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My Fave Makeup Artist Loves This Lipstick, So Obviously I’m Buying It

If @nikki_makeup recommends anything, you can bet I’m probably gonna buy it. My friends, if you aren’t already following her, I urge you to go and do it now – you’ll be glued to her Sunday tutorials every week.

A product she used in one of her tutorials recently was M.A.C’s new Powder Kiss Lipstick – which, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even tried yet because I don’t usually like matte formulas.

When I got into the office on Monday, I grabbed the shade Sultriness and swiped it over my lips, expecting the usual texture of a matte formula. But boy, was I wrong – Powder Kiss is a whole new take on matte.


What Makes Powder Kiss Different?

If, like me, you aren’t a fan of the typical texture of a matte lipstick – I can assure you Powder Kiss is a matte formula you’ll be able to get on board with. It’s ultra-smooth, weightless and satiny (basically the exact opposite of every other matte I’ve tried!)

@nikki_makeup describes Powder Kiss as having an “amazing texture that’s actually completely matte but it glides on silkily and feels very moisturising”. Even her Parisian model commented on how smooth the texture is – so if that doesn’t sell you into this matte, I don’t know what will.

The Details:

– It’s a “moisture matte” which conditions & hydrates the lips

– Creates a blur of soft-focus diffused colour with zero shine

– Mimics the effect of the “blurred lip” technique (à la Katie Jane Hughes)

– Has the cushiony, lightweight feel of a balm with the payoff of a lipstick

– Leaves the lips feeling smooth & comfortable with a punch of pigment

– It’s available in 13 neutral to bold shades (Sweet, No Sugar is my fave)

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The Reviews:

★★★★★ A moisturising matte with great payoff! – Lauren

“I purchased the shades Sweet No Sugar and Scattered Petals and am so happy with them! Don’t be fooled by the name, these powder lipsticks are super moisturising and feel so soft on your lips, almost like a balm! These lipsticks also look amazing with gloss over the top for a fuller pout or just to mix it up. So easy to apply, straight from the bullet for me and I can easily wear them without worrying about using a lip liner.”

★★★★★ Okay wow – DJ

“I ordered this for a friend, who told me to try it on as well and oh my, I loved it! I tried the shade Mull It Over and I’m definitely getting my own. This formula is amazing, and the colour is the first nude I’ve actually liked for my medium complexion. Loooove.”

★★★★★ Would highly recommend! – Neelam

“This formula caught me by surprise. I struggle with dry lips, so I am scared to use matte! However, this formula is so amazing and feels so comfortable on the lips. I am in love with the shade A Little Tamed because it is the perfect median between nude and pink.”


Shop M.A.C Cosmetics Powder Kiss Lipstick Here