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Loving Tan 2HR Express - Dark 120ml 120ml

4.7 of 53 reviews


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4 instalments of $9.99


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Made by tan lovers for tan lovers, Loving Tan 2HR Express Mousse - Medium gives you a natural looking, sexy olive tan within minutes.

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4.7 of 53 reviews

98% recommend this product

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This tan gives off the best "natural" tanned colour. Literally my favourite! Would suggest buying the bigger size so you get more value for $$

Most Helpful Criticism

Great tan


I have been using this tan as my 'event/weekend' tan for years and its always the one I go back too (This and Bondi Sands). Has a really nice natural tan look. I do find though it says 2H but you need to leave it a little longer if you want a dark tan. Otherwise its very medium. I do find with this tan that it takes so much longer to remove than others thats why I haven't given it a 4/5 star. Quite difficult to get off. You also need to really apply well and dry under an aircon or fan before moving around or getting dressed as it can smudge and leave lines if you dont.


    This tan gives off the best "natural" tanned colour. Literally my favourite! Would suggest buying the bigger size so you get more value for $$
  2. Smooth and flawless


    Love this tan. Smooth to apply but and you feel dry after about 5 minutes. Flawless tan (even when it doesn't look like it will be). Comes off evenly.
  3. Best tan!


    Yet to find a better tan! Loving tan doesn’t have that fake tan smell! It dries quickly and you can get dressed soon after putting it on. It’s a beautiful natural colour that can be washed off after only 2 hours.. I still sleep in mine over night for a deeper tan and the colour is still amazing. I also love that it doesn’t go really patchy once it starts to fade like other tans.
  4. Best Tan on the Market


    Doesn’t have that ‘fake tan’ smell. Dries straight away and you only need to leave it on for 2 hours! Perfect for in a rush. Absolutely love love love it
  5. No wonder this is a cult product!


    Absolutely amazing at-home tanning product. Left a beautiful deep tan and it faded beautifully. I've tried so many tans and this one is fantastic and lives up to it's reputation. I've also found if I've used another tan and it's too late then I can use this one as a top up a day or 2 later and it doesn't turn orange - yay!
  6. Pale skin


    I have quite pale skin and found this tan to give me a great even coverage that looks relevantly natural. I don't need more than one layer like I do with other brands which is a bonus as it means it lasts so much longer.
  7. The Best Fake Tan


    Over the years I've tried every possible fake tan and always go back to this staple. The colour is perfect aswell as it being easily able to apply with no streaks or lines. It's a must have throughout the year.


    I have very pale skin so it’s always very exciting when I find a fake tan that doesn’t leave my skin orange and patchy. When I tried this tan that exciting feeling was there! This tan is amazing! It makes my skin nice a bronze and dark, it goes on so easily, smells so nice and dries so fast! I definitely recommend this product to everyone, whether you have pale or dark skin, this one is perfect!!!
  9. My favourite fake tan


    I’ve been using this fake tan for a few years now and it’s my favourite. I am very pale and this is a very natural looking tan. I wouldn’t go any lighter than the dark as I feel this is a very natural colour, not at all orange. It’s very easy to apply and the bottle lasts for quite a long time. I wash it off after 1.75-4 hours, I find leaving it on a little longer works better. I usually top up with a self tan moisturiser to get a bit of extra colour. It’s reallg a great tan, particularly if you’re pale like me and worried about going orange. I have had quite a few comments about how natural it looks
  10. Best tan!


    This tan is my all time favourite! I’ve been fake tanning for years and this is the best tan I’ve used. It’s a beautiful colour even when you first apply it with the instant bronzer in it. It dries pretty fast so your not left sticky. If used right you get a few applications out the bottle. It is on the more expensive side but definitely worth it!
  11. Such a good tan!!


