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Juliette, transported from the pages of Shakespeare to the 21st Century, and armed with her perfume. Juliette is the modern woman of today, expressing different facets of her personality through her fragrance; assertive, charming, vengeful. The master of her own destiny. Her weapon is her perfume, by turns a tool for seduction, revenge, or a bold accessory.


Juliette Has a Gun create modern fragrances, from a contemporary take on the classic rose scent to perfume that isn’t perfume. Playful, romantic, and bold, Juliette Has a Gun fragrances are emblems of style and originality.

Juliette Has a Gun was created by Romano Ricci, great-grandson of renowned designer Nina and grandson of Robert, the creator of the classic fragrance “L’Air du Temps”. Surrounded by fashion and creativity since childhood, Romano Ricci set out to make his own mark on the fashion world, apprenticing in perfumery for four years before persuading Francis Kurkdjian, one of the world’s most celebrated masters of perfume, to work with him.

Juliette Has a Gun was created to bring a new type of elegance to the perfume world, combining tradition with playfulness and a touch of provocation. Perfumes that celebrate individuality and imperfections, a declaration of style and a lust for life.


Let The Scent Room help you find your new signature scent, risk-free.

Each full-size Juliette Has a Gun fragrance purchased through The Scent Room comes with a matching sample vial. Simply try the fragrance vial before opening the full size perfume, and if you don’t love it for any reason, return the unopened full size fragrance for free. For more information on the Scent Room’s risk-free return policy, please see here.

Please note that only full-size fragrances (30ml+ per bottle) are eligible.


Unfortunately, Juliette Has a Gun fragrances are available only for shipping within Australia.

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Juliette Has A Gun

8 products found
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8 products found
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