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Eco Tan Glory Oil 30ml 30ml

4.6 of 48 reviews


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4 instalments of $12.49


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Eco Tan Glory Oil is a day and night treatment oil designed to reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines. Formulated with only certified organic and natural ingredients, this blend of super seeds nourishes, hydrates, and repairs the skin.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

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Eco Tan Glory Oil 30ml

Eco Tan Glory Oil 30ml

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4.6 of 48 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Love this oil, I add a few drops to my moisturiser and feels so lovely.
I also use a few drops on my face beofre bed and I wake feeling so smooth and fresh.
It’s not over oily like some of the oils I have dried in the past.

Most Helpful Criticism

an okay oil


this is an okay oil, not the best I've tried but it wasn't bad either
  1. Moisturising


    Lovely hydrating oil which is non greasy, would prefer a slightly larger bottle. Oil is great to use on face and body.
  2. Loveeee


    Love this oil, I add a few drops to my moisturiser and feels so lovely.
    I also use a few drops on my face beofre bed and I wake feeling so smooth and fresh.
    It’s not over oily like some of the oils I have dried in the past.
  3. Great product


    I bought this for my burn scar and have 100% seen a difference the pureness feels so amazing on my skin will be buying again!
  4. Great for dry skin


    I add a few drops of this to my nightly moisturiser and even my body moisturiser. Makes my skin feel hydrated and silky! It is a tiny bottle and doesn’t last long.
  5. Amazing oil


    I use a few drops of this combined with a facial moisturiser each night. It really helps to hydrate my face and helps you to stretch your moisturiser to last a bit longer. I have quite dry skin in some areas and some hyperpigmentation and have noticed a difference using this oil
  6. Good


    I have been using Glory Oil every day this week because I had some moles burnt off my face. It totally sped up the recovery time and didn’t sting when I applied it, like my usual moisturiser did. I also use this on the backs of my hands for super soft skin!
  7. So Lovely


    I love to add this to my daily body moisturiser to really hydrate my skin!
  8. Hydrate skin before tanning


    Hydrate skin before tanning. I find this oil excellent for hydrating my skin before applying a fake tan. It's an excellent way to ensure that the fake tan goes on smoothly.
  9. Hydrating


    I have combination hormonal skin and this leaves my skin feeling so smooth. If the bottle wasn’t so small I would rub it all over. Also great for adding a few drops into normal moisturiser for an extra hit of hydration
  10. Great for dry skin


    I wish I had unlimited bottles of this its so great for dry skin and makes my skin feel so plump and hydrated after every use. I usually add a few drops to my regular moisturiser (Eco Tan Body Milk) and use it on my entire body!
  11. Hydrating


    Haven't noticed a change in hyperpigmentation but I do like the hydration this gives. Doesn't sit on my skin like a normal oil but rubs in very easily
  12. Beautiful and hydrating

    Lu Beth

    I love this oil. Like others I've tried many oils that don't absorb into the skin and take ages to rub into the skin but this just drinks it up.
    Whilst it didn't lighten my pigmentation, it has improved the appearance of my skin
  13. Better for dry skin


    I bought this because of all the hype and amazing reviews but it wasn’t worth the high price tag! Maybe it would help for more mature and dry skin as I have oily and combination skin that is acne prone. it didn’t help with my acne scars or redness
  14. an okay oil


    this is an okay oil, not the best I've tried but it wasn't bad either
  15. Not bad but not great


    This was not too bad. I love this brand so much and thought this would be another incredible product. Unfortunately it’s not my favourite as I find the oil sort of sticky and doesn’t sink into my skin very well. I still use it as I want to get my moneys worth but unfortunately I don’t think I will repurchase!
  16. Miracle oil


    I was a bit sceptical about using oil as I have acne prone skin - yet this has been the best addition to my skincare routine! I lather it on at night and it totally softens my skin and has not encouraged any more breakouts as I thought it would.
  17. Great!


    I love to add this to my daily body moisturiser to really hydrate my skin!
  18. Doesn’t work on me.


