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The Only Product I Wear On Makeup-Free Days
Joanna Fleming

This little trick of mine is almost guaranteed to banish ‘you look tired’ comments from your life. Do other people insist on asking if something’s wrong when you’re bare-faced? Come on people, haven’t you ever seen a pale person before?! Give us a break.

With the help of a single product, I’ve managed to get away with going makeup-free without being questioned. Say hello to Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This product is so underrated in my opinion.

What’s So Good About Beauty Flash Balm?

– Imparts both immediate & long-lasting radiance to the skin

– Firms & helps minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

– Helps to smooth & soften textural irregularities like dry patches

– Diminishes signs of fatigue from the skin, evening the complexion

– Gives a slight airbrushed finish to bare skin

– Works excellently as a makeup primer for a flawless finish

– Has a very lightweight, comfortable creamy texture

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The Key Ingredients:

Olive Leaf Extract: packed full of protective antioxidants, this ingredient also helps to smooth the surface of the skin.

Bisabolol: this skin-brightening extract is derived from chamomile so it soothes & softens the skin.

Witch Hazel: is a natural astringent with antioxidant qualities that can soothe skin, control redness, help to heal & balance oil production.

Algae Extract: features antioxidants, as well as amino acids, proteins and vitamins, offering hydration, plus protection from environmental damage & premature ageing.

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What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ In love already! – Kathryn

“Only been using for a few days and I already love it! Leaves my face feeling so fresh! Perfect primer for my liquid foundation. I was using another popular primer but wasn’t seeing good results after applying the foundation. So glad I read all these positive reviews on this miracle balm to convince me to purchase! Will be buying again!”

★★★★★ Absolute must-have Amy

“If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing… at least I’d die pretty. This cream just makes you look better. I can’t even pinpoint what it is, but I can tell the difference when I don’t use it before applying my makeup.”

★★★★★ I LOVE this product as a primer – Janaya

“Without it, my foundation looks chalky and my skin seems to lack that glow that it has when I use Beauty Flash Balm underneath. I put on the balm and then the foundation on literally straight after while the skin is still damp. It is an amazing product, if you haven’t tried it- do!”

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Anti-Pollution Is The Latest Skincare Buzz Word
Joanna Fleming

I can’t say I’m surprised that anti-pollution is the skincare buzz word of 2018. Pollution is fast becoming another environmental contributor to poor skin health and accelerated ageing – so what exactly can we do to combat it?

You’re probably familiar with Clinique’s renowned Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+. Already available in a multitude of different formulas, it’s the latest version that ditches the signature yellow packaging for a clear, jelly-like consistency. This hydrating, lightweight moisturiser also boasts pollution-fighting and barrier-building ingredients.

What You Need To Know:

Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly delivers 24-hour hydration

– Helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier & improve resiliency

– It’s an oil-free water-jelly formula that absorbs immediately into the skin

– Leaves the skin feeling smooth & hydrated without any residue

– Features unique patented technology to protect the skin from pollution

– This formula is the most lightweight of the Dramatically Different range

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How Does It Protect The Skin?

Clinique’s Clean Shield Technology works to lock in moisture and nutrients, while filtering out the nasties like free radicals with a blend of protective ingredients.

Sunflower seedcake: is an emollient plant oil that has anti-inflammatory properties & is rich in barrier-supporting fatty acids.

Barley extract: provides antioxidant protection to defend the skin against harmful free radicals.

Cucumber fruit extract: rich in multiple vitamins and antioxidants, this ingredient not only protects the skin, but softens & hydrates as well.

Hyaluronic acid: a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin & helps to prevent moisture loss.

Algae extract: packed full of antioxidants, as well as amino acids, proteins and vitamins, algae extract offers protection from environmental damage as well as premature ageing.

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What’s The Verdict?

★★★★★ So light & refreshing – Jo

“It is light, cooling and very refreshing to apply to your skin. It is not sticky, oily or have a heavy feeling like some moisturisers. My skin feels very fresh and healthy. Within 24 hours my skin had bounced back from weeks of not drinking enough water, working, flying and stress! Loved loved loved this product.”

★★★★★ Love it – Leesh

“This is my new favourite moisturiser. It feels great on my congested combination skin, my skin feels refreshed for hours after applying – I still love my other Clinique Moisture Surge so I’m torn between the two!”

★★★★★ My skin felt renewed – Debbie

“After 11 weeks travelling in the outback in 38C, my skin felt very dry. I used the Hydrating Jelly when I got home and within a week felt such a difference. My skin felt much improved and supple.”

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Why Should LED Light Therapy Be Part Of Your Skincare Routine?
Joanna Fleming

Having come from a background in skin clinics and plastic surgery, I’m a big believer in technologies like LED Light Therapy – in fact, this treatment was originally (and still is) used to speed up healing time of post-surgery wounds and scarring. The only negative is that it can be a costly service to have regularly in a clinic.

