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Parlux 385

The most lightweight of all the Parlux models. You’ve definitely seen the Parlux 385 around - this product is a must-have for all hair professionals. Once you’ve gone Parlux, there’s no going back.

All of the power, none of the weight. This next-generation hair dryer features all the Parlux signature bells and whistles - that is to say, ceramic and ionic technology, two concentrator nozzles, four heat settings, a cold shot button, and two speeds. With this level of customisation, you can find the perfect heat setting for your hair. Hair that is fine or thin will prefer a lower heat and lower speed setting, while someone with an abundance of thicker hair will need a higher heat, and higher speed setting. If you’re looking to create the perfect blow wave, you’ll love the inclusion of two concentrator nozzles to help you create the exact style you’re seeking. Two different sizes mean versatility in all situations - a wider nozzle for larger areas of hair, or areas where you’re looking for a looser finish, or a slimmer nozzle where you need precision. Best used in conjunction with a heat-proof brush.

Weighing less than 450 grams in weight, the incredible Parlux 385 is perfect for anyone who has mastered the art of the blow wave, or anyone concerned about arm and wrist fatigue during their hair styling sessions. The Parlux 385 is also perfect for your checked in baggage for those who don’t want to mess around with a travel dryer - it’s lightweight but still packs all the punch you’ll ever need for your hair.

How does the Parlux 385 compare to the other Parlux models?

In order of release, this is where the Parlux 385 sits compared to the Parlux 3500, 3800 and Advanced Light.


  • Parlux 3500: This reliable hairdryer has 2000 Watts of power, with a 2000 hour motor life.

  • Parlux 3800: Released after the 3500, this has 2100 Watts of power, and a 2000 hour motor life.

  • Parlux 385: Released in 2013 after the 3800, this Parlux hairdrying option gives you 2100 Watts of power, and a 2200 hour motor life. This is the lightest Parlux in terms of weight, and weighs just under 450 grams.

  • Parlux Advanced Light: The most powerful 2200W hair dryer comes with a whopping 2500 hours of motor life. This also has the strongest airflow of all the Parlux models, and is the second lightest by 7 grams.
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10 products found
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