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asap daily facial cleanser 200ml 200ml

4.7 of 379 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.56


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap daily facial cleanser 200ml

asap daily facial cleanser 200ml

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4.7 of 379 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Liquid Gold
This cleanser is jam packed with so many goodies it would literally suit anyone’s skin type!

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s nice but not for everyday use
This is a nice cleanser thoroughy cleans the skin but it can be a bit “ too much “ for sensitive dry skin types , I would recommend to use it on every second or third day especially if you are using other actives such as vitamin c serum , aha/ BHAs and / or retinol
  1. Liked

    This was a great cleanser and good value for money. I have normal skin and this didn't dry my skin or make it feel tight. Would def re purchase
  2. Liquid Gold

    This cleanser is jam packed with so many goodies it would literally suit anyone’s skin type!
  3. Good cleanser

    The cleanser is awesome but as some people have mentioned it is not for everyday use so I switched to the gentle cleanser in this brand that does not contain AHA so is better for every day use as I found after using this product continuously for a few weeks I felt like my skin was a little stripped
  4. Great cleanser

    I have normal to dry sensitive skin. This cleanser does not make my skin dry and I totally get the clean feeling. It was recommended to me by a friend and I have been using it for a year now. It definitely works for my skin. It is a good value for money. Most importantly its made in Australia.
  5. Best Product

    This cleanser is one of the best on the market. Tough enough to do the job but gentle enough not to leave your face feeling dry and irritated. 10 out of 10 from me.
  6. No need to double wash or tone!

    I love this product! With my combination skin, I have always needed to tone after cleansing but since moving to this asap cleanser, I have eliminated an extra step in my skin care regime!

    The product is a foam like cleanser and feels beautiful on. It really cleans my face, so much so that I find my serums sink into my skin quicker after using this cleanser.

    I definitely recommend this cleaser if you have combination skin as it not only cleans well, but has kept my usual oily complexion at bay too.
  7. Excellent as a daily cleanser

    Excellent as a use on a daily basis but i dont recommend this as the only product you use to remove makeup. A separate make up remover should be used before this. Then wipe face with a cotton pad soaked in a toner to completely remove all traces of make up. But this product is gentle and cleansing for use on its own (without makeup!)
  8. Great for reviewing makeup

    great for daily use on my oily, acne prone skin, really made my skin feel nice a fresh and cleaned it, highly recommend - also great for removing makeup
  9. Excellent gentle cleanser

    A beautiful extremely gentle cleanser. Hasn’t irritated my skin and keeps it beautifully soft and cleaned. Great for everyday use
  10. Best face wash for make up removal

    Loved just about everything about this product. The fragrance was pleasant, it’s the best face wash I have come across that removes all traces of make up and good value for money.
    The packaging is clean and simple, only improvement I would prefer is an upside down unit for easy dispensing but not a huge issue. Would definately purchase again.
  11. Don’t use for double cleansing if you have sensitive skin

    It is a little harsh if you’re use to double cleansing (oil based cleanser followed by one like this), however, on its own I find its enough- it removes my makeup and cleanses my skin in one go! This is a great product.
  12. Good

    This cleaner makes my face feel really soft and clean after using it
  13. Clear skin!

    I have been using this for years and It keeps my skin super clear and fresh!
  14. Excellent

    I have been using this for years and it always makes my skin feel super clean after every wash. Love it
  15. Awesome

    great for daily use on my oily, acne prone skin, really made my skin feel nice a fresh and cleaned it, highly recommend
  16. Great for problematic skin

    I suffer from acne breakouts - this cleanser is fantastic for keeping it under control, even with my sensitive skin
  17. Great

    Love this cleanser. Really reduced the oily production and the amount of pimples and blackheads on my skin. After one week
  18. Good daily cleanser

    Love this for daily use- use it every morning as soon as i wake up. active enough to feel a real clean but does not irritate my skin.
  19. it's lovely

    I really like this cleanser! I've been using it everyday in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. Doesn't dry or strip my skin. I'm really happy with it will be buying again.
  20. Good daily product