So I wanted to talk about LightStim for Wrinkles – an at-home device featuring LED light and multi-wave technology designed to target the signs of ageing.


How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

Without going into too much detail, LED Light Therapy essentially works to convert therapeutic wavelengths of light into energy-carrying molecules that drive cells to function at their best. The use of LED Light Therapy works to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, targeting multiple skin and ageing concerns.

Different wavelengths (or colours) of light, are designed to treat different skin concerns. Red LED lights are traditionally the most popular, addressing fine lines and wrinkles, collagen production, inflammation concerns as well as sun damage.

LED (light emitting diode) treatment is completely safe for all skin types and conditions, and doesn’t involve any form of UV light.


Why Try LightStim?

– LightStim for Wrinkles combines amber, deep red, light red and infrared lights

– It’s an easy-to-use, lightweight, hand-held device for at-home use

– A full face treatment lasts for 30 minutes, changing areas every 3 minutes

– Supports the natural functions of the skin

– Can reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

– Improve overall skin texture & refine the appearance of enlarged pores

– Stimulate collagen & elastin production for more youthful skin

– Helps to brighten & rejuvenate dull complexions

– Add to your existing skincare routine to enhance your results


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Who’s Tried It?

★★★★★ Fantastic Honeygem

“I love my LightStim. I noticed a difference after only a week and my skin only got better with use. I have rosacea on my cheeks and some adult acne, my skin looks so much more youthful and clear. This is one of the best purchases I have made with regards to skin care. I have gone out without makeup and been complimented on my skin, I am 49. Highly recommend!”

★★★★★ Lifesaver Kat

“I know this is for wrinkles however I purchased due to acne and redness since my last pregnancy and have tried so many products and treatments even medication nothing worked. I have been using this for 2 weeks and my face is less red and dry and is actually clearing my acne my face looks so great now.”

★★★★★ Affordable and effective LED therapy Matilda

“I bought the LightStim because I was spending $50 per session at a skin clinic. The product has helped my skin from the first use and continues to do so after each session. Immediately after using the LightStim, I notice that my skin is less inflamed. It has helped my eczema and dry skin incredibly. My skin is all round smoother, softer and looks much healthier. I would definitely recommend this product if you are someone who suffers from skin conditions like eczema or irritable skin conditions.”

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Maintaining Your Post-Facial Results Is Easier Than You Think
Joanna Fleming

Most of us don’t have the luxury of having a professional facial as often as we’d like – so when we do get a chance for a little me time, you want those post-facial results to last.

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful Aveda treatment at Rhodes Spa recently, and my facialist Liz talked me through exactly what I’d need to recreate my treatment at home.


What’s Different About An Aveda Treatment?

Aveda’s spa treatments completely embody their mind-body balance philosophy backed by Ayurvedic principles, focusing on the well-being of the mind and spirit throughout your treatment.

That might sound completely made up, but I can assure you, you’ll walk out of your treatment feeling like you’ve slept for 2 weeks straight – Aveda’s treatments are truly restorative. But if you can’t spend the time on a spa treatment, let’s create your own escape at home.



It might seem a little boujee to do a triple-cleanse at home, so you don’t have to do these three steps, but it is worth it to get that glow. Liz used the Tulasāra Radiant Oleation Oil with the Radiant Facial Dry Brush, then the Botanical Kinetics Purifying Creme Cleanser, followed by the Botanical Kinetics Skin Refiner.

Cleansing is a big part of this treatment, as this three-step action aims to:

– Awaken microcirculation & nourishes to reveal smooth, glowing skin

– Gently exfoliates dry, dull cells from skin’s surface

– Helps to prepare the skin for subsequent treatments

– Removes surface impurities including makeup, dirt & excess oil

★★★★★ Healthy & moisturised – Brittany

“Since being introduced to the Botanical Kinetics Purifying Creme Cleanser a few years ago I haven’t been able to even think about using anything else. I find a lot of other cleansers to be too harsh for my skin but this cleanser is perfect. It’s got a smooth finish and goes on easily. Unlike a lot of other brands that leave my skin feeling dry and flaky, this cleanser leaves my skin feel healthy and moisturised.”

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I’ve heard so many people rave about Aveda’s Tulasāra Wedding Masque, so I was really excited to try it. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t disappointed. Liz used both the face and eye variations of the Wedding Masque on me, gently massaging the ultra-rich creme formulas into my skin (basically what I imagine heaven to feel like). So what does this masque do?