    I have very pale skin so most fake tans turn VERY orange on me and make it look very bad. However this is not the case with this one, Loving Tan I LOVE YOU! this tan is amazing! it gives my skin a nice bronze glow without any orange at all! it dries quickly and doesn't smell bad like most fake tans. This is by far my favorite fake tan and i definitely recommend to everyone!
  12. My favourite tan


    This is my favourite tanning product and I've tried a lot of different brands. This dries so fast, my skin is quite pale and it is a beautiful dark tanned colour for when I go out. Definitely would recommend to anyone!
  13. Ride or Die


    This is my absolute ride or die tan. I am deathly pale and this product gives me a nice natural tan. I always leave it on for at least 4-5 hours and get around 4-5 days of wear out of it before it starts to fade. The 2HR Express Tan definitely wears off a lot nicer than the 8 hour and is much easier to remove. It does take a good 12 hours to fully develop so it is perfect to put on the day before an event.
  14. Nice colour


    I have pale skin slightly reddish this colour turned out great for me wasn’t orange at all just a nice brown sun kissed glow look like I had been to Bali for a month. I have very sensitive skin and this was fine I had no reactions at all and the smell wasn’t bad like the fake tan smell we all no it was pleasant smelling I would definitely re purchase
  15. Great Tan - does dry quick thogh so be quick t blend itu


    Great Tan - does dry quick though so be quick t blend it. It is the best fake tan i have ever used, the colour is so natural like when you go to a european holiday - however, unlike any other fake tans I have used - it dries very quick so if you have made a mistake - you need to own it - it will not be easy to scrub. But still would highly recommend, just be careful how you apply
  16. Nice colour


    Love this tan it has a nice colour brown not orange like most
    Doesn’t have a fake tan smell either
    Awesome stuff
  17. Best at home tanner


    I'm a religious fake tanner and fake tan every week! and have been since I was 14, now I have tried every fake tan you can get your hands on and in terms of drying, transferring and fading, this tan is the best!!! It dries so fast so no matter what you're doing it doesn't feel sticky (like other australian based tans loool) the transferring is minimal as it dries fast and it fades quite evenly and is easy to scrub off the skin! I have quite dry skin and other brands i've used before from australian companies tend to skin to me really badly, crack and go patchy after 2 days and take hours to come off, but this tan is really good! The only thing I'm not crazy about is the undertone, i generally prefer tans with more of a green/brown/ash undertone where as this one is quite red/pink!
  18. 10/10


    This will always be my favourite at home tan. Its great for events because it looks professional quality - if applied well. Has a coconut scent and lasts well for about 3-4 days. After that it does patch/fade as most do. I have light skin and this is a nice dark tan - sometimes I will leave it on less time if I want a more natural tan.
  19. Amazing!


    This tan is definitely a go to for me. I have very fair skin and this gives me a beautifully tanned glow. Not orange at all.
  20. Favourite


    This is the only tanner I use now. The colour is amazing and doesn’t look orange. I’ve recommended this to 3 friends and they all agree even though they have different skin tones. It also layers well. I do recommend to moisturize prior to using though.
  21. wont be switching my tan anymore


    This is hands down my favourite tan! after years of swapping and changing tan brands and colours i decided to step up the price range as a trial! It dries quickly and doesn't have an awful smell to it. The luxury of only having to leave it on 2-3 hours quickly showering and going to bed avoiding stained sheets to waking up to a bronzed tan that lasts ages if maintained correctly.


    this tan is seriously amazing , I have used every tan possible and nothing compares , no smell, beautiful colour, goes on easy and dries so quick I’m just in love
  23. Natural looking & Salon quality


    The best part about this tan is that its 2 hours so less time sitting in sticky tan. It does take a little bit to dry so I usually stand under a fan and it does have that coconut tan scent. The mousse is really easy to apply and I find the quality similar to the Bondi Sands brand maybe even slightly better. This tan does look very natural and salon quality. After application it takes at least overnight or 1 day to fully develop. It usually lasts (well) for about 3-4 days and then starts to fade/patch. Great for events. It does take a lot to get off because it is high quality - usually I get the 'Bond Sands tan remover foam' or the 'ANTHEIA tan remover kit' let that sit on my skin, and exfoliate using a mitt.
  24. Salon Quality


    Salon quality at home tan. If applied well it leaves a nice natural glow similar to a professional spray tan. It does have a strong tan scent and takes 5 minutes of drying before you can dress but worth it.
  25. Really nice tan


    I thought that the dark tan may be too dark for me as I'm fairly white normally but it gave me such a nice colour! It was super easy to apply, dried really fast and wasn't sticky. I loved that it was 2hr express tan so when I got home from work I could use it then wash it off before bed and wake up beautifully bronzed the next day.
  26. Salon Quality


