Can Wine Really Give You Smoother Skin?

Joanna Fleming

The answer: well, kind of. But before you grab the chardonnay from the fridge and pour yourself a glass, let me explain.

I use the word wine loosely here, because it’s actually the byproduct of winemaking that gives us Hunter Lab’s Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub.

Produced locally on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula at Willow Creek Vineyard, adjoined to the luxurious Jackalope Hotel, the pinot grape skins and seeds used in this unique scrub boast some serious skin benefits.


How Is It Made?

We met with Willow Creek’s winemaker Geraldine McFaul, who explained exactly what makes this product so special.

“We can only produce the grape skins a few weeks a year, but it’s great for us because the skins and seeds (known as marc) are essentially a waste product, so it’s really amazing to think that it’s being repurposed into a really beautiful scrub and bath soak instead.”

“With red wines, we do all the fermentation with the seeds and the skins on to give the colour to the wine. Then we press off the wine after about 3 weeks, and we’re left with the dried out grape skins which are used in Hunter Lab’s products.”


We Tried The Scrub Ourselves…

We were lucky enough to be treated to what’s called vinotherapy at Jackalope Hotel’s dreamy day spa. This involved a full body Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub, followed by a signature oil-based relaxation massage and moisturise with Hunter Lab’s Hydrating Body Lotion.

Okay, now it sounds like I’m just bragging – I promise this was for research purposes only. So let’s discuss why it’s good for your skin.

– The Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub is naturally exfoliating & conditioning

– It’s crafted with antioxidant-rich & skin-nourishing ingredients

– Removes the build-up of dead skin cells (and in my case, week-old fake tan)

– Promotes moisture restoration & aids the absorption of other products

– It boasts both anti-ageing & anti-inflammatory properties

– Has an invigorating fragrance of grapes, rosemary & grapefruit

– Leaves your skin feeling smooth & soft for up to 4 days

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More About The Ingredients:

Hunter Lab haven’t just bagged up left over grape skins and seeds – they’ve combined several other natural ingredients to give you your smoothest skin, ever.

Grape Skin, Seed & Oil: with natural antioxidant properties, these grape derivatives are anti-inflammatory, exfoliating the top layers of skin whilst restoring moisture and aiding the penetration of other ingredients.

Wattle Seed Extract: has deeply nourishing, hydrating and antioxidant qualities. As well as acting as an effective exfoliant, it also aids in maintaining moisture balance.

Coconut Oil: acts as a gentle yet thorough exfoliator, plus its high concentration of Vitamin E has a deep moisturising and protective effect.

Avocado Oil: rich in nutrients and vitamins A and D, lecithin and potassium, this ingredient helps to moisturise, soothe skin and assist in the prevention of ageing.


The Verdict:

Coffee scrubs are like so 2015 – this is the era of the wine scrub, and I’m all about it. I’d have to say my favourite thing about Hunter Lab’s Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub and Bath Soak is how they’re locally produced.

Second to that, is the fact that this body scrub leaves your skin feeling ridiculously smooth. But what makes it different from other scrubs, is that it actually stays that way for a number of days while remaining hydrated. You’ll notice water beading off your skin in the shower thanks to the nourishing oils in the scrub.

In my opinion, it makes a great addition to your Sunday night ritual, or the ultimate gift for wine lovers. Oh, and as I mentioned, it’ll also gently remove fake tan (or it can be used to prep your skin for a spray tan).

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Joanna Fleming

Joanna Fleming

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