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ELEVEN I Want Body Texture Spray 175ml 175ml

4.1 of 36 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24


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4 instalments of $6.24


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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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A lightweight finishing hairspray that adds body and texture.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 72% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Customer Reviews

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4.1 of 36 reviews

72% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The Best


I received a sample with one of my orders and I really liked it so I purchased the larger size,I have short hair that lacked body and this product really made a difference. Very happy.

Most Helpful Criticism

A bit meh


Did the job -ish, but wasn't game changing
  1. Fine Hair Savior!

    Shannon S

    Having received a small bottle of this in my last order, I will be buying a big bottle soon! I have quite fine hair that is difficult to style. This product has saved me many times already, between wearing my hair out, natural or up styled! It is a fine mist, easy to use and has a pleasant (but faint) smell.
  2. Great texture


    This was quite different to so many other texture/volume products - the powder/liquid consistency seems work better than the usual sprays or gels. It felt much more substantial but without being heavy or gritty. Would definitely recommend if you have a lot of fine hair that is weighed down easily
  3. The Best


    I received a sample with one of my orders and I really liked it so I purchased the larger size,I have short hair that lacked body and this product really made a difference. Very happy.
  4. Amazing


    Received a sample of this from a promotion on AB a while ago. Finally used it for the first time last weekend and was so thrilled with the results. I curled my hair, let it cool, sprayed this product, then brushed out my curls and OMG the volume was amazing and it seemed to hold my curls all night!
  5. Great product


    I spray on towel dried hair a little goes a long way I rub it in and blown dry it gives great texture and body en use I use a little hair spray to hold style. Great product.
  6. Works


    This does give my hair texture. I use it on dry hair and blow dry it through. Gives it texture and some volume
  7. Too sticky!


    The product is way too sticky, I tried this as an alternative to hairspray and dry shampoo. Unfortunately my hair stuck together and felt dry and and hard to brush out without causing split ends. The residue of the powder in the product lifts off the hair like dandruff. It's quite disappointing.
  8. Can't Live without!


    I know this is a finishing spray but use this product as a volumizer when blowdrying fine hair .
    Amazing both on short mens and ladies long hair!
  9. Great for getting that 'wet' look


    this is a very wet product and find it is great for adding small amounts of texture and to achieve that wet hair look, hair style which is totally on trend at the moment!
  10. I want body texture spray


    The above product is perfect for my fine short hair it is the best I have found.I was introduced to it by a hair dresser in Fremantle WA and have not been able to find it in a shop since I came back home to south coast of NSW. Now I have I will be sending an order for a bottle. Thank you
  11. I want body texture spray


    I first came across this product in Perth when visiting my daughter. Still have a small amount left in the 50ml bottle, that was all the hairdresser had to sell me. Am so pleased that I have got around to finding the product. It suits my hair as at 76 years young and have a illness that with the treatment has made my hair a bit thiner, always have had fine hair. I keep it very short and the iwantbody texture spray makes such a different it the volume of my hair.
  12. Worth Trying


    I received a sample with one of my orders and I really liked it so I purchased the larger size,I have short hair that lacked body and this product really made a difference. Very happy.
  13. Does not do anything for me


    I find this product not very useful. It does not add any volume to my hair or have any hold. The texture is sticky. Smell is inoffensive. Would rather use dry shampoo or traditional hairspray or a volumising product - this seems like a bit of a hybrid thar doesn't really work well for any of the purposes i would use those products for.
  14. Great to add texture to a bun so it doesn’t fall out!


    I love using this product after I wave my hair or if I’m wanting to put it in a bun (short hair which usually falls out of the bun otherwise). Make sure you thoroughly shake before use though
  15. It does what it claims


    I've only used my spray a couple of times. First when I curled my hair and it was perfect for that. My hair is very fine and tends to be flat so I need something like this spray to help hold the curls and give it volume. Another time I used it just for an everyday look. It gave my hair body but I think I put a bit much in as it was a little crunchy and became very knotty (my fine hair definitely contributes to that). So I suggest not putting too much in unless you're curling.
  16. Perfect 'undone' styling


    I use this product on the days I do not want to heat style or wash. Perfect to use for messy/beach styles. Keeps hair looking alive and not flat. I also use when I am feeling a little oily- just spritz and scrunch.
  17. Great for fine or limp hair


    I got this as a sample free gift with purchase. My mother used it as her hair is fine and limp, its great to use as a hairspray to keep your curls or any hair style intact. At the same time its not sticky like hairspray is, and is lightweight. It provides some volume too as it is a powder in spray formula, it doesn't dry out the hair which is great. We will be getting the full size :)
  18. Worked okay


    I am a big fan of Eleven products but found this a bit too 'wet' made my hair feel quite heavy and made it difficult to style, I was thinking I may have been a bit heavy handed with it which made it a bit overly greasy.
  19. Not 100% sure


    I’m a bit unsure of this product, it made my hair feel a little unmanageable after spraying and the next day my hair felt greasy. I do like that it didn’t leave any powdery residue. Have only used it on dry hair so might try on wet hair and see how it works.
  20. Yasss Volume!


