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Arrive at your next party or beach holiday with warm, glowing, sun-kissed skin by using the MineTan system. In the privacy of your home, MineTan delivers even colour and salon-quality results with its easy-to-use Handy Tan spray system and fast-acting tanning products.

The portable Handy Tan device is lighter than most hair dryers are. It is easy to clean and has an adjustable flow control, so you can regulate just how dark you want to go. HandyTan also features an extra-long power cord and an optional heat setting to speed the drying process.

All fast-acting MineTan products include active ingredients to moisturise the skin and natural botanicals to give streak-free results. Choosing the shade that is best for your skin tone is easy: simply find the tone or finish you wish to achieve. MineTan refers to these tones as 'Colours of the World'.

1. Original: For a natural-looking olive-brown finish, choose the original MineTan formula. The result is a dark tan with slightly green undertones. Choose from two shades: Black and Onyx. This tanning foam is suitable for all skin tones.
2. Exotic European: Inspired by beautiful European skin, the Exotic European 1-Hour Express Tan gives a rich bronze-brown finish with a light violet base. Natural botanicals of beetroot and caramel combine with violet and dark-brown bronzers to achieve the perfect shade.
3. Be Brazilian: If you cannot celebrate Carnival in Rio, look like you did with Be Brazilian 1-Hour Express Tan. This product gets its dark ash base from fruit extracts, caramel, and a blend of black and brown bronzers.
4. Moroccan: For healthy-looking, glowing skin with a dark-bronze finish, Moroccan 1-Hour Express Tan is the right choice. This tan contains deeply moisturising and antioxidant-rich Moroccan argan oil to nourish dry skin while giving a beautiful chocolate-coloured finish.

You would not choose a hair colour that was not suited to your skin's undertones, so why choose a 'one-bronze-fits-all' tan that is not right for you? MineTan lets you choose from the most beautiful shades; just choose your tone and how deep you want to go!

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11 products found
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All MineTan products are infused with the brand's innovative 1(HT) Formula, which uses Quad Bronzing Technology to speed up the tanning process. By combining naturally derived DHA tan actives with powerful antioxidants, including amino acids and botanical fruit extracts, MineTan develops faster and absorb deeper into the skin for a flawless, natural look. Just follow this simple three-step process:


Pre-Tanning Prep
For the most even finish, preparing your skin before tanning is essential.
1. Wax or shave at least 48 hours before tanning to allow pores ample time to close and to prevent dotting, or tanning product collecting in the pores.
2. Exfoliate and moisturise your skin 24 hours before applying your chosen MineTan product.
3. To enhance absorption of the tanner, avoid using bar soaps, in-shower moisturisers, oil-based products, and high-pH products in the 24 hours before tanning.
4. Avoid applying any moisturiser, perfume, cologne, deodorant, or makeup on the day of application.
5. Make sure skin is clean and dry before applying tanner. Apply a very small amount of tanner to knees and elbows, as these areas darken more easily.


Tan Application and Post-Tan Skincare
1. Plug in the Handy Tan spray tan gun and fill the reservoir cup with Absolute Pro Spray Mist solution.
2. Turn on the Handy Tan and spray the area you want to tan: your arms, legs, face, or entire body.
3. Relax for approximately 1 hour, then rinse quickly for 45 seconds with tepid water. DO NOT use hot water to rinse! Hot water stops the development of the active tanning ingredients. Lukewarm water allows the actives to continue working after you rinse.
4. Rinse with WATER ONLY! Do not use shower gels, scrubs, loofas, or shampoos during the first 24 hours after your tan.
5. Moisturise every day after your self-tan.
6. On Day 6, gently exfoliate skin to help your tan fade evenly.


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