    I bought this along with 3 other ASAP products to try and get my boyfriend into skincare. He was using a supermarket-brand cleanser previously and says that this doesn't seem to be any different considering the price tag, but along with the other products he has seen good results in his blackheads and oily skin.
  21. Great daily staple

    Love this for daily use, active enough to feel a real clean but not irritate my skin.
  22. Gentle cleanser

    Very gentle cleanser good for sensitive skin. Great as a daily cleanser, no irritation and keeps my skin feel fresh and smooth
  23. Consistent with results

    Much cheaper and better alternative to many other cleansers and leave my skin feeling fresh. Helps with dry skin and doesn’t cause irritation
  24. Value for money

    A brilliant first cleanser to remove makeup and take off the day. Gentle, yet effective. Doesn’t strip the skin. Smells good too! Good value for money, especially if purchased on sale.
  25. Makes skin feel fresh

    Super fresh after every use. Cleans the skin and helps remove makeup!
  26. Fantastic Cleanser

    This cleanser is great to take off the days stresses on hour skin. It’s velvety and lush and the bubbles make me feel that it’s doing a really great job - not to mention the way my skin looks after use.
    I use this daily as part of my skin care routine and it pairs wonderfully with the ASAP exfoliating scrub!
  27. Amazing everyday cleanser!

    Have been using this cleanser for a bit over a month now and love it.
    Great texture & subtle fresh fragrance. My skin looked brighter after the first wash but doesn't leave my face dry.
    Will definitely stick with this one.
  28. Fantastic

    Fantastic cleanser!! Feels as though it gives a really deep clean without drying the skin or giving that tight feeling. Have noticed less breakouts since using this also
  29. It’s nice but not for everyday use

    This is a nice cleanser thoroughy cleans the skin but it can be a bit “ too much “ for sensitive dry skin types , I would recommend to use it on every second or third day especially if you are using other actives such as vitamin c serum , aha/ BHAs and / or retinol
  30. Use everyday for smooth soft skin.

    Since coming off the pill my skin has gone crazy but I find using this product, targeting my problem areas really makes a difference. I use this morning and night and the Skinstitut 14% just at night to get the best results.
  31. Clean creamy cleanser

    Great for everyday use. Doesn't dry my skin out, definitely re purchase !
  32. The best Cleanser ever

    I’ve been using this cleanser for around 5yrs now, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. My skin feels so clean and hydrated after using this product. I use it both morning and night (I have pretty tough skin) but if you have more sensitive skin I’d use this a night and use the the gentle cleanser in the morning. It’s the best cleanser!!
  33. Simple yet effective

    I love this product because it cleans the skin well & even removes make up! I always have a glow in my skin afterwards. This is my second bottle & I will continue purchasing. Didn’t give 5 stars as it does make my skin a little on the dry side if not moisturised quickly
  34. Lovely

    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  35. Great cleanser

    I have problem skin. This product feels like it cleans you face well without feeling like it stripped your face of everything good too.
  36. Great

    After years of trying all sorts of cleansers and skincare, spending hundreds of dollars, finally! ASAP skincare is the best I've tried yet. It is not only great value, but has helped my skin and breakouts greatly! The only cleanser and skincare range I'd recommend!
  37. Great for sensitive skin!

    I suffer from very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with the products I use. Thankfully this cleanser didn't upset my skin in anyway. Has a nice smell to it too. Defiantly keep coming back to it. Worth the money.
  38. LOVE IT

    This product removes absolutely all of my makeup after using it with cleansing gel. It is so gentle on the skin as well and you only need a small amount it lasts forever.
  39. Probably my Fave Skin Product Out there!!!!

    This is definetly up there on my fave products! I’ve used every product under the sun and this product was incredibly! I had pimples all over my chin in my mid 20s and nothing would take it away! My skin specialist told me to try ASAP and drink more water and within 2 weeks I noticed a huge different! Most my pimple were gone and my face felt so smooth and clean!

    I used every morning and night which my face brush aswell

    5/5 !
  40. Great for dry skin !