– Brightens skin overnight for a luminous complexion the next day

– Supports the skin’s natural repair process & protective barrier over time

– Helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles for a firmer appearance

– Works to even the skin tone, plus reduce pigmentation & dullness

– Hydrates the skin & seals in moisture

★★★★★ I love this overnight masque the most of all! – Raminta

“I apply a bit (a bit goes a long way!) to a clean face before bed and I wake up to a dreamy, supple and soft face in the morning. It makes my skin glow! I like that the ingredients are natural and it smells like I’m laying at the spa! I have nothing but good things to say about this product and I have been recommending it to anyone who will listen!”

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I’ve got sensitive skin at the moment, so Liz recommended the Tulasāra Calm Concentrate to finish off with. This instantly soothing serum helps the skin to become more resilient to irritation over time, so it’s the perfect addition to my usual skincare routine right now. There are other concentrates available, including Firm and Bright.

– Helps restore calm with antioxidant-rich raspberry stem cells

– Instantly calm skin with soothing pomegranate fruit extract

– Algae extract helps diminish visible redness & irritation over time

– Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin, prone to redness & irritation

– Made from 97% naturally-derived ingredients

★★★★★ Magic! Francesca

“Favourite skincare product in the whole wide world. Nothing calms my red, pigmented skin like this product. It is not a product that changes your skin dramatically over time, rather works quickly to reduce the appearance of discolouration, redness, pimples and pigmentation. It does what is says – it calms the skin right down. Trustworthy little bottle of love!”

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Thank you to Liz at Rhodes Spa in Hawthorn.

Why We’re Washing Our Faces With Marine Algae
Joanna Fleming

When searching for unusual ingredients to write about, Korean skincare is the first place I look. Now, marine algae is far from the strangest ingredient in Korean skincare, but it is up there with the most effective – which is how we’ve ended up being obsessed with Cremorlab’s O2 Couture Marine Algae Cleanser.

This gel-to-foam formula is made unique by its contents which includes 33 types of marine plants and Cremorlab’s renowed T.E.N. Mineral Water.


What’s So Good About Marine Algae?

Micro and macro algae (essentially, visible and invisible forms of algae) are both found in various forms of skincare. This antioxidant-rich ingredient is particularly known for its hydrating properties, and ability to leave the skin feeling soft, comfortable and moisturised.

Packed full of antioxidants, as well as amino acids, proteins and vitamins, this ingredient offers protection from environmental damage as well as premature ageing.


Why You’ll Love This Cleanser?

– Gently removes makeup, dirt & oil with no need for a second cleanse

– Skin is left feeling clean, comfortable, soft & hydrated

– Features a patented concentrated marine algae complex

– Infused with T.E.N. Mineral Water which hydrates & improves skin health

– Contains Marine Oxygen Plasma, which helps oxygen penetrate further into the skin

– The soft gel texture lightly foams as you work it into the skin

– Improves the skin’s moisture levels & boosts radiance

– Suitable for all skin types, especially dry & sensitive

– Packaged in a convenient (and generous) 150ml pump bottle

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What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Lovely Kirsty

“This is a wonderfully weird cleanser. For a start: it’s green! It also contains about a million marine plant extracts, which meant that I rushed out and bought this as soon as it was available. It is a lovely foaming cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin and smells nice and refreshing. I use this on occasions that my skin is actually behaving itself and just needs a nice, hydrating cleanser to get the job done.”

★★★★★ Burst of freshness Danii 

“Cremorlab products are renowned for beautiful textures and smells and are a dream to use for that reason. This cleanser is no different, not to mention the bright green colour is synonymous with the ‘Marine Algae’ based formulation and is pretty eye catching on my shelf. Upon use, the ‘beads’ melt into a soft lather, and the cleanser is powerful enough to remove any makeup residue. Best of all, it leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed and supple on touch. The convenient pump format is a great no-mess delivery system too.”

★★★★★ Soft & smooth – June

“Surprisingly, the texture feels gelish-sticky and it gives my skin a really hydrating feeling after cleansing. It feels like all the hydrating particles nourish my skin while cleansing! My skin feels really soft and smooth every time I cleanse my face with this cleanser.”


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What’s Victoria Beckham’s Skin Obsession?
Joanna Fleming

I’m guessing a lot of you are experiencing dry, sensitive and uncomfortable skin right now (thanks, winter) and you’re looking for something to hydrate, calm and soothe your skin?

Luckily, Weleda’s award-winning, 100% natural Skin Food covers everything you need in a multi-purpose moisturising cream.

Oh, and Victoria Beckham isn’t the only celeb that’s obsessed with it – Adele, Alexa Chung and Demi Moore apparently all have a tube on rotation as well.

What Makes It So Good?

This restorative and protective wonder-balm has remained unchanged since 1926, boasting a long list of loyal users that swear by its soothing and healing properties.

