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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml 185ml

4.4 of 149 reviews

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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml

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4.4 of 149 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Gentle & non-irritating
I use this cleanser whenever my skin is feeling really dry or sensitive. I find it’s gentle and non irritating, although deeply cleanses so skin feels fresh.

Most Helpful Criticism

Better for dry skin
I have combination skin thats a little on the oilier side and whilst this cleanser is gentle it is better for people who have regular to dry skin due to it being more hydrating.
  1. Gentle & non-irritating

    I use this cleanser whenever my skin is feeling really dry or sensitive. I find it’s gentle and non irritating, although deeply cleanses so skin feels fresh.
  2. Not irritating

    Great cleanser to remove makeup - doesn't feel drying or irritating. I would recommend buying the larger size to save money
  3. So gentle

    Great cream cleanser perfect for sensitive skin. My skin absolutely loves Alpha-H, a great cleanser for oilier skin types.
  4. Better for dry skin

    I have combination skin thats a little on the oilier side and whilst this cleanser is gentle it is better for people who have regular to dry skin due to it being more hydrating.
  5. Soft and subtle

    This cleanser is very gentle and soft on skin and would be great for someone with sensitive skin. It does not cause any irritation and keeps the skin feeling balanced and hydrated. I have normal to combination skin but I like to use this cleanser just to remove my makeup etc. I then use an exfoliating cleanser 2-3 times per week and this works well for me.
  6. Polished skin

    I love this cleanser. It makes my skin look so polished and feel super smooth.
  7. Bit underwhelming

    I bought this as I wanted a cleanser that would remove my daily makeup in the shower.
    It’s very gentle and moisturising however I found it didn’t have quite enough power to remove all my mascara off my face during washing although most case off. I still needed to use a make up remover afterwards and my mascara is not the waterproof type either.
    Skin felt clean however not quite what i was hoping for
  8. Super natural and gentle

    Super soft and gentle cleanser that feels amazing and leaves my skin refreshed and nourished.
  9. Great gentle cleanser

    This cleanser is very nice, I use it at night, to remove makeup and cleanse my face,
    It is gentle and removes foundation and powder very well.
  10. Pretty good

    This cleanser is gentle and creamy on my sensitive skin. It removes makeup pretty well, however I find you have to rinse your face very well after otherwise you tend to be left with a slight residue on the skin. It is pricey but has lasted me a long time. The pump dispenses controlled applications which is super helpful!
  11. Gentle and non-drying

    This cleanser is perfect for normal to combination skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean without giving me a drying feeling. About to purchase my second bottle.
  12. Nice enough

    This cleanser is pretty nice and leaves my skin soft and fresh. Hasn’t irritated me or broke me out so that’s good. A little goes a long way so the tube should last a while
  13. Fantastic cleanser

    Finally found a cleanser I can use in all seasons... non irritating, gentle and enough to remove the day..
    Great cream cleanser perfect for sensitive skin..
  14. Lovely milk cleanser

    I received this as a sample. I have oily skin so a milky cleanser is not something i would purchase. That said, i've been using it as a first clean to get off makeup or as a quick wash after a walk/ride and i adore the texture of the milk on my skin. My skin feels so soft afterwards. Sadly it's not a cleanser i could use heavily as part of my routine as its a bit too rich for my type of skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin though this would be a good product to try.
  15. Great

    It is very concentrated small amount goes long way. I have my bottle for months now and I use it every single night. It is very calming on the skin and it melts the makeup away I can use it on the eye area.
  16. A must for Dry Skin Types

    This cleanser is the most comfortable to use. It wont leave skin feeling tight and going on it feels so creamy! The 500ml size is definitely worth investing in if you are a dry skin type.
  17. Nice

    This is a great cleanser that is nice to use in morning or at end of day to remove last traces of makeup. Makes my skin feel clean and smooth.
  18. Great cleanser

    Quite good! Makes my skin feel nice and smooth. I use this a lot!
  19. Great cleanser!