    This cleanser works wonders for those of us with dry skin - a non-foaming formula ensures that our skin remains as hydrated as possible
  41. Great cleanser

    Have been using this for 2 years now and won’t change. The milky formula was different but now I’m used to it. It smells divine too
  42. Lovely

    Love it! I use it all the time and find this to work super well. Definitely a go to for me!
  43. Sensitive Skin

    I have sensitive skin and I've tried a lot of products that I've reacted to in the past.
    This product is gentle to my skin but also cleans and makes my skin feel fresh.
    I highly recommend!
  44. Best cleanser ever

    I’ve been using this cleanser for over a year and it is definitely the best one I’ve ever used. Such a light feel but really cleans the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and moisturised not dry! Can’t recommend this product enough
  45. Been using this cleanser for 5+ years and I’ve never been happier!

    I was recommended by my dermatologist 5 years ago to try this cleanser to help calm my adult acne, and it was a miracle! It works as both an exfoliant and a cleanser– no smell and no burning sensation.

    I’ll be rebuying this over and over again. Couldn’t be happier!
  46. Fresh faced every day

    I love this cleanser, it has a pleasant smell, a creamy formula and leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh! My go to daily cleanser.
  47. Good cleanser

    This cleanser is a really good one, I’ve used many different products but I think this is going to be my new favourite. Works well my skin feels nice after using. Defiantly need to follow with a good moisturiser.
  48. Finally a cleanser that works but doesn’t strip!

    Honestly I have done my rounds with cleaners. I have oily skin, prone to blackheads and ingrowns. I wear heavy make up every day and wanted a cleanser that worked to clean out my skin while adding benefits to it as well without stripping my skin and making it feel dry afterwards. I am currently using my second bottle. The first one , I was double cleansing every night and once in the morning but now to savour it a bit more I’m wiping my make up off with a wipe and then cleansing. This product is perfect, it does what a cleanser needs to do without any crazy additional things to strip your skin. I will certainly be using this for a very very long time !

    My daughter absolutely LOVE'S this product. I gave it to her to help clear her skin and with regular use, her skin becomes almost clear. She recommends using the asap clear complexion gel while using this product to try to clear skin. Definitely, going to buy this again!!
  50. gentle and great for oily skin

    such a gentle cleanser and great for oily skin, doesnt irritate the skin and helps with redness
  51. Best cleanser I have ever used

    I have dry to combination skin, this has saved my skin. Just the right level of AHAs gently renewing my skin with every use. Perfect for me! I just love it!!
  52. love this for removing make up

    I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. I love how gentle this cleanser is, whilst still cleaning all of the make up off my skin! I would recommend to anyone with oily/sensitive skin
  53. Amazing product

    I use the cleanser and exfoliator and i can say i ABSOLUTELY LOVE these products. I never swear by anything but i swear by ASAP facewash. It seriously is the best!!!!
  54. Good

    I have been using this product for 3 months and have just received another bottle. My skin gets better every week with this, and I am surprised how much makeup it removes - especially mascara!
  55. great everyday cleanser

    I use this morning and night, removes my make up and leaves my skin smooth and comfortable. I tend to have normal/dry skin (some oil in t-section).
  56. Gentle product

    I got the sample version of this cleanser. Its quite gentle on skin tho. Doesn't make skin feel too dry after using it. Good cleanser overall.
  57. creamy

    Creamy and cleansing. Doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped but the glycolic acid does a good job exfoliating
  58. Beautiful Gentle Cleanser

    Beautiful gentle cleanser, ideal for everyday use and especially for sensitive skins!
  59. Nice cleanser

    Received a sample of this product, used while travelling. Face feels clean, removed makeup reasonably well, not too strongly scented. A bit pricey but probably will buy the full size bottle!
  60. Great cleanser

    I love this cleanser, you only need a tiny amount but it works so well at removing makeup and cleaning the skin. I have oily skin and find that this cleanser doesn’t leave my skin feeling too ‘stripped’ afterwards but definitely feels clean
  61. Fantastic product

