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The Two-Part Eye Serum That Does Four Major Things

In my expert opinion, nothing gives away your age more than your eyes and your neck. Don’t get me wrong, ageing is a non-optional process that we shouldn’t be ashamed of – but none of us actually look at crepey skin and crow’s feet and feel good about it, do we?

Investing in a damn good eye cream/serum is the first point of call. I can never decide between a cream or a serum, hence why I’ve got 45 eye products in my cupboard. But Société have managed to solve that dilemma for me with their Ultimate Eye Lift Duo.

Tell Me More:

This two in one system features a full-size serum and cream to reverse and prevent signs of ageing around the eye area. When combined, the duo (which can be applied both morning and night) has the following benefits:

Ultimate Eye Lift offers both immediate & long-term anti-ageing results

– Improves hydration around the eye area, reducing fine lines & wrinkles

– Helps to reduce puffiness & the appearance of dark circles

– Circulation is boosted for brighter, plumper & firmer under-eyes

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The Hero Ingredients:

Asiatic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid in the Lift & Fill Serum help to soothe, repair and hydrate the skin around the delicate eye area, while peptides help to improve firmness.

The Firm & Brighten Cream also boasts a peptide complex to boost cell renewal and stimulate the production of collagen. Advanced delivery technology ensures the ingredients rapidly penetrate the skin (meaning they get to work quickly!)

How To Apply:

As I mentioned, this duo can be applied both morning and night (and should be used together for the best results). The Lift & Fill Serum features a roller ball applicator, so you’ll use that to apply under the eye, rolling from the inner corner to outer corner, and around to the brow bone.

You’ll then layer your Firm & Brighten Cream on top using a light tapping motion underneath the eye and around the the brow bone again. And there you have it!

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