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Pretty good

Use sparingly or your hair gets a bit too much of a product feel. Gives body, especially on the scalp. Not sure of the long term effects yet. Hair doesn’t necessarily feel thicker, but it looks thicker after applying this spray. I would use about four to six sprays on towel dried hair and scrunch it all around. I like it but it’s not been amazing.
evo haze styling powder pump 50mlevo haze styling powder pump 50ml
evo haze styling powder pump 50ml

Great for adding volume without the stickiness of hair spray

Love this to add volume to hair. Great innovation. Love it even more now that it is in a spray bottle..
R+Co Sand Castle Dry Texture CremeR+Co Sand Castle Dry Texture Creme
R+Co Sand Castle Dry Texture Creme

Okay, maybe not using it correctly?

It’s not a bad product but I did expect it to add more texture to the areas it applied to, didn’t see a lot of difference until I slept on it and the next day those sections looked textured. A bit weird but I’ll play around with application a bit and see if I can make it work. Smells nice though and good on a sensitive scalp

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