    This cleanser is fantastic! It clears off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Has also balanced out the oils in my skin so my makeup stays great for the whole day.
  20. Gentle

    This is a gentle cream cleanser that cleans my skin well without drying it out.
    I massage it over my face and rinse it off. It doesn't lather. It rinsed off easily leaving no residue.
    My face feels comfortable afterwards and not stripped.
    This has a slightly sweet fresh scent.
  21. Love it

    This cleanser has a really milky texture and its honestly great! I feel clean but not dry or irritated.
  22. For sensitive skin

    Another great Alpha-h cleanser which does not foam, or strip my skin. I use this one on the evenings before I apply Liquid Gold or retinol because it's very soothing. It's also good as the second step in my double-cleanse routine because it removes any leftover oil residue from the first step. Afterwards my skin is noticeably brighter. It's not my favorite cleanser from this brand but it's good to keep as an alternative to the gel cleanser for drier weather
  23. Great gentle cleanser

    Great gentle cleanser that hydrates and cleans my sensitive skin. The creamy texture softens and makes my face smooth. I love the texture and smell.
  24. a bit pricey but good

    Not the most affordable in the range but it takes off my make up very well! I have rather oily skin and it has helped produce less oil in my skin over time. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type!
  25. Would recommend

    Smells really good, removes makeup and cleanses well. Good for irritable skin, it has a nice milky texture.
  26. Love how it removes eye makeup gently

    My skin is combination and I often wash my make up off in the shower at night. I like how I can use this cleanser on my eyes to remove my mascara. I don't use heavy makeup (BB cream, eyebrows and mascara) so this is perfect for me. I usually follow with another cleanse using a more foamy cleanser. But sometimes I use this product for both cleanses. I love it!
  27. Nice gentle cleanser

    I received a 15mL sample from a promotion and used it morning and night while away on holiday. My combination skin wasn’t particularly happy with hot, humid weather but this cleanser definitely made my skin feel fresh and clean at the end of the day. However I found it wasn’t that effective at removing eye makeup (eye liner and mascara) and needed to use more than I normally would to achieve that.
  28. Amazing!!!

    I have super duper sensitive skin and was put onto this cleanser by my beautician. It has cleared up my super dry patches and even helped with my redness. 100% love it it's so gentle
  29. Great value, good for dry skin

    My skin feels very clean and refreshed afterwards, not too heavy, gentle enough for dry skin but cleans well. You can double cleanse if you’ve had makeup on or sunscreen or just feel more dirty then normal. I get dry patches on my nose and chin which flared up when using this and a lighter mosterizer but changing back to intensive moisturiser and that should help.
  30. Great all-round cleanser

    This was a really great cleanser although I felt like I needed a second cleanse to really remove stubborn sunscreen and make up. Works beautifully with my dry/sensitive skin and doesn't later. Great consistency. Would order again.
  31. Nice deep cleanser

    Nice squeaky clean. Maybe a touch too drying for my normal to dryer skin.
  32. Clean, refreshed skin

    I received a deluxe sample of this and am really enjoying using it. It leaves my skin feeling clean and tingly without being tight and is a great step prior to using Liquid Gold. I have dehydrated skin and this doesn’t strip my skin. Great cleanser at a reasonable price!
  33. blah

    I have very sensitive skin so it's hard for me to find good cleanser. But so far this works well. it does it's job and it doesn't irritate my skin. But it doesnt remove make up residue though. You will have to use make remover to clean your face and then only use this to cleanse your face.
  34. Excellent cleanser

    I was looking for a new cleanser for the morning that wouldn’t dry my skin out and this is fantastic I love this cleanser will be buying the bigger version next time.
  35. Delightful

    This is my favourite cleanser, it's creamy and light and feels lovely when I'm applying to my face. The cream format is great for when my skin's a little dryer
  36. Didn't work for me

    Skin type: Combo/ normal

    I had such high hopes for this cleanser as I am a big fan of Alpha-H, however, for some reason it caused me to break out almost immediately after use. I have given it a month to adjust to my skin but it just doesn't work for me and so I have switched back to my old foaming cleanser. So disappointed as it does a great job of removing grime and is very gentle on the skin.
  37. Effective, hydrating cleanser

