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Welcome to 3ina. The independent ethical beauty brand, paraben and cruelty free.


Championing freedom of self expression with it's highly pigmented and long lasting formulas all made in Europe; an attitude anchored to real honest beauty with its genderless makeup and never airbrush looks; to inclusivity as opposed to an aesthetic.


3ina is a movement for body positive vs negative insecurities. A community for peer to peer support, never peer pressure.


Welcome to the democratisation of luxury beauty. Welcome to Mina. Adore Beauty is an official stockist of 3INA.

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3INA The Eye Gloss by 3INA3INA The Eye Gloss by 3INA

$15.00 $21.95

3INA The Eyeshadow by 3INA3INA The Eyeshadow by 3INA

$11.00 $16.95

4.5 of 26 reviews

3INA Fireworks Holiday Gift Set by 3INA3INA Fireworks Holiday Gift Set by 3INA

$25.95 $49.95


4.5 of 13 reviews

3INA The Custom Drops by 3INA3INA The Custom Drops by 3INA

$15.00 $21.95

4.4 of 19 reviews

3INA The 3-in-1 Foundation by 3INA3INA The 3-in-1 Foundation by 3INA

$22.00 $33.95

4.1 of 35 reviews

3INA The Metallic Eyeshadow by 3INA3INA The Metallic Eyeshadow by 3INA

$11.00 $16.95

4.2 of 17 reviews

3INA The Cream Eyeshadow by 3INA3INA The Cream Eyeshadow by 3INA

$15.00 $21.95

4.4 of 54 reviews

3INA The Lip Vinyl by 3INA3INA The Lip Vinyl by 3INA

$12.00 $18.50

3.8 of 21 reviews

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Recent reviews on 3INA products

3INA The Lip Vinyl3INA The Lip Vinyl
3INA The Lip Vinyl

Really nice, glides on so easily

Really into the colour range and it's easy to take out. Will buy it again.
3INA Fireworks Holiday Gift Set3INA Fireworks Holiday Gift Set
3INA Fireworks Holiday Gift Set

Great set, super affordable

I really love the POTION ever since. It's just perfect to apply in the skin and blends well with the foundation.
3INA The Custom Drops3INA The Custom Drops
3INA The Custom Drops

Takes the cost out of the season

Hate changing my foundation every time there's a season switch and I catch a bit of colour. I hate shade matching and these drops really help you get the closest possible shade to your actual skin tone

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