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Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm 4.25g

4.6 of 137 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.24


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Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

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4.6 of 137 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

very pretty
this lip balm does wonders for my dry and chapped lips, its so creamy, nourishing and hydrating, love the smell too and its affordable!! also the colour is so pretty perfect for spring

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice tint for a light makeup day
I got the color hibiscus & it's a "my lips but better color".
I use it more as a tint on days I want to even out my lip color but not wear a lipstick. It's not extraordinarily moisturising for me but it doesn't dry out my lips and cause it to flake either. It wears well throughout the day & reapplies well too.
I will finish using this product but I doubt I would repurchase again.
  1. Nice tint for a light makeup day

    I got the color hibiscus & it's a "my lips but better color".
    I use it more as a tint on days I want to even out my lip color but not wear a lipstick. It's not extraordinarily moisturising for me but it doesn't dry out my lips and cause it to flake either. It wears well throughout the day & reapplies well too.
    I will finish using this product but I doubt I would repurchase again.
  2. very pretty

    this lip balm does wonders for my dry and chapped lips, its so creamy, nourishing and hydrating, love the smell too and its affordable!! also the colour is so pretty perfect for spring
  3. Sweet violet is lovely

    I received this from a friend as a gift, was unsure of the colour but it is actually grown on me. I want to try pink blossom next. Nice consistency and no lip balmy taste.
  4. Moisturising

    I love this tinted lip balm. It moisturises and adds just enough colour to the lips.
  5. Pink blossom

    Pink blossom is my favourite, beautiful colour for a pale skin like mine.
    I like that it's not lipstick but gives the impression that you are wearing lipstick. It glides on smoothly and is moisturizing. Would highly recommended!
  6. Nice!

    Good moisturising quality & nice colour. Would buy again.
  7. love it

    this lip balm is extremely moisturising, and gives a gorgeous subtle colour and glow for every day wear. i highly recommend
  8. Nice balm

    Nice and light, not too sticky. Great for everyday wear but the colour payoff could be better
  9. Natural days

    This tinted lip balm doesn't have any particular flavour, fragrance or added sweetness. Glides easily and looks very natural. Although not as moisturizing as their regular lip balms , I love how it is on that sweet balance line between shiny and matte. It's just perfect for the days when you don't really want to wear makeup but add a little color to lift the mood. Overall, it’s a decent lip tint!
  10. Good

    Really nice formula. However, I bought the Shaw “hibiscus” because the packaging looked like a berry color. It is in reality a reddish-orange carrot color. Just wish the packaging was more accurate since this is a lip color and not just moisturizer.
  11. Smells amazing

    This lip balm is very moisturising. I love the smell of this product. It gives good colour with a sheer look. Highly recommend.
  12. THE BEST

    Didn't think the original could get any better, then they added tint! I have this one in Hibiscus and I love it. Doesn't dry out, leaves my lips feeling really moisturised and adds a really lovely natural tint that isn't too bright red or pastel pink
  13. Love it

    This lip balm is quite moisturising. I have dry lip and it didn’t dry my lip out. Love the colour as well. It gives a sheer look. Highly recommend.
  14. Love this

    I love this so much, I always get fed up with lipstick cos it doesn’t last and can smear but this gives such a nice natural tint and is hydrating too!
  15. Good!

    Really nice but I prefer more glossy lip balms. Really nice still
  16. Perfect sheer colour

    This is my go to when I want some sheer colour on my lips as well as some moisture. This lives in my handbag and I use it most days. I have the colour rose, and it is the most perfect rosy pink, without being too bright or light or barbie pink. Whilst the colour doesn't last all day, you wouldn't expect this to, and you can so easily reapply even without a mirror. Perfect easy lip option for when you don't want actual lipstick, but still want to look put together.
  17. Good colour but unsure

    Lovely tint to the lips however I suffer from extremely dry and cracked lips and can’t say this did too much for me in terms of moisturising my lips
  18. Everyday essential

    Perfect for everyday wear has a little bit of colour and very moisturising
  19. So pretty

    I have this one in Hibiscus and I love it. Doesn't dry out, leaves my lips feeling really moisturised and adds a really lovely natural tint that isn't too bright red or pastel pink
  20. Beautiful

    This lip balm gives the most beautiful and natural tint. It's moisturising and lasting. I can't seem to fault it. I will definitely be re-purchasing!
  21. It looks so natural and moisturising

    it is so moisturising and leave a nice colour on my lips. love it so much!
  22. so nice

    soo pretty! gives a nice natural tint and moisturises your lips at the same time, love this!
  23. Great Colour

    I was first given one of these as a gift when I was a wee teenager and have loved it ever since. It has a super soft buttery texture with just the right hint of colour to enhance your natural lip colour. One stick will last me for ages as I don't have to keep continually reapplying it, apply it once and it will last keep your lips moisturized for a good while.
  24. Exceptional colour payoff for a lip balm

    I have been using this product in the shade 'Red Dahlia' for about 3 years now. I keep coming back to it because it is so moisturizing, soothing and natural. Not to mention it has fantastic colour payoff for a lip balm!! It goes on easily and smoothly and lasts well compared to similar products of other brands I've tried. It also has only a subtle fragrance which I like as I'm quite sensitive to them. It may seem expensive, however when weighing up the quality of this product I feel it's worth every cent. I'd recommend it to everyone who has sensitivities or who likes a natural, tinted lip look.
  25. I love it!

