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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.7 of 1109 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a high intensity exfoliant that works to deeply cleanse while also performing a controlled skin exfoliation. Suitable for most skin types, except red, sensitised or irritated.

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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4.7 of 1109 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best exfoliater


This is best scrub I ever used it keeps skin bright and smooth.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but coarse


I’ve got combo, acne prone skin. I’m also 26 so dealing with the first signes of aging.. I love glycolic acid but I find the fumes from this product burn my eyes which is a little strange. I’ve never experienced that from any of my other glycolic acid products.. The actual scrubbies dissolve and are environmentally friendly which is extremely important to me but I find that because they are so coarse and large that they kind of spread out all over your face as opposed to something that was a little more finely milled and you could maybe get better coverage on your face with less product. That being said I do like this product!.. I just believe it could be improved:)
  1. Best exfoliater


    This is best scrub I ever used it keeps skin bright and smooth.
  2. Best scrub


    Good for congested acne prone skin as it keeps skin smooth and unclogged.
  3. Nice squeaky clean cleanser


    I like this, in combination with some other skinstituit products this has cleared up my dodgy acne prone combination skin. I like the big bottle that lasts a long time and the affordable price too!
  4. Freshen up!


    Brought this after hearing the girls on the podcast. I do get quite a few lumps and bumps on my back and chest from the gym and felt my face had been feeling a little flat of late.

    After one good scrub, my skin was beautiful and soft again. I've been using it on my back, shoulders, and chest and also been seeing a great reduction in new spots lumps and bumps. It's not overly invasive ...
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  5. Strong but good


    I use this scrub the first time after get laser. I have to say that is strong but the results are very impressives. I really like ot... leave you skin soft and super clean... but be careful with your eyes
  6. Keratosis Pilaris


    I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris, and this has definitely helped mellow it out. I use it on my legs and arms about 2-3 times a week, because my skin is quite congested. Something I would definitely recommend
  7. Hormonal Acne's Best Bud


    Got this scrub on a whim and it's become a staple product in my skincare routine. I'm usually not a fan of physical exfoliants, but this cleared up the texture issues I was having around my cheeks and chin area, and made my hormonal breakouts infinitely more managable. It makes my skin feel baby soft and glowy, and I've had so many compliments on my complexion from using this. Well priced, great b...
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  8. Great for body


    I use this on my body too get rid of dead skin or ingrown hairs and it works a treat
  9. Great post laser hair removal


    I use this on various parts of my body to exfoliate dead skin and hair follicles prior to laser hair removal sessions.

    I find it works much better compared to other physical exfoliants that don't contain glycolic acid.

    Would recommend to all looking for a deep exfoliation but sensitive skin types should take care not to overuse.
  10. Perfection


    I received 2 of these samples and recalled I used to use it several years ago and now I have no idea why I ever stopped. It absolutely does the job, leaving my feeling feeling perfectly cleansed and exfoliated and as soft as a baby's butt! Extremely well priced for the quality. 100% recommended.
  11. Product does exactly what it says.


    This product is a must have in our bathroom. It does exactly what it says it does and removes impurities. It has helped clear up my partners skin and I have even used it as an exfoliator on my legs.
  12. Bought this because of the podcast


    Bought this after listening to the podcast and I love using it with an exfoliating mit to get rid of all of that leftover fake tan. Really good for keratosis pilaris also!
  13. Glycolic


    I personally found it a tiny bit too harsh on my skin. I prefer it on my body, where the physical and chemical exfoliation work really well
  14. Glycolic


    I personally found it a tiny bit too harsh on my skin. I prefer it on my body, where the physical and chemical exfoliation work really well
  15. Does what is says


    Effective product that remains gentle on the skin
  16. Great for oily skin!


    Use this product for 6 months and I can tell it works! . I recommend using it only 1 or 2 times per week and carefully massage the skin as it can be a bit abrasive for some people .. watch your eyes! In my case, I also uses it on my body after having laser hair removal. It helps the hairs not incarnate inside the skin.
  17. Works well


    Bought this for my blackheads & I definately feel smoother skin on my face when I use it, however I find that it doesn't do anything about Previous congestion concerns otherwise it works well for cleaning current skin.
  18. Definitely works!


