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ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment 125ml

4.6 of 473 reviews


$6.24 x 4

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$6.24 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment

ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment

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4.6 of 473 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best treatment for bleached hair! Smells amazing and really easy to use. I've had my hair bleached quite a few times and it really revives my hair!

Most Helpful Criticism

It's nice
Got this one as a sample, wouldn't have brought it for myself as I have quite oily hair. This product is nice, leaves my hair pretty soft and helps with the frizziness as the ends a bit, but it's nothing exciting. Not for me at least.
  1. Amazing

    Best treatment for bleached hair! Smells amazing and really easy to use. I've had my hair bleached quite a few times and it really revives my hair!
  2. You don't need a lot for a great result!

    Love this product. It made my 46 year old hair feel young again! Soft shiny and manageable. A must have for any person who cares about their hair!
  3. AMAZING product!

    Best Haircare find in years! Love the smell and feel of my hair after using! Makes me feel more assurance that my hair will be healthy after straightening now!
  4. It's nice

    Got this one as a sample, wouldn't have brought it for myself as I have quite oily hair. This product is nice, leaves my hair pretty soft and helps with the frizziness as the ends a bit, but it's nothing exciting. Not for me at least.
  5. Best product

    I am a repeat buyer of this product as I absolutely adore it, works really well at taming those fly away bit at the front and sides of my hair and seems to tame the frizziness in general, it's also a lot easier to brush.
  6. Not bad!

    I love the smell and since I started using it after washing my hair, I’ve noticed my hair feeling softer and stronger. Really glad it has heat protection properties as well!
  7. Good budget product

    I don’t dislike this product.. But I didn’t love it.
    It smells great and the texture is good for being able to spread evenly but you have use the correct quantity otherwise your hair wouldn’t feel nice once styled (used as heat protector)
    It’s definitely a product that would work great for healthy hair not needed a lot of moisture. I used half the bottle and starting using it as a daily treatment for my two young daughters and it worked great.
  8. Great product!

    I’ve got really long colour treated blonde hair and I still only need a few squirts of this product for it to make a huge difference. Smells faintly like coconuts but not overpowering. Smooths ends and de-frizzes with a nice price! Love it
  9. High end product with a friendly price!

    This product replaces so many different products I used to use in conjunction with each other. I use this before I blow dry my hair (hair is damp) and it makes my hair so smooth along with being a heat protectant. I also use it throughout the day to tame frizz and it doesn’t make my hair look oily! I also get compliments on the smell. Highly recommend, my hair is shoulder length and quite fine, this product does not weigh it down.
  10. Softens hair

    This product makes my hair feel soft and smells amazing.
  11. Rejuvenated my hair

    After using this treatment, my hair felt super soft and silky, and it looked EXTREMELY shiny!! Absolutely love it!
  12. Great

    This product is awesome and smells great, really helps where your hair is especially dry.
  13. Smooths hair

    I apply this through the length of my hair and ends after every wash and I'm not sure it's a miracle treatment but when I blowdry my hair it is definitely smoother than if I didn't use it. I like how it smells, but a little does go a long way.
  14. Recommended as an alternative conditioner every 2nd wash.

    I am asian with thick black hair which has never touched any dye. Ie very healthy hair. I got onto this product because there was a woman who really had such amazing hair and so I started using it and over time you can feel the difference.

    I like how you don't have to wash it off (great when you need to turbo hairwash) but hate how because of that, your hair does get gritty and take a while to dry.

    However, still highly recommended because it gives it an extra oomph and protection than your average hair conditioner.

    Would advise one to use a hair mask once a week also to maintain your hair to be the most optimal it can be.
  15. not a miracle

    I like this product..
    but i wouldnt call it a miracle.
    i like the smell and how it feels, i use it mainly as a defense with heat from my striaghtener but if you a little roo much it can make your hair feel CRAP.
    less is more definitely with this product and if you have thin hair.
    once you have the quantity down pat it can be a great product.
  16. Divine

    After trying different products to apply as treatments after washing my hair, this is definitely the best by far. No doubt.
  17. Love

  18. Yuck! I need wash my again

    I'm going against popular review. I've tried this product a few times now and I just don't like it. It makes my hair feel dirty and knotty with product residual and I just want to wash it out straight away. I will stick too Shu Uremura from now on.
  19. Best product

    I was wondering if this product was going to live up to it's name being a miracle hair treatment, and for me it has, I love it, I have quite thick curly hair and the front of my hair always goes so frizzy so fast, I constantly wear my hair in a plait but I still get loads of frizz, this has really helped to tame it and the frizzy bits just aren't as knotty and my hair looks so much better instead of looking dry all the time.