    Received a gift pack with a stack of burt’s Lip balms - this one is my pick of the lot. I find it gives my lips a good punch of colour that lasts even when the actually balm has worn off. It won’t fix seriously chapped lips, but I love it for giving my lips an “undone” polished pout.
  26. i am a fan

    it gives great hydration to my dry lips and gives a sheer tint of color, would totally recommend.
  27. Nice balm with small hint of color

    Very hydrating and give some little nice color. And no nasty stuffs added is a big plus.
  28. Almost Perfect

    Zinnia is a very natural colour, I just wish it was a little more matt.
    Very hydrating!
  29. Not bad at all

    Hydrating, didn't have to re-apply that often. It wasn't sticky or slimey, nice consistency.
  30. Lovely tint balm with no nasty stuff

    This balm does just that, hydrating, protecting with a hint of colour.
  31. pretty colour, lasts well

    The natural colour is great for daily wear, lasts a while, the colour stays well and it isn't sticky. Love the range of shades too
  32. Cute tinted lip balm!

    I'm a lip balm junkie and always have a few different things floating in my bag! I love the tinted Burts Bee's. It's simple, nourishing and has just a hint of colour. Not sticky or overly coloured. Would definitely buy again!
  33. Cool colour range

    I love the tinted version of this classic balm. It's helped me repair my lips multiple times.
  34. Stays on For Awhile

    I have very dry lips, doesn't matter what weather it is; they are always dry. This lip balm goes on my lips, and stays there for hours. It's amazing. My lips feel hydrated and not dry, and i'm not constantly licking my lips to hydrate them.

    This product may not be good for people who don't like the feel of lip balm on their lips for hours.
  35. Pretty good

    I am very picky with my lip balms as I find some don’t quite moisturise my lips as good as they claim. I have only ever found 2 lips balms that I actually like, this is one. I use this one when I want a nice little hint of colour on my lips but don’t want anything crazy. Feels nice on the lips!
  36. Need these everywhere

    So good, I feel like they got the perfect combo, colour and moisture. They won't last long but give a lovely colour.
  37. Love the tints!

    I have this balm in Red Dahlia, Hibiscus and Rose and I have to say I love all three of them! I originally bought the balms for my chronically dry and chapped lips and they worked wonders to fix me right up! Super moisturising and the beautiful colours were just a bonus!
  38. Looooooovveee!!

    I really love this! I am a lip tint girl all the way, and this creates such a beautiful naturally tinted look. Makes my lips look luscious
  39. Go-To Lip Balm

    I love the colour, very natural and keeps my lips smooth.
  40. Moisturising and smooth

    This lip balm is the perfect tint shade, makes lips look fuller and healthier. Feels smooth and moisturising. Smell is okay too
  41. Very nice balm

    Bought a few of these at Christmas for my daughter and she absolutely loved them. Will be sure to buy more of them in the future for her and her teenage friends.
    She loved the colours and said it felt really nice on.
  42. Very nice and smooth

    Super Smootg makes lips soft Great colour
  43. Natural looking tints

    I have this in the shades Hibiscus and Zinnia and they are both so beautiful! They are buttery and smooth, quite moisturising as well. They look very casual yet natural and pretty. I wear these on my lazy or rush days. Will be repurchasing again!

    Love this product. It is like a healthy lipstick.
  45. Nice balm and colour

    Really simple and nice product, very user friendly. Nothing exceptional but nice to wear on the daily! Gives a really natural tint to the lips while moisturising
  46. Great formula and colour

    Feels really nice, affordable and would definitely purchase again
  47. Affordable and moisturising!