    This is the best scrub I have ever used. Removes dry dull skin and unblocks the pores. For the price you really can’t go wrong. I have sensitive skin and found thus does not cause any reactions.
  19. Strong but effective


    I've recently started using this scrub twice per week. I love the smell and the texture is course but not dry. I find since I've started using it I'm having less breakouts around my mouth and chin. I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin as it potentially could irritate.
  20. Grainy but effective!


    If you want baby smooth skin - this is your guy! I use this in the shower every second night and my skin has never been better. It is incredibly smooth and allows makeup to glide on beautifully. It is quite grainy and course so I am not sure how this would go with super sensitive skin.
  21. Best Deep Clean


    This product is amazing! I use it approx 3 times per week. It is my go to product if I start to get a break out or feel like I need to give my face or back a good clean. My partner also steals this all the time. Considering the price and the size of the bottle, it is great value for money as well!
  22. The BEST scrub ever


    This leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. Won’t use any other scrub.
  23. Great scrub


    After a long time of trying all kinds of facial scrubs, this is what I’ve been searching for. Used every second night seems to be what my skin needs. Highly recommend.
  24. A little goes a long way


    I've used this on my face and body. It is quite rough so I don't use it on my face too often, but it leaves skin feeling super smooth and it is great on the body, esp on the back, has help get rid of those little bumps - bought this after hearing about it on the podcast - thanks ladies for the recommendation!
  25. Not a bad scrub


    I don’t usually use this brand but didn’t mind the scan at all. It left my skin feeling very fresh and clean.
  26. Not a bad scrub


    I don’t usually use this brand but didn’t mind the scan at all. It left my skin feeling very fresh and clean.
  27. Best product ever

    Best Scrub

    I had little white lumps under my skin across my forehead and within 3 months this product in conjunction with the gentle cleanser has cleared my skin up. I recommend this product to everyone!!
  28. Pregnancy Saver!


    This scrub is great! Saved my skin from pregnancy breakouts mostly, not sure if anything would have cured it but it cleared my skin up by 90%
  29. Good but coarse


    I’ve got combo, acne prone skin. I’m also 26 so dealing with the first signes of aging.. I love glycolic acid but I find the fumes from this product burn my eyes which is a little strange. I’ve never experienced that from any of my other glycolic acid products.. The actual scrubbies dissolve and are environmentally friendly which is extremely important to me but I find that because they are so coa...
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  30. Just can't get on board with it


    I don't like the way this feels on my skin. I can't explain it but it feels a little 'too much' and afterwards my skin was always bright red. I don't have sensitive skin but i do find this scrub too harsh for me. Plus i do not like the smell and find it smells too chemically. I ended up using this on my body on areas that needed it but i wouldn't use it on my face again.
  31. Great


    This takes off the dead skin so well and smoothes out my skin
  32. Effective Scrub


    I use this scrub 3 times a week or every other day because I live in a dusty, hot, environment. I feel like I need to exfoliate my skin more especially when I break out a lot and currently have acne. Honestly, I would rate this scrub 5/5 because it is effective and works great. If I have a bumpy pimples today and used this scrub, the next morning that pimples is flat as a pancake! Also after using...
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  33. Perfect scrub!


    I use this scrub 1-2 times a week and find it perfect for smoothing my skin, limiting dreaded breakouts and aiding product absorption. Lasts forever with only a small pea size amount needed. Onto my second bottle and will continue to purchase.
  34. Great exfoliator


    I use this every second day as an exfoliator for my face. It gets all the dry patches without being too harsh. It has the consistency of fine salt. Also this bottle lasts what seems like forever a small bit goes a long way!
  35. Great product


    Love using this a few times a week. I can have sensitive skins and the scrub leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed afterwards
  36. Great for Ance Prone Skin


    By far the best cleanser I have come across.
    Works really well on my acne-prone skin and doesn't make my skin feel like it's been stripped of everything. I use this twice a week for good results.
  37. Nice scrub


    I got this as a sample and I really like it. My skin feels nice and clean afterwards, no breakouts, no dryness. You do have to be super gentle though as it is quite harsh.
  38. Spots be gone