    I didn’t think it was possible to have a cleanser that effective removes makeup while also hydrating the skin - this does both exceptionally well!
  38. Good cleanser

    Nice, easy to apply cleanser to start my nightly facial routine
  39. Nothing special

    Unfortunately this cleanser just didn't impress me. I usually love cream cleansers but this just didn't feel like it was doing much for my skin. I think it's just personal preference and I just don't think this product was for me.
  40. Excellent cream cleanser

    I use this cream cleanser as part of my evening skincare routine as the second cleanse. It is gentle on my skin yet removes all final traces of makeup and daily grime. Well priced as a blueberry sized amount of the product is perfect for a full cleanse of the face and neck.

    I have normal to dry, 36 year old skin, without particular sensitivities.
  41. Good

    This is my third or fourth time buying this cleanser. Works well for sensitive skin. Does not make the skin feel tight. However, the bad is that it does not really cleanse your face if it is too oily
  42. Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser

    I use this with my Clarisonic mia on a daily basis and love it! My skin is so smooth and clear.
  43. Favourite cleanser

    This is my favourite cleanser, it's creamy and light and feels lovely when I'm applying to my face.
    I use this as the first step in my double cleanse each evening. Super effective at removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling lovely and refreshed but not dry and tight. Great value, lasts for ages.
  44. Surprisingly pleased

    I tried this based on ingredients and reviews and I’m surprisingly pleased with the results. I use an eye makeup remover as I generally wear waterproof mascara, before I wash my face and this does a good job of removing everything from the day. I’ve been using AHA based products since age 13 and I’m now 55+ with combo skin but I didn’t want that dry tight feeling, this cleans well, isn’t greasy at all and leaves my skin quite fresh with only a very slight tightness which I’d expect from an AHA type product. If my skin was quite dry I’m not sure I’d like this but I’m quite happy with this right now. I believe this is well worth a try if one is looking for a balancing cleanser.
  45. Lovely cleanser

    This is a really lovely cleanser. I love that it's rich but not greasy. I have combination oily skin and think it will be my winter staple cleanser.
  46. Alright

    It is indeed very gentle but didn’t find it effectively cleansed my skin and removed all my makeup. I used this as a second cleaning step after my oil cleanse and there were still a lot of traces of eye makeup. But if you aren’t a heavy makeup wearer this would be great. Very gentle and soothing. The ingredients list is great, only downside is fragrance which I believe is never necessary in a skincare product.
  47. Surprising amazing!

    Ive never tried Alpha H before so I was excited to get a free sample of this cleanser. I was a worried when I saw how creamy it was as I have very acne prone skin, and I've never used a creamy cleanser before, but it is amazing! It leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth, but also clean. I would definitely buy this
  48. Great

    This is my third or fourth time buying this cleanser. Works well for sensitive skin. Does not make the skin feel tight. However, the bad is that it does not really cleanse your face if it is too oily
  49. Will use again

    I have dry/combination skin. I used this product having been recommended it by a beauty advisor on Adore Beauty. It is super soft and gentle on the skin and the bottle lasts ages! Value for money for sure! I feel it helped to calm my skin (redness) and cleansed well also. I was pleasantly surprised with this product.
  50. Amazing cleanser

    I have dry and sensitive skin and this cleanser is a godsend! It removes all traces of my make up and makes my skin feel super clean and refreshed. Definitely recommend.
  51. Very Light Cleanser

    I wear moderate to heavy makeup each day with acne prone skin and didn't find this cleanser very effective in terms of removing my makeup and cleansing my skin. Will not be repurchasing.
  52. Unsure about this

    Pros: Nice non irritating formula. Doesn't hurt your eyes.

    Cons: Doesn't really remove makeup fully even after 3 goes. Not sure how effective it is at removing dirt and oil given this.

    I now use this after a make up removing halo sponge and it definitely does bring back some moisture after I use it. But that's not really what you get a cleanser for.

