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How To Style 2019’s Most Popular Haircut

Before I even give you a visual, close your eyes and see if you can imagine the haircut I’m talking about. I bet you know it – actually, I bet either you, your best friend, or your work wife probably has this haircut.

Yep, it’s the long bob. That length you go when you’re scared to go too short, and you also want to tie your hair up at the gym, but you also want to be super dramatic and post a ‘short hair, don’t care’ pic on Instagram.

Since everybody’s doing it, I thought I’d take one for the team and ask award-winning celebrity hairdresser, Joey Scandizzo to show us how to style the long bob.


What You’ll Need:

To Wave: ghd curve tongs soft curl tong 32mm

To Prep: ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment, ELEVEN Sea Salt Texture Spray

To Hold: ELEVEN Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray

To Texturise: ELEVEN I Want Body Texture Spray & Volume Powder

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The Technique:


On damp or dry hair, prep using the Miracle Hair Treatment and Sea Salt Spray (we styled my hair from wet).

I already used a sea salt spray in my routine, but I’d never used it in the prep stage, nor had I sprayed it into my roots – but Joey reassured me that it wouldn’t make my hair oily, instead it would give me much-needed volume and texture.


Using your ghd curl tong, take small sections of hair curling away from the face. That means anti-clockwise if that’s an easier way of explaining it. You want to leave a few centimetres of hair out at the ends.

An important tip from Joey when it comes to the front sections, is to bring these sections forward as you curl them (shown in video). This allows the front sections to drape more naturally across the face for a softened effect.

Set your finished sections as you go with the Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray (it’s a brushable hairspray so you can rework it).


Using your Texture Spray, lightly spritz this through the hair (without wetting it down too much), and use fingertips to tousle the hair, or tip your head upside down, shake and flip.

For even more texture (this step is optional), use the Volume Powder through the roots and work through with fingertips. You can also add it to the mid-lengths for messy texture.


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