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Iles Formula Hair Turban Towel White

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4 instalments of $9.75


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4 instalments of $9.75


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Dry your hair with less frizz and friction with the ILES Formula Hair Turban in White. This microfibre hair turban features an elasticised band for a secure fit, loop closure, and is big enough to wrap even long hair.

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Hair Concern:

  • Frizzy hair

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5 of 5 reviews

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Can’t go without!


This towel cuts drying time in half and is the perfect size for longer hair!
  1. Can’t go without!


    This towel cuts drying time in half and is the perfect size for longer hair!
  2. Worth it!


    Really makes a difference - i’m Not sure it cuts down on drying time but it definitely reduced frizz and when I want my hair to look a bit wild without being a birds nest I use a volumising spray on wet curls, scrunch them up, then wrap them piled on my head in the turban. Leave for good hour then air dry - curls look gorgeous!


    I am never using a towel to dry my hair again! Not only does it hold my hair in place for as long as I need. It really drains all that excess water so styling becomes so much easier! Love this product!
  4. No more drowned rat walk of shame


    Having curls winter used to mean walking to the train station with soaking wet hair, freezing cold and looking like a drowned rat every morning. This has actually changed everything. No frizz, enhances my curls and it dries my hair so effectively that I actually have to take it off after a few minutes so I have some moisture left when I add my curl balm. Gushing.
  5. Better than a t-shirt

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I haven't dried my hair with a regular towel in literal years, instead I had been using an old t-shirt, as it caused less friction and frizz on my curls.

    This turban is better than a t-shirt!! For a start it actually stays on my head more easily and is simple to secure, it looks far less dumb than having a t-shirt wrapped around your head and it reduces my frizz.

    My hair is on the shorter side now but this turban is very roomy and would fit even long/thick hair easily.
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