    I have been using this stuff for 2.5 months to fade small acne scars, help my dermatitis/psoriasis and just dry skin in general and nothing has changed at all unfortunately.
  19. yes Yes YES


    The Eco Tan glory oil has been the best thing I have ever spent my money on. I have added it as an addition to my night routine after I use my moisturiser. I have found that my dermatitis has reduced dramatically and when I do have a rash or dry patches it does not take anywhere near as long to heal once when I am using this oil. It does solidify when cold, so I find that putting it in my room where it does not get as cool helps to retain its liquid and give me amazing results. A very good investment that’s for sure! My mum even mentioned the results I am getting 
  20. Great value


    I suffer from dry skin and countless nights of interrupted sleep with my children hasn't helped my fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes.

    I have been using this oil for a few weeks and noticed my skin has more of a glow to it and my lines are improving (don't expect miracles). I plan to purchase other products from this range.
  21. 10/10


    Love adding this to my face cream and body butter. Keeps my skin smooth and soft!
  22. Hydrating


    I always forget to moisturise my body but when I do (maybe once a week) I use a few drops of this added to the eco tan coconut milk and honestly it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft and unlike anything else until the next time I do it. Its only a small bottle so mixing it into another moisturiser really pro longs it for me. Amazing product and ORGANIC!
  23. Lovely


    Really easy to work with and feels awesome on the skin! Great product. I love this brand a lot!
  24. Glory oil


    This beautiful Lightweight oil easily absorbs into the skin, leaving no residue or sticky feeling. After only a week of use it’s definitely helped my skin! Love it!
  25. Mix in with moisturiser


    I mix a few drops of this in with my daily moisturiser to make it even more hydrating.
  26. Fine but not amazing


    I bought this oil after seeing aaaaaaall the hype and wasn't wowed by it at all. It's fine, doesn't negatively impact my skin, but hasn't changed it in any way either. I wouldn't buy again.
  27. Really lovely product to have


    Beautiful hydrating oil. My skin feels plump and moisturised and soft. I also use occasionally on my hands, decolletage and arms too. I use this sparingly or mixed into another moisturiser most of the time because it is expensive and a small bottle but such a good product.
  28. Glorious oil


    This oil is absolutely beautiful on my face. I've been using it for about a month on my dry skin and hormonal chin area and the results have been fantastic. My skin feels nourished all day and when I put on at night it's still dewey in the morning. Bonus... My fine lines on my forehead have started easing.
    As it is a dry oil I find if I just use this after serums it can rub off the serums, so I just mix a few drops with my moisturiser and voila!
    I also get excema on my eye lids and just rubbed glory oil on it twice per day and it was fine in 2 days! Definitely will keep using this one for a long time!
  29. Does what it says


    This product is awesome. I can see a huge difference in scars and pigmentation and overall skin tone looks amazing. My skin feels so hydrated. I'm on to my second bottle. This product does exactly what it says it does!


    I’d been using Glory Oil for almost a month when my beauty therapist commented on how good my skin was looking. I had to fess up and tell her it wasn’t one of her own products! But, nonetheless we were both impressed that it had almost entirely cleared up irritated, red, bumpy skin beneath my eyebrows. It was a sad state before hand, likely due to using brow make up that was too harsh for my skin. So, I’m really thrilled to see the improvement in my skin at last.
  31. Great


    This is truly a miracle in a bottle. It has changed my life, given me a confidence that I never for one minute thought I would have. It soothes red irritated skin, it helps fight fine lines, but for me it was the way it cleared up my acne scars. My husband looked at me this morning and said your skin looks amazing. Right there I feel apart. He dismantled the defence I put up around me. This is truly a glory oil.
  32. Hydrates skin for days


    I love this oil it keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated for days. It is pricey and quite small so I only use it once a week on my face and hands but it definitely makes a difference. My mum also uses it on her face and loves it.
  33. the best face treatment I have bought


    I have sensitive skin, I usually can not use face oils as they give me pimples. I am 42 and have some pigmentation from pregnancy over 10 years ago. I read all the reviews on glory oil but was very sceptical. I have been using it for 1 week and the pigmentation has faded slightly, my skin feels amazing, it is not oily and I don't get any pimples from it, this is the greatest moisturiser I have ever used, I usually buy quite expensive face creams upto $150, this out weighs them all. even skin issues like some small tiny bumps and a few little dry patches have vanished. I would highly recommend this product. I think it will last a long time as a few drops go a long way which makes it even more value for money.
  34. Nice but not sold on it