– It provides intense hydration to even the driest skin

– Helps to soothe & soften rough, dry skin

Skin Food has a beautifully rich but blendable texture

– Helps to lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration

– Keeps tight, itchy skin feeling comfortable

– Contains 100% natural ingredients including plant & flower extracts

– Has a pleasant natural herbaceous scent thanks to pure essential oils

– Free from parabens, artificial preservatives, colours & fragrances

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What Can It Be Used For?

I personally recommend Skin Food as a nourishing hand and cuticle cream, as well as a protective balm for the nose and lips in cold weather. It’s a must-have in your carry-on luggage for long haul flights, and it can also be used as a hydrating mask, primer and body moisturiser.

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The Key Ingredients:

Almond Oil: nourishes and softens dry, dehydrated skin with its quick-absorbing formula rich in vitamins A, D, and E.

Beeswax: protects the skin by forming a lightweight barrier on the skin, locking in moisture & sealing in other ingredients.

Lanolin: an emollient that has long been used as a wound-healer, and as a moisturising ingredient.

Calendula: has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this ingredient works to moisturise, soothe and heal irritated skin.

Chamomile: has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing anti-allergenic properties, as well as being rich in antioxidants.

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Who’s Loving Skin Food?

★★★★★ Excellent product  Marinez

“It’s an excellent moisturising and nourishing little gem. I usually have awfully dry lips during the winter but after having used Skin Food only twice, my lips have become smooth and flake-free. It’s also a great primer for lipstick. I noticed that my lipstick lasts longer when I use Skin Food underneath. I also use it on other areas I want to completely moisturise, like under my eyes and my elbows.”

★★★★★ Great product for when flying!  Kaylene

“When packing my toiletries bag to put in my carry on luggage in preparation for a long haul flight I grabbed it as I figured it wouldn’t take up much room. Well was I surprised…..this stuff is amazing! It kept my dry sensitive skin hydrated and protected against the awful drying environment that comes from flying. This product is super thick and a tad greasy so I don’t use it for everyday use; I keep it for those occasions when an extra boost of moisture is needed.”

★★★★★ Rich, luxe cream for dry skin – Katie

“I use this product on my face as an overnight deep moisture mask, and I wake up with plump and dewy skin. I find the natural fragrance to be quite strong but it is pleasant and can be soothing, especially at night when applying before bed. I read on another beauty website that this moisturiser is a dupe for La Mer cream, which makes it an excellent and super affordable substitute!”


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This Device Can Tell You How Old Your Skin Really Is
Joanna Fleming

In the midst of my quarter-life crisis, I had a diagnostic skin assessment at @house.of.maxx. Multiple photos of my skin were taken under different lights to determine what’s happening both on and underneath the surface of my skin. During this process, I reluctantly previewed what my skin may look like in 20 years.

While it certainly could’ve been worse, I’m now obsessing over what I can do to maintain my 25-year-old face for another decade.

Fast forward to this week: a new device landed on my desk. Foreo’s new LUNA fofo – a facial cleansing brush and skin analyser in one (so I can check the age of my skin every day if I want).


Tell Me More:

– It’s an advanced cleansing brush made from ultra-hygienic silicone

– Has a two-zone cleansing surface, so it’s suitable for all skin types

– The finer touch-points are ideal for cleansing larger areas like the cheeks & forehead

– The thicker touch points at the tip of the device target oil-prone areas

– This device combines T-Sonic pulsations with the latest skin analysis technology

– On the reverse side, the two skin sensors measure metrics like hydration & skin type

– You can also see an estimate your skin’s age based on your analysis

– Pairs with the FOREO For You smart phone app to record your skin stats

– This technology allows you to develop a customised cleansing routine

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How To Use:

Download & Sync

Download the free app and set up your skin profile.  You’ll be invited to create an account, and ask a series of questions to learn more about your skin. To sync your device, hold the “ON” button for 3 seconds until it starts blinking. Then give it a couple of seconds to connect to the app.


Cleanse off all makeup before you analyse your skin. The app will prompt you to analyse each section of your face, before providing a detailed skin profile including your skin type, skin age and hydration levels.


Apply your usual cleanser onto damp skin, turn on your LUNA fofo and use in circular motions. A vibration every few seconds will prompt you to move to the next section of your face, and it’ll automatically turn off when the routine is complete!


Your LUNA fofo will memorise your last personalised routine each time you turn it on, but it’s a good idea to repeat the ‘analyse’ function once a week to adjust your routine according to the condition of your skin.


My Verdict:

Maybe I’m biased because I already really like FOREO products (I use my LUNA 2 and Issa toothbrush every day), but this little device is really cool. I’m a big believer in customising your skincare to cater to your particular skin type, and this device allows you to do just that.

The LUNA fofo is a good way to get you more invested in your skin if you tend to be a bit lazy with it, because you can actually see the results on the app (which I’m sure will give you motivation to stay on top of your routine), and track the progress of your skin.

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