    Love this hair treatment! I use it after every wash. Makes my hair so soft and smells amazing!!!
  21. Lovely

    Great for my hair, does exactly as it says on the bottle, have been using for some time and I do find you get a bit of build up but it does tame my hair and that's the most important thing for me.
  22. It's OK

    I can't say that this was good or bad for my hair, I suppose I didn't really find it made a great deal of difference, I have very curly hair and it get so frizzy, I read some reviews before purchasing and it sounded like a good product to use but sadly it's not for me.
  23. Great

    A pump or two to towel dried hair and that brush is gliding, through my locks . It makes my hair so soft and silky smooth, although it does build up over several days and causes my hair to become a bit dull, despite being washed daily.,
  24. Not sure

    I have tried this on numerous occasions and am not overly happy with the product and for me I would not say that it's miracle hair treatment, leaves residue.
  25. Light and hydrating

    Light and hydrating with a nice pineapple scent. Needs to be used while hair wet otherwise hair looks weighed down.
  26. Perfect heat treatment

    I have very thick curly hair which I bleach blonde and blow dry and ghd style. So needless to say my hair is extremely dry and damaged. I use this product in each section of my hair as I blow dry, it’s less frizzy and dry thanks to this amazing product. Because of my hair type I use 4-5 pumps of product at a time. I’m on my second bottle and will continue to re-purchase as my hair loves it! Highly recommend!
  27. Light but effective

    Not greasy or heavy, light and fresh but still very effective! Great for my fine wavy hair.
  28. Leaves Residue

    I find it leaves residue in my hair, apart from that it does help with the frizziness and smells nice.
  29. Beauty Staple

    I have been using this for a good theee years now, I absolutely love it no matter what brand conditioner and shampoo I use. I also use it with other products and it just gives my hair the extra moisture and hydration it needs. It also smells amazing. Can be applied to wet or dry hair too which is a bonus.
  30. Best smell ever

    I love the coconut smell of this product so much! My hairdresser used it on me so I had to buy some myself. I put it in my hair damp before I blow dry it and it definitely leaves it feeling softer than if I didn't use it. I have bleach blonde hair and this does a good job of keeping it feeling soft and protecting my hair from heat tools.
  31. great hair product

    I love this leave in, i have pretty dry damaged hair from years of colouring and bleaching and this keeps my hair hydrated and soft.
  32. Miracle hair product

    I didn’t mind this hair moisturiser, it’s light but still hydrating. I like that it does everything in one and I don’t have to use heaps of other stuff to protect my hair from heat or another de frizzed.
  33. Good For wavy/semi curly dry hair

    I have wavy hair and pop this on after washing my hair (once damp) and it stops my ends from going frizzy or tangling and helps leave a nice wave to it when it drys if you scrunch it in. I've noticed over the past month or two that my ends aren't as split as they previously were, I still have some but also use a GHD every second day. Smells good too.
  34. A great everyday product to protect your hair!

    I've re-purchased this product because I love it so much, which doesn't usually happen! It smells wonderful, keeps my naturally curly, dry hair soft and manageable, and prevents split ends and heat damage. It's definitely a unsung hero in my haircare routine!!
  35. My favourite hair product

    This product has become a staple in my hair care routine. I pop it on damp hair just after the shower and I've found it to be a savour in the detangling department and it has helped to restore my dry ends from years of being blonde.
  36. Not bad

    I like this, I wouldn't say it's a miracle but it does a fairly good job on my hair, I'll continue to use it and it smells nice.
  37. Strong coconut

    It has a very strong coconut smell but the product itself works well and manages to keep my fly aways to a minimum. It is one of the best products that I have used in awhile and believe me I have used lots of different products over the years.
  38. The Best!!

    My absolute favourite hair product. It smells delicious and makes my dry hair lovely & soft!
  39. I have noticed a difference

    I have thick, curly & frizzy hair. Very frizzy, i have noticed that this has helped tame the frizz since using it.I also like that it is a heat protector and treatment all in one.
  40. Not a miracle fix

    I personally wouldn't call this product a treatment, maybe more a little boost of fragrance and moisture before styling or as a pick me up. I still love it and use it before straightening my hair but not sure its good enough to be a fixing hair treatment. I use Olaplex and BondiBoost as treatments.
  41. Nice smell

    I'm not sure if this treatment is helping in reversing the damage too much but it does make my hair feel really soft and have a great coconut scent to it, feel like it more coats then repairs, but i don't think there are any products out there that can actually reverse split ends.
  42. Miracle in a bottle

    Turned my dry fragile hair into moisturised soft locks after just one use!!! Sounds too good to be true but it is amazing, so glad I discovered this product!
  43. Not convinced

    I have been using for a couple of months, the product feels good and smells great, doesn't leave hair feeling heavy or oily and does help with reducing frizz but I still get breakage and split ends so not the miracle I was hoping for. However I do blow dry and use the GHD a lot so I don't think any product could stop the damage!
  44. Good