    This was a really nice oil. I’ve tried many natural facial oils and tbh this wasn’t anything that had a wow factor that I was expecting after other reviews. Although very moisturising and nourishing I found it felt and smelt like the majority of it was made up of plain old coconut oil. I went through it very quickly too as it solidifies when the temperature drops so seemed to use more than needed. Once again it is a really nice oil but didn’t wow me
  35. I like this one.


    I'm relatively new to face oils but I've decided they're my jam. This one is one of the better one's. All natural and does what it's meant to. If face oils are your jam too then give this one a try!!!!
  36. Amazing


    I bought this for my daughter who has eczema on her arms. I've tried every natural product to clear it up and nothing worked until this. It has cleared up so much in just 3 days, fantastic!!
  37. Hydrating, no breakouts!


    I have very dry, sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. My skin has been amazing since I started using this. It is so well hydrated and no breakouts at all. I use it before my moisturizer in the evening and wake up with beautifully soft skin.
  38. Hydrating


    I've seen so many great reviews online about this product being a miracle for stretch marks and scaring. I personally purchased it for the scaring left from breakouts on my chin and its helped a lot. I have also started applying to my neck and decolletage and my skin feels so soft and hydrated for days afterwards. It is a small bottle so i dont suggest wasting it on that but would be great as a face/neck hydrate once a week or for any stretch marks/scaring!
  39. Love this product


    I wish I could afford to buy a few bottles of this and just use it on my entire body its that great. After one application the skin feels so soft and moistuised for days and days after. I only use it on my face once a week just because its a small bottle but if I could I would use it on my entire body!
  40. Moisturising


    I personally dont have bad scaring to use this product on but I do apply it once a week on my faint redness from breakouts and it has helped calm it quite a bit. I also apply this to my neck once a week and it feels hydrated and moisturised for days after. Keep in mind that this is a small bottle of oil so unless you have the money to be purchasing it quite often it doesn't last long. Great product though and worth a try!
  41. Beautiful facial oil


    I have combination skin so intially I was nervous about using oil
    This is my daily ritual now under my moisturer at night and sometimes twice daily
    It’s hydrating doesn’t smell like some oils can it’s a must have in my beauty routine now
  42. Great on scaring


    Such a hydrating oil - I use it on my face and hands and sometimes neck. Wish it wasn't so expensive because i would use it every day! I have heard it is really great for stretch marks and scars also!
  43. A bit ify!


    I liked the oil itself but unfortunately i couldn't get passed the lingering smell on my face. The first day i had it on was ok but the more i had it on, it became a sickly smell so i've had to stopped using it. If you can get passed the smell or it doesn't bother you then it's a good product but otherwise try something else if your sensitive to smells.
  44. Expensive but good


    I've use two bottles of this product now and so happy adore now sells it! Great for scars and pigmentation. Also really great just to moisturise my face and neck. Oily consistency.
  45. Great for sensitive skin


    I purchased this as an alternative for a moisturiser. It feels great and doesnt have an overpowering smell. My skin feels soft and moisturised. It sits great under makeup and a little goes a long way.
  46. Nice


    I’ve recently finished a full bottle of this! It feels very nice on the skin and super hydrating. The only things I wasn’t quite sure of was how it solidified and does sometimes feel like it was just like putting coconut oil on my face.. I probably used too much at a time though so never got to benefit the results of this but it was lovely and I would purchase again
  47. great for stretch marks


    I had several stretch marks on my legs and hips and this has worked wonders to reduce the redness. It provides great moisture to the skin and is fast absorbing.
  48. Amazing


    Couldn't recommend this GLORY OIL enough. I purchased a full size of this and have been using it for about 3 months now and it has so many uses. Really great for dry skin and especially fine lines on the face. I use it on my face and neck once a day and it keeps the skin really hydrated! Has really helped in reducing scaring on my chin from breakouts also. Its a little pricey but 100% worth it!
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