    I love this so much, this is my second purchase. I use this 2-3 times per week to scrub my pimples away on my chin area and neck. I love this. It does sting a little but it feels good to clean my pores. I have oily skin and it does strip your face, but it's worth it to get rid of my pimples. Plus, I only use on pimple area not my whole face.
  39. Amazing


    Love this scrub! I use it a few times a week and can definitely notice a difference - my skin feels and looks brighter and smoother.
  40. Best physical exfoliant


    This is seriously excellent - skin feels so smooth afterwards and definitely helps keep the skin smooth and fresh. You only need a pea sized amount for your face so it lasts forever. It is also great to use on your body before you shower. I will always come back to this!
  41. Best SCRUB


    I've got combination skin prone to breakouts. This is the Best Scrub for daily use. It takes only about 2 minutes for desired results. The product does exactly what is says.
  42. Favourite Physical Exfoliator


    Love this for the body! Effective but gentle. I get Kreatosis Pilaris on my arms and this really helps keep it at bay. Bonus use can be applied as a small spot treatment for pimples! My facialist told me thats what she uses for any angry breakouts. Its thick enough that it dries and stays on overnight.
  43. Amazing


    This product is amazing . A great exfoliating scrub used a few times a week will get great results . Rub gently and you will feel amazing smooth skin when wash off :)
  44. Best exfoliator for laser hair removal


    Should not use anything else for post-laser hair removal exfoliation. This is amazing and makes your skin supple (i use it on my face too as a weekly deep exfoliator).
  45. Love this


    Love this exfoliant from Skinstitut. Leaves my face feeling thoroughly clean without drying out or irritating my skin.
  46. Such a gentle scrub


    Such a beautiful scrub! It feels so gentle on the skin and not harsh at all! Skin feels nice smooth and shiny after you use it.
    I use this product 2-3 times a week with my L-Lactic cleanser and my skin feels amazingggg!!!

    A must have in your skin regime !!!!
  47. bacne


    Great to use for the back although i feel like it is way to harsh to use on someones face!
  48. Polished to perfection


    I was using this scrub regularly several years ago and switched to other brands for awhile. I have recently reunited with this and remember why it was always a staple scrub. Afforadable and effective. I often get dry patches and bumps this scrub when used 2-3 times a week keeps my skin in excellent condition
  49. The only and only SCRUB


    This is my one and only stub, nothing else compares. The texture is gritty but gentle and white in colour. I use this about once a week on my face, neck, and in between my breast as it's a problem area for blind pimples. This product removed all the dead skin and makes my face soft, clean and bright. I have also notice that after moisturising, my makeup looks flawless.
  50. Great


    I love this face scrub and it exfoliates my skin well. I use it once or twice a week.
  51. it's not bad.


    I receive a sample of this. My skin is a little bit sensitive, so I think maybe it doesn't suit me.
  52. Straight up excellent


    This is a straight up excellent exfoliant. I got this as a sample and use it a few times a week in the morning. Skin is so soft and smooth after using it. It's the best physical exfoliant I have ever used. I will be purchasing the full product once this has run out.
  53. Favourite Product


    I am an Skinstitute convert and this is by far my favourite product. My skin feels so smooth and clean after using this product. My partner has even started using this and absolutely loves it.
  54. Best. Exfoliant. Ever.


    I use it once to twice a week, and my skin is left feeling like a million bucks each time. Helps a lot with stubborn blackheads on the nose and chin which is great.
  55. the best scrub!!!


    can feel this product working every time. my skin feels so fresh afterwards.
  56. Favourite product


    i couldnt recommend this product more. My skin is acne prone and a bit sensitive but i built up its strength through using other skinstitut cleaners first, successfully working my way to this one. I use it a couple of times a week and i genuinely look forward to it. My skin feels soft, super clean and is clearing up nicely.
  57. Good product


    Definitely does the job.
    Very thick so only need a tiny bit for your face.
    Have been using this product for some time.
  58. Love this for a weekly scrub


    Sometimes you just need a good scrub and this is it. Once or twice a week I use this on my mature skin and it isn't drying or too harsh. I feel this removes all the gunk so my serums penetrate further.
  59. My go to scrub


