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Klorane Pomegranate Leave In CreamKlorane Pomegranate Leave In Cream
Klorane Pomegranate Leave In Cream

Kinda Disappointing

I don't really like the texture it leaves my hair with at all.
It ends up feeling kind of oily.
I did notice that my hair seemed healthier and shinier after repeated use and it has a lovely smell. But it doesn't seem to like my hair all that much in terms of texture.
ELEVEN I Want Body Texture Spray 175mlELEVEN I Want Body Texture Spray 175ml
ELEVEN Australia
ELEVEN I Want Body Texture Spray 175ml

Great texture

This was quite different to so many other texture/volume products - the powder/liquid consistency seems work better than the usual sprays or gels. It felt much more substantial but without being heavy or gritty. Would definitely recommend if you have a lot of fine hair that is weighed down easily
Pureology Colour Fanatic Pureology Colour Fanatic
Pureology Colour Fanatic

A favourite daily product

After initially receiving a small sample trial size, I loved the results so much I purchased the full sized product which I now use daily.
Having long, fine, and coloured hair which gets blow dried each day, I find this spray to be essential.
It is an incredible detangler, helps to protect the hair, is weightless, and smells amazing!

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