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We Can’t Stop Talking About This New Sunscreen

You might’ve seen her doing the rounds on social media and sneaking into your Adore Beauty orders, now she’s officially here. I’d like to introduce you to a game changer in SPF: Ultra Violette.

More specifically, there’s a product in this range that will interest the majority of you. It’s a sunscreen serum *insert gasp* called Queen Screen. Think of her as a skinscreen – essentially, a broad-spectrum SPF in the body of an anti-ageing serum. Again, *gasp*.

The Details:

In case you haven’t heard, UV rays are the single biggest cause of premature ageing. According to co-founder of Ultra Violette, Ava Matthews, “of all the anti-ageing products available on the market, sunscreen is the single most important one.” And I can confirm, she’s 150% correct. Prevention is better than a cure, right?

So, what sets Queen Screen apart from all the other face sunscreens you’ve tried? Well, it’s for people who hate wearing sunscreen (i.e all of us).

– It has a super lightweight, hydrating formula with a luminous finish

– It’s SPF50+ & protects against the full light spectrum (including blue light)

– Contains skin-protecting antioxidants & Vitamin C to fight off free radicals

– It feels comfortable on the skin & certainly not SPF-like (it smells like roses)

– Queen Screen acts as the perfect base for makeup & layers without pilling

– It’s suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitivities

– It won’t leave that dreaded white cast on deeper skin tones

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How To Use Queen Screen:

This seems a little trivial, but you’d be surprised by how many of us aren’t actually applying our sunscreen properly (or liberally enough).

Apply 2-3 full droppers of Queen Screen directly to your face, neck, chest and ears as the final step of your skincare routine (or first step of your makeup routine, whichever way you wanna look at it). Or you can mix it your moisturiser or foundation in with your Queen Screen to create a multi-layered protector.  

You Need Queen Screen If:

a) you avoid wearing SPF because you hate the feeling of it on your skin

b) you like an invisible, lightweight and non-greasy texture

c) you want extra hydration and a faux glow

d) you have normal to slightly dry skin, or you’re a little sensitive

The Verdict:

★★★★★ Dream SPF – Cat

“I couldn’t ask for anything more in a sunscreen. It feels so beautiful to wear, layers so well with my skincare and under makeup, and I LOVE the scent. It does smell strong at first but disappears quite quickly – I love the smell of roses though. There is a shimmer to it, it’s very subtle and for some reason appears more on hands than my face I thought. I love me a bit of glow though so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

★★★★★ A product that actually does what it says! – Edwina

“I’m fair, so wearing sunscreen when I’m out in the sun is a definite must, however, I normally hate wearing it on my face because it makes my skin greasy and clammy and I always feel so uncomfortable. I’m so happy I found this product because I will now happily wear it everyday for the rest of my life! It dries quickly, has a beautiful matte finish and the lightweight hydrating formula feels AMAZING on the skin.”

★★★★★ A sensitive skeptic no more! – Alex

“I usually can’t stand wearing sunscreen on my face, I have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to almost everything! Sunscreen is usually the worst, with my face going red and itchy and breaking out in eczema. However, I have now been using Queen Screen every day for a month and my skin has been amazing. Zero reaction and it sits perfectly under my makeup. LOVE this product!”


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