    This scrub is fantastic. I use twice a week before I do a mask. Its not too harsh and my skin feel smooth straight after.
  60. Nice strong scrub - perfect for oily breakout prone skin


    I use this every couple of days and I find it gives me a really thorough smooth exfoliation - it has Glycolic acid in it and this really helps with breakouts and also to remove any residue or buildup from makeup. It's also really great to do a thorough scrub with this after a night out with heavy makeup after cleansing. It's an incredibly effective product considering how cheap it is. I also use t...
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  61. Great scrub for clearing skin


    A great scrub that I use every three days. Clears the surface of my skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. I enjoy the light tingling feeling I get with its use, can feel it working.
  62. Great physical and chemical exfoliator


    Loving this scrub as a combo physical and chemical exfoliator!

    Gentle enough to use as frequently as on alternate days, dull skin is feeling smoothed and refreshed immediately after the cleanse and the glycolic acid dissolves clogged pores for a more longer lasting glow and clearer skin.
  63. Good scrub


    I love this scrub, my skin feel very smooth after using it, fixed my ingrow hair prolem too.
  64. Great product!


    For the price, compared to more expensive options, this product does the job perfectly! It's worth spending money on other brands when this is so much cheaper and does the same job!
  65. A thorough, refreshing, smoothing scrub


    I really like this scrub! It smells a bit stronger but is not unpleasant. It works amazingly for my combo/oily, acne prone skin. I use it 1-2 times a week, and after using it, my skin is so smooth and supple and feels pure and refreshed. The only time I don't use it is if I have quite inflamed pimples as it really irritates these. As long as I don't do this though, I can really see the difference ...
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  66. Amazing face scrub


    Great product, highly recommend using it 2-3 times per week, does the job!
  67. Good but strong


    This product is very effective in cleaning the skin but I recommend using it sparingly on your face. It is quite strong so I much prefer using it on my body, i.e shoulders, back etc.
  68. New favourite scrub


    I bought this immediately after listening to the podcast. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. I use it on my face and back. It has really helped with breakouts and makes my skin so soft.
    Another purchase made from the podcast that I have become obsessed with
  69. A great all over body scrub


    A great scrub for removing dry build up of skin all over the body. Can be used on the body a couple of times per week, but I find once a week on face to be enough. Great value for money.
  70. Best scrub for acne


    I have combination acne prone skin and have tried a lot of products but this by far is the best. It cleanses and exfoliates my skin well.
    It says run for about 30secs or so but I rub until it’s smooth and he results are amazing, smooth skin! It helps with ingrown hair too and I always use it before a night out as it helps my make up sit properly. I wet my hands and use it on dry skin as I fi...
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  71. Skincare Staple


    Love the scrub as it is very effective and does not take long to work. 30-40 secs on the face or a few minutes on the body, it is great for removing congestion and revealing smoother clearer skin.

    I also use it on my shoulders and back and scrub for a little longer to help clear/prevent the few breakouts on my chest and back and it work wonders.
  72. Great results!


    My main problem is blackheads and large pores. I have used many different brands/products over the years (Dermalogica, La Roche Posay, Alpha-H, Neutrogena etc.). I was a little sceptical to try Skinstitut at first, and was worried it would be another product that does little. However, I am pleasantly surprised at just how good this product is! I have noticeable results; far fewer blackheads, small...
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  73. Nice


    This product is good I found it a bit scratchy on my face, I found it didn’t help my breakouts.
  74. My product of the year


    Honestly this stuff is just the best - most scrubs make your face feel good until the next day but this scrub has your skin feeling great, soft and healthy for days. I love this product - I’ve tried heaps of things this year including really expensive products but I think this takes the cake.
  75. I LOVE this scrub


    Honestly, best scrub ever. I love that it's ocean friendly too.
    It's really gritty, so you really do feel like you're giving your face a good thorough exfoliation. I find a lot of scrubs don't have enough grit and really don't give you a satisfying scrub, this does!
    My only tip is not to go too hard with it. It is quite effective with a fairly gentle go over. Have given myself a bit o...
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  76. I'm not a fan