    I love these lip balms! They're so moisturising and the colours are fantastic. I want to try every single one of them! For the price I recommend trying at least one out.
  48. Great colours and smooth

    I have a couple of shades and they just add a little to my natural lip without being over the top. It's a nice smooth texture that glides well. Only negative is that it's not particularly long wearing, but I think that's to be expected of a lip balm.
  49. Pretty colour although it is drying

    I bought the colour Red Dahlia and loved it! It's great to quickly swipe on if you're leaving in a rush. The colour was lovely and very flattering too! However, if it's not used frequently (eg. not using it for a day, after a week or so of use), your lips will quickly dry out.
  50. Good, but drying

    The colour (I got red dahlia) is absolutely beautiful. The lip balm is easy to quickly swipe on before going out, especially good for when you are in a rush. However, when it is not used very frequently, you will quickly notice that your lips are drying out.
  51. Perfect lip tint

    I love the Red Dahlia colour. it's a beautify lip balm that doubles as a tint to give my natural lip colour just that little extra oomph. really moisturising as well
  52. Great all around balm

    A gentle, subtle colour & moisturising lip balm. I love the range of colours available.
  53. Its okay

    I found the scent on this to be nauseating. I prefer the original peppermint to this. If you're looking for a light tint though and don't mind smell, this might work for you.
  54. Lovely colours, don't last long

    I have this lip balm in Red Dahlia and Rose. The colours are gorgeous and very sheer. The formula itself is moisturising when just applied but does not last long. I find I have to reapply very often throughout the day. For the price however, I would repurchase. It is a handy little thing to carry in my purse and is an everyday staple.
  55. 4/5

    These are great, nice subtle tint and moisturising.
    Four stars because I don’t like the smell.
  56. Not moisturising enough

    Colour is sheer and light however not enough hydration for my dry lips! Need to reapply very often to keep the moisture.
  57. Nice colour but not moisturising

    I purchased the hibiscus which was a nice colour for my darker complexion. It seemed more of a gloss rather than a tint, I didn't find the colour to last very long unfortunately & it was not moisturising enough for me.
  58. Great

    Really good at hydrating my lips and to make it better has a hint of natural colour. love the hibiscus colour
  59. ok lip balm

    I used the hibiscus tint.
    I liked the idea of a tinted lip balm and I liked the colour and consistency.
    However it wasn't very moisturising for me.
  60. Love a bit of colour

    This product definitely improves dry lips but what's better is the hint of colour to keep your lips looking fresh!
  61. So much moisture

    This leaves my lips feeling fresh and revived, added bonus that it gives you nice subtle lip tint, would recommend
  62. Lovely lip balm

    Really love this lip balm and the added shimmer. Beautiful formula and the slight tint is lovely. Would definitely recommend
  63. Sheer tint

    This is a pleasant product, the tint is sheer and the balm itself is soft and creamy in consistency. It does have a light scent that I personally like as well.
  64. Lips feel quenched

    I love this product. When applied my lips feel hydrated. I got the shade zinnia. The tint is just enough to look natural I wear this shade to work everyday. It takes the dry parched feeling away and increases comfortability. I would buy all the shades. And it’s all natural product. Want to purchase them all.
  65. Pretty good

    I really liked the hibiscus tinted lip balm, It added a good colour to my lips which I really liked. The application was very smooth too, I have sensitive lips and this didn't irritate so another plus. One thing is that the smell was just okay, I didn't mind it but my sister was not a fan.
  66. Great lip balm!

    Love this lip balm! The formula makes my lips so soft and smooth and the scent is lovely. I really like the subtle tint it give my lips. Would definitely recommend and its such a good price!
  67. perfect in every way

    this is my favourite lip product in the morning. it give me natural look and very moisturising too. too bad it went missing! need to buy again soon
  68. Lovely!

    Got this in hibiscus which is close to my natural lip colour but ya know, better! It’s wonderful and moisturises well. I like that you can layer it for a deeper colour as well. Really keen on trying out the other colours but very impressed with this shade I apply it constantly! FYI I am a light olive skin tone with black hair.
  69. Hibiscus

    I have this in Hibiscus which is a rosy pink. It adds a lovely tinge to my lips and brightens my complexion. It glides on the lips very smoothly.
    It seems to hydrate my lips but it doesn't last long and when the balm is gone my lips are not any more hydrated than before.
    It's small and compact and easy to take around and reapply.
  70. Love

    I really love Burt’s bees and really love these tinted balms. Just a slight wash of colour whilst being nice and hydrating!
  71. Hibiscus - beautiful lip stain

    Beautiful lip balm, really stains the lips and wears off quite nicely as well. Definitely low maintenance despite the pigmentation, and also super moisturizing. 10/10
  72. Red Dahlia

    Bought this one in Red Dahlia. It works so well and makes my lips feel so soft. The colour is really natural looking too.
  73. Rose!

    I have the shade rose and I think it's really pretty and natural. Very hydrating too. The texture of the tinted balms are much softer than the peppermint beeswax one, which I wasn't expecting but doesn't really make a difference.
  74. Nice colour, not a fan of the smell

    Insanely moisturising and I love the colour. I'm just not too big of a fan of the rose scent which was too herbal for me.
  75. Love It!