    Works well, strong coconut smell but that's ok as it works a treat in my type of hair.
  45. Works well

    My hair feels nice, I put it into my hair after a shower and usually leave in overnight.
  46. Awesome

    This would have to be the best leave in product for my frizzy unruly hair, it make it so easy to brush afterwards.
  47. A great hair treatment! Love this product and always come back to it

    I have tried numerous hair treatment products and always come back to this ELEVEN one which was originally suggested by a hairdresser. It's a great product, smells nice, goes easily through wet hair and definitely helps my hair air dry better than if I put nothing in. Would recommend!
  48. Smells great

    Has a strong smell of coconut which I don't mind and it's not too oily which is even better, makes brushing my hair a whole lot easier.
  49. Good

    I liked it, but found the coconut smell very strong, makes my hair easy to maintain which is the best thing.
  50. Good stuff

    Really like it, good for my hair, would recommend.
  51. Great product

    Keeps my bleached hair in great condition
  52. Smells like a holiday, but without the damage!

    My hairdresser gave me a sample of this, and I have been purchasing it from adorebeauty ever since! I have really fine/thin hair and needed something to soften it a little to enhance my natural curl, but I often find curling creams so heavy that I have to wash my hair the next day. This treatment is like a serum, it is light and makes my curls so bouncy and moisturised. The coconut smell is so delicious too..... Will definitely keep purchasing and am keen to try other ELEVEN products.
  53. Awesome

    I have been using for 6 months, it works wonders!
  54. I would get this again

    I get super greasy hair and usually never finish using treatments and leave in but I finished this whole bottle and didn't get greasy. Super impressed!
  55. Fantastic product

    I love this product. It makes my hair look & feel healthy & shiny & it doesn’t make it heavy, greasy or oily. I have been using it for years & will continue to keep using it.
  56. Great value

    Affordable leave in treatment that actually works
  57. Amazing

    This treatment is the best for hydrating damaged hair
  58. Love

    So hydrating without being too oily
  59. Holy grail

    Best leave in treatment!
  60. In love

    Moisturising and hydrating!
  61. Best leave in treatment

    This was a recommendation from my daughter as I have very thick hair and this product is Devine! The smell is lovely and my hair feels so soft to touch I love it
  62. Hands down best leave in hair treatment!

    I have quite knotty hair and this is just amazing and so affordable!
  63. Amazingly soft hair!!

    Love this treatment. It makes my hair feel super soft and leaves no build up. I use it once a week after washing.
  64. Smells lovely

    Has the most beautiful scent. I personally dont think this has the potential to repair hair dramatically but for the price its a great little add after washing and before I straighten my hair. Makes it feel smooth and silky. I didnt notice any difference in my hair health with this alone but along with Olaplex and other treatments works great.
  65. Lightweight & silky smooth

    I use this whether I am straightening my hair or with the Eleven Keep My Curl Defining Cream when I'm letting my curls air dry. Either way, I feel like it treats my hair and makes it smooth and silky even though it's so lightweight. The bottle lasts a long time because you only need a couple of pumps of the product which smells divine.
  66. Miracle Hair

    I have used this for some time now and love it. Perfect little multipurpose leave in conditioner. I pop it on my ends after i've washed my hair and before i blow dry it. It protects against the heat of blow drying/straightening and also acts as a leave in treatment. It smells great and its lightweight and non greasy. You don't even know there is anything in your hair. My hairdresser put it on to me and i havent looked back. I am not a natural blonde so i'm always getting my hair done and without this i reckon my hair would be a lot worse off from all of the chemicals.
  67. The best leave in treatment

    Smells amazing, leaves my hair feeling soft and reduces flyaways!
  68. Best product

    Makes my hair look like a million dollars, it sits better and tames the fly aways, I love it and everyone with frizzy hair should try it.
  69. Amazing

    Wow this product is just amazing, the smell is gorgeous and the way this product makes my hair feel is wonderful,
  70. Best for frizz

    Tames my frizz and great for getting out all the knots out of my hair, leaves my hair feeling great and it sits better the next day.
  71. Love this

    This really is the best product I have ever used in my hair, I have become a raving fan and would not use anything else ever.
  72. reduces the frizzy hair

    It is a good leave in conditioner. I used it before using a hair dryer. i keeps my frizzy hair in control.
  73. Good Treatment

    My husband loves this for his beard. Its usually empty when I go to use it.
  74. Wonderful stuff

    This is a great product to use of dry damaged hair. It does what it says and makes your hair feel nice and not heavy. Only need 3-4.pumps and my hair is about 2inches past my shoulders.
  75. Smells nice