    Overall: Unsure, doesn't irritate and feels nice but doesn't really do much for me. Don't hate, don't love. Unlikely to repurchase.
  53. Light and creamy

    I've only use the balancing Cleanser twice and I do like it it is light and creamy and soft and it smells ok face feels pretty clean afterwards.
  54. Light and creamy

    I've only use the balancing Cleanser twice and I do like it it is light and creamy and soft and it smells like a face feels pretty clean afterwards.
  55. Love

    This is a great cleanser and it really melts away the makeup, with other cleansers I wash my face in the morning and still have makeup on but with Alpha H cleansers (I have a fair few of them) it ALL comes off.
  56. Amazing!!

    After using many different skin care brands and mostly all of them having the same result of drying out my skin when washing my face, I was so amazed by this product as my skin was left feeling so soft and definitely no dry spots! Definitely will be ordering more and so happy I found a cleanser that actually works! :)
  57. Gentle for my sensitive skin

    I felt my previous cleanser was drying my skin out, so bought this one after reading the good reviews. It didn't have any negative reaction to my sensitive skin at all and I found it nice and hydrating. I have to pre-cleanse if I'm wearing makeup as it doesn't always come off in the first round. Overall a good quality product which I will buy again.
  58. Nice

    Found this to be much creamier than the 'cleansing milk' description. nice and hydrating for skin, doesn't irritate and smells very subtle which i like. For me though it didn't help with my primary concern which is hormonal congestion.
  59. Gentle but thorough

    This is by far the best cleanser I have ever used. It's gently washes away every trace of makeup, oil, grime - and is great to use as a double cleanse too, and lovely to massage into the skin and leave on as a mask. I have sensitive, combo skin and this cleanser seems to keep my skin clear, while also nourished and hydrated. It's so affordable compared to similar products so I will definitely be purchasing again.
  60. Repeat purchaser!

    I love this cleanser! So creamy and easy to lather into the skin, it doesn’t have that drying or tightening effect that many other cleansers have after removing makeup. My partner and I both use it daily in the shower, so I’d say it’s a good unisex cleanser as it doesn’t have a strong feminine scent and seems to help his dry skin from shaving. I combine this cleanser with the alpha h micro scrub with peppermint and glycolic acid, as well as their hydration cream and I’m really happy with the combined effect although I think this cream cleanser is a great stand alone product if you’re looking to kick start your skin care routine.
  61. Light cleanser

    The texture of this cleanser is milky and leaves your skin really hydrated. The only criticism I have is that it doesn’t remove all makeup if you haven’t used a makeup remover first
  62. Great for sensitive skin

    Love this cleanser and is one of the best I have ever used! Great for sensitive skin but still removes makeup effectively. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh.
  63. Very calming for irritated skin

    Loved this cleanser! I've been using the Alpha-H cleanser daily for around 2 months now. My skin was very dry and sensitive and it improved my skin a lot.
  64. aMAZING!

    A soothing, gentle lotion-like cleanser. My skin feels fresh and soft after usage. It doesn’t feel like my skin has been stripped of its moisture like some foaming cleansers tend to do. However, I find that it is insufficient on it’s own especially if you have combo skin with medium pores like me. Even on days where i have only a light dust of powder on my face i find it doesn’t remove it completely.
  65. Creamy and smells lovely

    Love using this cleanser day and night. It takes residual make up off and soothes at night, but refreshes in the morning. Light creamy texture that feels really luxurious, and lovely smell.
  66. Creamy clean

    The alpha h balancing cleanser has a creamy texture and pleasant neutral scent. It works wonders on my combination skin, leaving it feeling fresh, clean and ready for the other products in my skincare routine.
  67. Great creamy cleanser but not for me

    For anyone looking for a gentle, creamy cleanser....look no further. Smells nice, great for washing off makeup. Personally, I prefer gel cleansers over the cream ones but would definitely recommend this to cream lovers
  68. Best ever!