    I have been using this cleanser for 4 years now and my skin has never looked so good. I used to have really sensitive, blemished skin and this product changed everything. It keeps my skin moisturised, whilst providing a deep clean and smooth result. A little goes a long way and one bottle will last me about 4-5 months.
  62. good for everyday

    it is a great everyday gentle cleanser. i sometimes use it to take off my makeup too. i do have to double cleanse but it is so worth it.
  63. Great everyday cleanser

    I have used many cleansers in the past, but this one I have seen the best results from. For a cleanser with a mild AHA, it is still very gentle on my sometimes sensitive skin to use twice daily. It reduces breakouts & speeds up healing of current breakouts. Will not go back to another cleanser!
  64. This product tends to encourage breakouts

    I love almost all of the asap products,but this isn't one of my favorite.I find that everytime I have used it my skin tends to breakout.
  65. Gentle Cleanse

    I have fair, sensitive skin and found this to be a really nice, gentle cleanser. It was not ideal for a deep clean but did not cause any irritation.
  66. It was pretty good

    Pretty good cleanser, leaves my skin soft but I NEED to double a cleanse with this.
  67. Great

    I’ve been using this product for years and it’s fantastic! Removes all makeup, including eye makeup.
  68. asap daily facial cleanser

    Smells is amazing and feel very clean after wash out with no dryess.
  69. Great daily cleanser

    Purchased for my daughters, they love the way it leaves their skin feeling soft and smooth while still removing their makeup
  70. Fab cleanser

    First time purchasing this cleanser and I love it. It's a lovely cream format that doesn't bubble up too much. Leaves my skin feeling really clean but not stripped of moisture.
  71. Unsure

    I find this a little too creamy. Sort of like rubbing moisturiser in on wet skin. My skin feels a lot more oily since using but I’m hoping after awhile it will settle down.
  72. Gentle and effective cleanser

    I’ve been using this for a decade now. The formula removes ALL makeup with a single cleanse except perhaps very waterproof mascara. Doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. Will purchase forever.
  73. Beautiful

    Gorgeous cleanser! My skin is super sensitive and this was just Devine! Face is soft and fresh
  74. Good everyday cleanser

    This product is great for everyday use to give your skin a good clean. It doesn’t dry the skin out or leave it oily, very happy to have found this product.
  75. Basic cleanser

    This is a good basic cleanser. I suffer from dermatitis and this stuff has worked well with it. Hasn’t aggravated it or made me flare up
  76. Really effective and still so gentle

    I have oily/combination skin that is very sensitive, and has large pores prone to blackheads, this cleanser is absolutely fantastic, it keeps my face feeling fresh and clean, I have noticed an enormous difference in the brightness of my skin, it is soft and I have managed to avoid any facial psoriasis so far while using it. This cleanser removes the oil without drying my face out, I’m into my second bottle and I’m ready to commit to this cleanser for reals.
  77. A great all-rounder!

    I have acne-prone skin and can't stand cleansers that are either too drying or take repeated washes to remove my make up. This cleanser is the ultimate given that it balances my skin and is also a very effective make up remover. It's affordable, has a mild scent and doesn't sting my sensitive eyes. I have stuck with this for years ever since It was recommended to me by a friend in the industry! Love love love.
  78. Very effective without being harsh

    I have been using the ASAP daily facial cleanser morning & night for over a year and I love it.
    I am prone to breakouts on my cheeks and chin and I find this helps reduce them. The cleanser has a soft/silky feel to it, removes make up and cleanses the skin without being too harsh.
    Great value for money and I will continue using it in the future.
  79. Great for sensitive skin!

