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Although the Eco Tan story begins with some sadness (the founder's sister had been diagnosed with a melanoma, prompting the birth of the brand!) the good news is that it's one of the most natural, skin-friendly ways to get bronzed.

Backed by extensive research and product development, Eco Tan does not use synthetic food colouring, or man-made ingredients, opting instead for chamomile, fruit and flower extracts, herbs and cacao to help people the world over achieve a beautiful, earth- and skin-friendly glow.

Eco Tan is accredited by the Organic Food Chain, a governing body here in Australia that is also recognised overseas.

What does are the OFC benefits?
According to the Organic Food Chain, the advantages of choosing products with their certifications include:
- The organic production process works in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of our environment. The organic standards places great emphasis on building and sustaining healthy soil, crops and animal welfare
- Organic ingredients are grown and manufactured without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, animal derivatives or genetically-modified organisms
- Organic ingredients support sustainability, as producing ingredients organically reduces the dependence on non-renewable resources

Eco Tan


Here are some of the nourishing properties you can find in Eco Tan's range:


- Aloe Vera, which is great for healing and soothing conditions like burns or itches
- Coconut, which contains proteins, vitamin E and loads of hydration
- Mint, which acts as an antiseptic
- Grape skin, which is loaded with anti-oxidants and pigments
- Cacao, which helps to repair, moisturise and refresh skin tissue
- Lavender, which is a good anti-bacterial and odour-masker
- Rose geranium, which helps scars to dissipate while also adding fragrance!
- Caramel, which gives the complexion a natural-looking glow
- Lemongrass, which is brimming with bacteria-killing ingredients


Applying a faux bronzer can be hard, so it pays to take time to do it well. The best way is to:

1. Spritz a dry oil over feet, ankles, knees, toes (including in between each one), elbows, wrists and around the armpits to prevent patchiness. They have silicones to create a barrier between your skin and the tan.
2. Tan your whole body, and then move onto feet, leaving hands until the end. Apply the product with a mitt and then rub in some moisturiser around the edges a minute later. This helps the tan to seamlessly blend in. Repeat these steps for your hands, minus the mitt. Instead, use one spray onto the back of your hands and rub together, before applying hand cream all over.
3. Vinyl (food prep) gloves work best. Pop a mitt on top as this will ensure the tan simply glides over your skin. After tanning, let the mitt dry out and wash it after a few uses.
4. Unless your skin is super dehydrated, moisturise only the dry bits (see step one). This allows the tan to soak in better, meaning deeper, longer-lasting colour. If you exfoliate with a scrubbing wipe just before bronzing, you should get a good week of wear.


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