    I'm not a big fan of this scrub and I absolutely will not use on my face because it dries my skin out and oddly aggravates/gives a rash on my neck. I had a whole bottle so I ended up using this to exfoilate by body and it does the trick but I wouldn't purchase it again for that purpose.
  77. Impressed with first use


    I have just purchased this product and have only used it once but loved the way it left my skin feeling. I was a bit concerned on application at it seemed a bit scratchy but the end result left my skin feeling silky smooth. My foundation application was greatly improved and the overall appearance of my make up greatly enhanced.
  78. Results and effective facial scrub


    Despite having sensitive skin, this scrub does wonders for my skin. I have had no reactions whatsoever, however only use the product twice per week. Blackheads and scaly skin are reduced, and my skin is wonderfully soft and smooth afterwards.
  79. 3rd bottle


    Great for keratosis pilaris! I use this on my body as it is a bit too harsh for my face. So good at clearly all the dead skin away.
  80. Blackhead clearer


    I use this product weekly to keep my blackheads at bay. I don’t use it too often as it can dry my skin out a little.
  81. Love it

    Ms Z

    I received a sample of this scrub and what can I say I love all skinstitut products and was glad I received this as I can use it when I travel...
  82. I love it


    Awesome way to remove dead skin and help with acne. Feels a little rough sometimes so you have to be gentle but otherwise it’s lovely!
  83. awesome results!


    I use this as a body scrub as its a bit hard for my face, amazing scrub and leaves my skin so soft
  84. Great for breakouts


    I was experiencing some break outs under my chin, this product has been amazing in clearing them up. I use it once a week/fortnight as my main chemical exfoliant is a toner. I only use this when my skin starts to break out and it clears it up so quickly. I received a free sample and loved it so much I purchased the product.
  85. Love it!


    Love this scrub! Helps with pimples and throughly cleans off the dead skin cells and feels so good to use with all the grains in it.
  86. Not for me!


    I love Skinstitute products, but am not completely in love with this scrub. My skin feels clean after I use it but a bit dry. Prefer the Gentle Ceanser from the same brand.
  87. Great for exfoliating


    I use this Product three times per week. It deeply cleanses my skin and leave s it feeling super soft
  88. Harsh for my face


    Purchased for post laser scrub but tried it on my face. It was too harsh for my face personally, but my mum raves about it when she uses it on her face.
  89. Quite good


    Good scrub I use on my feet as well works easily and effective.Doesnt irritate my skin.
  90. Great weekly scrub


    This grainy scrub feels abrasive but once you wash it off your skin feels so smooth. Love most of the products from this brand!
  91. Not bad!

    Rachelle H

    I received this product as a sample and used it, but I think it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. Overall though, it left my skin feeling really fresh and clean
  92. Love this.


    This is such a great scrub! It's so thick and grainy and makes my skin feel so soft after using. I use it twice a week and it lasts me about a year, so it's great value for money.
  93. My GO TO Scrub


    I was nervous about trying this for quite a while, as I have eczema (granted, on my arms and legs, not face) and quite sensitive skin. I was getting lots of little pimples on my chin and forehead, and was trying lots of other products so I eventually bit the bullet and bought this.

    That was a couple of years ago now, and I ALWAYS have this scrub now. It's super sensitive (doesn't stin...
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  94. Too scratchy for the face.


    I find this scrub too scratchy to use on my face. The amount of glycolic acid is fine, I just find the scrub itself is too much for me. It is still a really good scrub for the body but I wouldn’t recommend it for the face.
  95. Good


    Got a sample. Very famous brand in Australia. Id lime to purchase full size.
  96. Best scrub


    I've been using this product for years and it works wonders on my face. Just recently I was at my wits end trying to improve the skin on my upper arms - I have had keratosis pilaris for years and have tried everything. My skin has never been better - it has worked a miracle on them!!! Highly recommend to try it if you suffer from this as well.
  97. Definitely works


    This is my holy grail scrub. I used it on my face, back, under arms and upper arms. Helps with flaky skin, gets rid of dead hairs after laser and skin texture!
  98. Definitely works


    This is my holy grail scrub. I used it on my face, back, under arms and upper arms. Helps with flaky skin, gets rid of dead hairs after laser and skin texture!
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