    It has a really nice scent to it and doesn't leave a residue on my hands. While it is a good leave in product its not the best that I've used. I would probably buy it again for the protection of my hair in summer but use it alongside my favourite smooth treatment
  76. Recommend it

    A specialist haircare store recommended Eleven Miracle Hair treatment to me, and they said it was their best-selling product. The label promised eleven benefits if I used it and of course I was sceptical, but after using it ONCE, I can honestly say it delivered on every single one. It smells yummy, a little goes a long way, and my habitually coarse hair feels so soft and silky! A definite recommend from me.
  77. Loveeeeee

    This product is absolutely amazing, makes my hair feel incredible and hydrates it so well, I have tried so many products and none compare. I usually put it on after I’ve washed my hair before I dry it
  78. Frizz Control

    This product is very lightweight, doesn't leave the hair feeling wet or heavy. Reduces frizz, smells amazing and brings the moisture back into the hair.
  79. Great product

    Love this product been using it everyday so far and makes my hair so soft and great price buying more once finished bottle
  80. Ok product

    I have very fine, dry and damaged hair and after reading all the positive reviews I thought I would give it a try. While it felt nice in my hair and made it easy to brush, it didn’t really do much else, so unfortunately it wasn’t a miracle treatment for my hair.
    Would not purchase again or recommend to others
  81. Smells nice

    I quite like this, it's the first time I have used it so time will tell but so far so good.
  82. Reduces Frizzy

    It smells lovely and yes it does reduce some of the frizzy in my hair.
  83. good product

    It gets the job done. reduces fly aways and frizz. It smells like coconut. Helps me detangle my hair before drying.
  84. No match for my thick hair

    My hair is super thick and unfortunately, this product was way too lightweight to do anything. It had a lovely smell and consistency, but it's just not good for thick hair types. It would suit people with thin hair.
  85. Amazing

    Amazing product, makes my hair feel great without weighing it down whilst also protecting it from heat styling. Highly recommend.
  86. idk

    It's nice, but i have to use SO MUCH for it to make a difference, so it becomes too expensive really. probably great for shorter or finer hair.
  87. Brilliant product!

    Leaves my hair silky and protects it from heat. A great all rounder
  88. Love the smell!

    I love anything that smells like coconut..i bought this mainly for the smell but love the way it works too, its a beautiful hair product, i have quite fine blonde hair and its lovely for me.. would buy again!
  89. Great daily treatment

    Adds shine and controls fly aways without weighing the hair down. Also smells great.
  90. Always come back to this...

    Whilst I like variety and try a lot of different products I always come back to this one. I use it before blow drying for my dry, brittle bleached hair and it turns it from straw to soft silk! Always have a couple of back ups at hand and can’t do without it now.
  91. Amazing for frizz

    This is a life saver, I use it whenever I’m not straightening/styling my hair and it really helps give it that little bit of extra tlc with hydration and easing frizz.
  92. Fantastic

    LOVE this product! I've been using it for a couple of years now; I use it every time I wash my hair. I have blonde, fine, flat hair that can get easily tangled and this treatment makes my hair more manageable and people always comment on how healthy my hair looks. Best of all, it doesn't make my hair oily or flat.
  93. Great creamy texture

    I colour and style my hair quite often so it can get quite dry at times. I’ve been using this product for a month and half now and have been finding it really great at controlling frizz and fly away. Look forward to trying more products from the eleven hair range!
  94. Sweet and floral scent

    I have pretty damaged hair so I didn't expect this product to cure it. I didn't notice a huge deal to my hairs health but it definitely made it feel softer and smoother. Smells beautiful. I would re purchase just as a little boost of hydration to my hair each week.
  95. Frizz be gone!

    My prayers have finally been answered. Having had very thin long hair that's prone to breakage and frizz isn't an easy task to find a product that works. Finally, I've found out there's a guilt free natural formula made in Australia! that might help. Well, it sure has! I hardly use a gel anymore ( to smooth the top frizz). Overall, great product, amazing fragrance, light non sticky formula for an affordable price( it'll last me for ever). Thank you! Impressed customer.
  96. Too lightweight for my dry frizzy hair.

    Smells great and would be awesome for finer haired girls but it wasn’t heavy enough for me.
  97. Love it!

    Lightweight and doesn’t leave your hair greasy. My hair is very dry and frizzy and although it doesn’t tame the frizz if air dried it does smooth out nicely when I run the hair straightener through.
  98. OK

    I quite liked this, I have been using for over a week and am starting to see an improvement in my hair, it feels and looks better, easier to brush.
  99. Fantastic

    The product smells incredible and the consistency is smooth and very workable. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky residue. I love it.
  100. Incredibly lightweight

    Love it, feels like you have no product in your hair what so ever, will be buying again.
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