    I often get spray tans and this is my favourite tan to use because it reminds me of the quality of a spray tan. Has a really natural look with no orange-ness. Love that I only need to leave it on for 2 Hours - Colour usually doesn't develop for about 5-10 hours.
  27. Nice natural tan


    I love using this tan - its really natural looking and only has to be left on for 2 Hours. If I want a lighter tan I will sometimes leave on for only 1 hour. After application I let myself dry completely and then apply baby powder with a fluffy makeup brush to any part of my body that creases (Neck, stomach, behind knees and under my armpits) and that helps it not to crease or be lighter.
  28. Go-to fake tan


    I have tried every tanning product under the sun and this is the most natural, streak free, perfect bronze colour every time. Dries super quick and fades naturally over the week without being patchy. Highly recommend!
  29. Quality tan


    Quality tan. I love using this now instead of paying a fortune for spray tans. Its a really natural bronzed tan and applies pretty easily.
  30. Perfect Tan


    This is my go to tan when I don't have time for a spray tan. It applies and develops evenly. I apply it with the Loving Tan Mitt as I find that is of great quality too. It can be a bit difficult to remove, but is easier to remove than a spray tan formula and fades more evenly. Considering my skin tone is quite fair, I don't find this shade too dark, so am considering trying the Ultra Dark colour. I also tried the medium, which gives a beautiful touch of colour and I would recommend to anyone with really fair skin who hasn't used a fake tanner previously. This formula is the perfect colour tan!
  31. Quick and easy


    Really quick tan for when you're in a rush or dont feel like sitting in tan for a long time. Doesn't streak if you apply it well. Has a really nice natural look to it and doesn't go orange. Make sure you let it dry really well (under a fan or aircon) before dressing.
  32. Great tan


    I love this tan because it lasts at least 5 days before going patchy and fading. Really great for events and it can build depending on how long its left on. It says 2H but usually ill leave it 3H to get a darker tan.
  33. In a rush


    this is perfect if you do not have enough time to sit and marinate in your tan for hours, and leaves and develops such a lovely colour in such a short amount of time.
  34. Great tan


    I have been using this tan as my 'event/weekend' tan for years and its always the one I go back too (This and Bondi Sands). Has a really nice natural tan look. I do find though it says 2H but you need to leave it a little longer if you want a dark tan. Otherwise its very medium. I do find with this tan that it takes so much longer to remove than others thats why I haven't given it a 4/5 star. Quite difficult to get off. You also need to really apply well and dry under an aircon or fan before moving around or getting dressed as it can smudge and leave lines if you dont.
  35. Good


    Such a nice deep and dark tan, super easy and quick to use! Will be repurchasing in the future
  36. Best tan on the market


    Ive tried every brand and type of tan under the sun and keep coming back to this. It is quick, non sticky, non smelly and a perfect bronze tan with no green or orange undertones. I am very pale and this works amazing for me. It lasts for a minimum of 5 days and fades naturally. Will forever re purchase.
  37. Best fake tan I've tried!


    The most natural tan I've ever used. Leaving on for two hours gives a beautiful natural glow. So convenient! I also love that I don't have to sleep in it!
  38. It actually worked


    I have really fair skin & no tan's ever seem to work on me. I was told to try an Organic tan so I read some other reviews on here about the Loving Tan brand & decided to give it a go for my B-Day weekend.
    I'm glad I did because for once I actually had some colour but even tho I followed the application to a T it did leave some streaks running up my legs.
    It definately had the best colour 2 days after application, I applied on Thurs night and it looked it's best on Sat night.
    Im just a little disappointed at how badly this faded tho.
    I was super patchy wherever I sweat Eg under my arms between thighs etc.
    So this is definitely only a weekend tan, I needed to scrub it all off to go to work without looking silly on Monday.
    So I wouldn't use this if I was someone who wanted a lasting tan. I didn't even workout over the weekend I had it on apart from dancing in the club.
    But it still went patchy as only 3 days after I applied it.
    Not sure if I'll repurchase because I normally like to workout often so this will fade too quick on my skin.
  39. Natural looking


    I have always loved the loving tan range. This one is great because its only 2 HR - I do find though that I have to leave it on at least 4 hours for a decent tan and it does take at least half an hour to dry before you can apply clothing. Not good if youre needing a last minute tan it does take at least a day to develop (overnight). Colour is really nice and natural but can be left on longer for a deeper tan.
  40. The perfect tan!


