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Gorgeous Cosmetics

Founded in Melbourne, Gorgeous Cosmetics is a prestige Australian cosmetics brand with a global cult following. An international leader providing the latest in technology in their products, with an eye for latest trends and timeless glamour.
Gorgeous Cosmetics are created to give you the tools you need, and inspiration to make you feel more confident in yourself. After ten years of research, Gorgeous Cosmetics represents quality to the highest standard, created from first principles with you in mind.
A favourite of celebrities (Kim Kardashian calls their 8 Pan Palette life-changing!), Gorgeous is all about long-wear and deep pigment. There is not one item that does not give its true colour pay-off. There is also a deeply-rooted integrity in Gorgeous to always put formula first— that is why Gorgeous is performance-driven and trusted by professional make-up artists and industry pros worldwide. It isn't about the bells and whistles or the latest fad or trend— Gorgeous maintains a committed focus on achieving beautiful, flawless skin and professional-quality results. Make-up artists and beauty beginners alike know they can rely on Gorgeous products to get the look they want, with minimal effort.

Gorgeous Cosmetics

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Discover Gorgeous' top three products:
1) The Base Perfect Oil-Free Liquid Foundation gives AMAZING coverage, blends easily and looks great on every skin type. It's a cult favourite for a reason!
2) The Colour Pro shadows- All the gorgeous Colour Pro Pigment pans are dual-purpose for eyes & cheeks- which means you can wear them as blushes, contours, highlights and eye shadows. 
3) The iInk Eye Pencil glides on like a gel but is pigmented like a liquid— which makes it fantastic for long-wear! You can smudge it out with a brush for a 6-second smokey eye that will stay on for as long as you stay out!


Want to find out which colours suit you? Mandy Garcia, Gorgeous Cosmetics make-up artist has some tips.
"I always like to first determine if you have yellow or pink undertones. Something I definitely like to do is first start with a neutral foundation (N) in any number that is closest to your shade (1-5). From there, I can see if I have to go with something more beige (B) or yellow (Y). Once that undertone has been determined, I like to take three shades to see what best matches the skin. I like to put a swipe of each colour on the jawline and try to get as close to natural light as possible. When it comes to foundations or powders though, sometimes the seasons can influence. For example, our skin tone can deepen in the summer and get lighter in winter, which may call for an updated colour match on our complexion items!"


If you find yourself in a make-up rut, she suggests that "you can subtly change a make-up look without having to re-vamp your entire make-up collection. Try a pop of coloured eye liner for a twist! One small change can make you feel like a new you and not have to break the bank in the meantime."

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