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Invisible Zinc®: a scientific breakthrough in high-end sun care! Invisible Zinc® uses a unique patented form of micronised (nano-free) Zinc Oxide in formulating what is arguably the best and most consistent broad spectrum protection sunscreen against UV(B) and UV(A) rays.

Invisible Zinc

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1 product found
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Invizible Zinc set out in 2003 to create the most natural sunscreens possible in the lightest, most beautiful cosmetic/sunscreen hybrid products. All INVISIBLE ZINC products contain Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient, provide the highest protection available in Australia.


No chemical UV actives
No Titanium Dioxide
Suitable for sensitive skin
Natural Zinc Oxide
Physical, mineral protection


Each day our skin is bombarded with harmful levels of UV radiation and environmental pollutants, which oxidize skin cells, potentially causing DNA damage and the signs of premature ageing. Invisible Zinc ESP is a high-performance daily moisturiser that offers your skin a thorough, three-tiered line of defence against these nasties:

Defence 1: As with all Invisible Zinc products, micronized 100% mineral reflectors create a physical, reflective veil on the surface of the skin, delivering a very high level of SPF 30+ UVA + UVB protection. Unlike chemical UV filters (commonly found in skin care and cosmetics, and which absorb and scatter only UVB rays, which then turn into free radicals) Invisible Zinc ESP uses physical sunscreens, which won’t break down or decay and don’t require a chemical reaction to work. The minuscule size and shape of these particles reflect light and diminish the look of fine lines, while still offering a smooth texture. (And none of that white, ‘masked’ business.)

Defence 2: Up to 70% of skin ageing stems form environmental aggressors such as pollution, ultraviolet light, drugs, chemical aggressions, and smoke. Enter Unicontrazon BG-49, a vegetable-based complex boasting the newest technology available in environmental skin defence and unique to Invisible Zinc ESP. When applied to the skin a film forms acting as a pollution barrier to assist in neutralising environmental pollutants and protecting the skin from environmental aggressors.

Defence 3: Antioxidants neutralise cell damaging free radicals and are imperative post sun exposure, but also critical in protecting the cells before DNA damage can occur. Invisible Zinc ESP merges strong antioxidants with powerful moisturising properties and an anti-inflammatory action to slow your skin’s ageing.


Invisible Zinc® is a physical, mineral sunscreening agent that reflects the sun’s rays.


The key ingredient is of course Invisible Zinc’s world-patented Zinc Oxide, which not only boasts the same anti-inflammatory and soothing properties found in mineral makeup, but has been milled-down to the point it is no longer visible to the naked eye, making it light and soft on the skin, and is as the name suggests, completely invisible.


Zinc Oxide has a long history of use in skin care products and is currently a key ingredient in many cosmetics, baby creams, calamine lotions, and skin salves.


For sun protection, skin care and cosmetics that are natural, effective, and safe for sensitive skin, look no further than Invisible Zinc®.


Invisible Zinc SPF50+ 4 Hour Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion

A really amazing sunscreen. it is not sticky and doesn't have the smelly sunscreen smell

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