    I have quite thin hair and I love this spray ( and everything from the I want Body range) for giving texture and boost to my long bob. I find it works best on damp hair as the formula is a bit wet itself, and then maybe one spritz to finish if you are after texture
  21. It's ok


    Certainly are better texture sprays out there, found this one to be quite "wet", but it's not too bad
  22. great


    This product is perfectly named. I have tried it on damp hair and dry hair with the same results. Volume, volume, volume. The finish of this pump spray reminds me of a dry shampoo, but for my mid-length hair, it holds all day, unlike dry shampoo. The formula is lightweight, powdery, non-drying finish. This spray gave my roots a little extra volume, but really gave my lengths fullness - bonus! Best of all, its cruelty free.
  23. unsure


    this is a product that I am unsure about, I used it on damp hair, but felt gritty, so will try it on dry hair.
  24. Good


    I love that it doesn’t create that strawy, crunchy look but still provides a lift. My hair is very fine so curls or waves never stay in for long. This spray means I can now style my hair and it will last all day! It is great at helping create a textured beachy look.
  25. Big promise, no delivery


    Like Kelly I found this product useless for adding volume to my hair & in fact it did the opposite. I wondered if it was a bad batch - after all mistakes do happen - but I can’t assess that of course so it is going in the bin.
  26. Didn’t work for me


    This Product didn’t work for me unfortunately. It left my hair feeling greasy and heavy and really weighed down and full of product. This one I’ve already given away as I won’t use it again. Kevin Murphy and sachajuan texture sprays and my go to... this one doesn’t compare to them.
  27. Great product!


    I spray this over my hair when it's wet after a wash and then blowdry it. It makes my thin hair thicker and fuller, but not so great to use when your hair is dry because it makes it feel dry. Great product!
  28. The best I've used


    Over the years I have used many hair gels, sprays etc.
    The Eleven I want Texture Spray is sooo good for me.
    I find it light , non greasy and it does hold my thick hair . I apply then do a quick lifting bow dry.
  29. Hidden Gem


    I would have never known about this product if it wasn’t for my hairdresser it is such a hidden gem. Provides body and texture without leaving a nasty greasy feeling the next day. Great for a quick spritz if your going out after work or just want some movement.
  30. Great for a quick volume boost


    If I'm a about to head out the door, have one lost glance in the mirror and realise I'm unhappy with how flat my hair is sitting, I grab this and lightly spray under my hair all over, mess it up a bit and I'm good to go. It has been a life saver before many events. Great if you dont really know how to do hair well ( which I certainly don't )
  31. Not ideal for me


    This product is the same high quality that I have come to expect from Eleven products.

    It did give me plenty of volume, but seemed to leave my hair dull and a bit dry. I didn’t like the feel of my hair with this product in it, and found it hard to re-style my hair with it in, and couldn’t brush it out easily.

    I probably won’t use it again, and wouldn’t recommend it for someone with extremely fine hair like me.
  32. Great value!


    Love this product! Great for adding a bit of volume/ texture to the hair- product is lightweight so great for those who like using little to no product. Best thing is it doesn’t build up and leave hair greasy the next day!
  33. as close as I've gotten to my dream hair product


    this hair volumizing/texturizing product comes after a very long line of "wonder products" I've tried before. l find that when l use this correctly, it's pretty close to my dream. when l say used correctly, I mean that it can kinda be a bit of a pain to find the sweet spot - between applying too little and applying too much. it doesn't last longer than a day for me, but l have really fine and stubborn hair. I do get a bunch of compliments day l blowdry my hair. l also really enjoy the coconut scent.
  34. Great spray


    I haven't used a volumizing spray in a long time and my hair was looking limp, so when I saw this come up I wanted to try it - it is great! Really helps my long thick hair give volume. I have used it before I blow dry but I read you can try it when its dry as well which I will do.
  35. Good lift, texture less great


    This spray gives great root-lift when applied to damp hair before drying off/air drying, but the texture can be a little stiff and crunchy.
    Additionally, it seems to interfere with shine.
    It works well to amp up body, though, and is reactivatable until the next wash, simply by running fingers or a comb roughly through the sprayed sections again.
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