    I bought this for my boyfriend who suffers from psoraisis. He described it as the only thing he has ever used that has worked. I started using it when my face was feeling sensitive, and it's now my daily cleanser. It cleanses away makeup and dirt without leaving my face red, tight or dry. Love it!
  69. Don’t help my skin

    I tried this after all the amazing reviews but I didn’t see any effect on my sensitive skin and it just didn’t clean well enough
  70. Best face wash I've used

    I have oily, dehydrated skin and this is the best face wash I've used. Breaks down makeup so well and doesn't sting my eyes, and really cleans my face without drying it out.
  71. Great Cleanser that does not strip your skin

    This cleanser is a nice cream consistency that gently cleanses your skin without stripping your skin. After using this my skin feels clean, soft and smooth. It does not leave my skin feeling tight or stripped. I love that this product.I have normal/combination skin and I find this product works great for me. I absolutely adore the packaging of the whole Alpha-H range as I find it looks simple but luxurious. I have had this product for 3-4 months and I still haven't gotten to the end of it.

  72. Nice touch with the aloe

    This is the perfect cleanser, leaving your face feel soft and clean but not dry or harsh. You can use it to clean out your skin pre mask, take off the day, or remove hard to budge makeup! Love the Aloe smell, and its gentler on the face!
  73. Gentle but effective!

    Good for in-between skin, very refreshing in the morning!
  74. Wouldn't recommend for very oily skin

    I have very oily skin and found that this product wasn't suitable for me during hot weather. But it really works for me during winter. It cleanses without overly drying my skin. Would recommend for all skin types - just not all year round for very oily skin.
  75. The best cream cleanser!

    I am not normally someone who likes cream cleansers, as I don't normally see results. BUT OMG this cleanser is amazing. It moisturisers your skin and leaves the texture so smooth.

    I have dry skin and this does not make my skin feel tight at all, something I have struggled with other cleansers in the past.

    The light fragrance of this is subtle and clean, and the texture of the cream is very light - it does not fizz up which I love.

    Will be repurchasing this 100%.
  76. LOVE

    Great product, I got the other cleanser and found some of the other products a little oily on so I got this one to balance out my skin and it works a treat.
  77. Smooth soft skin

    My review will be based upon my first impression of a 15 mL sample I received.

    It's definitely a true cream cleanser - it's very thick and white in colour. You only need a pea sized amount to use. I also loved that it didn't sink into my skin, like some cream cleansers do, so I never had to apply more cleanser. I didn't need to wash my face twice either - it removed all makeup in one go.

    It's very gentle on the skin, my skin was left very smooth and soft after cleansing. So it's quite enjoyable to use. The scent is pretty much that of aloe vera - which so happens to be the third ingredient on the ingredients list.
  78. Nice creamy cleanser

    This is great if you want an effective cream cleanser. I find it does a relatively good job of removing makeup, but not sure how it would fare with waterproof mascara. Quite gentle
  79. Great cleanser

    This creamy cleanser is no too heavy for my combination skin. It leaves it hydrated and not tight at all. Great for removing eye makeup too.
  80. It does balance like it's name

    I like how it doesn't dry out my skin. It cleans my skin perfectly and leave it ready to apply my skin care. It is effective cleanser for the combination skin like mine.
  81. Very gentle

    Nice product for sensitive skin, cleans skin leaving it to still feel hydrated.
    My skin is both dry and sensitive and this product is perfect

    Best cleanser I have ever used. I have been using it for 2 years. With every use my skin feels so fresh and clean. It is very gentle on the skin which is perfect for my sensitive skin. Smells awesome and a little product goes a long way.
  83. Best cleanser ive ever used

    I started using this product a year ago and ive never looked back! This cleanser is a life saver and is perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. It leaves it so soft and clean! highly recommend!!
  84. Soft and nourishing

    This product is great for my oily skin, it clears my pores and still leaves me feeling hydrated and moisturised. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite.
  85. Disappointed

    I really wanted to like this cleanser. However, I have very sensitive skin with rosacea
    and every time I used this cleanser it would make my face very red and sore and itchy. My face broke out in red blotches all over. After a couple of uses I just had to stop using it . Bit disappointing considering I had read all the wonderful reviews about how 'gentle' the product was prior to purchasing it. Perhaps it would be suited to a more normal skin. Unfortunately - not for my very sensitive reactive skin. There must be an ingredient in this product that makes my skin react.
  86. I love it!

