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FOREO is the Stockholm-based beauty company taking the world by storm with its range of innovative sonic cleansing devices, the LUNA and LUNA MINI.
FOREO uses groundbreaking technology to create unique products that are being raved about by beauty editors across the globe. FOREO provides a smarter and more effective way to care for your skin.
The promise is simple – FOREO is here to give you a new-found confidence, through innovative skincare that works.
Foreo LUNA offers total beauty care, combining sonic cleansing with anti-ageing benefits. The Foreo LUNA mini is a simpler device that offers deep, gentle cleansing for all skin types. Foreo LUNA for men is the ultimate in pre-shaving care.


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22 products found
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Simple skincare solutions, real results: FOREO is revolutionising the beauty world. We’ve been cleaning our faces the same way for centuries – now it’s time to make the change! Welcome to the exciting new way to care for your skin, with FOREO’s premium range of LUNA™ skincare devices. Use for up to 2 minutes at a time with standard skincare products, and enjoy an instantly radiant, healthier-looking complexion.

FOREO’s significance surpasses the cosmetic – by treating the body as an organic, interconnected whole, caring for the skin becomes a new style of living that spans health, confidence and total well-being. Informed by the latest dermatological and cosmetic research, FOREO's results-oriented solutions bring tangible, lasting enhancements to the skin’s beauty.


Like the Clarisonic, FOREO is available in four different varieties – original, mini, men’s and luxe.


The LUNA utilises transdermal pulsations (up to 8,000 a minute!) to help drive out dirt, oil and makeup residue on the dermal layer.


It uses silicone touch-points, rather than bristled brushes, which promise to be more hygienic due to their ability to resist bacteria build-up. They also don’t need to be replaced!


As well as being waterproof, the LUNA guarantees a minimum of 300 uses per single charge and comes with a quality warranty.


If we want to learn how to exfoliate properly, we’ve got to ask ourselves what the point of doing it is in the first place. The benefits of skin exfoliation (which literally means ‘removing the surface’) are many, but most commonly include:


Improved skin cell turnover
Remove impurities such as make-up, dirt and sweat
Unclog pores and blackheads
Decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Better absorption of serums and moisturisers
Clearer, more uniform skin tone
Regulate sebum production
Reduction in dry patches and flakiness


Many celebrities love sonic cleansing, including the Kardashians (Kim lists it among her daily essentials while Kourtney says it forms part of nightly skincare routine), Matthew McConaughey (who has been using it for years), Cate Blanchett (who says “Look at men in their 40s and then look at women in their 40s—for men, their skin looks really good because they shave every day. So I exfoliate, and I have a [sonic cleansing] brush, and it’s great") and Lauren Curtis (who adores sonic cleansing)


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