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Style is infinitely more important than fashion. With an edgy chic approach, Costume National is synonymous with a luxurious minimalism. With a background in some of the world’s best avant-garde high fashion, this unconventional sensibility informs Costume National’s obsession with quality and design.

Founder of Costume National Ennio Capasa worked under iconic avant-garde Japanese designer Yoji Yamamoto before returning to Italy and founding Costume National. With rigorous Italian fashion design principles crossed with an avant-garde love of breaking all the rules, Capasa’s minimal yet offbeat creations launched to instant critical acclaim, leading to stores soon being opened in fashion hot spots all over the world including Milan, Paris, New York and Rome.

After consecutive successful launches, Costume National decided to take their approach and apply it to fragrance. Perfume, the ultimate personal touch. Costume National’s vision blends minimal aesthetic, Italian tradition, and an embrace of all things experimental. Costume National is known for a fashion designer’s approach to fragrance, that everything should fit to the wearer absolutely. A balance of all that is past, and all that is future.


What are Costume National’s most popular fragrances?

  • Costume National So Nude
    Inspired by the muse, So Nude is soft and intoxicating, the effortless seductress. A white floral that opens with a fresh spiciness, the heart of this fragrance is the secret - Damascan rose, tuberose and ylang-ylang sing in harmony.

  • Costume National Scent Eau De Parfum
    An amber oriental fragrance, this skin-close fragrance warms the senses. With a dry, crisp sense of woods, Costume National Scent is the original fragrance that began their foray into the world of perfume.

  • Costume National Scent Intense
    A darkened twist on the original Costume National fragrance, Scent. An intense amber with a chypre floral heart, notes of tea and patchouli bring forth the contradiction of something that can be dark yet distinct.
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Costume National

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5 products found
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Costume National So Nude Set

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Costume National So Nude Eau De Parfum 100ml

A beautiful scent, spicy but made light with floral undertones. You have... read more >>

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Costume National So Nude Eau De Parfum 30ml

Love the floral scents that make up this fragrance. It is beautiful when... read more >>

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