    I use this cleanser every night and over the past few months it has definitely helped to brighten my skin, and I believe it is helping with controlling any breakouts I would normally get as they definitely have been arising less over the months I have been using this. It easily removes all my makeup even my mascara, and does a thorough job of cleansing my skin without drying it out as I am prone to dry patches especially in winter. I am really happy with this product and with a reasonable price tag I am happy to keep purchasing it!
  80. very good

    cleanses well without being too drying and clears up my skin !
  81. Amazing

    Has cleared up my acne. First product I have used that has worked so well and left my skin feeling amazing
  82. Affordable option for Acne Prone Skin

    I have suffered with adult acne for the last 10 years and have tried multiple products. Using the ASAP daily facial cleanser morning and night, I was able to see results within the first 4 weeks. Having used this product now, in combination with ASAP daily exfoliate cleanser for 6 months, my breakouts are far less common and when I do get a pimple it disappears a lot quicker.
  83. Looks promising

    Cleanser arrived today and have just tried it. Nice milky texture, friendly on the skin and doesn't dry the skin out. Not much is needed and is a bonus that removes excess makeup easily. Happy so far, will continue to use!
  84. Love love love it!

    This is my first asap cleanser, having started on the serums for some significant adult acne. I was hesitant as my skin can get quiet sensitive and dry out very quickly and really was worried it would be too strong. But ... this cleanser is amazing. It is effective and yet gently and my skin feels lovely clean and fresh without harsh stripping. I use in conjunction with the asap's B, R and alternate between D and C serums and my skin is glowing. I am constantly getting compliments at how fresh my skin looks, the redness associated with acne is going, and more open pores are slowing improving. Can not recommend asap highly enough.
  85. Gentle and effective

    This is a lovely gentle daily cleanser, leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without feeling dried out
  86. Love it!

    Second bottle, can’t be without it now - gentle but highly effective, just wish i’d tried it sooner!
  87. Amazing facial cleanser

    Absolutely love this product, it is my favourite cleanser! I have been using it over 2 years now and have never looked back. Leaves your face feeling so clean, smooth and refreshed!
  88. Great for sensitive skin

    Leaves my face feeling light and refreshed. I have very sensitive skin and have had zero issues with this cleanser
  89. Fantastic Cleanser

    I used this as a teenager and recently purchased it again as I remember loving it in the past. I have combination/oily skin and I find this cleanser is quite good for my skin type. It doesn’t feel like it dries out my skin or makes it oilier which is great! I find I break out less when using this cleanser daily as well.
  90. Great for sensitive combination skin

    Love this cleanser. I have fair, sensitive, combination skin. I wear makeup and sunscreen daily. There was a notable improvement in skin tone and hydration within days of use. I also used to have the occasional cystic zit on my neck/jaw line and they on there way to disappearing. Highly effective.
  91. Good gentle cleanser

    This is a good gentle cleanser. I would say safe for sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean without being too harsh. Perfect for a daily cleanser
  92. Nice daily cleanser

    I like how this cleans my face without drying out my skin. Even with the higher price point you get a lot with what you pay for, I use mine every day since I got it back in November and I still have heaps left
  93. Great product, good value

    After years of using Dermalogica I have finally switched to ASAP. This cleanser is very effective, has a good texture, smells lovely, and is great value because it lasts a long time.I also really like the packaging, the pop up lid is very convenient. I have combination skin that is quite sensitive and since using this I have had less congestion without sensitivity. Would recommend to most!
  94. Gentle but effective daily cleanse

    My skin is a bit combination and a work in progress. My main issue is dryness around the nose and chin.

    This is the second time I have purchased this face wash. I have trialed a lot of different face wash products and this is probably my favourite daily cleanser. It's gentle but still leaves my face feeling soft and fresh, and it lasts a long time!
  95. Oh my Lordy! Best!

    This cleanser is so good! Takes everything off - I only use a tiny pump to get make up off - then another tiny pump for a double cleanse - AMAZING STUFF.
    I have combination oily skin and it has helped alot.
    I use this with The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and a moisturiser on top for day or Rose-hip oil on top at night.
    My skin has never looked better.
  96. Great Cleanser!

    I love this cleanser! It has a lovely creamy texture and removes makeup well. IIt leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.
  97. Fresh

    My skin feel fresh and clean. Have just been using a few days . There is a few bumps I think its a normal reaction cos I have oily skin. But my face do not have that irritates feel and dont feel tight. It rather feel soothing .
  98. My fav cleanser

    I love this cleanser. I use it in the shower and it keeps my skin clean and glowing
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