as I had stubborn pimples and black heads that I could not get rid of. This did wonders! With in a week it was all clear.
    I wouldn’t recommend to use every night if you have sensitive skin though.
  81. Fantastic scrub


    This scrub is fantastic! It feels so nice on my skin and helps to keep my skin blemish free.
  82. A tough scrub


    I bought this for a body acne scrub. It does a good job if you’re looking for a physical and chemical body exfoliator. I don’t use it one my face though as I find it a bit too harsh for my face. It really lasts too!
  83. Great for congested skin


    I have really congested skin and started using the glycolic scrub alongside the cleanser for years now. The scrub leaves your skin looking fresh and feels super soft. Have bought it time and time again. Good not only for your face but a good scrub after you've had laser etc. to stop ingrown hairs!
  84. A fantastic body scrub


    This scrub is fantastic value. I keep it in my shower and use it as a body scrub.
  85. good scrub


    I went to the laser clinic australia and I thought they used that on me but I think what they had was slightly different. However I still like this scrub. I only use it once a week because I have sensitive dry skin. If you have that type of skin you might not like it, it stings a little after using it. The tube is so big it will last me forever
  86. Love it!


    My last AHA cleanser cost me double so I am very happy I found a replacement thats half the cost and works even better!
  87. Great product for acne and blackheads


    I got a sample of this product and had to buy the full size once I'd tried it. It is quite abrasive, but I find it is good on my chin and jaw line where I get pimples and blackheads.
  88. Really effective!


    This is a great physical scrub!
    I use a lot of Skinstitut products and am really happy with them.
    I use this scrub when I feel like my skin is starting to get a bit congested and I really find it helps slough away dry skin. My skin feels much finer afterwards and my serums/creams soak in a bit better. I think it would be a bit too abrasive for me to use twice weekly, or even weekly but roughly fortnightly works for me.
    Plus, the big bottle is very cost effective!
  89. Most effective exfoliator I’ve used


    This is the first exfoliator I’ve ever used where the micro beads actually stay there while you’re rubbing. Most other products, you’ve lost the granules straight away. With this it stays there and WORKS! It’s too harsh for my face because of this, however it’s a dream on my body. Highly recommend!
  90. As good as a microderm


    I purchased this after a trip to the beautician and a microderm. She advised me to get a good exfoliator and I came across this on Adore. So happy to have bought this! It has kept that straight out of the microderm feel on my face and has the environmental respect of jojoba beads
  91. Great Product


    I have recently been having a lot of breakouts since having my son, and nothing was helping me and since using the Skinstitut Glycolic Products my skin has cleared up and kept the breakouts to a bare minimum.
  92. Goodbye prolonged breakouts.


    This product I have been using to control hormonal break around my chin.
    I apply this product daily to my chin area when required.
    Otherwise every second. Reduced pain & inflammation.
  93. My favourite face scrub


    This product works perfectly to control my oily skin and eliminate breakouts.
  94. Really nice


    I have normal/combo skin and find this tube lasts forever and use once or twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling really lovely and smooth.
  95. amazing


    This is a good scrub for your face and your legs and arms
  96. Good


    I have received this as a free gift. It’s a good product, not harsh, suitable for everyday use. But it’s nothing special, doesn’t perform miracles or anything, nothing about it makes me go “I have to buy this”.
  97. My new holy grail


    I have struggled with my skin my whole life, which has left me reluctant to try new products for fear of breaking out/more redness. But recently when on holiday and staying with a friend I used her bottle of this, and MY GOD. This is so gentle whilst also making a noticeable difference. It's also half the price of the skin scrub I had been using. So worth it, and also investigating their other products.
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