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Montale Paris is a contemporary French fragrance house that takes inspiration from the far reaches of Arabia. Endlessly inspired by the beauty and hidden secrets of the east, Pierre Montale blends scents that are both timeless and contemporary, with an emphasis on ancient oudh and other exceptional materials.


With a nuanced understanding of the power that fragrance holds, Pierre Montale designs perfumes that carry the senses away, evoking a time, a feeling, a memory. Inspired by his travels across the world, Montale Paris perfumes create a shared experience through scent.


Detailed down to the smallest aspect, each Montale Paris fragrance is housed in a luxurious aluminium bottle. Inspired by the large aluminum vessels used to store perfume concentrates in Grasse, France, the Montale Paris bottle pays tribute to the history of fragrance. Embodying the combination of luxurious modernity and preserving traditions, the instantly recognisable bottle sets Montale Paris apart from the crowd.


The ideal vessel to protect your fragrance, the aluminium bottle protects and preserves the valuable essence inside, and allows the fragrance to develop strength and roundness over time.


Montale Paris fragrances are created using only the highest-quality raw materials. Rose features in many of their most beloved perfumes, with a wide variety of flowers from France, Bulgaria, Turkey, India and Saudi Arabia sourced and carefully selected. A fragrance note that can be both delicate and powerful, it is instantly recognisable and evocative, used in scents ranging from the sensual to the feather-soft.


Musk, Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood are all important notes in the Montale Paris fragrance landscape. Often found in the base notes of a perfume, these intoxicating notes bring depth and intensity to a scent.


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Montale Paris
Montale Paris Intense Cafe 100ml

Love it!!!

My second favourite fragrance after Vanilla Absolu Montale! Warm, sweet, long lasting fragrance !!! Love it! Love it!Love it!