    I'd heard a lot of great things about this tan and after finally trying it for myself I'm completely converted! Beautiful, natural colour, very easy to use, and fades evenly without going patchy. Being able to wash it off after only two hours is an added bonus!
  41. Incredible!


    This is hands down the BEST tan on the market. Works quickly, dries quickly, easy to apply, smells pretty good, the colour is amazing and so natural, it lasts longer than any tan I’ve used... the best part for me is it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin! I even use it on my face and it works perfectly. I have a weird issue of most tans (spray tans especially) giving me an itchy rash on my legs after about day 3 when it starts to wear off (Bondi sands is the worst for me irritation wise)... not loving tan... there is nothing better IMO
  42. Obsessed with this Tan!


    I have very fair skin, and platinum blonde hair. I wanted a tan that wouldn't leave me with an orange complexion, and one that wasn't streaky because of the difference in colour of my skin and the tan. This one is perfect, and has very minimal transfer onto clothes and sheets. Not to mention, the smell isn't strong or like other usual tans.Would absolutely recommend!
  43. The OG tan


    It has been a while since I’ve purchased this tan but it is truly the best on the market. I used just one coat and slept in it overnight. The colour is so dark and natural. I have had several people comment on my ‘tan’ ;) Perfect for summer!
  44. Love this product


    Hands down one of my favourite tans on the market. This product is so easy to use and it creates flawless coverage every time. I love that this is an express tan, perfect for occasions where time is not on your side.
  45. Looks like a real tan!


    This is the best tanning mousse as it dries fast and doesn't transfer much on clothes and sheets. The colour is red based so it looks like a real dark tan on my fair skin. The first time I tried this I got asked if I just came back from Bali! The best thing about this tan is that it lasts and fades beautifully over a week. Just make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your skin properly before using this. I use it with the Loving Tan Mitt which is great because it's double sided and reusable.
  46. Amazing colour


    I love this tan. I’m so pale that most fake tans make me look super orange. This makes me look Brazilian tan but it’s also not totally obvious that I’m wearing fake tan. Highly recommend.
  47. Best fake tan on the market


    Loving Tan is the best fake tan available! I’m very pale, I shower/moisturise and then apply this fake tan to sleep in and wash off in the morning. Leaves me with a beautiful, dark, even tan!!! And doesn’t dry my skin out at all! 100% recommend! I always get compliments on my tan when using this
  48. for the experienced tanner


    i have tried this brand in the medium 8 hour and the dark express, and i have to say that if you have fair-light skin, you'd benefit from some practice with this product before you try the dark. i don't tan very often, only for special occasions, and i'm definitely a novice. but i found the express dark a little too advanced for me in this formula, because i made some mistakes that were pretty obvious. i prefer the medium because its a lot more forgiving.
  49. Love!


    Use weekly, fully develops in 2 hours whilst can be washed off after even 1 still providing a dark tan! LOVE
  50. Great when your in a rush!


    Great product for when your in a rush! Makes a lovely natural looking tan, however obviously isn't as dark as if you were to have it on longer than the 2 hours! Its always my backup when I've had something on and haven't had time to tan until the day of the event and it still gives me a lovely natural glowing tan!
  51. Amazing!


    I hate sleeping in my tan so this product from Loving Tan is a godsend! It does take a bit more rubbing to get it to apply smoothly but once rinsed off the result is an even bronze tan! I leave mine on for at least 2 hours then wash it off. You won't be brown straight away but I always wake up the next day with a deep tan. Daily moisturising is essential as it is quite drying! One of the most natural and even tans I've tried (and I've tried a lot!)
  52. Great express, but only for night


    This mousse leaves a nice looking tan, and is great because it only needs to be on for 2 hours before you can wash - great it you have last minute plans come up. However, I found that in the sunshine, the tan makes my skin look very yellow. Great colour for night time events but stay away if the event is in the day/sunshine!
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