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Founded and nurtured in Botany Bay Australia, designed in Auckland New Zealand and handcrafted in Sydney Australia.

Renowned for our natural soy wax candles, offering the most luxurious home fragrance experience is what we were born from.

Crafted from natural soy wax, derived from soybeans, and pure lead free 100% cotton wicks, ECOYA candles blend luxuriousness with that respect for nature.

ECOYA candles burn longer, cooler and cleaner than a comparable paraffin candle. Natural waxes produces about a tenth of the soot produced by a paraffin candle and does not contain any of the toxic chemicals.
Our natural focus also extends to our bodycare collection, using the best botanical bases of macadamia, coconut and almond oils with rich vitamin E and free from parabens, propylene glycol, silicone and artificial colours.


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3 products found
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Ecoya candles are not your standard luxury candle. Not trussed up with overindulgent packaging, these simplistic, yet beautiful candles fill your home with unique aromas that have decades of artistry behind them.


Each Ecoya candle fragrance is formulated by a Master Perfumer, ensuring all notes, from top to base, can be enjoyed throughout the burn time of each candle. Master candle maker Craig Schweighoffer utilizes the rich history of fragrance and candle making in Hungary to bring centuries of expertise into the Ecoya line today.


Each scent evokes the experience of the thousands of Hungarian immigrants that came to settle in Botany Bay, both the birthplace of Australia and the settlement where Schweighoffer’s grandfather escaped to following World War II. Their simple way of life as immigrants who had very little is exemplified by the simplistic nature of the candles- light on packaging and panache, but heavy on quality.


Formulated with only the finest raw, natural materials, Ecoya is anindustry leader in environmentally friendly home fragrance and candles. Ecoya candles are created with 100% soy wax and clean cotton wicks, ensuring a clean burn that is intended to last up to 55 hours. Ecoya candles are manufactured to FDA and Kosher standards, ensuring they’re safe for everyone to enjoy. The candles are biodegradable, free from genetically modified materials, and made in Australia, the birthplace of the brand. To learn how to properly care for your Ecoya candle, check out the Process tab to the right.


Ecoya blends history with environmental accountability, making these candles a true luxury experience that benefits not only consumers, but the Earth itself.


Burning an Ecoya candle is a treat, but if you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Ecoya candle, ensure you’re taking care of it properly.

It may seem simple- just light it up and let it be, right? Not so much. That sort of upkeep is fine for your standard candle, but for a luxurious product like Ecoya, you want to treat it with a level of care that matches the level of artistry it took to create the candle.

The first step of proper candle care is to ensure wicks are trimmed appropriately. Candles will burn cleaner and more evenly when the wick is trimmed appropriately, ensuring a long life for your candle.

Once your candle is burning, do not move it- wax spills can be dangerous and glass can be hot, so proceed with caution when interacting with your candle.

When it’s time to extinguish your candle, the optimal way to do so is by using a proper candle snuffer. If one is not available, blow lightly on the flame until it is extinguished. Do not extinguish by putting the lid on or with water- this will damage the candle and potentially stain the glass with soot.

When your candle is not in use, store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving candles out to minimize dust gathering on the inside of the candle. Store with the candle lid on.

A great candle deserves great care- so ensure your candle care is on point by following the above steps to get the maximum benefit from your new Ecoya candle!


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