    I love this lip balm! The color looks great on medium tone skin. Also, the balm is hydrating. My lips feels very moisturized after using. I definitely recommend.
  76. My staple: Red Dahlia

    Red Dahlia is the perfect raspberry / burgundy wash and I get anxious if it's not in my bag. A beautiful colour and a beautiful nourishing balm. I should probably try some of the other colours for summer!
  77. Perfect colour

    I have worn this every single day since I bought it - the 'rose' colour is the perfect natural flush of pink for the lips and it is so moisturising. If I'm wearing this balm I never bother with lipstick, absolute staple.
  78. Like how it tints lips as well as hydrating

    I use these almost everyday. I own multiple colours and like how it moisturizes my lips and also covers up the pigment loss that I have on the outer edges of my lips without having to wear lipstick everyday.
  79. Life saver

    I have dry lips and Burts Bees balms are the only products that keep them moist. I love this tinted one for adding natural looking lip colour.
  80. Minty and Nice

    Love all Burt Bees lip balms. They smell nice and taste like mint. I have this balm in my bag, my car, my laptop bag. Can't live without it. Wished they have SPF, but can't complain.
  81. Nourishing

    Love these nourishing lip balms. Burt's bees is really great and affordable as well
  82. The best

    This is the best! Nothing else compares for me. Keeps my lips so soft.
  83. Beautiful Shade

    I kinda like these despite not being hydrating enough? I got the shade Hibiscus and it is a pretty red. It's very natural yet kind of shiny. It's basically your lips but better and more pigmented. I wear this balm when I'm going to the mall for a few minutes or when I have an event that doesn't require much.
  84. Favourite lip balm

    These are perfect and combine sheer colour with moisture for the lips. Big fan of these!
  85. Sheer, kind've dry

    Was alright, my lips are super dry so I always need more than just a lip balm (that needs reapplying every hour tbh). Sheer pretty colour but not that moisturising. I recommend for those that don't have dry lips.
  86. Love it

    Burt’s bees make some of my favourite lip products. Their balms are among my favourites and I’m pretty sure I have one in every flavour. A must have staple for your handbag!
  87. love it

  88. Favourite

    This is my favourite tinted lip balm ever and for the price point I wouldn't look anywhere else. Zinnia is my favourite colour, I have a medium skin tone. LOVE.
  89. Great lip balm!

    I bought 2 more after trying my first one and loving it. My favorite is sweet violet because it matches my skin tone well. The perfect hint of color & shine. Lasts pretty long but I keep in my pocket and reapply often, just for the extra smoothness on my lips.
  90. Great dupe for more expensive products

    Long time fan of these Lip balms. Great dupe for products like Clinique Black Honey lipstick and tinted Balms from high end brands. I have fair skin and red hair. I find the Red Dahlia and Rose tints work best for my colouring. I find them moisturising and the pigment is somewhat buildable, if you reapply 6+ times a day you may end up with a stronger tint than you intended.

    I have half a dozen rattling around my handbags and like to keep a spare of the Rose in case I lose them/run out!
  91. Moisturising yet provides a hint of colour

    Burts Bees have always made one of the best lip balms- their lip balms do not contain petroleum/petrolatum which can actually dehydrate the lips further. The Burts Bees tinted lip balm encompasses their lovely lip balm formula with a hint of colour. My favourite colour is Hibiscus, a lovely "my lips but better" shade, perfect for everyday wear! The balm is moisturising and creamy, and glides onto the lips smoothly. There is no stickiness and lasts well on the lips especially considering it is only a balm.

    Highly recommend for those who aren't keen on using lipstick but still want a subtle hint of colour to their lips, whilst enjoying the benefits of a lip balm!
  92. Good lip balm

    Nice lip balm and the tint adds a slight edge to a no makeup day which is good. Moisturises my lips and definitely keeps them from getting chapped
  93. Love it

    I have such bad dry lips and I love this lip bam! The scent and formula are both great and I love the slight tint which adds a nice light tint to an everyday look or even a day wear I'm wearing no makeup.
  94. yummy

    Purchased this in the 'hibiscus' colour and did not regret. It smells amazing and gives a slight tint to the lip, which was what I was looking for.
  95. Subtle yet beautiful

    love this tint!! gives me a natural look but still is really flattering! super hydrating and smells great too
  96. Best tint and not too bold

    I got this in Red Dahlia, I’m quite dark featured and I love the subtle tint this gives me, I don’t like wearing lipstick very often so this is perfect to put on and go.
    10/10 will buy again but this lasts for so long it won’t be for awhile!

    I got this in sweet violet and I love it!!! It is a MUST to take with me everywhere. My lips dry out so bad in winter so I hate wearing lipstick, but this gives a little colour to my lips and moisturises them. I cannot get through winter without this!
  98. Lovely product

    I love all of Burt’s need lip balms they are a natural product so actually work to moisturise your lips and not dry them out.
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