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KEVIN.MURPHY Stay Hydrated TrioKEVIN.MURPHY Stay Hydrated Trio
KEVIN.MURPHY Stay Hydrated Trio

Super soft hair

I love the Kevin Murphy HYDRATE range. I have fine hair that is damaged from bleaching so I need something that is super hydrating but won't weigh my hair down. The HYDRATE range is perfect for my hair and leaves it so smooth and soft.
KEVIN.MURPHY Heavenly Angel TrioKEVIN.MURPHY Heavenly Angel Trio
KEVIN.MURPHY Heavenly Angel Trio

Great for fine hair

I have fine hair that tends towards being dry and can get damaged easily. The Angel wash and rinse and perfect for fine hair as they are nourishing and hydrating but don't weigh my hair down. The Anti-Gravity spray is good for fine hair too.
ELEVEN Hutt Lagoon Smooth Trio PackELEVEN Hutt Lagoon Smooth Trio Pack
ELEVEN Australia
ELEVEN Hutt Lagoon Smooth Trio Pack

Using only this forever!

I have tried so many other shampoo/conditioners (including other Eleven varieties) and this is by far the best I've ever found!

I have fine hair but lots of it - it's somewhere in between curly and straight and would get frizzy and dry, especially at the ends.

This shampoo/conditioner combo has given me 'maybe it's Maybelline' hair for the first time in my life.

I have used the Miracle Hair Treatment before and quite liked it - however it's the perfect addition to this shampoo/condition and really compliments them.