    I love this product. I have oily and acne prone skin and by using it daily with a brush head my skin clears within three days, it also leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean after every use. Remove my makeup nicely too and isn’t rough on the skin. Would 10/10 recommend if you have oily or acne prone skin
  87. Good, But not great

    Good overall cleanser, removes make up as well
    found that being a cream cleanser was too heavy and didn't leave me with that 'clean' feel, face was tight after and dry after cleansing, probably wouldn't purchase again, not great for dry skin even though says its suitable for dry skin.
  88. Grown to love this!

    At first, I wasn't sure about this cleanser as it broke me out a little and I thought it was 'too heavy' - I was so wrong! My skin probably wasn't used to a cream cleanser as I've always used foaming but this one is so much better than anything I've tried. it removes ALL of my make up which is usually pretty hard and time-consuming as I wear heavy makeup for work etc. it leaves my skin feeling so balanced and fresh and not dry at all which can happen especially in winter. I can't believe I didn't like this cleanser at one point because I love it now!
  89. Nice but didn't wow me

    I enjoyed using this light creamy cleanser which has a low pH (5.5 tested using pH strips). It has a fresh clean scent and my skin did not feel dry afterwards. This would be nice for normal to combination skin types who want a simple yet effective cleanser.
  90. Good

    This is a product I’d highly recommend to someone with dry to combination skin. Personally, I prefer cleanser that’s lather because, for some odd reason it makes me feel like it’s really cleaning it well. This product if very creamy. Almost like running moistureiser on your face. However, it does clean very well, even with make up on. It leaves your skin feeling very soft and hydrated. I find when I cleanse my face before makeup , I don’t need to use primer. It’s great.
  91. Favourite Cleanser!

    I have just recently switched to this cleaser...and I'm so glad I did! My skin has been noticeably more softer and much more hydrated! It is very gentle on my senstive skin and is great for keeping my blackheads away! My skin is very hydrated and it cleans my make up off amazingly! 5 stars!
  92. Do yourself a favour and buy this product!

    I absolutely LOVE this cleanser! I have sensitive skin, prone to redness and breakouts, and I credit this product for 100% clearing my skin and reducing redness. My skin is so soft, hydrated, subtle and calmed after using the Alpha H balancing cleanser. Do yourself a favour and buy this product!!
  93. Love it

    This cleanser leaves my skin so cleansed. I have combination skin and this cleanser just improves the look of my skin. I have tried many cleansers and couldn't be happier with this product.
    I use it every morning and night and my skin feels clean everytime.
  94. Love this cleanser

    This cleanser is so nice to use and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying it out, which I struggle to find due to my skin being so sensitive.
  95. Best cleanser I've ever tried

    I have skin that is prone to redness and since using this cleanser, it has reduced! I also use together the Alpha-H exfoliating mask (1-2 times per week) and my skin has not even changed shades! It has also changed the feel of my skin - it's super smooth! Absolutely amazing!
  96. Love this

    Love this facewash. My skin always feels so good and refreshing after I use this.
  97. Loooooove

    Loooove this cleanser.

    It has a gentle fragrance and feels so smooth on my skin. I use with a muslin cloth to buff away any leftover makeup.

    I have been using this product for about 4-5 months and have noticed that my skin is less irritated and oily.

    I will certainly continue to use this.

    The only downside is that the black dye on the packaging begins to run if stored in the shower.

    I love this cleanser. I have been looking for a very balanced gentle cleanser that actually helps my redness and I can safely say this has been helping. I've even recommended to my friends and they love it too!
  99. Love!

    This product feels lovely on my skin, i use every morning as a part of my routine and have dry to normal skin. It leaves my skin feeling fresh all day.
  100. Great cleanser for breakout/blackhead prone skin

    I used to need intense facials regularly but after having used this cleanser regularly for a few weeks the need for those facials decreased. My black heads and number of breakouts are limited and under control. My skin has NEVER been better and I have 3 bottles as back up so I never run out!
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